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  1. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I definitely agree that PC feels like a relatively weak build compared to most of the later modulars (though with good scope for modification). I think that PR remains both the best looking and the most enjoyable building experience, so I’d definitely recommend you do that one soon. There isn’t much repetition, and lots of nice little details (eg kitchen, attic apartment).
  2. DeanLearner

    [MOC] Modular Ferrari Garage

    Fantastic integration of the existing set! The lettering for the sign is really well done, and I like how you’ve been able to build the garage in sort of an early/mid 20thC style that wouldn’t look too out of place alongside other modulars (which is often the biggest challenge in mixing modern and older architectural styles). I’m struggling with the temptation to buy the set myself now to add it alongside the pile of existing unbuilt/future MOD projects I have...
  3. DeanLearner

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans) The curved round piece for the smaller burger was also used in a smaller-scale Trade Federation hover tank thing (which is where I recognised the piece from).
  4. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, I’ve not built my DD yet, but from pictures, DO seems to be the best fit (even though I think the teal slightly clashes with the dark “earth” green above the pool hall windows. However, my main issue with this is that I think the best left-right combination is PR then DO, given that the drop in heights between the two sets, and the exposed 2nd storey detective’s office wall is looks pretty good by modular standards. Plus, in my layout, it feels like they form a nice transition between the different modular building styles.
  5. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree wholeheartedly there. Despite having previously bought the recent(ish) Friends supermarket sets in order to convert it into a modular, I would be very happy to see an official Lego version. I think it would also fit well with the Lego corporate ethos, promoting a healthy lifestyle etc.
  6. DeanLearner

    SwissBrick Modular Town layout - video update

    I hope the owner of the red-roofed house was well compensated for having the monorail run directly over their roof top! I hope they have ear plugs...
  7. DeanLearner

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    Looks good, I think it would be well worth adding trans clear tiles to the area of water in front of the the temple. It would really tie the bay together.
  8. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, I remember thinking the same when DD came out. To be honest it seems like a no-brainer to me. Just as I’m sure many people (myself included) sought out the Flower Cart polybag to complement DO, I would be more than happy to shell out for small optional supplemental sets. It would leave more in the brick budget for the main build. A bit of product line synergy would potentially benefit Lego in the other direction too, with younger kids getting an appetite for modulars after getting “hooked” on the accompanying vehicles.
  9. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would happily put a large sum of money on Lego never building a multi-storey car park. Firstly, as before, you can’t build a space that would fit in cars without it taking up an enormous amount of space (or vehicles at essentially a Smart Car scale). Secondly, it would look terrible at the benefit of only a fairly poor play feature. Enough people were outraged when Lego jumped forward in time to Streamline Moderne architecture for Downtown Diner. There is no chance Lego are going to build some Brutalist monstrosity (as all such car parks are). I do think that a repair shop could work well though, especially if combined with something like a hardware store. It would give lots of scope for the sort of small details that Lego excels at, and maybe even have a bit of the vibe of the Old Fishing Store interior.
  10. DeanLearner

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    To be honest, I just don’t think there’s any chance of a garage happening. The mock-up of a MOC that “leaked” last year was a bit of a mess, and demonstrated how unnaturally a modern style petrol pump would fit within the modular standard (besides that version was essentially just a mod of the recent City petrol station). I know people will cite the designer interviews about them having considered a car showroom, but I we don’t know how many unusual/crazy ideas the designers consider and dismiss in the process of coming up with final designs. Either way, I also don’t think that there is any chance Lego would make a car showroom as a modular set, for the simple reason that you can barely fit any minifig-scale vehicle within the standard footprint of a modular building, and accommodating a vehicle would create too many limitations for the style of the rest of the building.
  11. I gave this some thought for a while (though eventually decided I would have to remove too much from Ninjago City to stop it overtowering any other official or MOC modular). One issue with Ninjago City is how far “forward” the building projects beyond the modular standard, if attached at the provided technic pin points. However, adding an 8 stud margin on the two front-facing sides of Ninjago City allows the building to tuck away better, and then to build up what would be the opposite bank of a canal on the other side.
  12. DeanLearner

    All 8 Brickative Modulars

    Wow they look incredible all together. Such a fantastic variety of styles and building techniques. It’s genuinely difficult to pick a favourite (though for me it’s probably a toss-up between the two on the far left, e.g. the Prague-esque pub, and the bike shop).
  13. DeanLearner

    New Century City Block II

    Wow, this is astonishing! Really inspired technique and parts usage. I struggle to think of my favourite, though I definitely smiled as soon as I saw the upside-down rope bridge. As discussed elsewhere before, Art Nouveau is arguably the hardest architectural style to capture in Lego, mainly due to the difficulty capturing subtle/irregular curves with mostly cuboid bricks. If you don’t mind me asking, when designing this, to what extent did you start with drawings of what you wanted to create (as based on your real-life inspirations), or was the starting point more trying to come up with a list/collection of whole load of curved pieces in the right sort of colours? Thank you so much for sharing this!
  14. DeanLearner

    31026 Bike Shop & Cafe reimagined

    Nice! I’ve seen a lot of MOC versions of this, but I think yours probably does the best job of matching the modular aesthetic while still being totally recognisable as the original set.