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  1. Hi all, This bird lands in my backyard (for real, no joke) on 15/08/2022. le H145-D3 du CMH - YouTube They were in a mission to bring help to a man who was experimenting a cardiac arrest. They stay on site for 20min and, as this thing has landed in my backyard, i had the opportunity to have a closer look at it. No need to say i instantly knew what to build for the next few month. After beeing in contact with the CMH (in french Centre Médical Héliporté de Bra-sur Lienne), we have agreed on the realization of this model wich wille be exhibited during the open days of the ASBL next year. The model will be used by the pilot team to explain the main functionalities of the real machine to child (and adults too) before they can get close to the real machine. Take01 At first, the model will be based on the excellent custom part from @efferman. However, i had a bad trip trying to understand the functional range of this part, all it's advantage but also limitations. Actually all the main rotor functionalities are in, and work pretty well, according to my own quality criteria. On another hand the aibus h145 has some characteristics that are very difficults to reproduce. Two of them in particular are importants. The main model has NO structural pilar between pilot's door and sliding door. Even not in the center of the cabin wich is fully clear of obstacles. This is impossible to built out of lego parts. We agreed of making this concession. The second is that all flight commands cables pass through the central mount of...the windshield! This is also quiet difficultés with lego parts... So, here am i actually: As always, all comments, ideas are welcome. S.
  2. Hello, For the 5 blades rotor, it was just impossible to built it on the time it was designed. With the new parts available today it should be a great update. Unfortunately, the model is dimanteled actualy and i am already working on anather 5 blade helicopter. (and it is not TLG H175 ) For the tail rotor's position, the choice came out with the general setup of the flight commands. If you look at the instructions, you'll understand how tricky it was to fit the functionalities inside of it. At one moment, i had to reverse the main rotor orientation (in order to get the collective controls in a logic setup). As it runs counterside of the real one, i prefer to pursuit the logic of my own built and locate the tail rotor on the logic side. This is the reason. S.
  3. 2022- Tracked loader MK2 Today, and after some rest time far from my bricks, i would like to present you my last creation for now. A tracked loader. Here is the list of features it has: - Drive via two large motors - Main arm up and down via two medium motors, - Tilting the bucket via a medium motor. - Drive gearbox with a selection of high speed - neutral - Low speed - Suspentions on tracks - openable doors and back cover - Realistic geometry of the lifting arm with angle correction of the bucket. - Two sets of lights - Main switch of the battery box in cab. Here it is: In opposition with my previous attempt at building a tracked loader, this one has a conventional global shape. The main difficulty in tjis model is the remaining place to insert the mechanism as the volume isn't that big. The blue lever on top of the cabin is the gear selector. I've tried to obtain classics, but dynamyc line at the same time. I also worked on a lot of details as the laders, the doors, an oil tank, exhausts, ... The range of movements is also realistic, the bucket rise higher than the cab and the tilting angle is good. On low position, the bucket is really close to the tracks giving a compact stature to the model: You may note that the whole range of movement is availaible in any position of the arm or the bucket. Some detailed views: Gearbox selector The inner of the cabin and openable doors: You can see on the picture below the main switch of the model. It is located on the cabin's floor and is connected to the battery box by a vertical axle connected to a lever itself connected to the switch of the BB. Simple and efficient. Now the extra functionalities: The track suspensions: First viewed from the bottom;: You may see the articulations arms in front of the battery box. This setup results in this: Then, the gearbox, it is located under the cab, at the rear of the tracks. The setup make use of the orange rotary gear selector, and for this reason, the gearbox are built symetricaly in order to get the proper gears engaged at the same time: Left track gearbox: right side track gearbox: So, here it is. I hope you will like it! S.
  4. If you build the same with 5 blades i will purchaise it instantly :) This design is the logical complement to the swashplate you designed. About this last one, i am also building something new But i need some time to understand this part in deep. As a brand new one, it has clear advantages but also some couterbalanced contraints and i need time. Another thing, i found a way to lower the rotor of the airbus by using a flip/flop beam as main mast. It alow to have a connection with the mini-turnatable of only 2 studs high. and thus to lower the swashplate by one more stud. S.
  5. True, and the maximum tilt angle is pretty fine too.
  6. ok, a quick summary of this beautiful part ... It was really hard to put the 3 parts together, it asked a lot of force to clic them. Once put in place, the parts were completely locked, and once again it asked a lot of force to make them turn for the first time. But after, it is absolutely to come soon. Perfect balanced, realistic movements. Just the pin ball that really will be better hold in place with @efferman 's mod.
  7. Parts arrived at home... I'll let you know my thought as soon as i get back home, after work...
  8. In fact, i mount one new blade on an articulate rotor. The rotor instantly tilts because new baldes are lighter. I test it with the 5 new blades: the same. I notice that the new ones are thicker than previous ones.
  9. i will wait for the part and see what happend. i could eventualy coat the joinball to get a superior grip later. Another thing i noticed: The new blade (with yellow ends) are considerably lighter than the previous ones (with black ends). There is a huge difference. Is it the same with yours?
  10. So if i understand it right, we will receive parts with 5.8mm of diametre? I just hope that the pushrods will remain in place once under effort.
  11. Ok Just too impatient for this part for so long awaited Again thx S.
  12. Ok. This is a perfect design. The angle is not a problem as 70% of the movement is done by the collective and only 30 by the cyclic pitch . How can i get one ? Shapeways ? Other? Edit. Just see the shapeways link. Thanks
  13. good job @efferman i will build your mod this evening. It looks like it will be better tan the original one. I think we will need your part builder talent too. After looking closely to the new swashplate part, i think TLC completely flaws it. I explain: They litteraly build a turntable. You could as well use the existing turntable and you'll got the same. The point is: on a hellicopter, the all joinball (i mean those under and up the rotary plane) NEEDS to be in the same geometric plane. This geometric plane pass by the center of the pivot ball. This is the only way to get a perfect smooth movement of the whole assembly. In the actual case, the whole swashplate makes 3 studs high and it NEEDS to fit in one stud height only. Like this: (see giff on the internet page below) helicopter swashplate Another thing: i will replace the connector you place on the lower rear of the swashplate. The one used to stabilisez the swashplate position, and this, in order to eliminate any friction. The 3L double pin with center axle hole has way to much friction. I propose to replace it by the same but with cross pins on both side. S.