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    42030 - Rebuilding it into MOC

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  1. Kio Liex

    [WIP] 1:22 Volvo FH16 750

    WOW, I am building something similar just in ~1:17... One of my biggest issues is the cool front lights. I am looking forward to the whole truck.
  2. Kio Liex

    MAZ-535 8x8 Truck

    WOW, that is impressive. Great MOC.
  3. Kio Liex

    [MOC] Kenworth W900

    Great "little" truck. I really like the way you have made the sterring.
  4. Kio Liex

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    WOW what a fantastic MOC. I really like the power outputs and the way you have used them with the winter add-on. Just to be clear I can build this with Power Functions only and NO Sbrick?
  5. Kio Liex

    [TC16] The Martian movie vehicle

    That is great. Thanks for making the video.
  6. Kio Liex

    Scania Next Generation S730

    With or without I think it is awesome. Great work.
  7. Kio Liex

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    Great alternative model, I know my son would love to build this. He is already complaining about the lack of a B-model from LEGO. Will you be sharing you digital build or can we be so lucky that you are making instructions?
  8. I have no idea how to describe what I want to say. WOW, amazing is just not enough. I can belive that you have fitted all that into such a small MOC. GREAT JOB. Also amazing that you have build four models this year, and the quality is amazing on all of them. Please note I still wait on the John Deere version of the tractors.
  9. Kio Liex

    large scale telescopic crane

    WOW. That is crazy, but really impressive. I am following this MOC.
  10. Kio Liex

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    That is insane... Can't wait to see the final MOC...
  11. Kio Liex

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    WOW, I need to look at those two links when I have more time. Thanks.
  12. Kio Liex

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    Fantasitc. I am impressed by how much you build into it. You also have some great looking trucks. Do you have more pics or videos of those, I could not find any on your Youtube channel?
  13. Kio Liex

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    Love it already. How many hours do you use a week on building LEGO?
  14. WOW... No wonder that the buggy motors are hard to find/expencive... Great build. How well can the LEGO frame withstand all the beating?
  15. Fantastic... Looks really great with the added machine.