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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Interesting that all those details can be worked out from the leaked image alone, with for example no details of the other floors.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I doubt it’s a corner building. We can already see about 24 studs worth of building, plus 6-8 studs for the stairs to the left. The only way they could make it a corner building would be if they were to add an extra 16x32 baseplate, but I’d be surprised if they were to do that 2 years running (given the necessary price increase), and if they was a proper corner on the opposite side then then why would they have shoe-horned in the slightly fake corner for the rounded edge into the alleyway?
  3. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Woah those mining machines are enormous! The heavy drill is very reminiscent of the Mole from Thunderbirds...
  4. Populating the Creator Modular series with CMFs

    Ooooo those are some really great ideas. I have some random licensed minifigures (eg Jack Sparrow) that I was planning on having as cosplay (in “flesh face”?!) outside the PC too. I particularly like the Gangster one too - I thought about a Gangster there but the crutch thing really makes it! @Deeks @jdubbs Yeah the Hazmat guy is a classic for storytelling set ups. I also got an Alien Conquest scientist and plan to use them in some sort of industrial area at some point - possibly involving a Gremlin... @koalayummies Yes I was wondering if I could get away with sticking in some (non-cosplay zombies). Maybe a job for some unfortunate paramedics? I love the Sushi Chef! He’s so clearly a reference to Hatori Hanso from Kill Bill! I am hoping to someday get Ninjago City though, at which point he will have pride of place on the rooftop. I did wonder about that skydiver though - too bad his parachute doesn’t deploy...
  5. Moc Winter Maison

    I hope you’ve got winter wheels on that McLaren!
  6. I’m sure a lot of people must already use minifigures from the CMF series and other themes to add a bit of extra life to their modular buildings, however I haven’t found any discussions of interesting ideas people have had. So with apparently leaked images of the latest modular suggesting a range of different faces will now be used, I thought it might be an appropriate time to come up with a few options. The below list includes a few predictable suggestions, but also a couple of slightly more surreal ways to utilise some of the CMFs that might otherwise never find a home , for example the Prospector and Leprechaun in line to make deposits at the bank, the Gingerbread Man as a classic Batman-style villain behind the cookie bootlegging industry, or the Policeman escorting the Hippy to get his hair cut. Pet Shop Pet shop Janitor (S15) Mrs Scratchen-Post (TLM) Animal control officer (S15) Dog Show Winner (S16) Townhouse Decorator (S10) Welder (S11) Carpenter (S13) Palace Cinema Hollywood Starlet (S9) Hot Dog Guy (S17) Parisian Restaurant Restaurant Waiter (S9) Connoisseur (S17) Gourmet Chef (S17) Studio Painter (S4) Detective’s office Barbers Hippy (S7) Policeman (S9) Square Foot (S14) Kitchen Detective (S5) Gingerbread man (S11) Brick Bank Bank Leprechaun (S6) Prospector (S12) Jewel Thief (S15) Laundrette Where Are My Pants Guy (TLM) Assembly Square Cafe Librarian (S10) Larry the Barista (TLM) William Shakespeare (TLM) Music shop Punk Rocker (S4) Rocker Girl (S7) Bagpiper (S7) Saxophone Player (S11) Rock Star (S12) Dance school Ballerina (S15) Florist Plant monster (S14) Bakery Gourmet Chef (S17) Dentist Prospector (S12) Diner Diner Mechanic (S6) Diner Waitress (S11) Hot Dog Guy (S17) Gym Fitness Instructor (S5) Boxer (S5) Kickboxer (S16) Dance instructor (S17)
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmmm, try this one: Each of the 4 sets it has appeared in would look considerably better with an alternative colour, and there is nothing I am planning to build in which medium lavender would be the best colour - therefore the plates will be buried deep underground!
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    True, though I think it’s making the distinction between the use of pinks and other bright colours in a way that is tasteful (e.g. complimentary), as appears to be case with the Dinner colour scheme, and the design of the Friends sets, where there is usually at least one random colour “too many”. I have bought a number of Friends sets (once heavily discounted) with the intention of breaking them down for parts and stickers, but some of the vomit-inducing colour combinations (e.g. yellowish orange, medium azure, and medium lavender in the Heartlake Gift Delivery, or all the purples and limes in the current winter series) make for some truly ugly sets with plenty of unsalvageable parts.
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it also depends on what the side wall over the stairs looks like. I don’t mind “ugly” walls when they will be directly abutting a neighbouring building, but I think doing it at exposed walls (eg the florist in Assembly Square, or the back of the Ghostbusters Firehouse) just looks a bit shoddy. I quite like the idea of the Cadillac style car, but I’d much prefer they save the parts for the main build and then offer the car separately as an informal Creator line tie in for people who were interested (akin to a larger version of the flower seller polybag attached to DO).
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah exactly, and that’s my main reservation too. I like the Art Deco styling (though sympathise with others who prefer an older style) but aside from the SNOT tiling on the walls, the exterior of the upper floors seems both inconsistent and also a little bit unimaginative. Its a shame, as there are some really great Art Deco MOCS out there (I can think of a few great ones by @snaillad.
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well that’s all come as a welcome night shift distraction! I was initially sceptical, but it would have to be an extremely elaborate and well-timed hoax, especially given the novel colour and piece use as observed above. I’m therefore increasingly inclined to believe it’s genuine. I really love the late Art Deco Streamline Moderne style that this model aims to capture. I do have some reservations about the exposed “ugly” sides of other modulars when placed in a row, but on the whole, I am very happy that it conforms to a more recognisable architectural style (with some of the previous modulars falling into a bit of an uncanny valley). I especially think it’s a good idea that they try to move the modular concept forward a little. Between the official modulars and all the fantastic MOCs out there, the ubiquitous “grey stripe” between floors was starting to become stale, and the SNOT tile technique, alongside the updated minifigure faces, feels like a breath of fresh air. Another thought... Any chance that those tiles on the sides are Cool Yellow (rather than Tan)? Also, Any idea what is going on in the area by the door to the lower right? I can’t work out whether it’s a extensive sticker/print (possibly involving multiple parts), or whether it’s all just transparent panels/window panes with an unusually well-lit interior behind.
  12. [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Lovely! Really clean build. Are those printed minecraft plates for the door windows?
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    @Blazej_Holen Have you incorporated NC into a modular layout then? Obviously the ground floor requires modifications to fit it in with the adjacent paved areas, though I’m curious to see what modulars (or MOCs) it works best alongside of. The photo from Jang’s video, with it alongside AS is interesting, though the combination of those two isn’t quite organic enough to convince me to buy it for a modular layout. I’ve come across a few great Blade Runner-esque Neo Noir city scenes, but it would be a good to find a way of blending that classic/modern mix into an achievable layout.
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I haven’t yet bought NC, and am in two minds about it, but I was considering buying it and then displaying it with the second-from-top floor removed, so that that black pitched roof was immediately above the crab restaurant, meaning that the height was less inconsistent with the other modulars. It looks like the connections should be consistent, though it may look a bit (more) incongruous at the back. I know this is slightly off topic, but I was wondering whether anyone who had the set had tried this, or taken any photos of it in that position. I’ve followed things within the Ninjago threads but it’s rather more of a modular compatibility question.
  15. Woah those are some pretty scary stories. But as you, and @kibosh said, what will probably just happen is that the market adjusts a little and people are more inclined to sell sets at slightly less stratospheric prices. For the most part, I don’t think prices get to extortionate levels, and I’ve been happy to pay a bit of a mark up for the opportunity to buy a set that’s unavailable. However the bottom line is that I don’t think it will stop people “investing” in Lego, because if they’re anything like me, they’re still collectors first, and investors second. The idea of investment is simply an excuse I tell myself (and my girlfriend!) for the cupboards full of unopened boxes of Lego that were too good an opportunity not to buy at the time, but that I can never quite bring myself to open (or realistically sell)!