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  1. . Anyway it'a good choice! Just be carefull. This piece is quiet fragile at the articulation point
  2. Thanks! Could be hard to find and be very expensive. I just had mine from the dark age. Personnaly i would preffer @efferman custom part....
  3. Here is a video of the model in action: Enjoy!
  4. The upper part rotation is achieved by one medium motor. Here is the kinematic sequence: M motor/worm gear / clutch / 12T / turntable. Although I have 3 wires passing through the turntable I didn't install specific rotation limiter, but I had better to do so. I'll try to see how I could realize this limitation. Thanks for comments!
  5. It is RC, three IR controller. The IR receptor are installed at the back of the body, one in the left side and two in the right side. The receptor are integrated by the use of the black color for the back part of the structure. The cells are oriented to the top for a maximum quality of reception. Look closely at the first image of the post and search the new curved black panels 3/5 at the back and search inside the curved side on the top, you'll find them ;)
  6. Thanks! I do not based it from a real model. I just make use of my Volvo labeled parts to give an identity to the model :) Honestly I tried to do it. But I failed. My reasoning on this point is the next one: As my treads are only 20 cm long (total length, only 21t between axes) I do not have that much place to insert the drivetrain. Making use of the treat sprockets involve that I had to report to the center on the tracks the point where I could connect the motors. This meant a 5 to 6 T longer tracks witch doesn't match my goal. On the other hand it was possible to pass the drive train directly laterally. It also failed due to much to wide design. So, even if the design impact is real, I decide to use 40T gear and old style treads. This was the best compromise as I immediately obtain a great reduction (40T/12T) and get a good power and couple in the tracks. As the duet 40T/12t is realized with one T of vertical offset, it also fit perfectly with the L motors points of connections Last but not least, the rotation on flat surfaces is much smoother with those 40T gears :) It is one of the few point on witch I made different choice than what is usually the use. Thanks for comments
  7. Here I am again. This time the subject is one of the very usual kind: one PFS IR commanded excavator. They are many exemples of perfect excavator on the web...but I just wanted mine, of my own design. So I study it from A to Z and I had to answer many of the questions that many people answer before.Surprisingly, I do not answer the same at some of them :) But first this is what we are talking about: This model as been design in one only goal : a maximum of fun to play with it. In order to match that goal, each and every motor Is directly connected to each function. No mechanics in there. The function are ultra classical : drive, steer, rotate and the 3 movements of the arm. I make use of L motor for the tracks and lifting main arm. Other are medium size motors. I also choose to keep it as compact as possible. The main issue I find on many creation on the web is a too big body resulting in a too big arm. Too big arm need lots of power and often be very slow to move. I try to get what I think is the best compromise in size and use of existing motors. (No pipa I do not have RC ones :) ) The tracks gives the global scale. As you see the BB is in the lower part of the structure. This is due to compactness of the upper part but also for better design of this last spoken upper part. As the excavator rolls only on flat surfaces, no use of any suspension in it... view from the downside the tracks are well integrated, and even with the BB there is a good ground clearance of 3T wich is very good. I also try to implement good action range at the arm: And also small details that makes it looks good, like 3 sets of lights, toolbox, ... Back view, easy acces to the BB to swictch on/off and replace (often:) ) batteries The top part is designed so replacing M motor by Large one is easy (I do command two of them, awaiting arrival) So here it is, not the Moc of the year for sure, but sometimes it's good to achieve some simple goals. As expected and designed for, this one is very fun to play with. Hope you'll enjoy it Steph.
  8. After seeing the leaked pictures i am 100% sure that the rally car is exactly the same size, wheels an then, by deduction, functionalities than the 42041 B model. According to me it is not a bad thing since this B model is still build actually and played with by my children. The A model was put in pi├Ęces after 3days.... I read that you guys want transmitions and suspension on it, but at this scale it is absolutely not a must have.... EDIT: and from memories, the space between front wheel and mudguard doesn't let any doubt on the lack of this feature. For the Mack truck i am not 100% sure but would'nt be surprised if it use the medium size tires and then will not be in the 42043 scale. Just think about how large the b model of this 42043 is. And then think it is a different tractor, MUCH longer, and with a trailer???? no much too big i think. I base my analyse in comparison size between tires and the rack of the outriggers
  9. hello. According to me you have to light it up at max and then you must simplify drastically the transmittion. You ave realy to much gearing in the process. Try to have one solid reduction directly at the output of the motors in order to increase the torque as much as possible and the go in the most direct way to a differential. @+
  10. on IE10 does not work. After having voted impossible to look at the results. The poll dissapeared...
  11. little up just to share the video of this Moc:
  12. Semi dump truck

    As it was asked for here are two pictures of the pendular suspension system:
  13. hi Jim. I open the topic and vote. it apparently works. but I change topic and come back again. it was asked to me to vote again. I both case when clicking on the show results button, the all system to vote do disappear from my screen...
  14. I have voted . I enter the forum and wasn't log on it. I saw the results. I do log in and the window asking vor vote appeared. I voted but wasn't able to look at the results. You're welcome