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  1. Here's a 2011/2012 tutorial for adding a third wheel to a PF train motor.
  2. Motorization question

    Try to cut circular segments of bicycle inner tube, and put those on each wheel. I've used it successfully on BBB medium wheels. You need a groove in the wheel to use o-rings like those EN wheels have. Otherwise they will slide off.
  3. 4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    PP3 battery is about 3studs wide, hence panels are needed to make it fit in a 4wide hood like 7760 has. I don't understand what you mean with "those are not common parts"... My DkGreen loco has a 5wide brickbuilt hood, leaving a 3wide gap for the PP3.
  4. 4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    Above is a link to my 7760 PF. Here is another loco I made with PP3 battery, to make really compact designs.
  5. Rolling Bridge

    That is a strange bridge Wonderful idea !!!
  6. "automobiles" for train layouts ... 5+ wides?

    Here's my rule of thumb: Cars 4wide, SUV 4wide+wheel arches => "5wide"". Trucks 6wide. Trains 7/8 wide. Typically my locos are 8wide and rolling stock 7wide.
  7. [MOC] Dual-voltage (9V-12V) GySEV Vectron locomotive

    Great design !!
  8. Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    Nice "shelfie" photos !! ?
  9. MOC: Green small locomotive

    Here's a new small green locomotive. I had a stock of parts in green suitable for building a locomotive, such as 13760, 2928, 60592, 60594 and 60414. It is not based on a real prototype, but more on my previous builds. Roof light as recently seen by Holger Matthes. Not powered, bur has fake "motors" behind the green doors.
  10. [MOC] Full set of LEGO ÖBB railjet

    Really nice, very well done.
  11. MOC: Small industrial locomotive

    Yes this is correct, but better using 2*87087 and technical brick 1*2 w 2holes. It gives a more stable design. Or like you show but one more 87087 plus technical brick 1*1. OK? Also I need to mention this is not my original design. But I cannot remember exactly the origin.....
  12. MOC: Small industrial locomotive

    Thanks. Yes offset is just 0,8mm or 1/4 plate thickness. It is built by first putting a technic brick 2,5 studs (20mm) inside door opening. A tile 2*2 is placed at bottom. The door itself is built on a plate 2*2 with "door bricks" out, and eg brick 87087 inside. A plate is attached between 87087 and technical brick. -> 16+3,2mm = 19,2mm. Consequently a 0,8mm offset is achieved. Hope you follow me?
  13. This is a typical small 2axle industrial locomotive which can (could ) be seen shunting waggons in bigger industrial areas in Sweden. It's 7wide, 18studs long and has a 9v train motor.
  14. Cat Train Rail Car

    Simply CATastrophic design
  15. E444-044

    This is a quality build. Nice building techniques and smooth transition from 6 to 7wide near the windscreen. I'll use this as a source of inspiration for a couple of future projects of mine. Tenderlok's suggestion for brickbuilt windscreen was equally interesting, but all respect that you keep your own design.