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  1. I get what you are saying with the windscreen wipers, but with LEGO it is always a trade off... I have designs in Studio that ismore round, but I can only get it to "work" for the top part of the front, the lower part with the lights is a struggle and I could not find a way to make it look good, so again with LEGO it is a trade off... To both of you, thanks for the compliments.
  2. After a little break from LEGO building and waiting for bricks to arrive with the mail, I am finally done with my FH16. Final photo session will come later where the trailer also will be shown. Heres is firstly a little from the rebuilding of the from: Here are som pictures from before the last stickers are applied: And now for the final truck: I am much happier with how this front turn out. What do you think?
  3. Looks really good. It would go weel with the 1:17 model I have.
  4. Finally I have found the time to write another update. Several things have happened since my last update. First I got the stickers attached. Then during a test drive I broke a universal joint. This together with a fealing of disapointment on the speed and puling power of the truck, made me deside to redesign the drive train. Roughly the same day I saw a video on YouTube with a truck similar to mine driving "fast" and was pulling the same as I wanted. I reached out to the owner of the channel and asked what the gearing and motor setup was like. Two XL in direct connection to the differentials. I also asked about the control as I also was driving slow. He uses a BuWizz. I did a little reseach on this and really liked the overvoltage option, however I required more that 4 channels. I learned that this can be done with the SBrick module. Then I started redesign the rear and middle of the truck. An early test with the CADA system showned that I had more that enough pulling power and I was also happy with the speed. This ment that I did not have to get the BuWizz, this my wallet was happy for. I ended up with a much more modular truck, having a rear, a middle/gearbox and a front with the fake inline 6. I also ended up buing two SBricks modules. One sad thing is that the truck now does not have a two speed gearbox, but the fifth wheel and the elavation of the rearest wheel is still remote controlled. The second SBrick is for connection to the trailer. Please note that in the picture above I still use the CADA module, this was removed when I got the SBricks modules, and a standard LEGO battery pack have been installed in the cabine. Lastly I wasn't that happy with the front grill so it has also been redesigned. I did this in Studio 2.0 and now I am waiting on brick again.
  5. Firstly I am sorry if this have been asked before, I am having a hard time using the sites seach function. My question is about the SBrick Light hub, is this surportted in the BrickController app? Can you make the same function e.g. turn lights, backing lights that only light up when driving backwards?
  6. I totally get what you are saying, I also not a fan of the grill. This is one thing that I will change in the future, for now I will finish up this MOC. Building MOC you alwayes learn something new. I am also not that happy with the speed and power of it. But redesigning the hole frame is also something that shall be for another time.
  7. The color change is done, only think left is the stickers, and the one orange light on the roof (this is on its way) Also I have rebuild the trailer with bricks in the right color. The complete trailer you will have to wait and see until the truck get stickers.
  8. Finally I have had time to look at all the part that I have order for making the cabine red and all the other parts I have been missing, the grey for the grill etc. The [TC20] competition have taken all my spare time the last 10 days or so. Changing some of the parts required a disassembly of the rear end, AGAIN. Lastly I have discovered several parts that I have overlooked, so I have order some more part. Another think I have been working on is a hauler trailer so I can transport my Volvo L120H frontloader. I am replicating the Kel-berg S300FA.
  9. Todays post is just some additional pictures from the photoshoot. Enjoy.
  10. 35. 8660 - Arctic Rescue Unit 2021 - Studless Original set: 8660 - Arctic Rescue Unit Function: Red bulldozer: Like the original - Foldable shovel Added function: - Adjustable seat - Hook for trailer or similar White truck: Like the original - HOG stering on fron and rear wheels - Cabine stering wheel also turns with the wheels - Raise and lower the back ramp by a handle on the side - Red bulldozer can be stored in the back of the truck - Storage of skies and poles Added functions: - 6x6 wheel drive - Fake V6 engine driving by the 6x6 drive train - Engine cover in the storage room can be opened - Seats can be folded up Discussion topic: Images and Video:
  11. Today I had to take the chassic apart because I wanted to swap a grey piece to a blue one: After the swap it was relatively quick to put it all back together at add the last pieces of the cabine: Then it was time for the "stickers", I will try and explain what I did step by step. First was the red lines, as these were the easy ones. It started with applying the red tape to the back of what ones had real stickers on it, this is so I can peel of the red strips without them loosening any stickyness: Then I cut the strips in half a been width: Removed it from the cutting area and applied it to the brick: Next up was the blue "snow" logo. Here I draw the "pattern" on my computer with the lines going out past the circle, this is so I can see them when the circle is covered with the blue tape: The circle was covered with double sidded tape leaving the top protection on, this has a similar surface a the "paper" from the stickers meaning I can easy remove the pattern after cutting: Then I added the blue tape: And started cutting along the lines of my pattern, starting with removing the middle part as the was symetrical: Then I cut each of the small "cheeses" in their right pattern again following the lines I made: To get the blue snow pattern over on to the LEGO panel, I covered it with transparent tape and peeled it of very slowly: Applied it to the panel and removed the transperent tape: Then it was just a matter of making one more: And then the truck was done:
  12. I have thought of that, but I don't have that many in both white and red. But My plan is to use some red and blue tape and make the line and the "snow" patterns with these, I would ague that it is custom stickers that is allowed as I understand the rules? The daily update does not have that much to it. The chassic and overall placement of the different things are in place. Sorry for the wierd bluryness on one of the pictures. Another thing that actually is a little funny. I had a memory of a photo that was taken when I got the set for one of my birthdays as a child. I asked my mother if she could look for it. She found it and could tell me that it was for my 10 year birthday that I got it. It also got a digital version of the picture, but I don't think it is appropriate to post here (I sit in my bed only in my underpants) what do the admins say to this?
  13. Yesterday started with working out how the 6x6 drivetrain should be, I tryed several designs for the drive line in the stering. The biggest challenge was to have enough ground clearence: Next was making room for a motor, from the first chassic I knew that room would be a big problem. However I got it all to fit: Bonus info, I made the old chassic so it could relatively easy be removed from the body. This is however not the case with the new one: The old and the new chassic compared:
  14. I agree, I will see what I can do. Should be possible, but then again, then the ones on the side might also have to be flipped I will give the 6x6 with engine a try.