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Found 19 results

  1. according to the 8110 modification collectors thread we should do the same with the 42009 mobile crane Mk2. and i start with some small modifications on the undercarriage. my first modification adds steering functionality to the flashing lights the second change is widen the body to the width of the stabilizers and chassis comments, critics and your own modifications are welcome.
  2. Hi all, This topic is for discussion of the new C-Model Index (under construction here), and for suggestions of C-Models for inclusion. I hope the index will help us all keep track of the great C-Models people have created, and in many cases, their instructions. I've managed to find a good collection to get started, but no doubt I will have missed some, so please tell me any you'd like to see added (or any mistakes/missing details/etc), and I'll add them in future updates. Rules for inclusion: Uses parts from only one set; That's about it! Where possible, I'll list details of EB topic, youtube video, instructions, and part count. Models detailed on EB are obviously favoured, but I've already come across one or two from elsewhere which I feel deserve to be included. They are listed in no particular order. Where individuals have listed their creations as C-Model, D-Model, etc, I have ignored this and called them all C-Models, because each designer's classification doesn't work when all compiled together. To keep this manageable, I'm going to try and release these in groups according to the original set. To start with, here's all the C-Models I have managed to round up for the set that got me out of my dark age - and perhaps its no surprise, given the sheer number of useful parts: [EDIT: moved 42009 into the index.] Hope this is useful - suggestions welcome. Jo
  3. After collecting enough cranes i've decided to try to compare them all somehow... So here is the result: The most interesting thing is the conclusion of all the tests in the video. P.S, It is not about some serious calculations. It is more about fun with cranes. So, have fun and rest with Mozart! P.P.S. I may say whatever i want about cranes' ability to lift things, but 42082 is the only set that actually had chains for attaching the cargo. :)
  4. First if all I totally forgot to post this model here on the forum, guess better late than never Now to explain a bit about the motives behind this model before I go into specific details. Counter on my youtube channel was nearing 10.000 so I wanted to make something trully special. I was not sure what kind of a model I want to make, a sportscar, offroader, construction machine, so the decision came to MAKE ALL AT ONCE. The model would also incoporate ideas from the last decade of Lego technic product to go along with my 10 years on youtube. Starting with the design, the front end is heavily inspired by 42083 and 41999. Notice the front wheels are from 42056. The first motorized function is adjustable front suspension inspired by 8297: The front end can raise by 3 centiemetrs to allow the model to negotiate rough terrain. Continuing towards the cab, which was inspired by 41999, we can pop up the hood to find a green colored 10 cylinder engine inspred by 42030: Cab doors are inspired by the doors from 42069, which open at the angle. Opening the doors you can find a full interrior with two adjustable seats andworking steering wheel: In the center of the cab there is a gearbox which movel lineary to switch between 3+R gears using a special mechanism. This emchanisem translates the sliding action into usable inputs for the gearbox: Going further back, there is a section holding the battery box and, orange lever and utensils on the left side. I will explain the function of the orange lever later. On the opposite, right side there are 2 M motors powering all the motorized functions. Notice the mysterious red lever which is used for switching motorized functions. Notice the pump used to power the pneumatic functions. There are also two electric switches to reverse the two driving M motors. If we continue towards the back, we can see there is a pair of linear actuators used to manipulate the container. The red lever switches power from one of the M motor between the adjustable front suspension and linear actuators. But not only can the linear actuators tilt the container, but they can also pick up and load the entire thing. To switch between tilting or picking up, the orange lever is used to lock the individual segments of the lifting arm. This function is inspired by 8052. The arm can reach out and pick up the container with ease: If we continue and look at the photo of the back side you may notice a PTO output along with a strange mechanism with rubber bands: Same motor that powers adjustable front suspension, linear actuators also powers the PTO output via 24 tooth clutch gear. Notice that the PTO output uses a CV joint in order to slide the axles into it without friction. The rubber band mechanism is used to hold the rear attachment. This was inspired by 8110 and 42054. Here is a sum up the functions of the model so far: 1. Motorized functions Adjustable font suspension Tilting of the container Picking up and lifting of the container Pneumatic compressor and storage provided by two air tanks powered rear PTO 2. Manual functions: 10 cylinder engine powered via rear wheels through a 3+R gearbox 3+R gearbox Steering controlled by steering wheels inside the cab AND the light on the right side of the roof Openable doors Openable hood Adjutstable seats Independent front suspension Solid live axle assembly in the rear - inspired by 42043 Features: Both front axles are at a positive cats angle, allwing the fat Porsche wheels to self-center Due to the immense weight, each rear solid axle is supported by 4 yellow very hard springs The 3+R gearbox is derived from my diagonal gearbox featured in the Dominator TRS Due to its framed design the gearbox provides a very rigid backbone to the model A 5 tubed exhaust seemed appropriate for the 10 cylinder engine I hope this photo helps you understand all the functions and features a bit better. Each color of the model's chassis represents a different module. Next we will look at the rear attachment built for this model. The attachment is multifunctional, combining linear actuators, pneumatics and 4-way switchbox to actuate all the functions: In total the attachemnt features following functions powered by a PTO via 4-way switchbox: Extension of the control arms via small actuators and a lever mechanism Lowering of the control arms via large actuators - inspried by 42009 Rotation of the arm Spooling up a winch which allows the arm to be used as a crane arm - inspired by 8258 Additionally there are 4 pneumatic function powered by the compressor and air stored in the two pneumatic tanks on the truck itself: Raising of the primary arm joint Raising of the secondary arm joint Tilting of the showel - inspired by 8043 Closure of the blue pneumatic claws - inspired by 8110 Some intersting facts about this attachment module: All of the penumatic functions + rope of the winch pass through the turntable. Rotation of the turntable is limited to some 350 degrees to avoid all those tubes and rope tangling up The structure of the arm with diagonal arms is inspired by crane arms Frictionless 8 tooth gears allow the white 16L axles to slide with ease while powering the two large actuators used for support legs The 4-way switchbox is one of my most complex and sense assemblies and it took me 2 days to design with support of LDD. Winch uses a friction pin to keep the rope from unloading when the winch function is off. The blue claw uses rubber bricks for better grip Combining the main model with the atatchment resluts in a model which weighs around 5 kilograms and is over a meter long! Some facts about the design, and build of the model: The whole model took me over 2 months to design and built, biggest challenging being the gearbox, container arm and rear attachment switchbox. A lot of care was placed into keeping all the functions working reliably with a limited power source (M motor) and safely with no gears skipping or breaking. The model uses around 16 universal and 3 CV joints to transfer the power to the suspension lifting mechanism, PTO, both steering sytsems and drive axles. Each rear axle is capable of supporting the whole model's weight, the weak point are the Power Puller tyres which sag quite a lot, especially on the third axle. Thanks to it's stiff gearbox, this model has one of the stiffest central frames I ever built allowing the model to be easily picked up by diagonal front and rear wheel without excessive flex. Gas canisters and first aid from 42069 are featured on this model The hood ornament is a bunny from a Lego Friends set This is my first model to use the white pneumatic air tanks for it's intended purpose. The model is covered with glow in the dark parts close to its edges, so its visible at night - useful when you are wandering around your building area at night A photo of the mashup's total of 8 glow in the dark bionicle claw/eye pieces: You can see the model in action in the following feature video: Finally I would like to thank you for reading through this massive post and for helping me reach 10.000 subscribers.
  5. Since the beginning of my AFOL-hood, I have been a crane guy, with many mobile cranes built in the past. Now, during the more recent years I tried to diversify, partly thanks to competitions like those on Eurobricks, and built various other vehicles. I think it's time to see if I haven't unlearned how to build a crane :) So, the goal. I aim for a five-axle crane in the same scale of 42009. I think five axles is a perfect balance: enough to be imposing, but not so much it becomes awkward :) I use the Liebherr LTM1200 as a source of inspiration. The extra space between axle 3 and 4 gives me some extra leeway, but I also find it to look better. This image is from the Liebherr folder; I drew a grid over it with 8 studs for the wheels, and some markings in red. Most functions will be manual. Not sure if I can even get a motor in, but I will try. But there is one function I really want: suspension. I think it just looks cool to have a multi-axle vehicle with suspension on all wheels, and it makes my model less of a 42009-clone. To do this, some other functions will have to be dropped, like the motorized double-acting outriggers. This is the progress so far. Each axle is a fixed unit that is connected to the frame by two shocks and two ball joints. As vertical space is limited and Lego suspensions always tend to become taller than desired, I had to find a way to create a sturdy frame, so I went for studded Technic bricks. This makes the frame very strong. Also I think it's a nice deviation from all-studless building :) (This will principally be a studless model, don't worry.) Then, the steering. If you ever want to add and connect the steering to so many suspended axles, let me warn you: it's not fun. Every axle needs two U-joints. I just ran an axle with lots of U-joints (at least 6) through the entire thing. Not optimal, but it works. The outrigger housing is a real pain to work around. Steering angles per axle are varied the 42009 way: by having different steering arm lengths. The ratios are 100% : 50% : 0% : -67% : -100%, or, in easier numbers: 1/2 : 1/4 : 0 : -1/3 : -1/2, where the denominator is the length of the steering arm. Axle 3 is the only axle connected to the fake engine. Speaking of which, there's hardly any room left for that! So I decided I will add a boxer engine (which is lower), and it will still have to stick out one stud above the roof of the cabin. So be it. Driving the fake engine will be a challenge by itself too, because the unwieldy geartrain for the front axle's steering is in the way. I will have to sacrifice a lot of ground clearance for the driving axle. Next up: add the fake engine, add the outriggers, lay out the measurements of the cabin, and see if I can get the first boom segment in place. One note about colors. It will not be yellow. I just don't want to add another yellow crane, but I'm still in doubt about color options. I love trying out weird color combos as you might know, but the boom will probably be white, because of the panels I have (thanks to 42025). So I will probably do a multicolor scheme where white and black/gray are combined with one or two non-grayscale colors. I love to hear what you think of the first take :)
  6. Not sure if the builder is a member on here or not..... but if so, would love to see additional pics of this beast, video, or at least some additional information. As a builder of several large mobile and crawler cranes, I can really appreciate this build, even if the looks are little off. This may be the largest mobile crane out here (in Technic bricks). Those are PP puller tires, BTW...... Just thought I would share....found it on brickshelf
  7. I am almost done with the 42009. It was/is one of the most enjoyable builds I've had in a long, long time. As I look around, there is no other set of comparable size and complicity available. I am seriously considering disassembling it and putting it together again, just for the experience. LEGO for me is more about the building anyway. Who else has considered / done / disassembled an enjoyable build just to have the experience of building it again and learning more? Andy D
  8. PauloS

    Hello from Portugal

    Hello. My name is Paul and I am Portuguese. I have RC model-building experience, but I received a gift of a lego Mobile Crane MK II - 42009 and never build any tecknics lego. Wish me luck... :)
  9. Hello everyone. I finished the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II. It is working perfectly. It was my first model in LEGO, not counting the smaller models in childhood. It was a good challenge for those who, like me, have very low vision, but I managed. I enjoy RC models, and I intend to just build other models that can be radio controlled. Now I am in doubt of what may be my next step. Build the Ultimate 42009, or forward to another challenging model? What will be the most appropriate? I appreciate your support. Paulos
  10. Hello Eurobrickers!!! Here is the C-Model of 42009 Mobile Crane General specifications: - 2100 pieces - Size: 61x20x17 cm - Weight: 2,1 Kg Manual functions: - HOG steering - Wheel lift raise/lower - Fake v8 engine - Winch Gearbox for operating motorized functions: - Wheel lift extension - Wheel lift opening - Tilting bed - Sliding bed Extra features: - Opening doors - Interiors with some details - Toolbox - Different system On/Off Power Pack Some pics: Full Tilt Side View I hope You like it!!! Thanks again for your priceless support! Youtube Video: Building instructions are Work in Progress
  11. Hello, I just completed the 42009 crane, it took me about 12 hours spread over a week. I'm quite "rusty" with Technic but I used to play with them a lot as a kid, so I encountered no major problems during the build, just 2-3 small mistakes, easy to fix, especially because I always check for functionality as I build, so I can detect problems soon after making the mistake... :P Anyway, the crane is finished and looks wonderful, it's by far the best and most complex set I've ever built, but I have a couple of doubts. All the functions work, including the outriggers (which I hear are a common problem), albeit quite slow. Here's what I'm not so sure about: 1) When fully lowered and retracted, the boom does not contact the roof of the cabin, so the crane body has to constantly support the weight of the boom. I think it should be allowed to "rest" on the roof, so that the strain on the structure and LA's can be relieved. Did I do something wrong or is it supposed to be like this? 2) Whenever the motor is on, both with the clutch disengaged, and with whatever function is selected, the wheel train for the boom extension moves. Not very fast, and with not much torque - I just have to touch the wheels and they stop, without stalling the motor - but the torque is enough to actually retract or extend the boom, very slowly, if it's not loaded. Any idea where the problem might be, without having to disassemble all the crane body? 3) When the large LA's reach the end points, both raised and lowered, they start making a scary clicking sound. I suppose it's the internal clutch, but it's not as graceful as the white clutch wheels: when this happens, the whole structure actually shakes, and the wheels driving the LA almost seem to skip (but they don't). Again, is this normal? Is it going to damage some wheels, or something? 4) The knot to secure the winch cable to the pulley... If I leave the knot outside, it rubs with the gear and stops the movement. If I leave it inside, it messes up the winding of the thread. How did you secure/tie it? I think that's it for now... thanks in advance for any reply! :) Cristian
  12. After an overenthusiastic bid on an auction site, I had a spare 42009 crane, so I decided to build the B-model. The container reach-stacker isn't a machine I usually consider recreating, but I gave it a try anyway. During the build, I improved some small things: The colour scheme which is typically suffering form the restriction of the available parts of the A-model, was made more uniform and similar to the a real Hyster. Additionally, I modified the chassis so the steering rear wheels could make the huge steering angles the real one can. I was impressed with the functions, strength and complexity of the model. It really has been thought through well and, in my opinion, could have been a worthy A-model any year. This makes me wonder, how many B-models do you have as permanent members of your collection? Do you value some of them as high as A-models or are they just a nice bonus? It really is an amazing feat that the Lego designers come up with B-models for all the Technic sets each year, but I imagine they get a lot less credit for them compared to the A-models.
  13. Hi fellow addicts. A word beforehand, if I call the mechanism wrong, please correct me. I am currently still developing some kind of hooklift container truck as a C-model of 42009. This is more challenging than I thought. At first I had the idea of building a hooklift mechanism as it is common on trucks. But what I came up with was either too unstable or too bulky. So I was thinking about this a lot, then laid it aside for a while. Now I am back at it and have a new idea. I saw some other container trucks, the work with a simple hoist mechanism, but that seems somewhat inapropriate and I will only consider this as last resort. And then I came up with a idea of some kind of a boom that can extend. My idea was, that the "platform" can extend by half and the "hook" travels the hole length so the tipped platform can take on the containers. Still super complicated and probably impossible with the given parts. Now I have this boom idea tha is basically a boom like on the crane, but instead of extending, I have a crab going the whole length. Containers will be put off and on through tilting the boom and the traveling crab. I have a prototype, but before continuing, I wanted to ask if someone has a brilliant idea to make the crab more stable or rigid. As it is now, it will probably fail under load. Here is a picture of the boom center: The boom itself will be wider later to provide good travel for the container and to secure the crab to the sides. And here is the prototype crab: The wheels roll on the side liftarms of the boom. The 32L axle drives the wormgear, which then lets the crab travel via the gear racks of the boom. I would have shown this combined, but LDD wouldn't let me. The question is: How can I improve the crab to be more stable? Also there is a height difference. So if the 32L axle would rest in the black 3L pin with center pinhole, that would be awesome. I know the height difference could be solved by driving a 8T gear through the worm gear which sits on the same axle with a 12T double bevel gear which drives the gear racks. Getting the 32L axle to the same level as the pinholes of the boom would be brilliant. Also, here is the LDD file! Thanks in advance for all the help!
  14. Since I'm uploading video in another thread I thought I might as well do a quick one of my 42009 motorisation. The container lifter is actually really easy to motorise, the body is quite sparse and it's almost as though the designers thought about it. I dropped a servo in over the steering and an XL motor in behind the diff with almost no effort at all. Adding motors to the boom was a bit more tricky, and I haven't bothered with the rotation (yet). But the gearbox was so big that the final model is about the same size. The L motor lifts the boom, I left out the clutch gear so my lift is faster but it struggles when the boom is extended. There's two more M motors for extension and grab. Pictures on my web site (yes, I put a manual steering knob on the back of the servo. To match the original, of course).
  15. Cabin Fever I need some help with my Technic Logo 42009 Mobile Crane MK II. I am working on the "cabin" section of the vehicle. I will refer to Book 4 (of 6) here. Everything is good through Step 17 on Page 8. Take a look at the tan bevel gear attached to the long black rod. At this point I am saying things are "good" because rotating the black rod with my fingers freely rotates the bevel gear - which, in-turn freely rotates the black spur gear. Excellent.. Moving on to Step 18 we make a separate assembly. The black "T" shaped piece will begin the problem. After mating the two assemblies (see below) the gears no longer turn without significant friction. I thought the problem would just go away so I proceeded. A few steps later, the black rod is now under so much pressure it tilts up significantly. Game over. I took it apart and retried assembly three times. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any ideas out there? Anyone else run into this? Thanks Brad
  16. I know I'm a bit (quite a lot) late with this video, considering how long ago this set was released, but better late than never! The description: "Yay, I finally found time to make another video! In this video, I learned how to adjust brightness within the video clip, played with keyframes for audio fade in and fade out as opposed to using Adobe Soundbooth, thereby making the entire process faster, and upped the usage of cross-dissolves and title cards. My most professional video yet, I think. Also, there's a fancy new intro graphic!" "On the other hand, I'm not happy about the shoddy camera work and the dismal lighting. As I didn't really plan out the shoot *at all*, I was limited in the space I could work with and settled on a temporary camera mount. I intend to get a GoPro tripod mount, but in the meantime I'll have to cobble together a solution out of more Lego. As for the lighting, it turns out the GoPro has really terrible low-light capabilities, which is why I brought in a studio light towards the end. Next time I'll see about borrowing both that are available in this household and using them from the beginning." "I could have fixed these issues if I had taken apart the set and built it again HA HA HA nope. (2600 pieces)" "Camera: GoPro Hero3 White Edition Music used: "Cumulonimbus" ~ Cumulonimbus composed/produced by Steve Lowther provided by ~ Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Media Encoder CS6"
  17. Hi, i'm wondering if anyone have this 3 sets buiild and can take a picture to compare between this huge sets in the last 3 years. I only have the 8258 and very interested to see how it compares to the other two. or anyone have pictures of 8258 with 42009 that would be great thanks
  18. Just build it: Apart from the better outriggers of the 42009 this monster is the real big crane - at least IMHO ;-) Mostly cause of the pneumatic (instead of the LAs), the smoother boom extension and the synchronized winch... Well, it's more or less the 8421 but there are people out there who like it really big ... ;-) BTW: just adding the double pneumatic stuff to the standard 8421 increases usability a lot because the boom can stay at top upper position very long (overnight in my case)...
  19. I am about to buy a big set for myself - unless I win the lottery this might be the only one I get in next 2 years. So far I have only one set - 8258, which I simply love for its complexity and functions. I am in two minds whether to buy a Unimog 8110 while it is still available at reasonable price or wait for 42009 crane. The first one is tempting because of pneumatics and the other one because of its size, but I am not quite sure it will be as exciting as Unimog. What are your thoughts and assumptions regarding these two sets - based on experience (8110) and the bits of news (42009)? Any advice / answer / opinion will be much appreciated :)