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  1. I heard rumor Capt Larvey may be in the market for a new ship ..
  2. I've never tackled a full brick built hull ... Definitely have done some half hulls for vinettes but never a full ship. CaptainGreenhair did an excellent tutorial a long time ago on using the prefab hulls, Sebeus also had a wonderful method using prefab hulls ... I'm sure someone not on mobile can link to those gentlemen. There have been countless others since them to use similar methods (they just stand out because they were my inspiration). There is definitely no right or wrong ... I've seen some awesome cartoonist style ships on a rowboat and I've seen some that can hold a candle to a wood ship kit. It's all about what your goal is ... Do you want realism or more Lego style with the oversized cabin and bow ...
  3. Tons of great techniques in this ... The corner doors is my favorite. Also it's great to know that hands fit through the chains
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Monomonto residence Port Raleigh

    Interesting use of the road plate
  5. Wow just wow ... So many excellent details in all of this ... How long did the renders take?
  6. What setting are you using for the glowing lantern and fire ... I've not had any luck with the lighting effects.
  7. @Ayrlego do you have a link to the other build your white tower became a part of?
  8. Charlatan Bay now has a Kings Port Advertiser Printing office to get the news out quicker! Licensed as a small Factory
  9. In an effort to speed the printing of the news from across the Brick Seas an entrepreneur has imported a press from the old world with his inheritance money and began production of Printing in High Town. He has hired an excellent team and a highly qualified typesetter so once the reports are in hand news can be put to print immediately. OoC: Just a fun build coming from the frustrations of waiting to see the MCRA Trade results. I'm aware that this will not actually speed up the process and the KPA team does do its best to get the news printed as quick as possible.
  10. Thanks Lol I sorta purposely built it bigger than needed ... To give the "big box store" feel realistically there would never be such a building In old times lol it would be a small long shop. But yes all the displays are their own sub model so they can be moved easily. There are several submodules in sub models also. It really helps especially with furniture IMHO to do it this way as you can select and move it easier. I do all my Minifigures this way as well.
  11. Lol you noticed.
  12. The other building is kinda a forced perspective trick to give Jack's that giant mega store feel. And also for another story. Hense why there will be figs in another post lol. Glad the hats went over well. Thank you, its not quite but that was the idea that they literally carry everything Pirate. Originally I had another clothing rack but it never made the cut as I liked the posed figures but you couldn't see them through the window so we'll so I did a display inside as well. Thanks! Jack's might just have to run an ad in the KPA lol I'm glad you approve! I tried to work in several classic pirate pieces as well as some other classic set elements ... See if you can spot others! Thank you, I wasn't sure at first how to advertise the store ... Just a small sign with custom decal or build it into the brick. Then this kinda developed and I liked it so the giant letters stayed lol. Thanks, the furniture was the hardest part ... I had a bunch of parts and was trying to find a good way to display them all uniquely lol
  13. Fear not Lad we will gladly accept your doubloons ... And The figures are coming in another post ... This was just an ad lol
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Been giving our Black Flag settlement some love lately
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    Settlement : Black Rock, Sea Rats

    Calico Jacks Pirate Emporium & Haberdashery A large Commerce on the main Isle of Shipwreck Cove