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  1. Thanks all for kind comments :) I will try to produce a video soon. @Doug72 i knew this moc. I found it obviously well build but however a little slow . This Moc is also a good illustration on the mast visibility problem ithat i have tryed to solved.
  2. seen from the father point of view this might be the better set of this years. Not only it looks good but it provides two great models. By great models i mean interesting building experience, lots of simple mecha (excellent for a child to learn at technic theme) and, more important, lots of fun to play with as lego provide the forklift and some object to use with. I say that because in my whole moc collection, the moc who had the very best succes was my single farming tractor who is just in the same principle (simple mecha, various simples functions, and all manual) Just my thought on it.
  3. Hi all, Here is an attempt at building a new forklift. My previous one used the TLG design for the boom. This time i decided to build my own. Why? Just because the TLG boom had a big inner central mecha that makes impossible for the driver to look in front of him... I solved this by using a string based mechanics to lift the first stage of the mast. The second stage is also indirectly lift by the first one's movement. The whole arm has a tilting mechanism: The model has a propulsion base on one medium size motor, a tilting mechanism based on the same one. The direction is made with a servoand the main lifting use also a medium size motor. At all stage, the power is enough. Some other pictures: Front view. the driver just can look in front of him. Good idea no? Maximun size of the full open mast The model has drive and steering. Led light are also at party. The steering Wheel is custom made using technic disk and a Polly tire I hope you'll like it. Steph
  4. We Need Respect for the designer now. Delete this vidéo. I do not see it and i Just do not want to. Edit. Private message to lego désigner who read this website for sure. You have done some great job. We Will be there tomorow for the presentation. Cudoooos guys!
  5. I am still wondering how they managed the sequential shifter and were it is localised in the model
  6. So sad....same than for dedicated topic. @Jim
  7. +1. We know already it will be one excellent set if not one of the best ever released. just keep some mystery for the few days left @JimLock it.
  8. Jim . Milan. Time to respect to lego designers who have done some awesome work. All we know actualy is that it Will be great . 6 dans to wait.
  9. Maybe a CVT transmission?
  10. The central lever between seats is a regular gearbox shifter piece. So i suppose this will acts like on Porsche and be the fwd/reverse selector. i ask myself where will be localised the gearbox main shifter. it could be the same than recent mercedes AMG moc, at the back in the rear window (the only view we don't have actually).
  11. No. I imagine à link between sequential gearbox and spoiler. Spoiler would be some indicator on wich speed is engaged. ...
  12. Just spéculations. I think that gearbox commands the spoiler...
  13. i think you had better remove this picture as leaked pictures are not allowed to be published on this forum...
  14. For me its all ok. Curious about the functionalities. And great coloris choice. Way better than porsche on that point.
  15. Salut steph, regarde ici: