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  1. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Totally! I might be able to play with the front sloped nose shape up a plate without rasing much else. This was all designed in LDD which is a perfect world with perfect physics. Which we all know never translates. I need to take stock of the parts I have for the order. I ordered a crap ton of 2x2 45 green slopes and the 1x2 rounded slope peice. Not sure what else. It's the same problem as before that so many average bricks just dont exist in green. Like those 2 roof top to 45 slope peices on the back of the cabin where like over a $ each at the time because no one sold them. Just stupidly rare even though they existed.
  2. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Alright I think I fixed some the running problems by changing out the ball joint with those modified plates with the technic hole. It doesnt jump the tracks from being pushed anymore! New problem is these BrixTrix switches. Somehow the front truck wants to jump the track sometimes but only the front truck. Also! Somehow the front yellow lip of the train rocks so low that it can hit the edge of the track it switches into... which is a problem.... I think I'll try and get some more brick link orders made for coaches and get this thing all put together !
  3. Electricsteam

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I use both the controller and the smart phone. I think the motor has just given up the ghost. Does lego still do replacements and repairs?
  4. Electricsteam

    FREE! 3d Printed Parts and FREE! Wide Radius Curves+Wheels

    I just bought a bunch of TrixBrix stuff last week and it just got here today. I am really impressed with the quality! Got a bunch of pieces that just dont exist in lego and I dont need to take any power tools with existing bricks to make what I wanted. Continous curve switch, some crossings, some track adapters. I'm really excited for the dual gauge rails I bought! I did get one half length of injected moulded track which surprised me. Not all of use have 3d printers... if someone is going to put in the work for new designs and quality control I'd rather just pay them instead of doing it myself.
  5. Electricsteam

    Narrow gauge motor system

    There used to be a lego model railroading magazine that had full instructions for a PF powered narrow train but I cant find it myself right now. It was a mountainous railroad using the 12v rails with those tooth bricks for traction up hill. 10 wide trains are a little thick for narrow gauge track. lol I'm interested too if anyone has up to date information I just bought a bunch of narrow gauge stuff from TrixBrix and I'm eager to use it.
  6. You chose a way cooler name but (won't make sense unless you play Fallout) Do you want to be associated with those lunatic rad worshipers? (There is a cult that worships radiation and their home is the Nucleus) It looks FANTASTIC! Hope to see it brick built one day!
  7. Electricsteam

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Is anyone having problems with their PU motors lately? I bought 60197 a while back and now the motor isnt working in either plug. I don't know if they are both are busted or what. Just really annoying on such an expensive power system.
  8. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Thank you! I'll play with this today. It's been a long road trying to make any large train. I spent so long making those pneumatic locos that I think I forgot how to do simple things. This is the largest train I have made myself and it's been a long road. Even that little mine train is having problems with the rear axle but it doesnt matter that much because it wasnt designed to move really. Come on dont you want to build that cool flat pack bomb shelter?
  9. Electricsteam

    Does anyone know what happened to Locomotive Annie?

    I'm a pretty anxious fellow. Health issues and her age just creeped some nasty thoughts into my head. This is why I put that out there just a little closure for myself. And those who might feel the same way.
  10. Electricsteam

    Does anyone know what happened to Locomotive Annie?

    I know this is an older post but I have been thinking a lot about Annie these last few weeks. I needed a space to let out some thoughts and emotions as time is always marching forward and life changes and we loose folks we knew. She has been missing in action for quite a long time now just over 6 years. I fear the worst since her last post was about health issues but hope she is still around but where ever she maybe. She really shaped how I saw Lego Trains when I just first started to dive into it all those years ago and I am incredibly thankful for it. She helped me enjoy all the fun and weird designs you can put into Lego unlike anything else. She showed us that no matter what type of brick you have no matter your age no matter where you are in the world just enjoying Lego is something that can all bring us together. She will always be A Perfect 317. Thank you Annie where ever you are.
  11. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Alright. Follow up. It runs TERRIBLY! The trailing truck will lift up off the track and jumping derailing the rest of it. I had to add some 2x4 curved slopes to the leading truck to keep the wheels from snagging on the turns. There isn't really a way to power it from the drivers so I have a PF bat and motor in the tender. I'll keep playing with it but at the moment I don't know how to keep the trucks from derailing the train. Either the trucks float or the drive wheels float.... if ya'll have any suggestions or tips please tell me!
  12. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

    Amazing! I've seen something like this be used for HO scale trains before. The chain just underneath the surface with a magnet to drag along a small car or even a bike. Really cool to see that it all brick built!
  13. Electricsteam

    [MOC] 0-4-2 Porter Steam Locomotive.

    I've already played with the smaller BBB drivers. It just raises the whole train up too high in a way I'm not happy with.
  14. Hey ya'll! Back with another project that's been sitting on the back-burner for far too many years. If ya'll remember way back when of the LLD MOC of the 0-4-2 Porter locomotive, well it's back again this time in brick form! There is not too much to say about this little train it. It went together very wheel from the LLD file I made years ago and it feels pretty smooth on the tracks. I think it's good to be apart of a small little shutting area or some little side track along a bigger display. I really enjoy how well this little train turned out! Even with the unibody type of frame it still can connect to other wagons on each end without too many problems. It's gotten me really excited to build some new trains I that I did a poor job and building in the past now that it's all a clean slate. Especially now that everything from my Hogwarts express to my Pneumatic Loco have been smashed to bits. But things are looking up as we scope out new homes with a lot more room for Lego! Maybe I'll tackle the horror on rails. The infamous John Stevens next. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Much better hahaha. Doesn't mean I'll never return to the air train.... it just needs a whole overhaul after being smashed to bits.