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  1. braker23

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    OMG! This is the first contest I win, here on EB, so I am very pleased Thanks to all voters, participants and BuWizz team, it was an awesome competition!
  2. I just love it! And not because it's lime The resemblance with the real car is amazing, honestly. And the transmission is compact and solid. Supported it already, great job!
  3. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I was not used to building at this scale, but it's a nice challenge and I will surely try again
  4. I just love it! That gimbal is superb, the arms and multiple tools are very well-thought. Impressive build, it truly rocks
  5. braker23

    BuWizz Small car competition

    So, here's my last-minute entry, a model of the amazing Lamborghini Miura from 1969. See more about it here: Good luck to all BuWizz participants
  6. So, this is a MOC of a very special car, the Lamborghini Miura featured in the opening scene of the 1969 movie, The Italian Job. At its time, it was the fasted car in the world, had a very powerful central V12 engine and a truly unique body. As this car was built for the BuWizz Small car competition, the scale of the car dictated most of it's looks. Making the body was a real pain, but I am quite happy with the end result and its overall speed. But enough about me, here's the video entry :) And some photos, so you can see all the details: See more photos of my creation, here: For the ones that have no idea how a Miura looks like, see the official page: Thank you all for your time, feel free to ask me if you want to know more about this model. Good luck in the competition!
  7. braker23

    [MOC] Technic Stroller

    That's very good, I love the way it folds and the almost real-life scale, good job!
  8. braker23

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    They probably mean liftarms, they are clearly NOT using the studded frames listed above. Although, some transparent liftarms were released, namely 32278 and 32009.
  9. braker23

    Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

    Hey guys! I wanted to show you photos from the latest expo the Indominus Rex took part, the one organised by Brickenburg in my home-town of Cluj-Napoca, at the start of June. As you can see, most of my LEGO Technic MOCs were on display, but I can tell you this: the kids noticed the I-Rex first, as expected Thank you for your time, cheers!
  10. braker23

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    Amazing little truck, very detailed and good looking. I just love you built those gates, thanks for sharing!
  11. braker23

    Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

    Well, it seemed ood to me too. But that email address exists, so I contacted Pieter there, no reply yet. For the rest of you that replied recently, I feel overwhelmed with your nice words, I had no idea my Indominus will have so many fans Thank you all!
  12. I absolutely love it! Great idea and perfect implementation, my boys would love this beast. I will definitely build one, thanks a lot!
  13. Well, this is an easy one: the Power Puller wheels. 4 of those weigh a whooping 762 grams. Also, your axles have to be extra strong/heavy, to be able to handle these beasts. But they sure look perfect on this awesome truck. Bravo!
  14. braker23

    Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

    Thanks everyone for your nice replies, some of them were really fun to read, bravo Rex is taking a well-deserved vacation now, in May he will take part in his 2nd expo, I will keep you posted on his "adventures".
  15. Your building style is really to my liking. Using System parts to cover the gaps and for details, really adds a lot to the shape of your car, great work. Also the performance is very good, good job mate!