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  1. Wow! What can I say? Thank you to you all for your help, it's really appreciated!
  2. Hello! I recently found a 42114 Dump truck at a toy fair and picked it up super cheap, as the seller wasn't sure if it was complete or not. It looks like someone started building it, then either lost interest or lost parts. It's missing all of bag 3, which is annoying but not the end of the world! So I was wondering if anyone either knew where you could search what parts should be in each bag, or know where I could buy bag 3 on its own? I know I can get the parts listing off Bricklink, which I've been doing, but it's a slow process! Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. lupogtiboy

    [MOC] Toyota AE86 of Initial D

    Love it! I can instantly tell you that's a Trueno AE86, you have captured the shape really well.
  4. lupogtiboy

    Goldeneye N64

    Wow this is superb! Really captures the look of the game perfectly. I need to dig this game out of storage and have a go now, have many fond memories of 4-player death matches!
  5. Just bought some via Brick Link! These look awesome, though not sure when I will build my Porsche, I've currently run out of display room! Looking forward to receiving them though.
  6. Interesting project! Not sure if its helpful or not, but the guys who build Tamiya Drift cars wrap the tyres with electrical tape to make them drift, I've tried this myself and it does really work!
  7. lupogtiboy

    [MOC] Palace of Westminster

    I saw this on the Brother's Brick yesterday and instantly thought 'WOW! That's incredible!' Then I forwarded the link to some work colleagues who all pretty much said the same thing! Truly beautiful, a work of art and really deserves all the recognition you should get for your hard work. A M A Z I N G !
  8. Just found this on a Google search for Lego Audi's and I'm absolutely loving it! I really wish Lego would take note and actually make this, I think they'd have a hit on their hands! Top job sir!
  9. lupogtiboy

    Noobie Alert!

    You like your Beetles then!
  10. lupogtiboy

    Noobie Alert!

    Thanks! What do you drive?
  11. lupogtiboy

    Noobie Alert!

    Thank You!
  12. lupogtiboy

    Noobie Alert!

    Hi there! My name is Martin, I live in the darkest depths of Surrey, and I am a proud fan of Lego! Always have been, always will be. However, over the last few months, my Lego collection has grown quite a bit, maybe a bit out of control. Lego isn't my only love mind, others include: Volkswagens, Tamiya R/C, retro-games consoles and gaming, retro hi-fi including a collection of Sony Walkmans/discmans/watchmans, retro-tech, films, football. I have quite a large collection of retro games consoles and computers, last count from memory was around 150ish! R/C cars, mostly Tamiya is around 100ish, not including some of the 'toy-grade' ones I also have. Sony Walkmans is around 50ish, 20+ Discmans and around 10ish Watchmans. Oh and a few Minidisc players/recorders too! VW's are pretty much my life these days! I own two at present, my beloved 2003 Lupo GTI (hence my username!), a car which I will NEVER sell! My other is my daily, a 2012 VW High Up! loaded with goodies! I am a moderator on the VW Up Owners club, and I also frequent many VW forums. I also work as a parts advisor for a VW/Audi main dealer. Most of my Lego collection is the Speed Champion series, few bits of Technic, few of the Star Wars Build-a-figures, and I recently reclaimed most of the Lego back from my son that I had as a kid! Bonus! Anyway, that's me! Thanks for letting me join and hopefully inspiring me to 'think outside the box' when it comes to Lego!