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  1. Electricsteam

    LEGO Trains 2022

    So is this our first train of 2022? Little monorail from 80036 City of Lanterns Not really a full scale train but it's got more track and cars then other mini train sets they release. Even looks like its set up to be expanded with modular track sections
  2. Electricsteam

    [LEGO IDEAS] Casey Jr.

    AHHHHHH it's so adorable! do you have any photos of it running?
  3. Electricsteam

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    The set works really well on track. If you buy multiple copies of the set the stations combine really well! I've got 3 copies on myself and the station looks great with them all combined together.
  4. Interesting. I might need to grab some of that then... I never considered that I might be able to motorized my little train. Hard to make small american steamers look conniving.
  5. I gotta say I love the little Shay style locomotives. I'm kinda tempted to grab the instructions because they would go really well with this train I designed a while ago. https://i.imgur.com/hnz9Hp8.jpg Also. It's really hard to tell on the website but what is on the end of the micromotor? Is it a generic gear or something that can hold a lego axle. Without the head on photo it's hard to tell.
  6. Thank you. I was looking at that was wondering how it might work for narrow gauge lego trains. Because we all know it's a royal PITA to runs trains with the PF system. Sorry about that I wasnt sure if that was the generic topic about narrow gauge.
  7. Electricsteam

    Narrow gauge goodnes

    Has anyone tried using the studly micromotor to power any narrowgauge trains? I know it's an off brand product but it seems like a good way to power these trains since they are all such a space crunch.
  8. Electricsteam

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I hope what ever shows up is better than the mess than the Croc. I mean it looks pretty but it the running problems and the large gap be much to be desired. I might just be jaded by the size and grandeur of the Apollo rocket but it just seemed overpriced for the small size. 100$ without track... without power.... Just disappointing.
  9. First off.... how have you not seen any of the movies until now? And holy cow that train looks amazing! All the detailed greebling and the use of the chima head!
  10. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Express

    Cause I'm a cheapskate lol. At the time using the auto buy on bricklink the windows I wanted to use were something like 30-50 cents a peice. I didnt want to spent 50 bucks just on windows so took the 1x2x5 clear bricks that I got from a PAB wall and went from there! BL can have some wack prices still though. I spent like 8$ on about 30 green corner bricks. It was going to cost more just to order them from anywhere else.
  11. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Express

    I'm hoping once covid passes I will be able to take it to a convention! That's gonna be a while though :(
  12. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Express

    First off let me say... I know its a bit of a repost but at long last the WHOLE THING is finished and if you know me I never finish anything! Anyways.... I'd like to introduce you to the Atomic Express! An atomic steam turbine power locomotive with classic streamlined stylings with a heavy influence of vintage Popular Science and Popular Mechanics vehicles and machines! Instead of your usually low tech boiler this beauty is packing dual atomic high pressure boilers suspended between the water condenser and the cabin! The train is moved by a single direct drive steam turbine with dual counterweights instead of blind drivers! Continuing with the sleek curves and designs of the locomotive and tender isn't filled with any sort of coal or fuel but a special mix of water and coolant to keep the reactors running! Have you noticed the bright red components of the locomotive yet? The color is used to show off moving parts or something a little more reactive! A big 'ol warning to watch out! As we move on the Atomic Express has its own special fleet of sleek passenger coaches! With two boarding coaches and a blind middle coach! All with long clear bar windows to see the countryside flying by on your way to adventure on the Atomic Express! Here's a few more photos just for fun! She is a one big and heavy locomotives she is running pretty well now too! Got a few videos for ya'll of her making a pass or two on the tracks. It really had been a long time in the making... At least a few years at this point... From idea to LDD models to digital renders to brick form! And I gotta say I am really happy how it has all turned out! The engine looks fantastic in my own opinion and the coaches work really well with it even with all the troubles I had designing them. Let me just tell you that it is a royal PITA to build anything in green. A ton of parts you think would exist just don't and what little does exist is really expensive! I was going to build the windows on the coaches with the 2x1x2 panel windows in green but it was just way too much! I almost swapped out the windows on the cab to black and added a black stripe to cut the cost down. But I looked at it again to keep the color by using the large 1x2x5 clear bricks. So much cheaper and I think it keeps the style really well for the steamlined aesthetic. I even fixed a lot of the running issues with the help of everyone here over the years, from the front truck with a design for a super flat one for my pneumatic train (RIP) to replacing the rear trucks ball joint with more stable peg connection! Thank you everyone who helped me and for putting up with my dumb questions and rambling! Now I hope ya'll enjoyed I hope to make a lot more cool things in the future now that I have my own dedicated space for building!
  13. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    The parts came in for the coaches! I gotta say. Has anyone had a BL order come in entirely correct before? Because something is wrong with every order. Also. What's up with legos QC I got a boat load of the 2x2 curved slopes for the roof and just about every one is a different shade of green and one looks almost translucent. They are all built though! Gonna find some stuff to take real professional looking photos. With nice lighting and a backdrop.
  14. Electricsteam

    [MOC] 4,5v Diesel locomotive with auto-unloading tipper wagons

    I love the older style with such a clever action feature! 4.5 and 12 have to been some of the most toy like that Lego trains ever were and that style is always super charming. I've been kicking myself so much recently... I had 2... TWO! copies of the 112 train set and the 113 Train with motor WITH THE BOXES. And I ruined the boxes and scattered most of the sets. Ugh.