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  1. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    Much better hahaha. Doesn't mean I'll never return to the air train.... it just needs a whole overhaul after being smashed to bits.
  2. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    It was a really fun project! A lot of it came straight from the ol' noggin and just staring at various different vehicles and machines off the old covers. That and one of my favorite pictures right here. lol
  3. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    I need to dig around for a PF controller and bat box and I'll see how it behaves. I think it's mostly the very long wheel base with the XXL drivers or maybe it's because of the changes in elevations because curve not sitting on base plates. The passenger wagons will be a bit far off, I think I'll part them out once things open back up and I'm able to take this too a convention or something. Oh yeah I'll try and swap out the trailing truck once I have some of my horde in some sort of order.
  4. Electricsteam

    9v powered up hybrid

    I've been mulling this over for a while. It shouldn't be hard to make new 9v tracks with the right tools but the major problem is getting new motors for the 9v rails. The best way would be to run the power from the 9v tracks into Power Functions and Powered Up battery boxes so you have the control of the newer systems without needing to run through a million batteries. The hardest part is pulling the power from the rails and bringing it to the battery boxes. You could use spring metal as a brush the run it alone the rail, use a roller like some Lionel trains use to pull power, or machine your own wheels for say the truck bricks or just the stand alone wheels with the axle hole. New tracks really shouldnt be as hard it just takes a lot of work to make the tooling you need. I mean the cheapest solution is to use conductive copper tape on the PF track which works really well, hell I've done that for a good chunk of the track I have on hand and it's great. But for a more advanced option that I've been mulling over is making a sheet metal punch and another die to bend the punched part into shape to just lay on top of the PF track. Hopefully succeed where the ME rails failed by their realistic but over engineered rail and tie system. Sorry for the long tangent I didn't think my idea needed it's own thread. Anyways it'd be great to see that refined to fit in the same space as the PUP bat box tanks to be able to just plop it in place instead of batteries.
  5. Electricsteam

    [MOC] Atomic Streamliner

    After years and years in the making and on the back burner I finally had the motivation to fix some of the issues with non existent and expensive parts and PART IT OUT! Here I present the newly completed ESCO Atomic Streamliner! A sleek streamlined locomotive inspired by the classic covers of vintage Science Illustrated magazine covers! This Fission reactor fed steam turbine locomotive will get you where you need to go in first class comfort! With a striking green and yellow color scheme with bright splashed of red to show of some of the more radioactive parts of this train! I'm so happy to have this done after so many years, it's the first train MOC I have completed since moving out and having every last one of my MOC and other trains smashed by my parent while moving away. It's been a long process getting my things into my new place and own apartment! Just getting around to bringing most of my bricks over but I have to resort and organize my lifetime of collecting bricks... God help me. About 5 medium moving boxes of loose unsorted legos. I'm going to be crazy by the time it's sorted. Anyways it runs fairly well but it does have a few hiccups. The trailing truck likes to kick up over the rails sometimes and I need to have it pressed against the rails somehow instead of being loose on a single ball joint. It's a very very heavy train and the 9v motor has a hard time trying to keep up with the curves of the track and it has an ever worse time hauling two of the passenger wagons from the latest passenger train set. It's really cocerning since I do have some plans to make a set of matching passenger wagons for it so it's convention ready. I'm pretty sure I bought just about every green 1x3 curved slope on the market at the time and the rest of it isnt too pricey either a lot of large and very common parts making a nice sleek wagon. This has been a project that has been years and years in the making and I hope you enjoyed!
  6. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    I've got a American zx81 and a TS1000. They work but are practically doorstops here hahaha. I blame the website Museum of Retro Technology for my love of eccentric machines and trains! Okay so I made it to Brickfair Va for the first time in ages and I was glad to see my home LUG represent with a great layout. Wish I had more built I could have displayed with them! I am aiming to have something ready for Ashland Train Day! I also saw and BrickFair loads of folks using copper tape to make new 9V rails. I grabbed some myself and I have to say it's a total pain in the butt to get the tape on right, and I haven't even tried to do a curve yet.
  7. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    Alright so I got a nice raise and had a bit of a binge.... Hahahahaha I picked up the new Passenger Train 60197, the whole of the expert miners series and that truck and camper.(Everything was on clearance but the train woo hoo) I have to say I'm digging the new train a lot! A lot of useable pieces but my only major gripe with it is the use of the Yellow-Gold BUTP and caps. I know I have't bought too many sets in the while but the Yellow-Gold is a pretty uncommon color. BUTP(Big Ugly Train Pieces) always sorta bugged me at least the one for this set has more useful geometry and connections. Sets like the TGV and the 7938 Passenger train where they build up the front cabin without too many large premade bricks.
  8. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    Just use pneumatic and listen to it chuff and whistle like crazy with 50PSI being pushed through it. It is terrifying. I hooked up a can of air duster to my train and ut sure can go! Just feels like its going to explode from all the noises its making. Surpised no one has made a Lego DCC equivalent. Stick an arduino and a rechargeable battery in a Lego bat box and go to town. Id still love to get my hands on a length or two. Kinda a shame his whole business went under it seems it was nice stuff.... At least I remember it being nice stuff it has been god knows how long.
  9. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    Do people really dislike the new Hogwarts Express that much? I picked it up for a good deal the other day and I'm pretty impressed. It feels like you get a lot of stuff for the price. I got it for 50$ 15$ cheaper than the shelf price of 65$ at the targets around here. I mean it's pretty nice! You get a good looking steam engine with an okay looking passenger car and a nice and big station to play with and post your minifigs. It's got real steam wheels unlike the 2010 train and I mean... the OG train is just sad it doesn't even have train wheels! You do lose out on the magnet connectors which I guess is kinda sad but worth it for the price. Sorry for the ramble I've just been enjoying this train too much! That and I thought I've been building my trains short.... the pneumatic train I made is near dead on the same height as the Hogwarts Express
  10. Electricsteam

    Custom rods on shapeways

    Dang! That looks nice! I know I've been gone a long while but it's nice to see some new stuff from you!
  11. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    Yes yes it is... Would you be shocked to hear I got it for free a few months ago I just had to give it a new cord. I left Lego for a long while and started retrocomputing. I got a NIB Commodore 64 C and it's been downhill from there hahaha. That and vacuum tube radios and TVs. Traded one expensive hobby for another as my Lego table got eaten up by vacuum tube test equipment and tools. A people movie is a good idea! I was also thinking about making a mountain lift or any other really steep rail line. So instead of a chain or a motor system you could lift and lower the tram using a pulley and string. There is just something about an elevated light rail or people mover that is very pleasing to me.
  12. Electricsteam

    A few questions about some old topics?

    I finally got my hands on a significant amount of coaster rails! It's hard to describe what I was expecting they are both a lot bigger and a lot smaller then the picture I had in my brain. These could make a great lite rail regardless of the very tight radius turns. That and if you want to bring in all the slope pieces into the mix... I mean the pre made coaster carts are nice and great for high speed but I don't think you really need to clip your train onto the rail like the coaster tracks do because you're just not going to have the speed to knock it off the rails. This is a pretty cool design by JK Brickworks I think I wanna play with using modified small train wheels with the same drive mechanisms as Alban Nanty's Western Layout He uses the modified wheels with a cog and gear style railroad for going up and down. You might be able to work that into a layout but with the small chain pies for the grip needed going up and down slopes.
  13. Electricsteam

    Picking up the pieces. Pneumatic train 3 years later

    I could really use a link I've been looking for quite a while through Eurobrick's own search bar. I know a few years ago someone was making pneumatic trains with bit of jewelry wire support and more of a garden scale than a minifig scale. They were quite large Edit. Is this what you were talking about?
  14. Electricsteam

    Picking up the pieces. Pneumatic train 3 years later

    That's one of the first ones I made back in 2013 This is the basis for my current train... I can't figure out why this runs so much smoother than it does currently...
  15. Hey guys! I'm back again trying to bring my train back from the dead after a major dark age! If any of you guys have been here long enough to remember the several trains I've made over the years with a very unique drive mechanism of the Technic pneumatic pistons! This was suppose to be the last Pneumatic train I made in L-Gauge scale with proper details... It was suppose to be my magnus opus if you will. But now I've been out of the game for a long time but as far as I knew this was the only standard gauge train with pneumatics and the detail at the time. Since it's been a long while here just sorta the basics on how it works. I have a very sturdy brick built frame holding in the pistons on either side and the 2 pneumatic switches. Using the L technic beam I can attach another beam to push the main driver wheels. I do lose out on driving 2 of the blinds but it's worth it for the structural integrity. All the pipes for moving the air around are nicely routed in hollow space along the boiler. The whole drive mechanism creates a lot of force so its really important to make sure you have a VERY strong frame around the drive mechanism. This is all with the older sets of pneumatic pistons and switched I know some new types have come out recently but I haven't seen them myself. It's got a few problems as you can see... Missing quite a few parts and some pretty big structural integrity issues around the drive mechanism. I had a plan quite a few years ago to rebuild it into a mountain 4-8-4 with some thinner leading and trailing trucks designed by a fellow member whose name I forget to put more pressure on the drive wheels. That and the train is just like.... short! I don't know any other way to describe it it feels pretty short compared to trains from the sets! I seem to make really short trains... If anyone remembers the Atomic Streamliner I made in LDD ages ago it pretty dang short as well. Here's the redone sketch in the new Stud.IO from bricklink. I'm getting a lot of errors importing my old LDD files into it but the render is much nicer than the Bluerender i was using before. As you can see the whole front end is redone with much more detail along with better detail along the sides and top of the boiler... I dunno about you but I much prefer cheese wedge boilers to the rounded slopes used on the Emerald Night, but then again I haven't had any experience with the plethora of new pieces that have come out in the last few years. I've been picking up sets here and there when they go on clearance but there is just an insane amount of pieces that came out recently that people have been asking for forever. I will need to play with the new bricks in Stud.io and maybe change up my original plan. That's about it! Thank you for reading my ramble!