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  1. hello, Thanks for comment and I hope you will enjoy your built with my model. It's true that @Ivan_M does a great job! And, BTW welcome to EB! As you are a member now, I think your Allouette II needs absolutely her own topic. I am very curious and interested in how you managed all the controls, especially in the lower part of the main mast :) @+
  2. Fresh and well executed idea ! I like the design, lightweight and very well built. this kind of crane are quiet rare but in lego gives a famous opportunity to have fun with. I like the Lego execution of the model, plenty of good ideas out there What I do not like that much : the HOG steering, not so easy accessible and not that useful finaly. I have some questions on the playability point of view, if raising the mast seems ok, extending it is very slow due to worm gear (perfect technically and very well design for the boom), need a gearing setup to speed it up, no? Same, even if it's hard to tell with the vid) for the winch mechanism. Except that I really like your model, and I do consider the time past on it. Regards Steph
  3. Does someone now what are the very specify things to know about the Chiron? I am not specialist in cars but as Porsche has some recognisable features what could be the function on this further Bugatti? Aerodynamics moving parts, gearbox commands? ...
  4. What can i say? It's just perfect job you have done, Ivan. A great an respectuous thanks for your time. I really like the way you produce these instructions. In a sense it makes me feel like 20 years back when TLC produce themself challenging instructions. Remember the cart chassis who had less than 20 steps. You can obiously post in on your own rebrickable acount. Once you have a link, i'll add it to my YT description. I hope now that people will enjoy building it. Steph.
  5. Hello, It happened a lot of things here. Just coming back from work travel and wow... So, for the tail rotor, if there isn't a conflict with the rear vertical wing it's ok form me. I am dubitative with the font panel in the nose, as my flex suggest a transparent element, but why not. As you realize the instructions and therefor pass a lot of time I friendly accept your Mod :) As final speech, I had to say that even if instructions aren't 100% perfect it gives a good base for peoples who want to build it. Having instructions made by a community work doesn't mean IMO that it dispense of thinking and reflexion during building... The most interesting part is still the rotors controls and rotor head on this Moc.... Looking at the vid of Jonhatan I realize that there is one main issue with the swashplate. My swashplate elements have been used for about 20 years building lots of helicopters and in it's current state is absolutely used so that it swip along it's axle. But the original part has a lot of friction in it's conception. I think this element needs a note in the instructions too. As an easy (but not acceptable for purist) solution, it would be useful to modify the axle and tweek it a little... I tested one method, as I own two of the swashplate element and since one is in it's original state. I took one 10L axle witch is a very common part and with a blade i planed a little the inner side of the cross axle. Removing just a little material of only one side of each of the 4 branch of the cross axle is enough to remove the friction and gain a lot of playability. the outer faces of the cross axle can be keeped intact This method preserve the rare and expensive swashplate element. Steph.
  6. Great news! Thanks for this great work. When i follow the link i just have the picture you've posted. Normal?
  7. Agreed with Jurss. If you do not links the two suspention arms this Will not résist. I realy appréciate and looks forwards to this project
  8. I understood you. This rear rotor was very complicated to design. And it results in effective weird angles. ...but it works ☺ Realy impatient for first results of your work. I planed to build your and also jonathan édition as a second moc😊
  9. This mod is in the spirit of original build. OK for me :) Tricky parts? I realy do not see what you mean. Lol...
  10. Previous was best i think. I am afraid this one will be cracking at the level of the 3 black 12T double bevel gear? It would be usefull to test it under charge of the rotor head as some torque pass through this gearing.
  11. I think that this is the best solution. This will result with the suppression of the two litlle panels at the rear but it's acceptable for me. Great job!
  12. Good question. Jonathan as done changes that makes some of my assembly more 'official like build'. He worked hard and keep the build his personality however design looks a little bit less 'agressive' wich is a good thing in a sense. In this mind spirit, i think all his changes can be integrated. The fact he integrated the new gearbox elements is a must have too. For motorisation it's another story. Originaly i build it in order to avoid any stress on the Medium motor and avoiding any 'cracking' gearing . My XL motor is dead actually and i cannot test this version unfotunately. If it work proprely, wy not after all. On the other hand medium motor is the most usual one, XL is quiet rare part... As this Moc is turning onto a community driven project i believe you can go on with this XL proposition :) After that, any builder who will test it is free to adapt and play with his own model to realise it exactly as he want and expect. That would be exactly what it is intended to (have fun) Steph. EDIT: any opinion is welcome on this point. Milan?, Jeroen? how would you answer this question from your particular point of view?
  13. Hey! Cool render! what do you use to achieve this kind of pictures?
  14. Thanks for your work guys, Maybe @Ivan_M can post pictures of the elements that needs to be rotated so i can also think the best way to realise the right ordered instructions?