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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself with a few favorite mocs of mine. I discovered Lego technic a year ago and I love it. I had something similar when I was a kid, called “Constructor”. It was the same principal as technic beams (only the Constructor’s beams were half the width of Lego’s), connectors, plates… and used M4 bolts and nuts to connect instead of bushes. So I built tractors, trucks, cranes, trailers, etc. I started building my creations out of Lego in LDD because I don’t have real Legos, and I enjoy it very much. I built a bunch of them in the last 5 months. So far I published my creations on LDD gallery website, but that site went to shit, so a few days ago I transferred on rebrickable. I very recently discovered this community so I thought I share it here also, with you. Anyway here are my mocs in LDD, I hope that’s ok. Mercedes Actros SLT Mercedes Arocs Crawler V2 Nooteboom Multydolly Nooteboom Euro Low-Loader Mercedes Arocs Timber Truck (mod) Volvo FMX 8x8 MAN Modular Truck Rock Crawler Black Buggy Naked Street Bike So, how did I do?
  2. This is 3rd thing I tried to build for TC13. For my own surprise, this was very fast (started just yesterday afternoon). Volvo Iron Knight (if somebody here doesn't know) My model has two pullback motors working fake 4cyl engine it is almost in scale with tyres Some bad video
  3. I' ve decided to make an alternative model for 42053 Volvo EW 160E set. Finally made a telehandler. Video: Functions: - 4 wheel steering - front outdiggers - pneumatics with manual pump: arm lifting arm extension tilting fork Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  4. This is my Volvo fh16 750 rc moc. The main goal was to create a huge 1:10 scale model with less funktions but very strong and fast for this size. the propulsion from lego dirt crusher is fixed long side and the batterybox is in the front
  5. With this MOC I wanted to create the feeling of a working class area in Sweden during the 70s/80s. The car is a Volvo 242 DL from 1975. Hope you like it!
  6. Here I am again. This time the subject is one of the very usual kind: one PFS IR commanded excavator. They are many exemples of perfect excavator on the web...but I just wanted mine, of my own design. So I study it from A to Z and I had to answer many of the questions that many people answer before.Surprisingly, I do not answer the same at some of them :) But first this is what we are talking about: This model as been design in one only goal : a maximum of fun to play with it. In order to match that goal, each and every motor Is directly connected to each function. No mechanics in there. The function are ultra classical : drive, steer, rotate and the 3 movements of the arm. I make use of L motor for the tracks and lifting main arm. Other are medium size motors. I also choose to keep it as compact as possible. The main issue I find on many creation on the web is a too big body resulting in a too big arm. Too big arm need lots of power and often be very slow to move. I try to get what I think is the best compromise in size and use of existing motors. (No pipa I do not have RC ones :) ) The tracks gives the global scale. As you see the BB is in the lower part of the structure. This is due to compactness of the upper part but also for better design of this last spoken upper part. As the excavator rolls only on flat surfaces, no use of any suspension in it... view from the downside the tracks are well integrated, and even with the BB there is a good ground clearance of 3T wich is very good. I also try to implement good action range at the arm: And also small details that makes it looks good, like 3 sets of lights, toolbox, ... Back view, easy acces to the BB to swictch on/off and replace (often:) ) batteries The top part is designed so replacing M motor by Large one is easy (I do command two of them, awaiting arrival) So here it is, not the Moc of the year for sure, but sometimes it's good to achieve some simple goals. As expected and designed for, this one is very fun to play with. Hope you'll enjoy it Steph.
  7. Hi everyone, This is my new MOC; VOLVO FH16 750 with A60H dump truck, there has RC functions, please enjoy photos and video. Thanks for watching. video: \
  8. The Lego set 42030 Volvo L350F is one of my favorite sets. I love the playability, but I wish there were more Volvo vehicles from the same series of earth moving vehicles that were equally playable. I happen to have a second L350F bucket kicking around from a second set purchase to make a A40 dump truck. I wish I had the Lego motorized excavator, but I have parts and this is Lego after all, I'll just make one. The first check in my mind is the bucket size. The L350F bucket is a spade nose rock bucket with teeth and segments. In real life this bucket is 13 feet wide and holds about 9 to 10 cubic yards. The EC750E's largest bucket is a general purpose earth moving bucket with a capacity of 9.34 cubic yards. It's width is unspecified(in the EC750E brochure), and while it will not be a spade nose bucket, the volume is close enough that maybe this could work. The first thing I've done is to figure out if/how the loader bucket could be used as a digger bucket. My initial scale is 1 stud width = 6 inches based on the 750mm grouser being 30" (2.5') or 6" x 5 being a good match for the Lego track being 5 studs wide. We'll see if I stick to this roughly 1:30 scale in the end. I'm going to document the build here: and discuss the problems that come up in this forum. Here is the first proof of concept on the bucket/arm/boom.
  9. Hello Everyone, here is my new MOC: Fully RC Volvo EC950EL with head made big bucket. it has two XL motors for driving, 1 XL motor for XL turntable, 4L Motors for Arm moving. very interested it can play with real soil. Video:
  10. Wished I posted this sooner......... When I was originally had the model normal it couldn't go over an half inch actual brick tile :(. Due to that I spent a long time modifying it to barely go through grass about as tall as the pretend sticker grill. This thing can go over an emaxx tire with its 2 not one xl motors and it had an l motor for steering (only do if your not using 3rd party tires) if using 3rd party tire use an xl motor for steering (I only had 2). I'm now building a a25E tanker to spray weed killer for me so I don't need to sweat to death. Since its super easy to detach the bed I could be able to switch the tanker and soon changed bed be swappable maybe? Picture from very first successful time. Version 1.0 instructions: Video as just a quick demo of some average grass: This is what I'm building while doing Ingmar Spijkhoven 6x6 truck and stay tuned!
  11. Hi guys, today I'm happy to show you the last moc I've made to go with my Caterpillar truck. It's a Wheel loader inspired by a volvo L50g. The model is fully manual: no power function! I have made my-self a goal to make something without motor and this is how it looks like: Functions: Rise and tilt the bucket : 3 linear actuators Articulation : turntable 4 Wheel differential and 4 cylinder engine Grabber : worm gear Here's more pics: Here is my loader beside my Caterpillar dump truck A video will probably come soon Hope you like it, and don't forget to post a comment!
  12. Hi everyone. Here is my entry for this contest. As always i've build this with/for my childrens and as usual this model hass to be safe and secure for them. This said, i've been asking for long what to build for this contest. I didn't have that much pneumatics elements and i do thought that my chances with this contest were proportionals to the number of pneumatic parts i owned. Until i had a closer look at 42053 set... So i present here my vision of what could be a Volvo Handler (i think volvo didn't build this kind of machine) here it is: it is a very simple Moc. My main goal has been to integrate the powerfunctions elements (1 BB + 1 motor) and get the maximum playability with the Moc. I do use the battery pack as the main frame assembly of the model. this way, i think i realised one good design work on it. They are 3 pneumatics functions: 1- Main arm up and down 2- Fork tilting 3 - Fork thooth up and down. Also, there is one direction with HOG on the four wheels.This Moc is designed to be playable and fun to use. It doesn't need more function to scratch that goal ;) The functions work pretty well and the compressor is a very pleasant feature on a Moc like this one. The arm movement has a good range of action and is particulary powerfull due to the large pneumatics cylinder i used. ( i didn't have any other o:) ) Here is a back view. round design for the mudgards, a color scheme that fits with it's great sister 45053, custon stikers (official stikers sheet): On this view you can see the commands (3 orange commands) : the two backwards are for the arm movement and the lateral one is for the fork opening Detailed view of the fork i used. It is obvisouly possible to connect a regular bucket at this arm end: And once it is opened Detailed view on back design with the official Volvo stikers on it and the rounded mudgards In conclusion this Moc come perfectly together the 42053 Set and as well with my last Volvo crane truck. It was a great building experience (and realy quick build :) ) Hope you'll enjoy it. Regards, Steph Ps video coming hopefully before the dateline :)
  13. "Volvo Trucks reset its own two year-old record for heavy trucks with shockingly fast speed runs by its latest track-focused creation, the "Iron Knight." This big rig blasted to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds thanks to its unbelievable 2,400 horsepower." iron knight by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Flicker: Video: Dugald has created a custom Iron Knight out of Technic Lego to pull my Ferrari FXX. (Unfortunately this MOC did not blast from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds ) IMG_9090 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build is massive, 31 stud wide x 72 long x 35 tall. IMG_9127 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The trailer can load and unload the 6 pound Ferrari with a winch and a clever sliding mechanism that slowly lowers the car down. IMG_9096 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The trailer can switch from the winch to the lowering mechanism with a single switch powered by 1 XL motor. IMG_9100 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr The side panels flip up to reveal the battery packs. The Inline6 is located just behind the cabin. I've got to say, this truck has curves never seen before in Technic Lego truck. IMG_9092 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This build took a month to create, some of the more difficult aspects to build was the tilt cabin with the working steering wheel and the 2wd - 4wd switch. IMG_9204 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr IMG_9206 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr IMG_9082 by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  14. I think it is about time for me to show what i have build for this contest. Please let me introduce the Volvo BM LM 620 front loader, a great old school front loader from the late seven tees. These pictures is only early wip, the entire machine is already finished. The rest will be uploaded as soon as possible... Plase feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Just added some more WIP pictures.. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/432762
  15. Here we go, another refuse truck. Features: drive steering 2 cylinder motor opening doors tilting cab opening hopper bin lift compaction cycle extraction plate Video is . Much more at
  16. Hi eurobrikers, Here is my current project. A Volvo FH truck destinated to be part of a larger play set using the TLG Volvo EW160. The whole model will have a crane truck full RC, a trailer and the EW160 official lego excavator. As always i build this for my son and so i t needs to be really playable set with lots of function fun to play with. Regarding to this the new Volvo EW160 inspired me. So the concept is to have a fully rc truck with manuals function added to it. The toy will have pneumatics, PFS, RC, manuals functions.... so much for a child to enjoy! My goal with it : Truck : 7 motorised functions + RC PF light = 8 channels on standards Rc official system. Propulsion by L motor Direction by servo on first and second axle with reduction . report to the cab Deploying stabilisator by rotation. Able to set up the stabilisator on 180° : M motor Stabilisator up and down: M motor Crane rotation: M motor First section of the crane arm: M motor Second section of the crane arm: M motor All the these functions are realised and integrated into the framme actually. All working very smothly and with corrects speeds. Time for some pictures of the WIP : I have now to face some difficulties and have to answer some question. What is your opinion guys on these points : 1 Color of the rear crane ? actually thinking for black, to fit with the EW160 design or orange? 2 Position of the two PF receivers, actually in trouble with that, no neat solution 3 tilting bed. The EW 160 is equiped to load a bedactually. Cannot imagine not being able to lift it. The problem is Zero place for an additionnal motor into the frame. Thinking to lift it manualy ? Thanks for your feedback on these points.
  17. Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Volvo EW160E (when it's in stores within the next few weeks!) A trailer: Forklift: Broader/Twin Tyres (preferably those from 8235 Front End Loader for example!) Grappling Claw Small Bucket Scoop Anything else you could imagine? Regards, Ryan J Smith.
  18. It's been a busy start of the year in Thirdwiggville, with the two and a half TC9 builds, the 911, and now this, and it's only the first week of March. Granted, this has been on The Queue for a couple of months, but either way the productions is making me feel pretty good. This is a small scale MOC of the K-Tec 1233 Scraper. More can be found about the machine here, and where I learned about the machine here. Features: Steering 6x6 drive 2 cylinder fake engine full suspension lifting scraper opening dirt gate moving extractor plate Enjoy Front Suspension Trailer
  19. MOC: Long distance coach Volvo 9700

    Hello Building a coach was something I wanted to do for a long time, but now after several digital attempts I managed to build one with real bricks. The prototype was a Volvo 9700 from Norway. I chose this bus because I traveled two and a half years ago with such a bus on this route. The line is called Lofotenekspressen, Lofoten is a group of Islands in the North of Norway, Ekspressen means express in Norwegian. I tried to replicate the typical shape of the Volvo with the sloped windows and the curves on the front. There are also openable doors on the bus. Lofotenekspressen 1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Lofotenekspressen 2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Lofotenekspressen 3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr The doors are quite fragile so they are just for show and not made for playing with. Lofotenekspressen 4 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Just as cars in the north, also busses have additional headlights, here they are on the roof. Feel free to comment Stefan
  20. Let me show you another older MOC of mine. I'm also a big fan of Volvo trucks especially new FH4 and so I decided to make a five axle tractor unit. It had two driven and three steered axles. Tag axle was also a lift axle. It had simple gearbox with low and high speed. All of the PF elements were in the tower behind the cab. It had full suspension on all axles. But the front of the truck was too heavy so there was actually no suspension on the first axle. I don't like fake engines so there isn't any :) As you can see I'm a technic purist. Here is one photo of naked chassis: Unfortunately it never got the right trailer because there wasn't enough bricks to make one. Regards
  21. However this model is five years old already it needed an update with some great events upcoming this autumn. Last year I modified the Volvo unit a little bit; some chassis mods, new drive train and boogie lift. But now the biggest modifications needs to be done with the trailer. At LEGO World last year I had several malfunctions while unloading approx. 18 kg of beans. The belt was very dirty and it was stretched pretty much. As I just built two new end conveyors I'm modifying the one in the trailer as well. It looks like a massive operation but I'm hoping getting it fixed in a few evenings. With 'STEAM' coming early October I definitely need to get it running properly again.
  22. Hi everyone, I would like to present you my new creation, the Volvo A25d 4x4 remote controlled. The functions and characteristics are: -4x4 drivetrain powered by one XL motor; -Steering is achieved with a medium motor and one small linear actuator; -Tipper bed controlled by pneumatic and compressor by another medium motor; -Full articullated and big ground clearance. I am very happy with the way I found for the mechanism regarding the tipper bed in which it is only required one motor to operate simultaneously and synchronously the compressor and the pneumatic switch. Since there is a differential between the two, when the motor starts, the power goes to the easier side which is the pneumatic switch. When the switch reaches its end, then the power goes to the compressor. The same is true the other way around. This mechanism is realy helpfull when trying to reach dificult and/or distant places from the battery box because you have the advantage of the lenght of the pneumatic tubes. The link to all the images is here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558887 Meanwhile, I am editing a short video to show you these functions. I hope you like it.
  23. [MOC] BrickBracelets

    You all know LEGO Clikits in beautfifull girlie colours. But what about some cooler wearables for LEGO Technic fans? So now to something completely different : BrickBracelet W3 and W4 "Volvo Edition" Parking Position: Start your Engines: W3 Black/Yellow: W4 Yellow/Black: W4 connection: W3 parts: Please let me know if you like it, build it or have any comment about it Thnx.
  24. Hey all, Finally, four years after the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake our driveway is being rebuilt so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to test out the 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader in the landscape it belongs in In the instruction book for this set, one of the first pages says 'Indoor use only' but the loader would be nowhere near as fun if you couldn't go out and move some dirt/sand! Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit hard to see but my only opportunity to get out while there was a large pile of dirt was at 7:00am Looks like the perfect environment for a little loader work, too good to resist! Play 'guess which earthmover is Lego!' The mountain goat heads up for another attack. The Loader needs more torque/grip to get a good scoop but it did the job. (Note the very sandy 'dirt' where I live ) Got a good scoop of sand, time to take it to the offload point, As you can imagine the loader gets quite dirty quite quickly With the hole filled in, it's time for the loader to do its other job, compacting. Job done. My feedback on the loaders capability on the sand doing some proper work: For a proper set by TLG it did pretty impressively, though a locked differential would come in handy many, many times. It doesn't have as much torque as it needs to dig in to the sand cliff for a big load but you can get enough of a scoop. The power is certainly more than enough for where Lego wants you to use it This set is definitely a purchase I don't regret, getting me RC and an XL motor, plus working very well and looking great! As with all photos I upload to EB, you can find them and more in a higher resolution on my Bricksafe:
  25. [MOC] Suburb from the 70s

    In this scene I wanted to create something atmospheric and mystical combined with a feeling of the 70s.