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  1. Now this is a contest to my liking I will definitely try to participate, hope my free time allows it. Thanks a lot Jim Good luck to you all!
  2. This is huge! Brilliant work, hats off. I cannot even imagine the amount of work, research and time you put into this. But the end result is amazing, thanks for sharing your creation
  3. I really like it, lots of details and plenty of functions, congrats!
  4. braker23

    [MOC] 4x4 Trial Truck

    Welcome to EB! I really see some potential here, and I am very pleased that you're a fellow Romanian. Your truck looks better and better, please make some overview photos when you have the time. And if you have any question, feel free to ask
  5. braker23

    Microscale container yard

    Wow, it's so awesome! I love how it looks, how it moves and especially how it's built :)
  6. braker23

    Wildcat 4x4 (With new planetary hubs)

    MOCs of this level are very rare. I mean, balancing the raw power of 4 RC motors is a very hard task. I had troubles with only 2 Also, using differentials to divide their power is very innovative and useful, this baby should climb anything I am very pleased that you put the new hubs to good use, I was curious how they would hold out, in high torque situations. So we only need the video now, hopefully soon
  7. braker23

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    Thanks once more for an amazing MOC! I am really impressed by the drive-train and it's performance is stellar (considering it's weight). Best of luck!
  8. braker23

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    If you guys are curious about VSP in Technic, Jeremy McCreary is a pioneer in this field, as he created multiple working versions back in 2016. See his boats here:
  9. braker23

    Hoverboard 1:1 scale

    Haha, thanks for the good laugh. Pink panels would be wicked, but the levitation part is a bit harder Thank you. It's certainly cheaper and you get a faster hoverboard, at least. But mine is one-of-kind, hopefully I will have time to upgrade it, in time for summer.
  10. braker23

    Hoverboard 1:1 scale

    Thanks for your appreciation. Segway started this trend, but they have large wheels and are bulkier, so my model looks more like a hoverboard with handle bar. Forgot to mention the two brave builders that inspired this build, @Burf2000 with his EV3 hoverboards and @Zerobricks with the strong BuWizz puller platform. Thank you both very much!
  11. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my latest MOC, a life size hoverboard, built for the ongoing "The power of BuWizz competition", where you should build a model that demonstrates the amazing feats of strength that BuWizz can achieve. I've been working on this MOC for 2 weeks now, and I am very glad I got it done, just in time. It was a cumbersome task, as the forces at work are huge and I wanted to stay 100% Lego (not counting BuWizz ofc). As you will see in the video, I built it for my youngest son, age 5. He's 110 cm tall and weights 19 kg with clothes on, but the hoverboard can easily hold his weight. He can control it by himself, using the BuWizz beta app on my phone, which fits nicely on the handle bar, which also helps for balancing. Technical stats: 1 BuWizz 4 XL motors 16 Model Team wheels Height: 80cm Lenght: 45cm Width: 28cm Weight: 2kg First, let me show you some photos: Let's move on to the video: If you want to see more photos, see my Flickr album here: Well, that's all for now, let me know what you think
  12. Awesome plane! I love the color scheme, overall looks and especially the functions, which are more than you can ever want, in a plane of that size. Congrats, you built a winner MOC
  13. Omg! This is amazing! I am thrilled by this result and very pleased that many people really appreciated my biplane. Congrats to @Rudivdk and @kodlovag for those awesome entries, this is a night to remember :)
  14. 13: 10 4: 6 10: 4 3: 3 12: 2 1: 1