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  1. A floating mid axle is the right way to go. A static three axle truck will not perform well in std curves and/or switches.
  2. Selander

    MOC: Vintage truck Volvo F88 timber transport

    Tiles are 14769pb196
  3. Long time since posting any trucks.... well here's a new vintage style timber transport truck inspired by Volvo F88, Hope you like it, comments and proposals welcome
  4. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    I added a DkGreen inverted slope at each side of the coal bunker, and submitted this to BMR:s October competition, Hope you like it
  5. Selander

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Nice result ✌️💪👌
  6. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Yes. These are made from a modified 1*7 liftarm thin. The cut pin is to increase strength of (glued) joint.
  7. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Added pipeworks and coal bunker is now 7wide. Improved ? Please let me have your thoughts.
  8. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Thanks for all positive comments and creative proposals. In fact I am doing some add-on:s right now, and will take new pictures after receipt of a BL order 😙 M motor is merely for display, a std train motor drives the wagon.
  9. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Thanks for an expert review 😁 Yepp wheels are big, but I wanted to use these Lego originals since they are so beautiful....and as pointed out it is not an scale modell, but simply what I found pleasing for the eye. Same with bunker design....however I will try adding an additional inverted slope at each end an see what I think. Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated.
  10. This MOC Tank Engine is inspired by the german Knapsack but it is not a scale model…. It is my very first MOC steam Engine, and I focused on the estetics…. hence no motor nor advanced connecting rods with brake cylinders etc.... To accompany these tank Engines I present two concept motorized wagons, with PF and PuP respectively. Please let me know what you think.
  11. Here's a 2011/2012 tutorial for adding a third wheel to a PF train motor.
  12. Selander

    Motorization question

    Try to cut circular segments of bicycle inner tube, and put those on each wheel. I've used it successfully on BBB medium wheels. You need a groove in the wheel to use o-rings like those EN wheels have. Otherwise they will slide off.
  13. Selander

    4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    PP3 battery is about 3studs wide, hence panels are needed to make it fit in a 4wide hood like 7760 has. I don't understand what you mean with "those are not common parts"... My DkGreen loco has a 5wide brickbuilt hood, leaving a 3wide gap for the PP3.
  14. Selander

    4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    Above is a link to my 7760 PF. Here is another loco I made with PP3 battery, to make really compact designs.
  15. Selander

    Rolling Bridge

    That is a strange bridge Wonderful idea !!!