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  1. The Wonders of Celestia

    I love the alternate green useage it really adds to the old and forgotten ... The statue is impressive as well I think the best part is your camera work making it as if you were really there in minifig size lol
  2. This is just my opinion on the matter ... Mention my name at starbucks and they will give you a coffee for full price ... But imitation is the greatest form of flattery and if you know the "source" of the techniques give them credit ... But I think most of us here see techniques and use them to suit our needs in one way or another ... I think it makes the "community" better for it. Besides I've only come across one technique where I hadn't even a clue how it was accomplished. As far as if it is the Greenhair hull plan ... I think the fact he made a Frigate tutorial on here your good to go
  3. You don't have any slopes or even plates that you can add a curve to? On the Drunken monkey I just used 1x3 slopes and it appears to have quite a bit of curve ... I question the helm directly over the rudder. And the front mast the yard is very low to the deck. I like the pattern on the sails ... But for classing Im afraid youll need to wait for the experts to chime in
  4. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Do you have a peticular stlye your looking for? I will say this ... Ive tried my hand at rigging shrouds ... Its a drawn out process and if your construction isnt sturdy it will be frustrating at best .... However saying that i will say this ... Youve spent this much effort and are making a hell of a ship. .. Why not go the extra mile and make it that much better with custom rigging.
  5. Im not familiar with barques but just looking at it she seems low in the water on the front and flat on the stern ... Other than that Its a good looking ship ... I envy your ability to crank out builds in LDD ... I struggle with bricks sometimes lol couldnt imagine not being able to hold it
  6. Great little builds ive been enjoying the reads great adventure so far
  7. Silent Mary MOC

    Im impressed it does look quite well next to the flagship I do have a question though ... In buying two sets is there not simply enough bricks between the two to fill the holes in the hull with the pieces from the second set and somehow pin the front so it no longer raises up?
  8. [VIDEO REVIEW] 21313: Ship in a Bottle

    While I agree I loved the original ship ... I have to say I really enjoyed putting this together ... I wish I would have bought 2 so I could display them at work and home
  9. Poisoned Nay my friend ... Refreshed very much so ... Here have a Bru-Haha and enjoy the calm
  10. I went ahead and licenced her as a class 2 FTA Redtail ... I really only made a couple changes from the picture here ... It was a trial of "custom sized paper sails" and utilizing the newer mast pieces ... I like the way its easy to add the yards with technic parts ... But I may marry the two together in the future ... Its hard to see but I statically rigged the yards with string (although there is a center pin for support) Thank you ... The one on the left is just a complete rebuild of the renegade runner (how I pictured it should have looked) the one on the right was more a trial and error in rigging and sails ... Im not as pleased with the hull shape on redtail as he monkey but It still a neat little ship imho I was asking because when I posted The Drunken Monkey as my free class two it was mentioned that its pushing a 3 (you were still mia for that I believe)
  11. [SR] FTA Redtail

    The boys at the Saltyshipworks have been at it again this time building for the FTA. Gustaf ran tight on the deadline and came up short on paint ... So she was christened the FTA Redtail. Haymish McGillicuddy was keen on taking command of this vessel bringing along his eldest son Ezera as first mate ... Don't mind helmsman Wentz photo bombing Custom Duck was fitted to ensure she would keep up with the fleet The deck may seem crowded but her hold is plenty spacious for valuable cargo This will be licenced as a class 2
  12. Cardinal's Shadow

    Beautiful ship and still an amazing background ... I may have to borrow your "sails" for a future build Am I just not seeing the dark grey parrots?
  13. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    Correct on the iron pig iron became pot iron which eventually became ductile iron aka grey metal ... It is only good to be melted and molded ... It can be milled and drilled but not hammered to shape
  14. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    Very nice build indeed weelond is lucky to have such a fine operation Question on the fire ... Is that a light brick inside or just clever flashlight placement?
  15. [COR-FB] Karst Geographers

    Im pleased to see a roof with pitch ... Clever idea and good fig placement ... The cluttered charting desk is very realistic of a geo office lol