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  1. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Not sure it looks so good it couldn't at this stage... And no those tires are regular 94.3X38.4 from the unimog and Volvo loader sets. Still any ideas for my drive mode gearbox?
  2. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi, I am actually working on a project of a pickup truck in the scale of the TLG Porsche and Chiron. This will be my big project for 2020... As very very very preliminary stage, here is a view of the global scale of the project. I know the chassis is awefully built, not optimized at all. All this will be rebuilt, event the axles... Overall this hopefully will have these features: - front wheels steering with HOG and functional steering wheel - suspensions on all wheel, independent, and basic double wishbone setup (work well and more convenient in order to fit all other functions) - detachable one piece bodywork, as I want it to be really exiting...inside - Gulf colorsheme - all manual, no rc elements On Power function POV (trying to bring some fresh ideas) - Motorized front winch - Motorized opening of the cargo bay cover - Motorized adjustable seats (front/back and tilting) - Motorized sunroof On the transmission POV I do want to achieve this setup: - a rotary selector (as on the land rover) to select 4WD - 2WD(traction) - 2WD(propulsion) - NEUTRAL. - a sequential four speed gearbox with control stick between the two front seats. I am strangling with the transmission mode gearbox. Does some of you all have an idea or an example of such mechanism? Thanks for your help.
  3. steph77

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    And when you mesh this list with the prices list it doesn't make sence….
  4. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi, I finally get time to finish this model. Here is a short video of it. Enjoy
  5. steph77

    [MOC] Lola Aston Martin B09/60 LMP1

    Love it! Great design, and simple solution to complex issue. I love your shifter ( EDIT: just seen your post @ tecchlug :) ) Agree with @Gray Gear for the sturdyness of the lever of the suspension. Could be improved and stiffened. Exept this, great job!
  6. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    First of all, let me wish you all the best for this new year. And, as a new year must always begin with a good copter project... UH-77 LIBERATOR take 03 A lot of work since last post I must say. First and it's important, this model is a fully rebuilt one. I redesigned the whole mechanical part in order to have a real free space in the cockpit. From the rotor mast to the front, no mechanics, only free space! here it is: Next I designed the flight control in my AW169 's spirit, but improved. On the left side you have the cyclic joystick, and on the right side you'll find two levers. One for the collective pitch and one for the tail rotor pitch. I separate these function just because they are in real life. I also finalised the main transmission shaft and connected it to a crank on the right side, just behind the cockpit door. The design: I managed to fit all the function with about 6 studs less in width compared to the 169. This results in a cool thin cab, giving to the blades more expressions. The two front doors actually opens, and I keep space for the rear sliding doors that are still to build. I place a simple hand operated winch on the side. Command is simply by the 12T gear placed on the vertical pillar of the rear cab. I used some coast guard like colour scheme. The identification number two on the nose is for the MK2 of this Huey like model. The rear end integrated the tail rotor transmission shaft and the pitch control system. The two rear panel (under @efferman custom parts) are open able giving a nice look at the control rods. The top view shows a complete panelled and closed design of the main cab. It is also the case for the underside view The main rotor head integrate a fake bell stabilisation system and offer very large range of movement for the blades. The main rotor is a fully articulated one. I could build the full hiller-Bell mecha, but it seems to be a bit bulky at this scale. Last picture before further updates: All comments, advice or criticism are always welcome! Steph.
  7. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi all, Probably last post for this year. Time to wish you all the best for upcoming year 2020. I spend last days to summurise what i wanted for my next heli project and i am actually in between of two ideas. So i'll build the two ;) As previously explained, i want my next model to be a static demonstrator of how a helicopter fly and therefore i want to higlight all the command setup, linkage and so much more. My constatation is that based on the huey scale, this goal cannot be reached due to lack of space Inside the model. So i let my imagination have a free ride this time. I let you here two pictures of my heli collection, so you'll know what i'll prepare you for this next year… New flybar concept on fully articulated rotor Cheers. Steph.
  8. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    @grego18f The diameter of the rotor IRL is 14.63m. The lego model has a rotor of 51.5cm. So the scale of the model is 1/28.4.
  9. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Great idea! the scale match your FH
  10. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Back on this project Take 02 I spend last days to work on different fronts for this moc. I prior worked on the design aspect, trying to ensure to keep a real inner space for this one, wich is the real deal when building functional helicopter. And I am still not satisfied actually. In order to make this goal I had to find some routing for the rotors commands. I first tried to locate them on front nex on the underside and I finaly get this conclusion that the only good position is on the rear tail (the orange joystick). Note that actually both of collective cyclic and tail rotor are driven and connected to a command somewhere. But not where it is supposed to finally be. So next step will be to put all those tricky thing in the right order. Easy to say, harder to do. Here are some picture of that thing actually. As us military used to say about the Huey : 'What you see is what you get' First: size comparison. The huey is a very lightweight model compared to the 169 Rear engine housing (fake) and final joystick position. note that I am trying to realise the sliding door and for this reason I had to work with smaller panels size. The general skyline is slowly taking form Sorry for the pictures quality... New noze already done view of the interior. Still trying to empty this area. compared with my previous huey, this one is about 3/4 smaller... Final overview for today. Uncontestably a huey. So much work to do... Steph.
  11. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi guys, I actually don't find anymore idea or theme to build on. And when i am in this state of mind, i build helicopters. Strange no? New bird incoming: Huey MK2 This one will be manual, with a motorized stand in option. My main question actually is the localization of the rotor command. Not enough room to copy AW-169...
  12. steph77

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Here it is...
  13. steph77

    [MOC] 2C Sports Car - Complete

    Great design! Curious to see if i will be able to fit a stepper Inside when i will build it ;) Hugmf...if you provide us the traditionnal picture sequence of course...
  14. My favorite: 8094. Especially the use of a single motor who control 2 functions according to the rotation direction. This was implemented on the crane. 11/10!