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  1. These decals are from a Revel scale model of a seaking helicopter.
  2. Thanks all for kind comments. As you may now, I just never stop working on a project.I hesitate to continue posting about it since the topic was passed for a while, but as you pop it up here is the actual state of the art work on it. Take 08 : stickers time I know some of you (and I do also) may be purist in terms of design and consider this mean as a way to make design easier. I don't. But I try to input a more realistic touch in this model, so, what do you think guys of this: in more details: Steph
  3. steph77

    Generic Contest Discussion

    +1 also for Something flying :)
  4. This contest didn't inspired me at all, but i must admit that the entries are mostly fun and great. Here is my vote: 1: 10 12: 6 10: 4 3: 3 6: 2 5: 1
  5. You CAN do it Just build the second controler and go :) You have build a perfect proof of concept actually, the hardest par is done. Looking at your model i Wonder if it wouln't be better keep the gearbox behind the controler not one up the other to maintain a good scale proportion. And by the way this configuration is perfectly adapted to....linear actuators And at last, you need to fix quickly the position of the battery box Keep this up!
  6. It also can become your own designed crane! You can or not choose to say your design is based on a real thing. So speeking of your existing model and only this existing model, I could perhaps give you some advice? Usually, you are at this point when I personally ask myself this: - Ok, now I have a functional model, great! - I have to separate function and design now. - About function, do all of them work properly? is the design and mechanics ok in regards to TLG standards, what could I do better? Look function by function, making sequences for each of them - is my build modular, can I extract difined sub assembly?, look at each subassembly and try to simplify them at max keeping all functionalities.Usualy I personaly remove 10 to 20% pieces from original rush to final model. - From design point point of view, what are my design guidelines and program? are them clearly understandable and do my model be in correspondence to my goal? - Can I simplify and clean my design elements like cab, chassis, crane cab, etc... Looking at each and every once a time I am sure this model could be way better. CAUTION! I am not telling you your model is not. I tell you that it has the potential to be still better! And, BTW, you already managed to build a functional crane, not everyone here could do it, so keep up with this work, with patience, carrefuly designing each element and constantly having your very own criticism spirit. Keep it on!
  7. I never talk about money. I find you are right. My post was clear: get back to Mocs topics...
  8. my opinion on this subject: 1 - Lego is a hobby, 2- Everyone do it with his experience and own knowledge, this mean I do accept everyone is not able to build top Mocs (I do not estimate myself be able to do so) 3- In each and every project, based on an subjective high implication of his builder, there are potentionaly things to learn, idea to emerge and go on further. 4-I estimate it's important to have respect to every people capacity. Commitment to work is more important. In that spirit I will quickly answer and comment a Moc of a young designer who gave all he had in his Moc than one of a known builder presenting it's 50th hypercar 5- Respect. Is mother of all in here With this all in mind, I understand your frustration receiving comments. But @Sariel is right, your crane is not a representation of any crane of any real brand. And this is not important. Important is that you've enjoy your build. I am sure that if you've done further in deep explanation of your build process, attention point, difficulties you've find and positive critisim on your own work, people (and I) would probably be there to say you've done good job and idea on how go further with your build. respectfully, Steph
  9. steph77

    Superbike - Video added

    Thanks! Here are some complementary views of the gearbox area: selector assembly: Front top view: gear selector connection: 4 engine detail front: underside view: Frame sub-assembly: Frame full assembly:
  10. steph77

    Superbike - Video added

    As mentionned in my first post, it is this shifter, yes. I just take the principle because this design is not enough sturdy and reliable for a real use in a moc. I do modify it a little therefore, but Lego Technic Mastery is well the owner of the idea.
  11. steph77

    Superbike - Video added

    Sure! see below. I do not give up with the street bike. I just found this one was the most effective for a first bike with real sequential transmission.Thanks I am unfortunately not able to produce them. I can eventually produce ldd file. Yes, even if I do even not imagine ridding my H2 in socks, crazy guy! And thanks all for kind comments. Take 06 Time has come to finish the exterior design of this bike. @pagicence, Look at this:
  12. steph77

    [MOC] Tracked Loader

    I really like your loader! Original idea. Do you use or not a central differential? Minor point for me are the quiet visible medium motor in the rear design. Good job!
  13. steph77

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    I can't say what I most fan of. I love the multi use of a common plateform. superb job. So clean! I love your 3 ways tipper bed. No. I am really jalous of it ;) I like the overall clean design. pure technic spirit. I appreciate the motorized version wich is optional, so manual stuff that I like so much are well present and spot on. This model could seem 'gentle but for people who really now how hard the job behind is is, it is absolutely stunning. BTW, we both come to appreciate intermediary scales. At least it seems so. At this reduced scale I know how hard it can be and I give you friendly congrats therefore. Kudos for that all. Steph.
  14. steph77

    Superbike - Video added

    Sometime projects take a turn without you really realize it. During the work, as my main model was kept mounted and while I was working at MK17 on a second model this thing as born Take 05 This bike has a furious look. It has exactly the same dimensions as official TLG BMW 1200rs...and a sequential controlled 4 speeds gearbox. I had to change the colour scheme for a funny reason. My son just didn't accepted I took parts out off his Lamborghini and so I just came a little short in this lime colour. But Ok, back to this model. No particular mark or model for inspiration, but with it's 45 degrees V4 engine, this coul be a Honda Transalp, or some sort of KTM also. Other pictures: You can see here the work on the back fork. This articulation area include both sequential selector, gearbox commands shaft, fork articulation and driving chain. The bike has two exhausts, a confortable saddle and generous mudguards protections. Viewed from the driver's POV, this bike could be credibly comfortable. It is equipped with a large handlebar, and large travel suspension in the front and the rear Laterally, the profile is correspondent to this category bikes. The bike is equipped with a retractable crutch Underside view. It gives a good idea of the mechanical aspects. I am happy having be able to keep a width contained for this bike. And complete top view New orange selector. Still two days and I would not have one hair on my head anymore. detail of the exhausts realized out of Ninjago barels And at last, detail of the stepper and a last general view So whats the "hic" out there. This bike has suspensions, 4 speeds, 4 seeds commanded by foot stepper,4 seeds commanded by foot stepper and placed in the right order (MK 78452) So what's wrong? I just got two speeds in drive mode and...two reverses! Ok, I still have some work. Steph.