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  1. steph77

    [TC15] AH-77S - HUNTER

    So there is one more hunter in the EB sky. I am just honored you build it so no problem to post here. If it goes this way this topic is going to turn into a mod en and improvement one
  2. steph77

    (TC15) Delta Dart

    Modern delta planes use two extra ailerons. In French they are called 'canards. They are located near the cockpit in front of the engine air intake. See euro fighter typhoon or French Rafale. Maybe a goog add to your model?
  3. steph77

    [TC15] AH-77S - HUNTER

    So these shock absorber will remain in yellow. Thanks for the info.
  4. steph77

    [TC15] WWII Attack Airplane

    Who cares? I find you capture proportion in a great way so far. From an aesthetic POV I would reduce the gap between front propeller and the engine cover by one stud. Good work!
  5. steph77

    [TC15] Lego 852 Studless Version

    Hello. Don't forget that this model integrate a collective pitch control
  6. if you decided, by chance, to publish instructions (ldd is enough, this one is first on top of my list of moc to build I just sort all my leftover parts and actually it seems ok... keep it up Igor!
  7. steph77

    [TC15] AH-77S - HUNTER

    I just have to thank @Ivan_Mfor the excellent job on these instructions. I pass a couple of hours to check these instructions. I can tell you all that this guy made a way deeper work than it could seem at first look. I really hope for all those who will build it you will enjoy it as much as I does when designing it. Again thanks at Ivan.
  8. steph77

    (TC15) Delta Dart

    Cool mecha...the little thing that hurts me is the fact your joystick is not really articulated on one point... You have seen this already All helicopters on this contest have this concept based mechanism. A collective movement and an cyclic one @Aventador2004 will you push your concept to intagrate a flap control too? This make a trim effect on both flaps and ailerons...challenge!
  9. I don't own such bb.... isn't it possible to use a simple pole reverser? it is available in set 8293... EDIT ; this pole reverser could be positioned deep inside your build of chassis and have a HOG somewhere?
  10. ok, understood! seems your main rotor mas need strong reinforcement, no? good job so far keep on this way!
  11. This train bb is or course a good solution. Couldn't you use it as front counterweight? This would leave the place for your gearbox but in another hand it will lock the possibility to use the front attachment. To solve this issue you could imagine also a front tool who incorporate this bb?
  12. looks good so far, btw
  13. for your gearbox, maybe this design may help: see at 4:20 steph.
  14. steph77

    [TC15] Airbus Eurocopter EC135

    +1 with @Thirdwigg keep it simple. I would try to simplify the front end too. The DBG flex are not that useful IMO. good work for the next step