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  1. I think the Harley minifigure looks great but it's odd to get a Lego Batman Movie version of Batman along with a Suicide Squad version of her
  2. Excuse me? Is this a hint for something? e.e
  3. Wyldstyle with the hood on (first trailer) is still missing Now I'm 99,9999% sure she is a CMF Also could the Sewer Babies be a polybag? Like a battlepack or something... I dont really think they will be in the CMF line And the summer wave is unlikely I think
  4. Green Lantern, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Batman appear in the D2C.
  5. No sewer babies? Where could they be? The second wave? Hmmm This is the least interesting movie D2C so far...
  6. Ok.... So When should we expect the CMF reveal?
  7. Can't believe there are only 10 left. Damn this Holiday season is going fast Keep it up Yooha!
  8. Jesus and it seems to be a brother/sister storyline like TLM2 Thank god TLM2 comes first
  9. Oh those 2 look awesome in 3D Especially the Evil Queen
  10. Robert8

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    Agree with the "Best" list The Worst... no so much. Betrayal at Cloud City is that bad. But I forgot about the James Bond set! I think thats actually the worst one for me. I edited it.
  11. Robert8

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Doctor Strange sequel announced with Scott Derrickson returning as director
  12. Robert8

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think that might pass depending on what they have planned for City sets on 2020
  13. After 2 years the Go-Karter's face is finally revealed