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  1. steph77

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Ok, fun topic! Here are my trucks so far:
  2. They are still avalaible near TLC. I buyed some of them for my rubish truck... And i think that with a limited scope for exemple a maximal base of 20 stud by 40stud (or shorter) and a mandatory two stage module (no more no less) it would be accessible at a lot of people. I also believe that pure techic style GBC could be even more challenging . So why not, for me.
  3. steph77

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    Thanks!. Yes i guess some parts came from this set, but not only. I buy a lot of parts directly from the store so i canot tell you out of wich set my model is out finaly. Thanks! i was surprised myself when searching old picture on the very first post. Skills evolved but passion is still the same. This is the final point in this hobby, no? S. .
  4. So, I got my first medal in here! Special thanks to all of you who have voted for my entry; Very secial thanks at each member who makes this contest live by publishing consistant and quality posts in each and every entry post; this hepled a lot in getting continuous motivation; Veryvery special thanks to @Jim and @Milan thanks to whom we all know today that a motorcycle has two wheels and, eventualy, three if it's a sidecar... And finaly, congratulation to all members engaged in the contestv for thequality and originality of each and every build. See you soon on the next constest!
  5. Hello, Any idea of when the vote will close? And what delay for stage 2? I didn't find this info anywhere....
  6. steph77

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    I must admit that these rear suspension presents now a little bit of hardtail style It clearly needs softer ones, but all my soft suspension are used on different midscale trucks, and hard ones doesn't fit at all on these models so... I do change the seats due to chassis modification. Yours where looking so good with so few parts! Oh, i forgot to tell you that i also attached firmly thre roof to the under structure so it is possible to lift the car by holding it. Not recommanded, but ok, it can survive now. S.
  7. 9: 10 6: 6 1: 4 8: 3 7: 2 19: 1 Thanks all for this good moments!
  8. steph77

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Hi @paave ! I finished the build. It was gorgeous After completing the original design, i push my own touch in it. I hope you'll don't mind for it... What i changed: - Get out with the principle of a chassis+ independant body, as i'll let your car to a young child (age7), i found it needed to be a little more solid built, - I reinforced the chassis by adding a second stage of liftarms with a 3 stud offset on the upper side of the car's floor, i reinforced the suspension in the front - I add lateral liftarm to lock the whole build, -I fixed the trunck cover solidly so you can hold the car when taking it by this trunk cover, - I get an enable independant rear door opening by modifying the attachment point and system, - imodified the rear axle so it can support the weight of a child playing with it, - I add a functionnal steering wheel and adapted the HOG diameter for a child too - I rebuild the seats (front and back) correspondigly to the new frame setup I obviously keep the outside desigh that is absolutely fantastic, and i also keep as it the transmission system that works perfectly well. Thanks again! I place all pictures here: general views: the trunk cover: independant rear doors: Hinge system : Functional steering wheel: rear suspension setup ans structural reinforcment: So thanks again! S.
  9. steph77

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    @Rudivdk thanks you for kind words! I understand your point on the colorsheme. It 's also a matter of avalaible parts in my inventory...Good luck with your own entry too.
  10. steph77

    [TC19] - Hybrid (2WD)

    It is a clear and clean build you present to us. I must say i am particulary impressed by the reflexion behind this one. The gear box that gives both different gear ratios and 2WD/RWD... And that colorsheme.... Well done, Sir!
  11. steph77

    [TC19] The Red Blaze

    Hi! It's a matter of taste i guess, but this black version is awesome looking. JMHO. The connector in replacement of the bionicle tooth doesn't look that bad. Everyone will understand what it could look, especially with the correct build in red version. I ask myself if i wouldn't change the rims: grey for red version and a full black livery on the other one?... S.
  12. steph77

    [TC19] Fat Chop 1200

    Hi, No, i have no particular question about your built. It is well documented, chasis picture is clear, and i couild easy built in just from the pictures. So it's cool and nice little model. My opinion is: it is perhaps a little too simple for this contest that is based on a technical/design integration. S.
  13. steph77

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    i wasn't appealed at all by the Dom'dodge charger when it goes out. I buy it only as part donor to replicate @paave's police car. My daughter ask me if she could built the dodge at first. What she does. And i was stunned by the model, once built. So i'll never get too quick opinion on sets anymore, TLG designer worked hard on it (most of time) and there are often good surprise S.
  14. I do not agree with that. I think @MegaRoi 's idea is cool and add a real + to the playability. Based on the last picture of the first post i would: (looking at the picture from left to right): - keep the first axle with the 16T and tan 20T gera as it is; - The second axle (between the first one and the one with the driving ring): remove the 12T gear on the left and place a 12Tbetween the two tan 20T gears; - On the axle with the driving ring, replace the tan 20T by a Blue 20T worm gear, and try to implement the new driving ring, if not, the blue 20T won't mesh. You'll get a functional 2 speed gearbox with neutral point, and, according to your basic idea, be able to see the difference of speed at the wheel between the two gears. Keep it up! S.
  15. Fine! A little friend to my entry What kind of bodywork would you do? naked front end, windshild? Curious to see how it will evolve next days. S.