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  1. I think it has to do with price/licensing Because this series is $5 and I honestly dont see where that extra dollar went. Most of the TLM2 figures are more detailed than some of these. Heck, even some Series 19 characters look more detailed compared with Flash, Joker and Bumblebee. And this series is introducing only 10 new molds (if I'm correct), one of the lowest yet for a CMF line. Disney S2 introduced 16 new molds and those were $4. It doesnt help that this series is even reusing prints (PRINTS!) for the most expensive wave ever. So, if I have to guess Id say there are only 16 characters to keep the price at $5 The license for DC characters must be expensive as heck...
  2. Joker kind of dissapoints me because it's a waste of CMF budget. With that level of printing he could have been on a set. That doesn't look like a $5 figure, especially compared with Cyborg and others. If they were going with a character wearing just a white suit, I'd rather get Black Mask: it's around the same level of violence this Joker had. And at least it would be a "brand new" character in LEGO form
  3. Robert8

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    They are possesed people again The clowns are possesed and the double headed character is possesed as well. He grew an extra head due to the possesion
  4. That's what I thought It would be interesting if TLG can reuse it for a regular non licensed CMF. It's a shame it doesnt have hair molded into it, but I guess it makes sense for this version of Flash
  5. I was waiting to see the final pics to say something but good Lord...
  6. As far as we know, there is no chase minifigure The rumor came from nowhere, just as most of the rumors here do
  7. Hmm ok I googled it and LEGO already made a version of him But this one looks more like a kid wearing a Batman costume to me. Here it looks more like a magical creature I wonder what will thay do with him
  8. Ohh I see.... I guess his accesory can be a 2x2 printed tile with a Batman comic then? -------------------- From the others I'd say Joker is a waste of a spot because he just wearing a white suit. That doesn't need arm or leg printing. He could have been on a set or even a promo polybag or something. Also, I'm quite interested to see Flash's helmet I can't imagine what accesories will Superman have
  9. What is this Bat-Mite thing though? Is it like a magical creature that only Batman could see or what? Like the green alien in The Flintstones
  10. Robert8

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    Depends on the season of the show For Season 8/9 Phoebe, the Series 12 Spooky Girl's hair would have been perfect
  11. Robert8

    My Halloween Village

    Great collection!
  12. How come everytime TLG updates the CMF website it becomes more and more confusing?
  13. Robert8

    LEGO IDEAS - Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

    ..... That's a bizarre thing to put into this set.... Especially because a human skeleton and a dinosaur fossil wouldn't be displayed in the same room at a museum
  14. Robert8

    LEGO IDEAS - Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

    The paleontologist could have been better and I don't get why the LEGO sapiens has a fedora Kinda meh set for me... Easy pass