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  1. Kio Liex

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    Very nice, my kid will love this... Thanks for sharing.
  2. Really great work. It is impressive how realistic it is, with all the levers and functions. Sorry for asking (I have not read all the posts), but are you planning on making instructions? What about using the big LEGO Star Wars models as driver? I belive that they can be modified to look like a worker.
  3. Really amassing MOC and great that there is instructions, I'll be getting them in the future. Do the instuction include the Claas Quadrant 2200RC?
  4. Kio Liex

    Volvo L120H scale 1:17

    Here it is: Instructions: - scale 1-17.pdf
  5. Kio Liex

    Volvo L120H scale 1:17

    Great idear, but it is not the gears that are clicking, it's the actuators you can hear when they reach the end point. Normally I can drive it without that happening, but filming and driving isn't easy.
  6. Kio Liex

    Volvo L120H scale 1:17

    Videos are ready. And thanks for all the nice words.
  7. I am finally done with my first real MOC that I am happy with and proud to show to all of you LEGO fans out there. This is my version of the Volvo L120H wheel loader. It is build in scale 1:17. I have used a M-motor for the sterring and bucket tipping, a L-motor for the bucket-arm lifting and a XL-motor for the drive. All of them are geared down to ensure enough power (except the sterring). I am using two standard IR receivers and the small rechargeable battery pack. I have considered lights but I think the wires will look messy. I am considering building it in to get a brick count and if I do that then instruction might be an option. I have made it from these specs (page 18): Worker on Studio gallery: Worker instructions: - scale 1-17.pdf And now for the pictures, I hope you enjoy.