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Found 17 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the page! One of my favourite sets ever! It became a part of my collection in a veeery long and hard way several years ago. I was thinking to motorize it several times. Simply install several motors was easy deal, but I wanted a suspension also. This requires fully rebuild the chassis. So, initially I built a completely new scale RC chassis, then adapt it for 8285 outriggers, that adapt it for the 8285 crane then adapt it again for the 8285 cab. I tried to keep as much from original iconic 8285 as possible. None of the 8 PF motors is visible One BIG battery box + 2 sBricks OR two sbricks 2.0 can be used to manage al 8 channels. The only manual feature is a pneumatic polarity switcher, because it would be a 9th channel. Full suspension, rear based on 42043 Arocs set. Servo for steering 2 XL for drive M for outriggers L for pump M for winch L for crane raise L for boom extensionin Please enjoy! Truck now uses 6 soft shock abosorbers. To keep it higher it will be enough to replace first rear axle to yellow shock absorbers.
  2. Description from the Museum of Transportation's website on the real vessel I based the towboat off of: The H.T. Pott was the first Missouri River towboat with a welded steel hull instead of a riveted hull. The vessel operated out of Kansas City, Missouri on the Missouri River. It is named for Herman T. Pott (1895-1982), a distinguished river transportation executive and entrepreneur. The groups of barges that are moved on the nation’s rivers are called “tows." The boats that propel the barges are “towboats” even though they push the barges from the back instead of pulling them. The H.T. Pott is 58 feet long and 15 feet wide, and it has a “draft” the amount of the hull below the water line of 6 feet. You can walk the decks of the H.T. Pott. You can see a picture of the real towboat on the Museum's website here. Notes on the LEGO model: The name of the vessel, HT Pott, will go on the studs just below the roofline on the bridge. Besides the lettering, two white brackets and four black curved plates are missing from the digital model. Also, a printed-cloth American flag will fly at the rear of the craft off the second level. The rear of the vessel, with flagpole and ladder to upper deck visible. I plan on putting this 1930's towboat and my 1880's Proud Mary steamboat on the depressed-height table holding my Eads bridge, to give a stereotypical view of life on the Missouri / Mississippi Rivers, both distant past, and more recently. (as the towboat worked the Missouri river traffic from '33 up until the middle 1980's.) Now, you may be asking yourself "What good is a towboat without something for to to push up / down the river?" This was the existential question I asked myself today, and the answer I came up with shortly thereafter was "not very good". So, I set about building something quite commonplace if you live near any of the major rivers of the mid-western USA: a pair of un-powered barges! (I think they usually use them for grain and silica, among other bulk goods, but here they are empty, mostly because like the towboat model I made, they have open bottoms.) These type I see a lot here in Saint Louis, and are of the modern variety... although I'm unsure how long they've been using this design, to be honest. It seems to be two barges next to each other, but in actuality, they are one big barge. I did this because less parts are used this way. I will eventually have two of these ancillary models hooked onto my tugboat / each other with 5-long LEGO chains. (these are not in the picture) The HT Pott is few bricks less in height (and more than a few studs shorter in length) than my 2019 sternwheeler steamboat MOC, the Proud Mary (link to it's topic). Side note: The two being near each other like this isn't exactly an anachronism, as there were a scant few steamboats still plying the rivers when the HT Pott was built in 1933. (Granted, most steamboats had seen better days and were on the way out or retrofitted for cruising duties by then, but it's still accurate!) Thoughts? EDIT 6/2/22: added real world pictures.
  3. Norton74

    [MOC] Joe's Cottage

    Joe's Cottage (and Joe's tow truck) Joe is a lonely guy. He lives in his tan wooden cottage somewhere in the woods. His mates are birds and chickens. He loves driving his tow truck and he always helps people who are in breakdown on their way. My latest creation was inspired by a Japanese model maker who makes little cottages and shacks in the woods. I added few NPU like the speargun as light holder, pistons on the electricity pole, Ninjago hat on the chimney and some other even on the tow truck. I tried to photograph the scene making it alive and warm, it seems to me there is a nice atmosphere due to the light sideways. Take a moment to appreciate all the small details that all add up to this rustic scene. It was very funny building this and even more catching the details to insert via period pictures spotted on the web. Hope you like it!
  4. I was inspired by set's 75972 (Dorado Showdown) and 75953 (Hogwarts Whomping Willow) to create this small town auto repair shop with flat-bed tow truck called Smokey's Garage. The building features a raised platform for cars (such as the Anglia) to roll onto and be worked on, with folding ramps to keep the broken-down vehicle in place. NOTE: The front of the building is missing sixteen of this part in dark bluish gray above the second floor windows and the side door on the first floor. Also, two of these printed 2 x 4 tiles go on the hanging sign out front of the garage. The front of the building, with the ramps lowered for receiving a broken-down car. The rear of the building folds open to allow access to the inside. The upper floor is the break room, with a rock-n-roll album on the table, and hi-fi stereo system in place to rock around the clock..... at least during business hours! Here is the album piece. The rear of the building. This truck is basically a stretched version of the hover-vehicle in the Dorado Showdown set. It is missing two light-bluish gray ones of these (used as the back of the headlights in the set) as they don't fit where they are supposed to go in the model due to a LDD glitch. I added regular-size wheels, and safety stripes to the deck, which sadly does not lower into a ramp like a real truck would... but it does just barely fit the Anglia IRL! Here is the flatbed tow truck and the '67 Anglia in real bricks, plus the two workers Charlie "Smokey" Jones (on left) and Caroline "Carol" Jones (on right). Smokey owns the garage when this picture is taken (It's 1969 in-universe) and does the heavy diesel work and home cooking, while his wife Caroline does the gasoline engines and book keeping. They have a daughter, named Josephine Jones (nicknamed "Jo" and isn't present here) who is in training at trade-school to become a mechanic. She will shortly join the family business in 1970, and takeover from diesels when Smokey dies in 1976. Carol stays on until 1983, when she retires to work on restoring a Ford Model A as a pet project. Jo renames the business "Jo's Garage" in 1985 after moving to a new location (seen in set 10264, Corner Garage) in the downtown area when the older building became too outdated and small. She continues to run the garage today, even bringing her son Franklin into the family trade as of 1997.. NOTES: I just bought the Dorado Showdown when it was $18 (US) from Amazon and then I went and subtracted all the parts I could find for this project in my own parts bins from the BrickLink file. The truck and Anglia themselves are finished already without ordering anything, and the building is down 200+ bricks from when I started looking for parts... still need to order around 520 more. Keep your eyes peeled for real-world pictures of the vehicles, coming soon!
  5. Got 8270 together with some other sets and parts. Got idea, how to use crane part from 8270. Main idea is tow truck. First chassis to make it more interesting, I made liftable axle other two wheels on each side can also swing started yesterday in the evening. Had good progress today built up crane/lifter part also made gearbox, the same HOG thing will be used for steering and for lifting rear axle I think, there will be "europe" type cabin. I won't fit nice longnose on that gearbox.
  6. As a small summer project I wanted to make a small 40th anniv. tribute model. With the tow truck being an ever-returning story in LEGO (Technic) history (list), there could be no doubt about what kind of vehicle to pick. I will start off with a small tow truck design I have laying around for more than a year, improve it, build it, improve it and make instructions for it. Features: HoG steering Front suspension: Solid axle Rear suspension: Bogie axles Working tow Working winch Outriggers Current progress: I added a winch. It's very compact and uses the 2585 string reel drum. It's slightly narrower than 2 studs (it fits inside a 2 studs wide string reel holder), so when it's used inside a toggle joint there's some room for two silicon bands that induce some friction to the reel. The only thing I still need is a string.
  7. I added some parts to set 5982 (Smash and Grab) and then decided on changing the color to dark gray to turn it back into a regular tow truck. I removed the flick-fire missiles, and played around with a couple of options for a driver figure, eventually settling on who you see here. "What happens when you vintage flying car runs out of plutonium, or you space limo engine gets too hot? How about if someone runs over the time on the parking meter and you need to park you hover bike? Never fear, the tow truck's here! Complete with sonic wrench and ultra-violet flashlight, this hauling machine will haul your (or someone else's!) problem away for a reasonable price. Yes sir! Just call Louis "Brains" McCoy to tow your problematic machine away... and remember, if in doubt on who to trust to tow your garage queen: Ask for the real McCoy!" The flick fire missiles used to come out of those orange globes on the front. I changed them into regular hazard lighting by securely attaching them to the frame. The ship can seat one figure in the cockpit. The rear of the ship features two engines and the crane arm. The driver of this tow truck is Louis "Brains" McCoy, brother to a famous doctor on a star-ship in another reality. A accident with a temperamental gravity-drive ship brought him to this reality and turned him into a living un-dead, though he retained all his knowledge and personality in the change. (Do NOT call him a zombie though, as it hurts his rather sensitive feelings.) The LDD file is available here if you want it. Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are always welcome!
  8. I am in a little bit of a creative lull right now, so I decided I needed to make something small and quick. I very much enjoyed doing the quick build of the 911 I did earlier this year. There was something enjoyable about posting nightly, and watching how something comes together in the course of a week or two. Plus the feedback was enjoyable and contributed to a better MOC. So I decided to do a small tow truck: an International DuraStar. Since I have spent so much money on many pneumatic parts, but find myself decidedly in the Linear Actuator camp, I figured a MOC with pneumatics would be a good challenge. The MOC will feature: Steering Drive Fake motor Winch Crane Crane extension Car lift Final colors will be yellow with blue highlights. Here is the first WIP picture, and more will be posted nightly (roughly). Here we go!
  9. HI! Today i want to present you my new work - Aircraft Tug XL I started this project a year ago, but bring to mind it succeeded only now. Meet Aircraft Tug XL (Pushback tug/Tractor tug). The model is an extension of the project Aircraft Tug 2014, many of which I am personally not satisfied, and therefore had an idea to build something more functional, large and attractive. Thus was born the Aircraft Tug XL. Machines of this kind is mainly used at airports when towing aircrafts to parking or vice versa - to the runway. I think everyone who has ever been in the large airports, have seen similar tugs. Less a similar technique can be found in seaports or any other freight terminals that require towing heavy loads. This truck has four-wheel drive by two XL motors, independent steering front and rear axle on two servo motors, lifting mechanism cabin, as well as a system of four mechanical jacks driven by two motors L. Full remote management for that answer 3 infrared receiver, and power models provide two large battery pack located on the sides, and of course, he has V10 on board! The functional copy of the tractor completely original machine. The layout of the indoor units I came as close to real. Dimensions: D / W / H 56/27/15 stud. 445/220/120 mm. The model is made of 100% Lego parts except stickers - I made them their own. The basis of design I took the logo of the Khabarovsk airport - in the form of a flying bear. In Russia bears do not just walk down the street with balalykas, but also know how to fly :) I also worked on the detailed cabin from the outside to the inside. Now, in contrast to the previous tractor, the door is open, there is a full salon, which are two fire extinguishers, driver's seat and the passenger, levers, steering wheel, and monitor devices. Tractor turned quite powerful, as you can see by watching video. In practice, it is able to move from his seat and dragged to drag a weight of not less than 6 kg, as long as the batteries have been good charge :) You may see more information and photos on my blog
  10. Hello everybody! This is my first try to make a review, I hope you will like how I did it. Series: Technic Year: 2013 2H No: 42008 Pcs: 1276 PPP: 0,08€ Model B: Crane Truck with Semi-Trailer Model Weight:1100g Set weight: 1961g Instructions: 3 booklets , 100 steps Price: 114€ Parts list: -Bricklink -Rebrickable Packaging: It comes in a large box (47.5 x 37.5 x 9 cm)with dark background typical for technic sets. Inside you will find 17 unnumbered bags: 16 with pieces 1 with instructions and stickers Instructions: On back of the first and third booklets there is publicity, the second one ends with building step . On the last page there are some of the 2013 sets Parts: No exclusive parts in this one, athough it has exclusive and rare colors.Also includes new parts for 2013 Technic Beam 1 x 7 Thick - exclusive Technic Beam 1 x 9 Thick - rare(2 sets) Technic Beam 1 x 13 Thick - rare (3 sets) Technic Beam 3 x 5 L-Shape Thick - rare (3 sets) Technic Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A - rare (2 sets) Technic Fairing # 2 Small Smooth Short, Side B - rare (2 sets) Technic, Panel Fairing #21 Very Small Smooth, Side B - rare (2 sets) Technic, Panel Fairing #22 Very Small Smooth, Side A - rare (2 sets) Pneumatic Pump 1 x 6 - rare (2 sets) Technic Gear 8 Tooth [Reinforced] - New for 2013 Technic Beam 1 x 5 Thin with Axle Holes on Ends - New for 2013 Model It is large model with a lot of green and a tow crane at the back. Because of the color this model hits your sight instantly. Has a detailed interior and a lot of stickers. Functions: Steering - front two axles with different steering angles Opening doors - because the rear view mirrors are fixed to the roof , the drive should down the window before opening the door. Motorized functions: M-motor power a distribuition gearbox which has two levers o either side of the truck. Here is a page from instructions which shows what every lever does: First function : Rear stabilizers Works very smooth, and at decent speed .Powered by two mLAs Second function: Winch Has a lever that prevents it from unrolling and also has a clutch gear that keeps the motor from struggling. Pay attention to which way you switch the battery box to turn on the motor, as it should be powered in only one direction: unwinding the winch is done manually Third function: Rear boom lift Works at decent speed and probably lifts more than you will ever need to tow a vehicle. Power by a single LA. The next function is a single 6l compressor which powers two pneumatic switches. A: Wheel lift It uses one small cylinder and works good. B: Telescopic crane arm Nice add-on to the boom and uses a clever lever mechanism with another small cylinder. Ratings: Looks - 9/10 Nicely done set, the crane looks crude.The stickers are for looks ,the model can live without them. Functions - 8/10 Almost perfect - non-controllable pneumatics (you can't stop it half-way for example); one way winch Parts - 9/10 Main color is rare in the Technic line Value - 10/10 At PPP standing at 0,08€ you can't complain Total- 9/10 Very nice set , great parts pack I hope you enjoyed my first review ,feel free to post your thoughs about the model and the review
  11. Good day! I'm here today to present my new MOC - a tow truck! Functions: Tippable tow bed Retractable wheels support Adjustable seats Openable doors Lockable winch This creation is pending approval on Rebrickable, here the LDD Thanks for reading!
  12. Hello Eurobrickers!!! Here is the C-Model of 42009 Mobile Crane General specifications: - 2100 pieces - Size: 61x20x17 cm - Weight: 2,1 Kg Manual functions: - HOG steering - Wheel lift raise/lower - Fake v8 engine - Winch Gearbox for operating motorized functions: - Wheel lift extension - Wheel lift opening - Tilting bed - Sliding bed Extra features: - Opening doors - Interiors with some details - Toolbox - Different system On/Off Power Pack Some pics: Full Tilt Side View I hope You like it!!! Thanks again for your priceless support! Youtube Video: Building instructions are Work in Progress
  13. My MOC tow truck together with mosaic with Ghostbusters and
  14. Hello Eurobrickers! For a long time, walked behind me the idea to build a tow truck, the more so that more and more the tow truck appears in the BS gallery, so I decided to build it myself. However, my favorite version, americkan style. I long it goes down, but overall I'm happy with the results of their work. Of course, the tow truck will be fully motorized. I told myself that the car will be after 3 lockers for equipment on each side, flashing light beacons of his own design, active fake 8 V engine and, above all, the main functions of the tug, and so drive, steering, outriggers, winch, towing arm with folding and rotating fork and a tower with a sliding and lifting the boom, which is still under construction all the time. For photos I used so far, the boom of a set of 42009, although I admit that even quite well with the tow truck. The outriggers for now can lift a model, but as it's ready, I suppose it will be too heavy to support the tow truck. We will see in the future. Initially, it was the drive on 2 axles, but changed it to 3. The lifting arm of the towing I wanted to use a large Linear Actuator, but it took too much space, so it is on a small Linear Actuator. And so far it looks the effect of my building.
  15. Here are some of the few childhood MOCs i have saved. A couple of police cars I remember making the one on the left after I saw Robocop 2 and wanted to make his cruiser. I think I nailed it pretty good... If you imagine Robocop driving a Honda Civic Here is an ambulance and a small delivery van. The ambulance is still one of my favorite creations of all time. It is supposed to be a VW Caravelle, and it has had minor changes done since the first version, but nothing major. The color design is the same as the original one i made, I am very proud of ca. 12 years old me Last is a Shell road assistance truck. I stole the design for the tow thingy from my older brother
  16. skcheung

    Huge Moc Tow Mater

    My 8-year old son likes this and I wish every kid or kidult also likes this. Mind you... it rolls. In each of the big wheels made of black plates there hides 4 real tiny wheels. In the first glance these wheels (16 in total) can't possibly support this giant vihecle but the headache is resolved with the proper use of technic liftarms. Want to see it rolls? Watch this: https://www.facebook...&type=3 This link below shows how the wheels are made. Sorry, I don't have much time to write in the meantime. This website is in Chinese but the pictures speak themselves: http://www.minifigs....highlight=Mater
  17. Hello everyone! This is my newest lego creation, the tow truck from Johnny English. The truck is completely remote controlled. It has six functions, but only four motors. Two L motors and one M motor drive the functions, and one M motor drives the gearbox. At first you can control the steering, the driving and the outriggers, after using the gearbox the crane’s rotation, the height and the length. The truck is 47 cm long and 15 cm wide and very heavy and crammed with gears, motors, gears, axles, beams and gears... I made a funny video, which shows how the truck works (with real speed), but has a story, too! :D You can find more pictures and a description about the crane on my mocpage: Thanks for watching!