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  1. Love it ... I'm a sucker for a good food truck. My only reservation is the window is on the wrong side ... most LHD trucks will have the window on the curb side not street side. But tons of fun details packed in this. Do you have any better pictures of the interior? I know they are hard to take ... I've found I have to remove a wall to get them normally. Which is ashame because most interior detail like that is missed.
  2. I would buy this set ... absolutely love it. There's so many small details like the jenny and the wind up phone. But you've tied the adventure theme in great with the wall panels. The plane screams Sopwith lol all in all well done.
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    Account Summary

    Forgive me in my long absence I seem to recall the account sheets having a list of ships ... while the most recent seem to no longer include this sheet ... is that list stored elsewhere now or just long since updated? I feel that I may have long list ships to be sailed or grieving widows to be informed of their losses.
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Galleon Perla de Labuan

    Tis a fine ship ... now we must do something about those eslodian paint swatches you used lol
  5. What says yee captain for his drunken blundering and sinking of a FTA ship? Surely as the new owner of such a fine vessel you will be hiring a new captain and paying off the insurance bond on the Petal? -a member of the FTA board
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    Emerald Night MOD

    I've had both versions running at shows. The little bit of slop can cause issues even when quartered. I have one engine that is connected by gears and another that is powered similar to your example. While different engines the geared handles uneven track better but prefers larger curves (battery drain). I have a 0-4-2 that binds all the time ... Then I gave to reposition the wheels because it's gotten the valvegear out of sync
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    Emerald Night MOD

    The difficulties in the PU motor will be creating one more stud worth of length to fit it, and the cable length. I had to use a cable extender to get to the front of boiler from the tender. As of right now as far as I know there is no extenders available unless you source your own connections and wire to make one. I don't know if I still have the LDD ( wasn't even released yet when I built this). I lost a hard drive a few years ago and lost 2 years worth of designs. So I'll check the old jump drive and see if I still have it as there's several changes I made. Admittedly the Flickr pics aren't the best either for reverse engineering. I've found on several engines this can cause binding. It's actually better to gear all of the wheels if possible to keep them in sync
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] The Cocovian Job: Part 4

    Your eyes don't device you ... That's no ordinary monkey playing sax lol
  9. You captured the inspiration very well, as well as populating the scenes. The floor looks very dangerous for a drunken sailor though lol Is the bear skin your design?
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Salty Dawgs Mine

    Thanks ... This was as close as I could get to historical salt mining. The photos I found were mostly sketches with only one picture of a surviving handcart from the 1600s ... It looks heavy and cumbersome to push but they did use crudely laid rails to push it. It was a surprise for me as well lol suddenly inspiration struck ... And I'm aware your brother didn't pass lol just in character it's assumed lol. It had been something Kwatchi and I had talked about building many years ago when his brother (Gulagurag) had decided to quit playing and I was taking over managing the settlement from Kwatchi. It just never came to fruition until last night lol. Thanks ... It was a struggle at first to figure out how to do the mine roof ... Originally I had enclosed it more but decided I didn't like that so this became. It is all buildable in brick (accept the canary lol you'll need to paint it yellow)
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] New Sails on the Horizon

    Thanks... It's been a long journey to get where I'm at with Digital ... Unfortunately physical bricks become new sections for the Train display that I show so ships are reserved for digital. I had watched a special about galley brigs and use by pirates and smugglers so this was the result ... Glad you like it. Aye this be a pirate vessel for sure our navigator estimates we can get another 7 knots of speed by deploying the ores while under sail. I actually built it with white but they didn't look right lol. As I learned it was a galley brig or galley frigate depending on size. I may still build a larger one as that would be a galley frigate
  12. Many years ago, a coastal cave was investigated and found to have heavy deposits of Salt. While the original intent was to find precious minerals the Cave was never further explored. All that changed when three brothers showed up and began asking questions about the old, abandoned prospecting rights. Governor Gustaf granted the rights to the brothers after learning the original deed holder had passed on leaving the rights to the Settlement of Charlatan Bay. while its been a year since that meeting the brothers finally hit the payload. Some say it looks like a great northern Christmas day down there with everything being white. OOC: The original prospect was built by Gulagurag back in 2016 Link to Post who was informed via pm that Salt was discovered. Also its not been a year more like several since first discussed building a mine - I had started one and never finished till tonight.
  13. Reports of Black hulled ship embellished with gold bearing Grey sails and the Jolly Rodger have been confirmed. Merchants beware you have been warned. Her speed is like no other you will not outrun her. Comments welcome
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 2

    Always love your lyrical nods lol. Quite the story I suspect a doppelganger is at foot! Love the builds lots of clever furniture as always!