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  1. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    A rather meh series in my books. Although Halfling in one of my all time favorites This series taught me that only because I can make a character a CMF, doesnt mean I should make it. Rather late for a lesson like that but whatever. Mothman was also considered for the Spooky Calendar Vampire Boy was orginally going to be a teaser for the upcoming Spooky Calendar. He was supposed to included a printed tile with the october calendar with a special Halloween theme going on. But I thought it was too early to tease it as I posted this series on April Violinist came to happen in a real CMF. And this time around I have to say it: I like mine better. This os probably the one time I'll say it. I still dont get why TLG gave the character normal city clothes. That could be in any city set. Sea Nymph was almost made with the same bottom piece as the S14 Specter, but I went for a more human design Iam really proud of the Bell Ringer. Another one of my favorites. I came out very close to what I've always wanted for a hunckback minifigure. I made this character simultaneously with the Crazy Assistant becuase I needed to be sure the piece would work for both. About the Dog Party Girl, at least I bothered to recolor the poop piece. TLG straight up reused it for a cupcake or something in the Harry Potter line I wanted to included more fantasy characters from Japan (aka Yokai) like the Kappa, who almost made it to Series W I think) but.... again.... not enough spots. ( I know I sound like a broken record) My favorites from this series are Halfling, Bell Ringer, Mothman and Sea Nymph. Honestly, all of those feel like they could be real CMFs. Hard times for everyone with the start of pandemic around the time of this series. Working from home gave me lots of more free time to work on these considering 2 calendars were coming next, which meant a lot more minifigures than usual. Another welcomed hiatus. And the ranking goes SERIES F SERIES K SERIES R SERIES O SERIES M SERIES Ñ SERIES C SERIES I SERIES P SERIES Q SERIES E SERIES L SERIES J SERIES S SERIES G SERIES A SERIES N SERIES B SERIES H SERIES D
  2. There is a new LEGO Movie in the works But I'm not even sure if Universal is involved in this?? I was guessing they got the rights just to include LEGO Spiderman in the next ACROSS THE SPIDERVERSE or something. Not something like this
  3. Robert8

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    New Pink Bear Costume Comes with a heart, so I guess is meant to be for St Valentine's Day
  4. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I've always wanted to dissociate the so called beauty standards from specific hair colors Like I don't like how blondes are portrayed in certain way, so I tried to include more professional looking females with blonde hair, like the Series M Art Restorer or the Series S Fashion Designer. Also, I tried to include "fierce" females with hair colors other than dark brown, like the Series U Treasure Hunter I even tried giving blonde hair to some other characters like both steampunk females or the Series V Monster Hunter..... but it just doesn't work. I swear they just look off. Maybe because it throws off the color scheme (combined with the yellow skin), because most "fierce" women called for darker color schemes. Also, I didnt have a lot of chances of doing this because around the middle of this project I started to deviate more towards fantasy characters (seeing how TLG was starting to include more and more city characters in real CMFs). And most fantasy characters call for wacky hair colors like Magical Girl, Evil Mermaid, Alraune, Arachne, etc....
  5. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I consider this one a strong series. Some archetypes like Centaur and characters like Cupid and Monster Bride have been in my wishlist since the beginning of the CMFs back in 2010. They only need to change the Monster Bride looks enough to avoid any legal trouble with Universal. Stork Suit Guy.... Let's just say it's a fake baby. It makes things a lot easier. I have only presented Renaissance males... could a female be in the future? Hmmm Who knows... I have to say I quite like how the Centaur and Monster Bride came out... Among my favorites ever I don't really like the full bear mask TLG uses.... It's almost creepy. I hope they will release an open face mask at some point. Retro Wrestler was supposed to get an opponent at some point, but then again.... not enough spots The Gunslinger cape is meant to be a reuse of Captain Phasma's from Star Wars Working on these at this point was coming a faster process to me, because I already had a vast collection of already drawn pieces. So, in some cases, like the, Archaeologist, Physicist and Shepherd, I only had to copy/paste all the accesories from a different file. Also, because I'm only one person working on these, well I don't have anyone else's input and my style was starting to get repetitive. Around this point I started to notice how similar they were starting to look to each other. Like the Gungslinger feels similar to the Celtic Battler or the Gladiatrix from former series. I don't think I was ever able to fix that in later series In my personal ranking, this series goes under Series K but above Series O. Top 3 for me SERIES F SERIES K SERIES R SERIES O SERIES M SERIES Ñ SERIES C SERIES I SERIES P SERIES Q SERIES E SERIES L SERIES J SERIES G SERIES A SERIES N SERIES B SERIES H SERIES D
  6. Ninjago is slowly becoming Fantasy Era II
  7. It pains me so see so many AOFLS wanting an Adventurers reboot, and LEGO is just ignoring it. Sure they have brought back Johnny Thunder here and there, sut still.... Anyway, your pieces are in mint condition. It shows to take care of them. At this point a lot of my Adventurers pieces are very dusty, yellow-ish and even broken I'll be checking around to see the next MOCs
  8. Robert8

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I wish someone will post at least concept art, or maybe even prototypes of those sets listed It would be very interesting to see the goth witch and the goth carriage
  9. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    The thing I remember the most from this series was how rushed the whole process was. The Advent Calendar was coming next and I needed some extra time to work on it because that had 24 minifigures. Some of these I don't even know how came to happen in such a short time. What a question... I used to have notes. Lots of notes. About the pieces and accesories and what order I needed to introduced them. Like the Gondolier, Masked Hero, Barbershop Singer and Carnival Barker having all the same hat. I had that maped out since the beggining. About medium legs for the Jockey.... I thought he would look out of proportion in a regular LEGO horse. ---------------------- Prince Charming was one that was completely transformed from the original version. He was orginally for Series N, the one with all the animal accesories, and had a Swan Lake color scheme, and of course, he came with a swan as accesory. Something like Barbie's version: Voodoo Doll, another one that was going to be part of the Spooky Calendar, but I already had a lot of characters listed for that project. I was going to give him a new molded head. And I sometimes I think I should had. Expectant Mom is the one I'd like to see becoming real the most. Other toy companies have released pregnant women serveral times with no issue whatsoever, like, again, Barbie. I was going to make a trick-or-treater version of the Expectant Mom, with the belly being incorpored as part of the costume somehow, similar to the idea of Matching Costume Dad/Mom, but then again, not enough spots. Ninja Girl is inspired by like Mortal Combat or stuff like that. I thought that was the only way to make her different enough from Ninjago. My favorites from this series are Expectant Mom, Prince Charming, Mr Stars and Stripes and Steampunk Adventurer. Also, I really liked how the alien version of the Classic Space logo looks. Really struggling to rank this series.... but I think under above Series E is the right place for this one SERIES F SERIES K SERIES O SERIES M SERIES Ñ SERIES C SERIES I SERIES P SERIES Q SERIES E SERIES L SERIES J SERIES G SERIES A SERIES N SERIES B SERIES H SERIES D
  10. Robert8

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    The matter does appear to be settled then But if LEGO is at fault for whatever reason, I hope they'll come up with something better than get a toy and shut up If they bring back the characters for keychains or something, I assume they'll be more careful about what they are wearing. Same with all the sitcom sets they release
  11. Robert8

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    Whoa whoa whoa They actually offered him a free set and told him to shut his mouth about the whole thing?? What is this??? They almost made it look like the designer was a toddler throwing a tantrum or something They didn't check about reproducing designer clothes and I get it. I mean, that's a mistake. But responding like that..... I know a picture of the cast appears in the leaflet. If someone is actually wearing that jacket or whatever on those pictures, it could be an issue yes
  12. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    A series that it's just above "ok" for me This is probably my favorite chess piece of them all. Monster Hunter was my favorite. At some point I thought about making him a "she", but back then I already had in my mind the Monster Fighter idea that came to happen in Series V, so it would have been too similar. Monster Hunter must be of the strongest characters I've made in terms of design Matching Costume Dad was such a hit lol Even now, I see it being used as profile picture on IG. Honestly surprising to me. Also, at some point I thought about about making "sequels". Like the same dad and baby in different matching costumes. But that would have made this one feel less special. Less unique You're right about the Musician tile. Got me on that one. This will be also an issue with Mozart. Ventriloquist Dummy is just creepy. I wanted him to be. Like that doll you're almost sure follows you with their eyes. Or you could swear you saw it moving with your peripherical vision that one time..... At some point Ventriloquist Dummy was considered for the Spooky Calendar. That goes to show the idea behind the character. And the Thief was a rather abrupt ending for the famous paintings subtheme, which was going to happen every other series. I also had listed Art Collector, Art Critic and Gallery Curator to be included in later series with famous paintings included. But those paintings just take so much work.... I also remember the Polymath was in this series. So you would get Leonardo and the Mona Lisa together in a series. But I switched him with the Musician. I can't rememeber why From this series my favs are Dark Fairy, Matching Costume Dad, Monster Hunter and Automaton From these, Dark/Evil Fairy feels like the more likely to made by LEGO I'll rank this series above Series E but under Series I SERIES F SERIES K SERIES O SERIES M SERIES Ñ SERIES C SERIES I SERIES P SERIES E SERIES L SERIES J SERIES G SERIES A SERIES N SERIES B SERIES H SERIES D
  13. Robert8

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    LEGO is being sued for reproducing designer clothes in this set
  14. Robert8

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    VIDIYO has been officially cancelled