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  1. Roadmonkeytj

    10027 Train Engine Shed MOD (Rendering)

    Would you be willing to share the lxf?
  2. I like the transcript of official events good story driver
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB 1 Jul 18] In Flanders Fields

    Poppies for poppy port how clever ... Fine bit of work placing all those flowers
  4. I do have a nit pick ... The flag should change directions ... Wind blows the flag and the sail
  5. @Ross Fisher I really like the square sail on this one and the rudder
  6. It should be a good tale ... Thanks Just building a good story lol ... The builds actually were just playing around at first ... The dead were for a brickworld exibit that I was building lol And the lamp is as far as I know my own ... I wanted to make a similar design to the old mirrored reflectors that we used to have hanging in my house growing up. Similar to these
  7. I really like how you included boiler details
  8. This post serves as my official entry into the contest. I will update the links this very post as I enter more Cat. A Cat. B Cat.C
  9. Great use of the zombie head and the garden lol
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Bru-HaHa goes full production.

    Why thank you ... It will take some time to amass that many bricks but one day the building will be in brick form lol Im glad you liked it
  11. Edwin Fitzgerald had arrived in Fatu Hiva with a letter in hand. The order had requested his help. He specialised in dealing with the abnormal, demonic, and otherwise unheard of. Months ago he had gotten word of some darkness causing trouble in the jungle. He had agreed to come as long as he was aided by a member of the order and a small platoon for safety (and to carry the supplies). The sea was fairly calm ... Unusually calm for the winds being so strong. Edwin had made port a day early because of this. He figured he would take advantage of the lack of an escort and interview some locals so their stories would not be swayed by the presence of a member of the order. As he made his way down the gangway he watched the shops for activity. One specifically caught his eye. It was tucked in to taller buildings but the storefront was very elegant. What made him eye this place was that it looked as if a place officers would go to drink but yet he had only seen tribesmen come and go. As he drew closer he made out the sign. The Blue Tassel Pub. Once inside he was shocked to find a fairly upscale establishment. Just in the door you stood on a balcony there were rooms lining the length of balcony to the left and stairs to lead down into the tavern to the right. He made his way downstairs. He noticed the fine selection of bottles the expected rums, oddly enough a bottle of Bru-Haha. The barman was a tattooed but was dressed more properly while maintaining his island roots. He ordered a glass of brandy and made small talk. He heard various stories: Fire breathing dragons which he quickly dismissed as everyone knows they were just mid-evil stories to keep children from wandering of and to obey their parents Foreign legions Angry islanders seeking to push out the Order There was even one about the undead The most interesting though was the tale he heard after watching a man slip through a bookcase. In the corner of the room was a built in bookcase, most of the books had a fine layer of dust but on the top shelf there were a couple that did not have fresh dust. Edwin reached up to inspect the title but as he pulled the book he heard a mechanism click behind the shelves. A gentle push and he too was walking through the book case. In this room there were several small tables it appeared to be a smoking room. The tales were quite twisted and dark in this room. The most memorable was the tale a old sailor wove about two brothers who went into the jungle to build a home. It told of a man there that captured them and held them in a cage made of bones. He said that when the brother watched his kin be cooked alive he made his escape and told the story. He was taken in his sleep though and no one had seen him again. After the day had passed Edwin sought a nights rest in one of the fine boarding houses ... He would seek out the order tomorrow. ..... To be continued in Cat B Ooc: I have very limited bricks currently so I will be building both in LDD and as much as I can in brick to weave the story. My characters parts are from an aftermarket source so I will not include him in the LDD build but instead paint the picture as if that is what he seen. Comments are more than welcome.
  12. What would be an example of something to remove it then? So then would just the drunken monkey be black or the palmetto as well?
  13. I guess im still lost if we chose to be black flag then my ship would still be black flag ... The way the form reads (as far as I understand it) is you can raise the flag (which was never checked by us) then it also asks what ships your willing to engage ... With traversia/prio (sp?) being one of the options which is availible even as a nonblack flag ship. So do we need to revise the form? I guess my confusion is that if prios GM selected attack black flag SR then the only ships they would have attacked is MKJoshA's black flag fleet. Because currently thats the only "black flag" ships in the SR fleets ... But if they selected attack SR ships then this would make sense. I'm not questioning the actions of prio's gm just trying to understand the game as I'm still new. It would be a misunderstanding on my part then as after I posted the story there was no further contact about any of it ... I understood that COR was trying to avoid issues and I personally felt that we worked around them quite well and created a good story in the process. I guess as a new player I didn't understand the GM process of the npcs then ... I barely have a grasp on it now ... Is there a list of the GM members to contact reguarding npc nations somewhere for future reference?
  14. Yeah ... Im confused ... So did the prio ships check black flag when they responded to the palmetto? If so that makes their whole fleet black flag or just the two ships in bastion? (i know you werent the original poster of that response but for clearification) Ooc - prio officially never reached out to kaiju or myself after the palmetto .... Simply requested we be detained. I reached out to try and find a IC resolution as it was originally a form mishap. I MOC'd the palmetto before the story became a story ... COR leadership and Capt. Wolf were involved in the story ... So yes the rats thought it was resolved.