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  1. Well, this is an easy one: the Power Puller wheels. 4 of those weigh a whooping 762 grams. Also, your axles have to be extra strong/heavy, to be able to handle these beasts. But they sure look perfect on this awesome truck. Bravo!
  2. Thanks everyone for your nice replies, some of them were really fun to read, bravo Rex is taking a well-deserved vacation now, in May he will take part in his 2nd expo, I will keep you posted on his "adventures".
  3. Your building style is really to my liking. Using System parts to cover the gaps and for details, really adds a lot to the shape of your car, great work. Also the performance is very good, good job mate!
  4. Now that's a cool build! My boys would go nuts over this. If you add some half-pins on the drilling head you could actually use it on sand or snow
  5. My fellow AFOLs also had some laughs, see what they did at the first expo that Indominus was on show
  6. OMG! I cannot believe this. This means very much to me, thanks a lot Jim To all of you who posted here, I am very glad that you like my Indominus, I will post later today some funny photos from the last RoLUG exhibition.
  7. Hey guys! I recently build a Technic model of the famous Indominus Rex for my 7-year old son, I wanted you all to see it and let me know what you think. The requirements were that it's pose able, playable, able to grab a minifig in it's hands, swallow a minifigure whole, and also have a stomach, where quite a lot of minifigs should fit. And most importantly, the Indominus should be able to poop them out, one by one And finally, the tail should be able to hit like a whip, sideways. Enough talk, I hope the photos will be enough to please you, I have no video of it, as it's a manual model. As usual, you can see all of the photos on my Flickr album: Enjoy and have a great day!
  8. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Wow! I just love the looks of this beast. Also the motorization is insane, but I have my doubts about performance, it's too heavy, even for 4 buggy motors. Cannot wait to see the video, so you can prove me wrong
  9. [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Awesome paneling, looks great, I really want to see a video of it, must be hella-fast!
  10. Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Now that's a mean looking Tatra 813. I just love these monsters, your 8x8 version is amazing, it emanates sheer power and the chains setup is wicked. I really cannot wait to see it live, in the following Truck Trial competition
  11. Thanks a lot for your comments, everyone! While I would love to share some internal photos, you cannot see much, unless I take some panels off. I will try to handle this soon :) Check out my 2nd video, where I demonstrate the power of the sBrick sequence control. Enjoy!
  12. Hey guys! So, my intention was to replicate an industrial robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom, I am pretty satisfied with the result. As I do not have any Mindstorms, I decided to build it only using Power Functions. For operation, I use 2 sBricks, which allow me to do precise movements, from an interface of my own design. Most joints have a large movement range, it can lift up to 150g of weight and the operation speed is intentionally slow, for better control. The arm uses 7 motors, which can all be controlled independently. It has 1 XL, 3 L and 4 M motors. The arm is powered by 2 battery boxes, a large one in the base and a small AAA on the custom turn-table, which I am very proud of. By the way, the total weight is 2800g, so quite heavy. It actually took me one month to create, so it's definitely my longest build to date. But enough talk, here's the video (you maybe saw it on FB already). Here's what you can do with the robot arm, using a nice sBrick sequence: Photos are next: Feel free to comment an share your thoughts, thanks for your time If you want to see all the pictures, see my Flickr album: PS: I will post more content soon, this is just the beginning!
  13. So, let's start this! Can anybody confirm what variant of blue is this? Medium azure or dark azure?
  14. I just love the car design, the teaser, the final video, your editing skills. Very good job!
  15. This is simply perfect for its scale, thanks for sharing such a nice little model