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Found 18 results

  1. Roadmonkeytj

    Emerald Night MOD

    So as promised I finally got some pictures of it on a layout. But first some back story. The EN was released during my dark period and I had no idea it existed till early this year. I was fortunate enough that a coworker was getting out of Lego's and got one for a decent price. So I dug out an oval of track and much to my dismay the engine ran horribly or simply derailed. It was a good looking engine so I pulled the PF and made it a static model. A month went by and I had decided I will make this train run come Brickworld Ft Wayne. I tried the motorized tender option but did not like the look. So I ripped the thing apart and put her on a diet all the center section came out and a L motor went in. A custom "gearbox" needed assembled. I rebuilt it 13 times before I found a solution I was both happy with overall speed and torque, also that didn't blow apart after an hour of running lol. The front trucks have been reworked to not derail and @zephyr1934 worked with me to get his custom rods and valve gear running good. After many hours on the test oval I felt she was ready for the show. Once at the show I soon discovered she hates switches... So much help was needed getting her on the main off the siding. Then I found she hates uneven track lol so I did some more reworking and that solved most of the wheel slip (the front and rear boogies would lift the drive wheels) allowing the front to pivot seemed to resolve most of this. So it ran around our Lugs layout and ran into the first issue (my train was the first steam train to ever run on this layout) the rods hit the station platform! So we moved it a stud and a half back and it was good but then it came to the elevated section. It ran up the hill (fairly steep) without issue but once at the elevated station its canopy hit the light guards then the rods the platform. So it was committed to a siding as the elevated would take too much rework. Fortunately another steam display was willing to let her stretch her legs. First we ran it with the stock car that came with the set ... then we hooked her up to a rake of coal. (I won't mention his name as I'm not sure if he's OK with being mentioned but I'm sure many of you know him... Hats off to you sir) It was great to see her run and my boys loved watching it run! Again thanks to all! I am working with a light company to light the firebox and the rear tender. Now to work on my Lug to increase track clearance for steam lol. Update: as she currently sits. Added brickstuffs custom lighting. Replaced the original pf lights with LEDs' installed flickering fire in the firebox and a rear lamp on the tender.
  2. Hello. Im not to fond of the tender or the coach that came with the Emerald Night. This can be seen as blasphemy but I wholeheartedly believe the Engine deserved better. So thats what I intended to "fix". So far its built in Studio but it will be built in bricks as soon as Im happy with the end result. The design and color scheme stays true to the original passenger car design but it have been widened and made longer. Working on a 8-stud wide basis meant that the tender had to be made wider as well to make the transition between the tender and the coach seem more fluid. Tweaks are still being made so criticism and tips are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  3. Redimus

    Modified Emerald Night

    OK, so I have never made any secret that I think Emerald Night is crap. Odd proportions, terrible tender, complete lack of understanding of what several parts actually represent, looking *nothing* like the source material,.... I also know (from bitter experience) how difficult (and expensive) making a decent replacement is. After having built some really nice Pullmans, and building a disappointing pacific (which was miles better than EN), taking it apart, starting again, running out of inspiration, then getting made jobless so I couldn't afford to buy bits had I come up with an improved design, I decided to finally do something about my Emerald Night that had been sat in a corner with no wheels for at least 2 years. Things that I wanted to change: Give the front a footplate. Use the cylinder fix. Do something about that god awful (lack of) dome. Raise the cab so it doesn't look too daft with my coaches. Build a completely new tender (seriously, f**k that tender, that city cattle wagon was less lazy). Add lights and S Brick (which I had done a long while ago). So here are the results: Loco The new footplate, added tiles to the front bogie, replaced the green 1x6 plate with a black one, and the improved cylinder innards. New dome with S Brick underneath. Slightly raised cab. Tender The tender was a complete rebuild, but used basically the same chassis. It was however, a little lazy, and relied heavily on what I happened to already have. New Tender Completed Engine with Train. I intend to replace it with an actually good loco one day, but until inspiration and funds allow, this is a vast improvement.
  4. I was trying to make my own train based on the 10254 Holiday train, but was having issues with getting all the power functions to fit. I eventually decided to just build the Emerald Night to match up with the colors of 10254, and added a few minor changes. I'm fairly happy with the results. I used a plastic dye on the tender wheels, I think they turned out pretty well. See full album here:
  5. I missed out on 10194 Emerald Night when it was released back in 2009, so over the last couple of months I’ve been buying the bricks for the steam engine via bricklink. I sacrificed the gold stripe round the boiler to keep it affordable (it halved the cost!) but now I've built it, I'm finding it looks a little bland without the stickers to add details like the engine number or nameplate. I'm a bit reluctant to buy a genuine sticker sheet for the set because they're so expensive on bricklink, especially when shipping to the UK is taken into account. I have seen custom printed replacement sticker sheets for various older Lego sets on eBay though (e.g. the Star Wars UCS line, and a few of the classic 9V trains from the 90s). Do you know if anyone sells replacement stickers for the Emerald Night?
  6. I've condensed all my trading into one thread in the bazaar.
  7. Legoboy22

    What train should I get next?

    Hello everyone, a spot has just opened up on my layout for one more lego train. I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best, and i already have the 7939 yellow cargo train, 7938 red passenger train, horizon express, hogwarts express that is motorized with power functions, one extra set of power functions and 2 4.5 volt trains from the blue track era. I was thinking in the maersk or emerald night but they are both expensive so i can only really get 1 with my budget for lego trains. So please give your feedback and thank you in advance:)
  8. dylanfarrow

    Azure Express - MOC

    Hi All, I've finished (and also renamed) my old WIP (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=108092) Azure Blue - Model T *Edit* Adding a photo of the finished model Renders: And (thanks to my wife) it's now been approved on LEGO Ideas! As it seems there is no Creator Train coming soon, I want to show that there is demand for LEGO trains. I'd appreciate any support. I've been a bit sneaky and added a carriage which is very similar to the Emerald Night one: If it ever made it into a set, then it would be easy to modify to get it back to the Emerald night ones! I missed out on the LEGO set, but have bricklinked a carriage, so I'll build it in the original colours. I've got all the bricks now and will be building and updating with real world pics over the weekend! Have a good one Cheers Dylan
  9. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time posting. I came out of the dark ages (15yrs +) last year, saw all the amazing trains I'd missed (damn Maersk and EN) and decided to try my hand at a MOC - The new(?) pieces on offer these days are amazing! The following is all made up btw, it's loosely based on real engines and a bit of the LEGO Lone range train thrown in "The Persian Blue Express is one of the fastest in it's class, with almost unmatched speed for it's pulling power. Shown here is the model T version, which was used to carry the King and Queen through the Great Western plains. Following it's retirement in 1910, it has since made a comeback in 2015 with passengers from the city wanting to experience the regalia and nostalgia of the past." - Longer story is also WIP WIP, CC welcome please. I have a black clips and gold clips version. I'm learning towards the gold, although I haven't got any of those in my collection, but may well be brick-linked tonight! I've managed to build one side in bricks, have ordered all the blue bits I'm missing. I've also order enough parts to make an Emerald night carriage, so I'll hock that up when the parts arrive, before designing my own. Black Clips: Gold Version: Front: Cab: LDraw version, sometimes easier to see: And finally in real life! I built it in brick first, and then went to LDD, where I made some changes along the way..... I like the LDD file better than the brick built version now! The PF are in the tender, and it works well going round the track. (not with those Blue pegs though, annoying friction) - The T.C.R.R is from the Lone Ranger, I've yet to print my own stickers! Can anyone tell me how long the Engine of the EN is please? Mine is exactly two straight pieces long. Thanks Dylan
  10. Kivi

    MOC Turntable

    Another larger project is under way and the first part of it is the rail turntable. An essential part of railway infrastructure in the era of steam traction but unfortunately not very common these days. The concept is fairly basic - a bridge for rotating the engines, or in this case to direct them to one of the rails leading to the roundhouse. Side view The drive is hidden under the rails. The turntable is powered by M motor which is powerful enough to rotate the bridge with Emerald Night on it. A video of turntable in action is shown . The entire thing is built on six 32x32 baseplates and the pit is 58 studs in diameter.
  11. edsmith0075

    MOC: My Baggage Car for the EN

    Here is my own design for a baggage car to add to my emerald night train. Feedback is always welcome. Sorry for the fuzzy first couple pics.
  12. I am having issues with my Emerald Night derailling as it goes through switches. This issue may have come up a long time ago and there are just too many topics to try and look back that far. Can anyone give me a solution/cure to my problem?
  13. Greetings gang, I have decided to post a modification that I have made to my Emerald Night Locomotive that may help others. The problem I was having was with the PF XL motor and rigid train frame the EN would get stuck on dips and rises throught the track surface. This was primarily an issue going over switches or minor grades changes. So my initial plan was to remove the XL motor and build a passenger car that was equipped with motors to push the engine. I changed my mind on this one and challenged myself to incorporate the XL motor in the engine and then an additional motor in the tender along with the battery. So after the assistance of fellow enthusiast on this site and the Railbricks magazine, I created a boogie/truck to mount on the tender with minor modifications to the original tender design. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress but what I have completed thus far has made a huge difference and resolved alot of traction issues with this particular locomotive. Pictures are below feel free to copy and I am always looking for additional feedback to better a design :-) Check out my Flickr page for more pics. I also added the modification to the front rod which fixed the locking up issue and smoothed out the engines driveline. As you can see I only geared one axle on the boogie, this is due to me running out of gears and not having enough to gear the other axle. I have ordered the additional parts from bricklink and will update accordingly. I have tested this design and even with only the one axle powered it helps a whole lot. Does anyone have advice for adding weight to the tender or even the engine to further improve the traction?
  14. MizFinn

    Emerald Night 10194

    How do I use the power functions remote and motor? My emerald night train is built but I cannot get it to work. I can hear the motor running and the lights are on but it is not moving. Please help!
  15. I came over this from my new friend from Portuguese, can't seem to find it any place else on here and thought that everyone here needed to see it.. Really good of LEGO. Thats why we love them right?
  16. Since the Train Tech Questions thread is on the downslope, I thought I'd go on and start up a brief discussion regarding a potential problem regarding larger steam locomotives. I have a couple 10194 E. Nights that I would like to combine to make a larger steam loco, along the lines of a x-8-x set up. My questions are, how does this type set of wheel setup handle regular curves and switch points? And if this is a problem, is there a solution, or just something I will have to deal with? I cannot test this as all of my track and spare E. Night are buried in storage. A side note: I would like to have each set of wheels attached to the same rods. I am more concerned about the aesthetics rather than it's ability to run on a curve, if it comes down to that. Any advice is appreciated!
  17. 10194 Emerald Night All new LEGO classic! With piston-powered wheels, this train is an all-new LEGO® classic! Here comes the Emerald Night! Build this incredible classic-styled train with loads of amazing details, from the steam locomotive with furnace to the opening tender and dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior. Measures 27.2" (68cm) long! Includes three minifigures, elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion! Add LEGO® Power Functions to motorize. This classically-styled train features a steam locomotive with furnace, opening tender, dining car with removable roof, opening doors and detailed interior! Train measures 27.2" (68cm) long Lots of authentic touches including elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion! Includes 3 minifigures! Motorize your Emerald Night by adding LEGO Power Functions #8882 Power Functions XL Motor, #8867 Flexible Train Track, #8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10v DC adapter, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver,#8870 Power Functions LED Lights, #8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control! Pictures link to HR version which can be +7000.pxl All pictures ©2009 The LEGO Group and used here with permission.