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    75252 UCS Star Destroyer

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  1. GrandEmperorBinks

    I converted the LEGO Ideas Blacksmith into a pub!

    Nice! Old Joe in the corner is a nice touch, but overall it's really cool what you've done while sticking to the original build fairly closely!
  2. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] Omega-7 Fighter

    Thanks @Sarah_H7744! That was one of my goals when I built it!
  3. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] Omega-7 Fighter

    Thanks for the kind words! And thankyou for the information, I'll definitely remember that! Thanks again, -GrandEmperorBinks
  4. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] Omega-7 Fighter

    This MOC is my take on an Incom Corporation vehicle. It is meant to be a vehicle that exists in the star wars universe, a custom fighter craft used by the Rebellion during the galactic civil war, but just never was shown on screen. It mainly uses parts from 75218 (X-Wing) but also uses parts from 75211 (TIE Fighter) and a few pieces from a few other sets. It features Full hyperdrive capabilities, powerful weapons, light shields, and it is speedy as hell, thanks to it's almost oversized engines, but one of it's few disadvantages is that it cannot have an astromech and so can only hold a few hyperdrive coordinates at a time. It can hold one minifigure pilot comfortably, meant to be a generic rebel pilot, and has functional landing gear. The pictures are too large to upload here sadly, but you can check it out here, as well as get free instructions for it. Please note the rendered studio models do not have the stickers that were used in the actual model. I hope everyone enjoys one of my older, earlier mocs, which is still one of my best
  5. GrandEmperorBinks

    HELP! ! !

    Ok, thanks for the help! That's why I asked first. Thanks! Also, I didn't join just to do that, though was hoping it might be a little bonus on the side... Thanks for the help though!
  6. GrandEmperorBinks

    HELP! ! !

    Ok thanks! Good to know! Mostly why I was asking to be honest is because I was hoping to maybe share my Aussie Lego Users discord server... All good though. Yeah makes sense. Thanks again! Quick question though - as I asked in my original post, how do I create signatures?
  7. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] Rebel midi squadron

    Thanks. And that's understandable about the 'too much is too much'. You've done really well though!
  8. GrandEmperorBinks

    HELP! ! !

    I'm a new member, only been here for a few days, and was wondering about the advertising policy here? Is there anything official, or is it more just a few widely accepted Do's and Dont's? And what are they? Also, I was wondering about the signatures a lot of people have at the bottom of their posts. Where can I set one of them up, as I've looked through the edit profile section but cannot seem to find anything about them. Thanks, GrandEmperorBinks
  9. Yeah, which I'm glad for. I'll see if i can get a second on special, I got my first the other day in Target because they had a 20% off sale. Cool to see another Aussie here too!
  10. This is so cool! I appreciate the exploded view pictures to help build it, and can't wait to get a second! I was going to buy two, but hadn't really thought of what to do with two vehicles! Now I have a solution! I will definitely build this when I can! Thanks for the great work!
  11. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] BTL Y-wing Starfighter

    Very nice! This is the best minifigure scale Y-Wing MOC I've seen in a long time! The greebling is really accurate and detailed, especially that section behind the astromech droid! As you mentioned, my only problem with it is the kind of boxy shape of the cockpit plating, but I understand why you took the approach you did. Overall, good job!
  12. GrandEmperorBinks

    [MOC] Rebel midi squadron

    Wow. Those look really cool! As above ^, the greebling is incredible for builds of this scale. And the scale/accuracy is pretty spot-on too!
  13. GrandEmperorBinks

    Hi! Meesa GrandEmperorBinks!

  14. GrandEmperorBinks

    G'day all! My name is Moz77

    Hi Moz! Cool to see another Aussie here! I only just joined myself today, I'm glad to see we have a bit of representation! Also, that city is looking pretty cool!
  15. GrandEmperorBinks

    Hi! Meesa GrandEmperorBinks!

    Hi everyone! I'm GrandEmperorBinks, I live in West Australia, and have collected Lego for most of my life. After coming here for almost a year (on and off) now, I decided to finally make an account! Are there any other Aussies here?