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  1. Yes, of course. You just plug it into a hub port. The difference with previous power functions is that you can't stack multiple connections on the same port. So if you only have one free port, as in this case, you can only connect one pair of LEDs.
  2. You're right. Looking carefully my excavator from below I see that I had to use a dark gray 27940 piece. Luckily it is barely visible from the outside .
  3. @myvideo000 Right, that piece is not visible. If you wonder why I made the roof of the cabin so thick, it's because I wanted to make room for the lights and only see light from the front. Anyway, there are Lego sets with 87082 in black. For example 42053Volvo EW160E. The Brickcontroller application is tricky at first, but when you start using it you don't leave it . And there are tutorials and people who can help you, including me. What you need to check is if you have a controller that can be connected to your phone. Wise choice for colors. This is a moc designed to reuse what we already have, especially in cases where lego did not provide a model B.
  4. It's probably worth repeating that this moc may be of interest to those who have already bought Technic products, including the 42100, and are perhaps wondering if two motors directly connected to the tracks are a worthy solution for that price.
  5. OK following your points: Step 53 in the right track: there you need strong resistance perpendicular to the pin. You don't need a resistance along the pin, and besides the 3/4 is likely to protrude and interfere with the movement of the tensioner (while you are safe with the 1/2). Step 94 at the cabin: as I said, the connection is stronger with the 1/2. Try it and you see what I mean. Of course it's just a matter of taste. Step 68 at the cabin: I am afraid rebrickable db is not updated. I see that error too, but I used the black color because I have plenty of those pieces 87082 in black. See my photo on Bricksafe Any case I uploaded a part list on Bricksafe that you shoud be able to use. I have removed the engines, the hubs and the actuators that have no updated model at the moment, at least according to what I know. Updated the color for the axles with stop, 3L and 5L, from brown to reddish brown. Cable management: the only real constraint is that the farthest motor in the main arm has a short cable, so it can only be connected to the hub in the position I have indicated. The hubs are mounted lifted to allow cables to pass from one side to the other. The cables are bulky, but the outside is detachable and you can easily check inside.
  6. The problem is that for some part it was still not available an official LDraw model. For example for the new motors. So I had to use an unofficial library for them. Let me have a look at it, but I think that by now the only way is to use a list without the new parts. 1/2 pins give strong connections with the flat liftarms when conncting from below and allow you to connect stud pieces when used on top. You use 3/4 pins when you want the lift arm to rotate around the pin, but the connection is not strong. If I remember correctly, there is no such case in this moc. If you refer to a precise step number in my instructions, send it to me and I will check it.
  7. I was concerned too, but in the end I concluded that the main use of lego must be to build. By the way, now I have some doubts whether to dismantle this new moc, sooner or later I'll have to decide to go ahead... you're right, now I see how to create a complete list
  8. Instructions for all modules uploaded on Bricksafe. Please note that I have made some changes to the main module - The new version is named 1.1, change history is included. If you downloaded the previous version please replace it with the new one. Thanks everyone. If anyone needs help, let me know.
  9. Digital model completed. You can find rendering and a summary of the model here:
  10. Uploaded the instructions for the Main body of the excavator on Bricksafe It is a compressed file, unzip it to get the pdf file. This is the most challenging of the modules. Instructions for the others will follow shortly. The modules can be quickly connected together to get the model working. I will upload on Youtube an overall picture as soon as ready.
  11. I posted a new video showcasing the digging capabilities of my excavator. I am happy with this test.
  12. I am still testing this moc. Lego Technic allows you to do the same thing in very different ways, and I like to find the best one. So I'm gonna take some time to perfect it. For the moment I've made the instructions for the less common aspects. I definitely want to give the instructions for the whole thing, but it depends on my free time. Please be patient, and any suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  13. I bought the Liebherr Lego 42100 because I was attracted by the new engines and hubs. But I recognized in the comments that I see in this post the same points that I wanted to improve: great new bluetooth technology, but the mechanics are very simplified. The model remained on my shelf a few weeks, then I disassembled it and I built a moc with the mechanics I expected: all the motors in the turntable, subtractor for the movement of the tracks without symmetry problems and tracks with tensioner. If you are interested there is a post here.
  14. Hello everyone! I posted a new video to explain how I built the tracks and the tensioner for my cutom Volvo excavator.
  15. Hello guys, I uploaded a new video to show some details of this excavator. You can find it here: Added intsructions here: