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  1. steph77

    [MOC] Bulldozer

    If i exept the not vertical position of the actuators this model looks great and seems pleasant and fun to play with. I think you have done a great job. For improvement I let you here my thought. Maybe it is possible to mount the actuators upside down so you could drive them from the back of th model and build a connection between the moving arm of the LA and a lift arm connected to the blade. Just my thought. This retires nothing of to the overall quality of your model.
  2. steph77

    strange ratchet mechanism

    i used a similar system in this moc:
  3. steph77

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    i quiet agree with that analyse. @kbalage maybe you can just reverse the stickers +/- -> -/+ ?
  4. As complement to my previous message:
  5. Just a try at explaining this issue. I notice on @Sariel review that the gearbox structure is mainly build based on connector and axles in stead of lift arms. I previously build such gearbox structure and I saw lots of friction. The gap between two connectors mounted on axle is sensible shorter than the gap between two studs on a lift arm. @Anio maybe check the mount of the gearbox support and maybe relax a little the stress on the parts where axles go through.
  6. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    at least: Enjoy.
  7. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Ok for the tan parts. For the rest it is not the virtual model that i want to change, but the real life model. I'll have a try at rebrickable for searching the parts.
  8. steph77

    [WIP] Fox 8x8 V2

    Oups. I mises that. Sort. This automatic speed correction is a great stuff. Then! Thx
  9. steph77

    [WIP] Fox 8x8 V2

    Hello, Big model... Won't you experience powersupply issue ? 8 XL motors is quiet a lot for one BB. And if you have differents sources, how can manage the eventual difference of power of the different sources (=different speeds at Wheel in final)?
  10. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi all, First i finished the LDD model. I experience prblems when trying to post it at Mocpage. Somme of Java issue i think. I'll tell you as soon as i manage to solve that. Second, i need your help. As some of you my know i am daltonian. This mean, for me, that i experience troubles in color perception in particular in the shade of grey/blue and green sperctrum. I would like to convert my 911 in blue. The only blue fender panel i know are those of the car transporter truck. I do not own it. So, i would like to ask you if, in this shade of blue, the other neccecery parts exists (panels, flex rods, angle connectors. As i cannot be certain of the exact shade of blue, i would need the reference of sets that use the same shade of blue parts. I use photoshop to realize this picture, wich is hopefully the good shade of blue (tell me if i am wrong) Here is what i would like to do: I also would like to realise a Tan color interrior. Does the panel use for seats exists in this color? Thanks for your help.
  11. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    I am drawing this Under standard LDD… I assume that even without thos fender, everyone who want to build this will achieved it easily.
  12. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    For those who asked me: New fender panels doesn't exist actually. But ok, WIP. Still need some days to complete.
  13. Did you try to add a 1/2 bush Inside your shock absorber? Do like below with yellow ones. Must solve your issue Simply.
  14. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Thanks all. I will make one LDD for parts list and mybe a 'challenge ' instructions base on only 3 pictures, could be fun. Let's go for a mini. Blue color would be a great mix with the 911. Had to command some parts now...
  15. On your pictures, it seems to me that the rear wheel pop up largely out of the fender. Maybe it's a perspective issue. I would enlarge them if the 2/3 of the tires weren't under the fender. If the tires already fit Under the fender , it's ok.