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  1. Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    Now that's a mean looking Tatra 813. I just love these monsters, your 8x8 version is amazing, it emanates sheer power and the chains setup is wicked. I really cannot wait to see it live, in the following Truck Trial competition
  2. Thanks a lot for your comments, everyone! While I would love to share some internal photos, you cannot see much, unless I take some panels off. I will try to handle this soon :) Check out my 2nd video, where I demonstrate the power of the sBrick sequence control. Enjoy!
  3. Hey guys! So, my intention was to replicate an industrial robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom, I am pretty satisfied with the result. As I do not have any Mindstorms, I decided to build it only using Power Functions. For operation, I use 2 sBricks, which allow me to do precise movements, from an interface of my own design. Most joints have a large movement range, it can lift up to 150g of weight and the operation speed is intentionally slow, for better control. The arm uses 7 motors, which can all be controlled independently. It has 1 XL, 3 L and 4 M motors. The arm is powered by 2 battery boxes, a large one in the base and a small AAA on the custom turn-table, which I am very proud of. By the way, the total weight is 2800g, so quite heavy. It actually took me one month to create, so it's definitely my longest build to date. But enough talk, here's the video (you maybe saw it on FB already). Here's what you can do with the robot arm, using a nice sBrick sequence: Photos are next: Feel free to comment an share your thoughts, thanks for your time If you want to see all the pictures, see my Flickr album: PS: I will post more content soon, this is just the beginning!
  4. So, let's start this! Can anybody confirm what variant of blue is this? Medium azure or dark azure?
  5. I just love the car design, the teaser, the final video, your editing skills. Very good job!
  6. This is simply perfect for its scale, thanks for sharing such a nice little model
  7. Mechanical rowing boat

    I actually love it! The rowing motion is very smooth and effective, thanks for sharing the instructions :)
  8. Very cool video, I enjoyed every minute of it. Very good models, most of them. And that trial course of yours is the best I saw, so far. I still hold dear to the idea of joining your TT someday, it will happen
  9. Your car is awesome and drifts perfectly, but your editing skills are off the charts, thanks for this amazing experience!
  10. [MOC] JEEP Wrangler Expedition

    Dude, I just love this Jeep! The looks are spot on, the internal design is awesome and it's performance is more than I expected, at his weight. Congrats for winning, it was a very inspirational competition and I already want to see more :)
  11. Well, seemed you linked it already. I know Milan's MOCs very well, he's the best animal creator I have ever seen, I hope he keeps this trend going :) Now, I want to show you also the rest of my animal-inspired creations, hope you will get inspired as well. 3. Technic Rabbit This guy I built for a themed RoLUG exposition, and my main purpose was to make a jumping rabbit. As you will see, it has 2 white shocks in the back legs. By pressing it tail down and releasing, he will jump up a bit, then land on his front legs. If you press too hard, he will land on his nose. My kids love it! Link to my Flickr album: 4. Technic Carnotaurus My oldest son (6 years) just loves dinosaurs, especially carnivores. So, under his strict supervision, I've built this Carnotaurus, which is pretty pose-able and playable (swallows minifigures whole!) Link to the Flickr album:
  12. I need to nominate IA creations's cool supercar in the HOF, feel free to analyze it here:
  13. [MOC] Old Styled Race Car

    I have been following Alex's work on this car, since the start. I also saw the model in real life, several times. I must say I am very impressed by the final model, it's his best supercar to date. Considering the awesome bodywork and the cool functions it offers, I would honestly recommended it to enter HoF, what do you guys think? Btw, the 3 colors front colors represent the Romanian flag, in case it wasn't that obvious :)
  14. Well, good that I noticed this topic, it's a cool idea. Cause here I can show you guys some of my oddball creations. Ever since I got back to Technic, like 3 years ago, I wanted to build some Technic animals, just because there are too few of them. So here are some of them, hope they get you to smile for a minute or so :) 1. Technic Sheep I've built this sheep for an Easter-themed contest organised by RoLUG, and I simply cannot take it apart anymore, it's become my Technic icon :) If you want to see more from the Technic Sheep Adventures, go here: I also took it to a Trial Truck competition, see her on snow: (scroll to the bottom) 2. Technic Reindeer This is my first motorized 4-legged walker, using the Theo Jansen linkage, also built for a RoLUG content, which I won :) Because I needed the motors from it, I reworked it into a manual model, so the legs move when you twist his tail. If you want so see more photos, see it on Flickr: I have also other animal builds, I will post them here when I find the photos. Enjoy!