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  1. Thank you all for your words!!! i am really glad to herat that!
  2. Tahnks for your words!!! Thank you very much,i appreciate that!!
  3. Thanks, i am glad you like it ? Hey!thanks for you comment! Yeah, i am planning to make a video , when finished i will add it to the topic
  4. Hey , i am Daniel ( new to the site btw) i am sure that many of you know the volvo a40g made by dgustafsson13 4 years ago , since the first time i saw his video i wanted to have mine , so few months ago i started making it. My main requierement was to make a working tiltable bed , for that i had to fit 3 motors , after finishing the chassis i started with the rest which was very challenging because i tryed to match as much as possible my version with dgustafson┬┤s.The hauler turned into cool consisting of 1150 parts and FREE INSTRUCTIONS (i was allowed by Dgustafsson) LINK TO REBRICKABLE (FREE INSTRUCTIONS): https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-42577/DLTC /volvo-a40g-articulated-hauler-dump-truck/#parts VOLVO A40G Articulated hauler Render of the mechanisms : -Dark purple : drive -Green : steering -Red : bed tilting Sticker sheet with display sheet is avaiable here : https://www.ultimatecollectorstickers.co.uk/product-page/lego-technic-ucs-moc-sticker-for-volvo-a40g Here you can see dgustafsson┬┤s video: IF you like my work , you can support it : https://paypal.me/DAngos?locale.x=es_ES Inatructions were designed using a sbrick but it can be built using Buwizz or IR (i have recently tryed with buwizz and infrared myself and it was easy to fit)