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  1. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] Bastion coast guard

    It looks to be built out of what ever was at hand. It has alot of good details for such a "small" footprint. Well done sir
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] de Rocher fortifications

    That would be the one... I have a couple in real Brick form but not grey lol and my Bricklink moneys is maxed out on brickworld this month so ldd it was lol
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    The Henri Sinks!

    Is that a swivel gun your helmeted friend is clinging too? I detect foul play aboard your thickly boarded ship lol. Excellent stormy water the only change is already been said... A more gloomy face on the barrel clinging chap would have done the trick.... But maybe he needed to salt himself anyway? And how it it the monkeys always find a boat lol.
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Was not leaving them out lol... Just grossly stereotyping the factions.
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB] de Rocher fortifications

    Thank you. I know in some of the older sets the piece was used on boats and planes it's a solid Brick in the slopes inventory. Then I used the inside/outside roof slopes to connect to the next star. Thanks alot! While silence is Golden ... Our quietness is suspicious.
  6. Just stand on a desk shouting "Oh Captain my Captain! " and see if he shows up. Bonus points if you get the reference lol
  7. The island is further fortified.
  8. The latest and greatest engineering has come to Turtle Island. This Forts long guns are hefty enough to slice any ship to ribbons. OoC: I built this off memory of the civil war fortifications in New England from when I toured as a kid. It was originally built with a barracks in the center but I decided to make it a tower at last minute. After I posted a preview in the faction pm, I was sent this link to the fort that stood in Tortuga. Ironically it is very fitting hence the naming. Comments and Criticism welcome!
  9. Roadmonkeytj

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Tom... I'm a sea rat by choice due to the ability to do what I want without worry if the king/queen/council will sting me up for it. I to had large red coat sets an the early bluecoat sets with only a couple of the pirate ships. It's not just what your bricks allow it's how you see yourself playing the game... The factions each have their own bonuses OL is culture so if you can see yourself speaking French (or google translating French) and building religious builds then they would be a good fit. COR is science and education so if you can see yourself thinking that your the best and exploring and building schools they would be a good fit. ESL is commerce if it involves money or trade they think themselves the best. If you see yourself rolling in Lego coins after a large trade ship build then they would be a good fit. SR ours is Artisan so anything where goods are crafted. So if you can see yourself building taverns or workshops or going on raids or other dastardly frowned on activities the rats would be a good fit. Just so you know each faction has its own trade companies but your not required to join them... There are a couple inter-faction companies as well. So if you want to trade you don't have to pick ESL. Basically we all would like to have new members but your happiness with the game and build style should be your motivation for choosing a faction.
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Circa 1712 36-gun East Indiaman 'Duke of York"

    Don't feel bad.. I have a large ship that is 14,000 parts 3 foot long lol. I'm afraid I may never see it in bricks myself.
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [BTSC] Wanted: Merde the Murderer

    You can also get this hair/hat combo in grey from the hermonie? (spelling as im not a harry potter fan) lego dimentions game sets (picked her up when I got a Mr T)
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB1] Sep '618 - Townhouse in Bastion

    Nice little build .. He is missed! Love the door / window details
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Circa 1712 36-gun East Indiaman 'Duke of York"

    I like the changes quite well !
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] 10-gun (full hull) pirate ketch "Pelican"

    I must have missed the sail plan .... I retract my statement ... If you add those three forward sails it looks to be in the right spot!