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  1. Selander

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    So, now it works. And I see you want to know a detail from the design of my Scania truck. So, white parts are 11477, 36840 and a 3024. These parts are assembled upside-down in a black 4262 which is attached to a black plate 2*6. That's it....
  2. Selander

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    The Link doesn't work for me....can you describe in another way?
  3. Selander

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Fantastic work, amazing result 👍
  4. Selander

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Swapping to a PF battery box should be easy, yes, but I reckon the challenge is to fit also an IR receiver within that confined space.
  5. Selander

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I guess it is two swivel points each end. One between the small pilot wheel and bigger nose wheels. The bigger nose wheels are fixed to each nose section. Second swivel point located between nose section and cab section.
  6. Selander

    MOC:s - A range of 6-wide trucks

    Thanks for your praise. Sorry, No instructions. But you may find additional photos and some explanation if looking at my respective threads at
  7. Selander

    MOC:s - A range of 6-wide trucks

    During the past few months I have created a range of 6-wide trucks. Some are brand new, and some are overhauled old trucks that I built 10 years ago. Since 2010, a lot of new elements have been produced, opening up many new design possibilities. Enough said here they come: 1. Volvo dump truck: : 2. Scania cab and chassis 3. Well not a truck but…..a Volvo front end loader: 4. Here's what you get when combining 1-3 with a technic lego based hook lift on the Scania chassis: 5. Mercedes Concrete mixer: 6. Tow truck - platform wrecker: 7. Semi-trailer(-s): 8. Vintage Volvo timber truck: 9. Scania crewcab fire truck: 10. MAN box truck with tail lift: 11. Vintage Volvo box truck with trailer, a common sight in Sweden during 1960-1980's. 12. Volvo garbage truck.
  8. Selander

    [MOC] DB Class 111

    Nice and clean design, you have done a great job in this limited scale (6wide). Front windows should be wider...and for me the logic improvement would be to build an 8-wide version, keeping most of your design but with two extra studs be able to build the front (incl windows) more accuretely.
  9. Nice to see your detailed and well considered plans 👍
  10. Selander

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Great work in such limited space, yet packed with details 👍
  11. Love your retro models 👍
  12. Selander

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Super !! Top notch 👍
  13. Selander

    BR 194

    Amazing model.... I really like these realistic looking 8-wide locomotives. And DkGreen is the only colour that makes it justice.
  14. Selander

    7710 with Red and Black motor

    Red base and black motor for me all days of week....
  15. Selander

    Track Detailing - UK Outline

    Nice stuff !