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Found 16 results

  1. Piece count 2193. Price 249.99 EUR. Special part and features: - New C+ motor with horizontally driven axis (like LEGO ® Spike 45602 (Large Angular Motor) - 1 Control+ XL motor, 1 Control+ L motor - Control+ Hub - 2 Land Rover mudguard 15 x 2 x 7 46882 in yellow for front wheels - XL linear actuators - 1 Corvette mudguard 42531 in LBG for dashboard - 3 new differentials, 1 old differential for center diff - Small panels #21 and #22 in yellow - Shell panel 3x7 in yellow - Curved panel 3x13 in yellow Functions: - Driving - Steering - Lifting and lowering bed - Hood can be opened manually Go nuts
  2. Hi This weekend I could finsish the 8x4 dump truck project which I started somewhen in February. It is a simple 8x4 dump truck inspired by Scania G450XT. The functions are driving, steering, dumping and automatic tail gate locking. Everthing is controlled via Powered Up. I control the model with the brickcontroller2 app. For propulsion I used 2 x PU L motors and for steering and dumping one PU L Motor. I'm really happy with the PU system. For this moc it works great and the model is powerful. At the front axle I developed a new supension system. it is inspired by leave spring systems. However, there are no leave springs since I haven't found a proper solution for LEGO. Anyhow, the suspension works great. The model is built in scale 1:16.5 and fits to my telehandler and other mocs and Technic sets (42043)
  3. Hi guys, yeah I know, I am late showing a MOC of a dumper truck, as both Effermann and jorgeopesi both did excellent jobs! I started with this MOC of the Liebherr T264 in july but couldn't keep up with their pace... In contrast to their more playable MOCs, I tried to stay closer to the design of the 42100 while maintaining all the main functions of the original dumper truck. The T264, as it is the little brother of the bigger T282/284, has been chosen because of the better suited scale of the 94.3x38R tires. The three main functions are driving, steering and tipping. All are controlled by Ozzees ControlZ, which works like a treat. The MOC is driven by a PU XL-motor, steering is done by an PU L-Motor. The two pneumatic pumps and the switch are both driven by one PU M-motor using the ingenius idea of Sariel for the compressor/valve combination. Overall I really tried to stay as close to the original look and functions as possible. The rear suspension is a live axle guided by a center pin and sprung by two hard shock absorber. The steering has an Ackermann geometry and a very narrow turning radius. I am not really satisfied with the placement of the steering rack in front of the wheels as the connections seem a bit too flimsy for this big model (1620 pieces, slightly over 2 kg). Although I tried different configurations, I couldn't find a better solution of the placement. Two hard shock absorbers on each wheel manage the weight very well and bouncy :-). The PU-hub is placed in the easily accesable front section. I added some more little technic features, as both cabin doors can be opened and the little ladder can be lowered. And finally, here with the reason why I build this MOC :-)
  4. I would like to present a 1:42 scale model of one of the largest haul trucks in the world, Caterpillar 797F. The model has the following features: Full suspension; Transmission with planetary reduction; Remotely controlled propulsion and steering, body raising and lighting; Folding ladders. The scale of the model is minifigure compatible. Bonus video: Thank you for your attention!
  5. This is the finished MOC if you want see the construction process go to this thread construction process. In the beginning the truck had to be very simple but everything was getting complicated , now we have a 2 cylinders engine, pendular rear suspension and independent front one, pneumatic bed and hand of god steering with steering wheel. Currently I am making instructions and will cost 3 euros because they will be my first for sale so it is special offer . I hope you like even not being a supercar .
  6. Wished I posted this sooner......... When I was originally had the model normal it couldn't go over an half inch actual brick tile :(. Due to that I spent a long time modifying it to barely go through grass about as tall as the pretend sticker grill. This thing can go over an emaxx tire with its 2 not one xl motors and it had an l motor for steering (only do if your not using 3rd party tires) if using 3rd party tire use an xl motor for steering (I only had 2). I'm now building a a25E tanker to spray weed killer for me so I don't need to sweat to death. Since its super easy to detach the bed I could be able to switch the tanker and soon changed bed be swappable maybe? Picture from very first successful time. Version 1.0 instructions: Video as just a quick demo of some average grass: This is what I'm building while doing Ingmar Spijkhoven 6x6 truck and stay tuned!
  7. I've built this small MOC two days ago. It's a Rock Raiders dump truck with a small drill and radar dish. And rised cabin for overview. Pictures: 01_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Dump_truck_with_drill by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Hope you like it (Pictures also on Flickr:
  8. Hi everyone, I am pleased today to present you the latest changes to my Caterpillar Ct660: the most important being is that I managed to pass the frame with single propulsion from Ingmar (2legoornot2lego) to a 6x6 chassis! It took me a while to get there, but I ended up doing it by completely redesigning the rear axles. The second change is the addition of a dump bed, which was not at all clear but has been greatly facilitated by the new configuration of the rear axles. For my truck I was inspired by Ingmar's trucks and thanks to him because this is the first time I am able to keep one of my moc as long (for 9 months). Normally they stay nearly 3 to 4 months assembled! Functions Steering done by a servo-motor connected with two universal joints to the front axle; Propulsion: motor-XL> 12t / 20t-> 12t / 20t / differential; LA (tipper): m-motor-> 8t / 24t-> LA The bucket is operated by a switch hidden in a control panel: For the aesthetics of the dump I opted for something simple, that is to say, square edges. And visually, it goes well with the design of the truck. Here are more photos: Fo now I'm petty satisfied with the result of my truck Feel free to ask questions and give feedback. On this good day to all!
  9. Hi, here is my MOC idea of a micro scale construction site.
  10. I didn´t like too much my first dumper so I began a new one. This one have different features, front and rear live axle, Ackerman steering and it will be pneumatic so that I will have much time until I can have the new pneumatics . Here you have some pics, I was trying new configurations over the arocs suspension, I hope you like it. Functionally as narrow as possible. Rear live axle with central arm to prevent lateral displacement. In black would be a nice tumbler . Front live axle with Ackerman steering. It has to be reinforced because it has 19 studs between wheels and I don´t know yet what I will use, small linear actuator, steering rack or worm gear. The frame is provisional just to put the wheels. In the end I wanted something like that in technic style. Tests with the suspension for the dumper based on the arocs suspension. Thank you.
  11. ZCerberus

    Project M- Dump Truck

    Project M continues with this blue dump truck. The cab is 6 wide, but in reality, the truck should be wider, so I made the dump bed and fenders about 8 wide to make it fit a little better and give a little more room for play. I embellished a little on the sides adding a control box that would be absent on a "normal" dump truck. The ones I saw either had an extra set of retractable wheels or nothing in the area, but I wanted to spice up the model a little. I the box design is a little off but it looks solid on display, so I am sticking with it. On some versions I saw, the mudguards were attached to the bed itself, but that would have cause issues with my truck, so I attached them to the frame instead. The skid steer loader getting the dump truck ready to haul some materials. Bonus shot. Checkout the Project M description and Excavator by clicking the picture ==>
  12. My first creation, a European three axle dump truck. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, a servo for steering, L for dump and M for winch. I have decided to use 3 small turntables to create 2 pendular solid axles in the rear. I am happy with the result as this is not meant for heavy offroad use. It does the job nicely. No front drive, but oh well, goals for next model. I am very happy with the looks and color scheme and am hoping to find a good reaction from the community any questions about model I am happy to answer! Thanks for viewing! Photos are here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=559019 Sorry for giant sizes, you'll have to zoom out Files may not be public for a bit, sorry! May as well deep-link the photos http://www.brickshel...mg_2602-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2603-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2604-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2605-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2606-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2607-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2608-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2609-min.jpg http://www.brickshel...mg_2611-min.jpg
  13. Hi Folks It’s been a long time since I presented my last creation so it’s good time to show something new. Maybe this MOC it is not so fresh (I built it almost 2 months ago) but I think worth to present. The truck was built to my local Lug (LugPol) competition and the goal was that the wining truck will be an accompany to the 42030 Volvo L350F on our Lug exhibition. There was three other trucks built to this contest. But mine got most votes The prize of the contest was outstanding – beside that I received the set for the review, finally I got whole new 42030 for my own! And this is the truck which “made it”: American 4-axle Dump Truck. The truck is fully motorized, it has 2XLs for propulsion, 1 Servo Motor for steering, 2 Medium motors for rising the tipper and hazard lights on top of the roof. The truck weights 2750g, dimensions are: 51,2 x 16,8 x 19,6 cm. It is Powered by two Battery Boxes placed on both sides of the truck. The access is very easy so you can change batteries quickly. In the front there is one pair of PF LEDs and second one is mounted in the rear of the truck. As I mentioned on the roof there are hazard lights. The blinking lights are made from 1x4 Light Brick connected to PF switch which is turned on and off by micromotor. (PF LEDs are connected to the same switch) Rising tipper is operated by two large linear actuators and truck can dump up to 2kg. Drivetrain – only two rear axles are driven – total gear reduction is 1 : 4.2. Enough power to carry and ride with even 7kg of load. Overall appearance you have to judge yourself. I was trying to do my best in two weeks but I think that it’s not bad at all Under the hood you can find V8 engine. And at the end - video.
  14. I follow this forum since 2 years and decided now to join the members. I'm out of my dark ages. I 'm a fan of Madoca's creation and as others here, I wish to build his Dump Truck. So based on his youtube video, I started to reverse engineer this Truck in LDD. But as all of you know it's not as easy. So far I got this: I color coded in lime parts which should be in black, but to be able to see it better I decided in lime I can select them and change them later in one step. I color coded in purple parts which either might not be 100% sure. Big work needed on the chassis and the gears. I'm hoping that Madoca has some more pics or video material to share with us on this superb Dump truck. I will of course share LDD file as soon as I know how to get here.
  15. It is just the beginning must improve it....
  16. Hi guys, i created another "small" MOC. I choosed a scania 8x4 dump truck. I tried to make small, good looking and working dump truck Features: Drive 8x4 by 1 L motor Steering by first two axles, each in different angle using 1 Servo motor Dumping the truck by 1 M motor Last axle has suspensions Openable cabin Photos: (sorry for bad qualtiy) Video: (Also could be better quality) PS: Sorry for missing right mirror. I tore it in previous driving test. So, what do you think guys?