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  1. [COR-FB-Class 4 Ship] Brig, "Puffin"

    I think this is a favorite of mine now . The shape turned out quite well a very convincing brig.
  2. [MTF] The unfortunate and the poor...

    I actually really like the roof work ... and agree a clever play on words lol
  3. Why thank you sir. Class 7 she is then.
  4. @Capt Wolf The authenticity of the maps had been confirmed and the Island was readily identified as Isle #1 on the map of New Haven Sea that Guilder had provided. Calvo’s team had landed and once the boats were secure one of the men was assigned to make notes of the fauna and creatures. As the team journeyed inward, the Island was not that different from those already settled nearby. Once away from the beach the ground gradually turned into rolling hills with dense trees. There was a definite feel of something’s presence as if the men were being watched from above. Like some sort of creature but none of the men could Identify what or where it was. Calvo instructed the men to stay alert, but keep pressing onward. As they neared the edge of a clearing the men saw several dwellings high in the treetops all intertwined with walkways. The team explored the village from the ground. It clearly looked inhabited, and not at all deserted. Something was wrong though … there were no usual movements of a village, no strange half hidden glances of curious strangers. The scurries in the treetops continued … along with a strange clicking, still none of the men could make out who, or what it was. Suddenly it was apparent that the treetops were alive with action. Calvo’s men began to take up a defensive position eyes upward. But, before any orders could be given, Natives dropped from the sky surrounding Calvo and his team. While being held at spear point Calvo reassured his men to stand strong and show no fear. “W .. wha … what’s a matter with their eyes sir?” one of the men questioned. Calvo had never seen it before personally, only heard stories. The natives' eyes were all clouded, almost milky and somewhat opaque. The movement of the Natives was almost as if they were hunting the air for a scent. Calvo replied to his Men “I believe they are blind . . . move easy men. I don’t believe they want to hurt us, they are merely defending the village.” How should we proceed Sir? - Move extremely slow and stay downwind we can slip right past them and continue the search of the Island. - We should lay down our weapons and try to communicate diplomatically that we mean no harm. - Enough of this foolishness, overtake them and sack the village - we are claiming this Island for the glory of Eslandola! One build is required for turn progression showing how Calvo responds to his situation. More however are encouraged if helpful to your story progression.
  5. And nobody had noticed the missing horse .... Now the sea monsters are eating horesmeat as well .... Very good build and quite humorous story to match. I will have to remember your hole for future cannon fodder. Was it simply made with a cigarette?
  6. I won't post more pics than required because its not ready for the game, but to what class would this fit? Technically I used 7 mids but the stern is brick built off the last mid. I has started with a section less but it was pointed out that it had a V shape instead of a \_/ in the center.
  7. @gedren_y it may be a bit narrow but I would love to see where this goes
  8. @Bodi do yo mind if I borrow your gallery technique and modify it? It was looking promising .... Looking forward to the stronger improved design
  9. [SR - FB] Wargames

    Yes! Awesome use of the narrator .... Hillarity did in fact ensue! Great little builds the story fit well
  10. [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    @Mesabi @Drunknok The two teams had set out, each to search their own island in hopes of finding the Red Rascal Pirates hide out Sooner Rather than Later. Captain Angles and Tony’s team found themselves on the black sand beaches of Isle 16 amongst a pile of headless skeletons. One of which Captain Angles immediately recognized a skeleton’s uniform as that of One Eyed Frank an apparently former of the Rascal’s. Angles gave the orders to search the island. There were other clues that the Red Rascal’s had in fact been on this island but it was clear that they had left in quite a hurry. As the team explored what was once a make shift camp they found themselves suddenly Ambushed and Overtaken. However the Islands hostile Natives had somehow missed Tony who had stopped to admire his Awesomeness in a small reflecting pool. Tony found himself suddenly alone with the rest of his team held captive. Even Tony knew his awesomeness was not great enough to mount an escape and he must get word to the other team to mount a rescue. (One Build Required showing how Tony gets word to the other crew to mount a rescue) A few days Later… Captain Wilbern and his crew had safely landed on the Glimmering Archipelago (Isle 20). After a short while of searching the island chain the team broke through the jungle to a high cliff. It was there the team spotted several fast small sailboats … apparently racing each other. All filed with Natives accept one boat. Beardface immediately recognized a few of the men on the boat as members of the Red Rascal’s. The team narrowly managed to tail the fast boats to the finish. However before the team could manage to tail the Rascals to their hideout Tony’s word had made it to the other team that Captain Angles and the rest of the team had been captured by hostile Natives and needed Rescued. Captain Wilbern faced a grim decision … did he continue the pursuit of the Pirates and let his Teammates be tortured and possibly killed or did he mount a rescue and return to hunt the Pirates? Option 1) No one messes with the WTC! Load the boats we have a rescue to mount. We will deal with these Pirates later … we know they are here. (One build required showing how the team intends to rescue Captain Angles Crew) Option 2) They will have to fend for themselves … their negligence got them into that situation they will have to figure it out on their own. I refuse to let these Pirates escape when we’re this close! (One build required showing the team tailing the Red Rascals to their hide out) Note: Only one option can be chosen this turn and two builds are required to progress the entire story (Tony’s Message and the Option Chosen) As always more builds are encouraged if you find it helpful to your story telling.
  11. the waves are very convincing indeed ... the small ship looks to be a very rough ride in those tall waves. the posing is excellent and adds to the movement created by the waves and the angle of the boat. I think the lost barrel adds to the thought that the waves are intense and the decks awash!
  12. [MTF] Bardo or Bust

    Thank you ... It was actually your questions about the base that made me decide to hinge the scene and split the carriage And I say the Tenth because during the work week I only get a hour or so to work on them ... So if its not complete by then I wont have enough time to render and post lol I'm glad you liked them ... The colors were actually sand green and brown when I built it but the more I looked at the scene I felt it needed a contrasting color to the red outfits of the group .... So I recolored all the green blue then decided there was too much brown lol so it became lt blue.
  13. [MTF] Bardo or Bust

    Oddly enough I actually built these out of order lol so my goal was to out do my first build (cat 2) .... Im glad they went over so well thank you. Thanks! The windows were something I couldn't decide if I liked ... The buggy was built as one unit with a driver .... Then I had to go back and modify it to split it in two lol. Thanks its what I pictured a grand Fair would have ... Its loosely based off a stand in my home town ... They always have live music in the summer on it.
  14. [SR - AMRCA - Doctor Thaum] The hunt for Red Oktober

    @Professor Thaum As the last load was hauled up from the deep the man in the glass diving bell was slowly brought to the surface … something the Professor had learned from previous experiments. Bringing a man up too quickly was something that shouldn’t be treated at sea … bleeding ears an all. The orders were given to finish stowing the haul and finish surfacing the diver (476 DB’s added to the adventure treasury) Before the man reached the surface the lookout cried out “There’s a Catamaran Capsized! Looks to be natives Sir! Sharks are swarming! What’s our next course of action? 1) We have a hold full of a great haul, the natives don’t concern us lets head for home - One build required showing the Haul being secured and the ship being made ready for sail. 2) Make ready for guests, we have a duty to rescue those natives from sharks! - One Build Required showing the Natives being rescued 3) There’s another wreck to explore and those Natives will keep the sharks away! - One Build Required showing the Crew exploring the partially submerged wreck during low tide Note: Only one option can be chosen this turn and the unchosen options will not necessarily be available next turn … choose wisely. Regardless of the option you choose, one build is required for turn progression, however more are encouraged if helpful to your story progression.
  15. [ESL] Cotton Island, Salida Este, Ferro Azure

    wow. . . . this is a fabulous build so much detail ... the cotton depictions and the workers does look very convincing. even if it was from over a year ago lol . . . I'm glad he did comment on it so I could see the awesome irrigation system.