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Found 14 results

  1. Pirean_Grammaticul


    things changed: -lowered cockpit down roughly 1 brick, changed build around cockpit region to slope into wings, taper into body, round out the rear to more accurately reflect the shape of the model in canon -filled in gaps with 1 tile width across whole body; requires some gaps in wing construction -replaced guns for accuracy; subject to further change to reduce conspicuousness -cut up stickers to apply across model -cut cockpit -nexo tile at front to hammer in the point :) working on instructions if anyone's interested. if ur curious on scale it works like this
  2. I started modifying the new set straight away after the press images were published, hashing out some ideas in Studio. I was I inspired long ago by Mr_Idler's amazingly detailed and well proportioned Delta-7 and I've always wanted a little Jedi Starfighter on my shelf, this set presented the perfect opportunity. At first I added a lot of wedge plates to create complicated but fragile slopes around the cockpit, but after getting hold of the original set inventory and recreating it in Studio I managed to rebuild the ship with a lowered cockpit without using any extra pieces at all. Here is the complete mod along with an LED Kamino Landing Pad that I threw together, instructions are on Rebrickable. I've lowered the cockpit area by 2 plates and added a layer to the nose which is now slightly more substantial looking and helps the cockit blend better into the ship. I've made some minor changes to the wings, R4 and the Republic crest are closer to the centre and I also moved the black inverted slopes to the edges of the wings in place of landing gear. The nose of the ship now sits a whole 3 plates lower when landed and the top of the cockpit is 5 plates lower. Rather than towering over the minifigures the ship looks much closer to scale. I've also rearranged the notched-wedge pieces from the tail to create the point over the cockpit canopy, which can't be hinged open but can still be easily removed. The landing pad in the photo above is buildable but the circle shape is slightly illegal, putting the wedge plates under stress, and so the build is hard to pick up once assembled. It is however cheap, compact and compatible with the cheap USB LED kits on eBay consisting of a string of six 1x4 plates. The landing pad instructions and Studio model (use this for parts list) are in a seperate zip file on my 75333 mod Rebrickable page. And finally a few of the oringinal renders. Thanks and I hope you like the mod!
  3. Here is my review on 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe: THE GOOD: Looks great and great size. Cool building experience packed with details. Love the interior space. 4 excellent minifigures and pretty much all the key characters in one set. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't notice any ... may be not including the 7th sister? XD I absolutely love this set. I'm just surprised on how big it is and how much interior space you get. Plus all the details both inside and outside and an enjoyable building experience, so difficult for me to find something I didn't like. The fact that this included all 4 key characters in the series is just great. The Grand Inquisitor probably my favourite minifigure in this set. The price ain't that bad plus this set is often discounted, so I think this is a pretty good deal. I just can't believe, me as a collector not that into spaceships have been impressed by multiple non-UCS spaceships build this year (Galaxy Explorer and the lightyear ship are both great although not Star Wars). This is definitely a set I would recommend to everyone.
  4. Liwnik

    Project Tatooine

    A piece of Mos Eisley, the desert and Obi-Wan's house. The first buildings were created as part of the LUGPOL collab Project Tatooine. After it was finished I added more buildings, desert and Obi-Wan's house. Gallery:
  5. For May the Fourth I made a small Ben Kenobi vs. Darth Vader moc. Death Star Battle: Ben Kenobi vs. Darth Vader by Money Money 2020, on Flickr
  6. This is my version of khatmorg's incredible delta-7 model (which you should view here and here http://www.eurobrick...2931&hl=delta-7) . I originally built their model as per the original build over a year ago but a few months ago I started fiddling with it and have now arrived at a point where I'm satisfied with it. It was difficult to find other ways to achieve some angles (the source is so good already!) especially in the back and as a result that area is quite fragile and use some illegal connections. Most of the changes are concerned with the bottom, spine and rear sections. I haven't been able to find a way to find a way to hide some little landing gears in the back of the wedge where it fattens out a bit yet so the ones you can see in the other photos are just attached externally. Also it is about 8 to 10 studs too long as a result of the angle of the 1x3 wedge plate, according to the rough scale I used. That isn't ideal for me as I like to scale it right to a degree, but the additional detail you can add on a bigger model is good as well. I also wanted to try an alternative solution to miniaturise the dual laser cannons, and add the other half on the bottom but haven't solved that issue either. I might pick this up again later and play with it some more but for now I'm content to reveal it. I hope all of you enjoy. Thanks to khatmorg for being so great about sharing their creation. The stand is based on sydag's method which you can see here ( It's simple and ingenious. You can view the rest of photos in the album (
  7. I was bored one day, so I decided to build the 75087 Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter in LDD, then, I took a copy of it, changed around some colors, and pieces, and then I ordered all pieces I needed, then I ended up with this. Sorry for the large pictures I know it's not perfectly to scale, and there are a few details I tried to get, but couldn't, and I feel that if this were an official Lego set, they would of used decals for those particular things, but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  8. o0ger

    [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit

    This is my second entry in the Brickset Star Wars 'What's Missing?' building contest. 75203 Coruscant Pursuit - £49.99, $59.99, €59.99 - Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Zam Wesell This set contains 495 parts. - Track Zam Wesell in a dangerous pursuit through the skylanes of Coruscant! - Release the assassin droid from Zam's speeder and shoot at pursuers with the hidden shooters. - Chase the bounty hunter in a customised airspeeder with moveable steering vanes and a concealed storage compartment. - Activate the exploding function on Zam's speeder. - Includes two airspeeders, ASN-121 Assassin Droid and three minifigures! Here is a link to the LXF:
  9. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Geonosian Arena MOC

    This is my rendition of the Geonosian Arena from STAR WARS Attack Of The Clones. This has always been one of LEGO's most glaring omissions from the Star Wars line, hence why I decided to test out this MOC. OK, it's not excessively massive or complicated, but I just think it makes a neat little playset. Comment your opinions. Also don't forget to check out my LEGO IDEAS page for more information on this, and please support! :) from there you can read all about the design plan, the history, and also see any other photos of the MOC.
  10. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    I started this massive project in the summer of 2014 but took a year-long hiatus to let it collect dust in my parents' house, only to finish it a year later. I had the most fun trying to fit all of the scenes I could into the buildings. It was challenging to light the whole thing, as well as finding a way to build it as tall as possible. In addition to inspiration I drew from the prequel trilogy, the Old Republic video games provided some neat ideas, mainly in the likeness of the citizens roaming the streets and a couple of the rooms. I tried to echo some of the classic visuals from Blade Runner and similar "cyber-slum" design motifs. Enjoy, leave feedback, and if you want to see more, hit that Flickr link! Cheers! Finn Yours truly!
  11. Hey guys finished another Buildable figure and did a speed build on it! Check it out :)
  12. StarWars8Spoiler

    [LDD MOC] Anakin Skywalker's Podracer

    So after hearing we'd be getting another version of Anakin Skywalker's Podracer in 2016, I decided to go ahead and make my own rendition of it. This model has 253 pieces, and many features such as a detachable stand, rotating engines, and detachable cables. Minifigures include Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and a Pit Droid. Additional pictures as well as the .lxf file can be found in my brickshelf folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558204 (will be private for a few hours until site admins approve it). Any comments, criticisms, or praise is encouraged and welcomed. Also, I would like for this to be indexed if it is allowed to be.
  13. Disco86

    [MOC] Short Negotiations

    We are running the Star Wars Olympics now at our german forum Imperium der Steine, this is my entry to the first round. The task was to create a scene on 32x32 studs to show a sorrounding for one of the promotional figures. I have choosen the first scene of Episode I with the TC-14 figure. The original picture was without the figure, so that the jury had to guess it, but I am showing you the final take, to make you see the full scene. Greets Disco
  14. In LEGO JANGO FETT UNCHAINED Jango Fett returns for revenge as a recapitated Bounty Hunter. Based on, without affiliation, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Thanks for watching, please subscribe and such.