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  1. DeanLearner

    REVIEW: 76908 Lamborghini Countach

    Thanks for the review! A fair assessment of the set’s pros and cons, and a fun bit of spicing it up with the humour.
  2. DeanLearner


    Looks great! Those nostalgic touches of British history are some of my favourite bits of your modular mocs. A slight shame that the top dish of the post box is only available in that size, but the phone box is absolutely perfect.
  3. DeanLearner

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Here’s the back corner in more detail as originally modified, so you can see how it’s done (somewhat precariously). As suggested, I’ve also had a crack at putting in a drain pipe. These are just screenshots using my “working” colours (to make it easier to order the excess parts required), so you’ll need to use your imagination a bit. Two alternatives are shown.
  4. DeanLearner

    MOC: Paradisa Estates

    Fantastic stuff - your builds always show a true artistic eye, and are genuinely inspiring. Given the stylistic accuracy, do you mind me asking what sort of things you use for research? From my own real-world interior design, inspired by Art Deco and later Mid Century Modern styles, that Pinterest can be pretty handy, and I’ve seen photos of very similar designs to yours here.
  5. DeanLearner

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Thanks, by chance I did actually initially do the roof with cheese slopes, though I thought that the rounded ends were maybe a little more consistent with the other rounded edges elsewhere on the roof. See what you think: I did manage to fill the weird gap at the level of the roof line (which you can just about see in one of the original photos) but didn’t try below that. There aren’t any great solutions (and mine wouldn’t have met official Lego standards for stability), but I think the roof was the worst of it so didn’t try on the lower level. A drain pipe sounds doable though. I’ll go back into to get a render showing it in better detail when I get the chance.
  6. DeanLearner

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Yeah I figured that there would be enough BrickLink sellers parting out the set to be able to pick up the few light nougat and sand green pieces I needed. Almost all of the additional light nougat parts have simply come from the second floor or the largely unseen right-hand wall. Very kind, thank you! I haven’t actually bought the set myself yet as I still have another three modulars unbuilt, and a shortage of space to display even the Lego I have assembled.
  7. DeanLearner

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Here is an electronic version of a Boutique Hotel mod I’ve been working on. My objectives were: 1. Increase the overall building height to one more fitting with its function, and the height of other modulars 2. Maintain the overall feel and style of the original 3. Give a bit more warmth to the colder blue/azure tones of the gallery 4. Conceal some of the awkward gap on the left-hand side 5. Avoid having to buy an entire second set, with repurposing of as many parts as possible to keep the mod budget vaguely reasonable Modifications include the following: One brick extra height to the ground and second floors, and two brick extra height to the first floor; the total height is now one plate below the height of left-hand building in assembly square. Interior details (including stairs) are also amended. Additional detailing to try to avoid the extra height becoming too plain; this was ultimately reliant upon the slightly clichéd 1x1x1 scroll bricks. White was used on the second floor to provide a greater range of parts, while the extra light nougat was almost entirely sourced from the second floor or right- hand wall. A semi-legal (only one stud connection) was used to fill the gap with the roof) I’ve played around a bit with the other colours (including the flowers), though I’m not entirely sold on this. I’m aiming for a slightly Morrocan/Moorish style tiled look for the fountain. I had a go at changing the tree, but any other design ended up far too wide for the space. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. I also have mods of Assembly Square and Palace Cinema completed in bricks (the latter in a full Art Deco style). The LDD files were sadly lost though.
  8. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Quite a bit to like there, though a few things that stand out as potential improvements / mods. I agree that the set doesn’t “look” like it should be 3000+ pieces given the footprint of the buildings, though I also think that there maybe isn’t much to be gained from complaining that the set doesn’t fill the baseplate, as it would surely have pushed the piece count up far higher. I think the windows on the “back” wall are probably also necessary for creating a more natural-looking layout for the rooms. I’ve seen various bits of grousing about there not being more toilets, but I think ultimately Lego does require some suspension of disbelief (none of my minifigures are anatomically correct anyway). That being said, I’m pretty sure the hotel doesn’t deserve the 5 stars indicated by the packaging… In terms of feasible changes that maintain the overall look, I’ve eyed up three main changes. 1. Raise the height of the building. Ideally by at least a couple of bricks. It should be possible at least to put a layer of bricks beneath the lowest nougat layer on the ground floor. It would be easy to raise the height of the main door step, and raising the window heights would be easy. The grey side steps already have a few irregularly shallow steps, so would be easy to increase their height up 3 plates worth. It would also improve the balance of the intervals between the nougat facade bricks and the band of dark orange plates. 2. Change out the (?) light azure details on the facade of the gallery. At present, the combination with the dark tan and bright blue makes for too many cool shades, and isn’t very pleasing to me. The printed blue sign has to stay, but I’d change the awning to alternating flame yellow and orange bow pieces (plus swap out the azure on the ground), to make the appearance warmer, and fit in more with the style of awnings seen on other buildings. 3. Use plant pieces to give the impression of a climbing plant to fill the ugly gap created by the (?)120 degree angle on the left side.
  9. DeanLearner

    Is there any huge MOC of Assembly Square

    Have you considered whether Modding the original design would resolve your issues with it? I also had a few problems with some areas (mainly the colour-blocking of the medium nougat building, and the somewhat unfinished nature of the roofs of the middle and right-hand buildings), and so made a series of modifications instead.
  10. DeanLearner

    [MOC] De_Marco Bricks&Wheels (vol.2)

    Good to see you back! You’ve still got it! I love the milk float.
  11. DeanLearner

    [MOC] Book Hop, a used book store

    Like it! Slightly troubled by what the minifig is doing in the bathroom without their trousers though...
  12. DeanLearner

    10264 Corner Garage

    Yes I think that is likely to be the best combination. I saw a photo from a review on a French website with the DO-CG combination and it looked pretty good - better than DD-CG which looks awkward with two vertical faces of similar width immediately adjacent. Unfortunately I don’t have FB, but I suspect that might work well to the right of CG. Better than DD, which again would clash with the two protruding white sections both very similar and immediately adjacent.
  13. DeanLearner

    10264 Corner Garage

    So.... has anyone bought and built this yet? I’m pretty sure we’ve had plenty of feedback by this time in previous years. I want to see what it looks like lined up with different combinations of the other modulars before committing to buying it (though I’ll probably wait until x2 or x3 VIP points anyway).
  14. DeanLearner

    Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    Would love to see some parts from the Roller Coaster set. Sadly I think it’s unlikely we’ll get a version of the lemonade stand, but it’s not unreasonable to think we may get the pink beehive recolour for the candy floss / cotton candy.
  15. DeanLearner

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Totally agree! I know TLG often like to reserve the most sought after minifigs for the most expensive sets, but were they to do a “Laser Sword Crait Face Down” set in the $30 price bracket, including Luke, Leia, and Kylo Ren, then it would pretty much fly off the shelves.