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  1. One question: The original Line-up is based on the technic fig scale. I do not see any scale restriction/ obligation in the rules. Is there any mandatory scale for this one?
  2. Yep. I will be in this time. If I had to sélect 3 noticeable sets I own for all time, this subteam is ranked #2 So let's think what to build now. I read the number of motors discussion on this thread. May I remember you all that these famous sets where given without any motor and where based on a manual play experience? So a big thanks @Jim for this contest theme. Let's build now.
  3. I do not post that much these times, but let me tell my feeling here. Reading the regardless post, i can understand @Jim's feeling about predefined idea for contest. My thought is that Mocs are all about building. They are many ways to achive a same goal and the interresting things comes when, for a same purpose, contestant discovers many differents ways to achieve it. So, whatever the theme may be, my proposition is a contest where all contestants have to build the same thing. To complexify it a bit, all model should : - have to be able to do a specific thing ( a broom truck must be able to pick up 1X1 round bricks for exemple,...) - Integrate a specific linkage, (as klann linkage for exemple) - ... Criterias should be oriented both on global design,technical achievement of the specific common function, thing to integraze, clean build, etc..
  4. at 8:34 Is it me or do the engine rotate in different directions between the different gears engaged? It is curious because i normally wouldn't do that with this gearbox setup?
  5. 1: 10 10: 6 5: 4 9: 3 11: 2 7: 1 Sorry for not participating, but this isn't my kind of stuff. However, interresting entries. Good job and luck at all contestants.
  6. CHINOOK - Take 01, attempt 79821 Ok guys, i come back on this project. After some hours of thinkering i managed to build this thing: This is the first time i manage to build a fully functionnal, reliable and yet realistic set of a chinook two stages mixing unit. The pilot's flight commands are operationnal and the linkages are build from the differents joystiks trought the master and secondary mixing unit to the end levers that will be connected to the swashplates. Short overview of the functionalities: - Pushing joystik to the front controls a collective reversed movement of the swashplates, - Tilting joystik controls a coordonate latéral inclination of both swashplates, - Collective lever controls a coordonale elevation of both swashplates - Pedals controls a reversed lateral inclination of both swashplates. All movements can be executed independently of the position of other levers. The full range of movement is allowed for any commands at any time. So what's next and what is the goal of that all: - Build a full size chinook helicopter, color LBG for structural elements, black bodywork (matter of inventory) - Getting inner flight commands functionnal ,as my H145 has - Build lateral outter controls as my AW169 had, - Motorized rotors, winches (lateral and under the helicopter), motorized rear ramp - Openable element giving a deep inside view on the controls (higlight on this aspect for this project) - Finaly finishing this model as i work on it for 12 years now. I clearly needed to pass through all different project to learn and finaly be able to have a deep comprehension of the limits of the different mechanism inside of these machine, so i consider not having lost my time. But time to build now. @efferman i'll need a specific swashplate for this one, and i'll need your help for that -> MP? be continued
  7. Helicopter passion never die.... I was searching information about my current reference model and look what i found:
  8. And a new part at the rear for the suspension. Some kind of axle with two cross shaped end. See the video at the beginning. Second page of the partlist in the lighg bluish gray section...
  9. Honestly i don't think. What has been copied according to me is: - The whole assembly ot the rear stabilisators, - The crane and particulary the telescopic system - The whole bed and it's manual tilting geometry The construction of the frame made it easy to add the gearboxes to switch to a pseudo-manual mode, it due to the fact that this build is +/- modular. They build a new front cab, this part isn't mine. So to summary this i find that the higlighted technical particularity are copied and mixed with third party design. This is why i think there is another guy between my design and the released product.
  10. No manual version from my part, no. Maybe some other guy build the manual version and sell it to Reobricks. I'll write to them explaining this.
  11. Have you seen this design before? I do..
  12. Just one thing....every commands work upside down...
  13. Take 05 Hi all! Let me, at first, give you my best wishes for this new year. Next to that, i continued working on this model with some major updates. - First is a new skyline for the cabin's profile, - The second is the suppression of the center pillar between the doors. These mods are completed with a new design for the rear rotor. I removed the control of it at the benefit of a better looking rear end. Note that the blades are still adjustable manually. I also managed to make the winch arm foldable. Pictures: Steph.
  14. Probably your best unimog! I love the scale of it and the overall density of the build. No need of bigger model now, as this one is top nocht. Also, i am an absolute fan of those model with a ton of playabilities. Interchangeable tools, fake engine, liftable cab, etc... Just imagine if you could see this on shelf. Honestly. It would be an instant buy. This state of mind also translates into the instructions. It reminds me the old good time (1985-90) when you really had to be focus on your build because of dense and really technic instructions. Love it. Really. Steph.