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  1. So here is my own opinion. I agree with @Jim the prize is ok for the part count and electric components. But guys, each of us could build the same set with half the part count. I am 100% sure that it is possible to build a perfect functional RC CAT for 2000 parts. (could be a cool subject for a contest though) And if this was done by TLC, a lot more children in the world could had the pleasure to play with. It's just a matter of philosophy. Selling X sets at 450 euros or selling 2X sets at 225...
  2. I am just in awe...and i wheight my every word here. What's the best in this model? its perfect build where every single pin is just in its right place? Or is it the fact that this thing is realy one functional RC bike? Or is it the overall design? Speeking of that i wouldn't had pay a cent if someone told me " i will built a RC bike with a XL motor and an balancing battery box and trust me it will work" In fact i probably had laugh and pass my way. But you did it. And your video makes my day. Thanks for sharing this. Steph.
  3. So sorry for the price tag of this thing. I'll have to pass my way for this one. However: - Left tracks 1 motor - Right track 1 motor - Left vertical actuator of the blade - 1 motor - Right vertical actuator of the blage - 1 motor - Both cylinder on the arm (horizontal actuators) - 1 motor - Ladder - 1 motor - Rear cut, up abd down - 1 motor - 8th function in unknown, maybe a free connection for a light set?
  4. Second model i couldn't pass by and not comment. I am particulary impressed by the custom swashplate you've build. Reading your post, i agree with you, heli don't fly upside down and the end result is very impressive. Well done sir!
  5. I couldn't not comment on it I am quiet impressed by this approach and very curious to see it in action. I must admit that it seems to me you didn't choice the easy way to acheive this, but why not? Once you'll feel ready, a short video of the mixer in action would be appreciate. Steph.
  6. Okay! Thanks Let's expose what's my goal with this one. First of all, every project of this kind has a major interrest for me. It is the fact that everything is always to be done again, and each single model has its particularyties and it needs a long fine tuning to work proprely. The engineering of it is always a big challenge, and it is always what i am searching for. The second goal of this is to have a model where things are all comprehensive and shown. My choice to build a larger scale model tends to have a clean design and a high educative end product. As well the particular ultra light heli design is perfect as all commands can be shown and the minimal things are hidden in the inside. This will be the major difference between this one and previous one. No better or whorse, just a different approach Actually i have done my best to reach this but i am still not happy. If the commands Works proprely, in a smooth way, if i manage to get a strong and reliable structure and nearly zero vibration even at high RPM, the design process and the succcessive adaptations ends in a complex and not that clean looking design. in particular in the basic cell of the aircraft. So, for next step, i need to find a way to clean that a bit. Once i get my phone back i'll take proper picture and i'll need your opinion on it. Maybe a recolor of the model whith a popup color on active elements could be fine?
  7. New bird incoming… This will obiously be detailled in the next day.
  8. I told you guys...the blade movement , height and tilt, will be linked to the hub ’s tilt sensor...
  9. Or people who like to mod the official sets. I personaly am already thinking out how to squizz my recent 4WD/RWD/FWD/N transmission inside...
  10. Jim, are we talking about something like this: credit@Charbel https
  11. Ok, fun topic! Here are my trucks so far:
  12. They are still avalaible near TLC. I buyed some of them for my rubish truck... And i think that with a limited scope for exemple a maximal base of 20 stud by 40stud (or shorter) and a mandatory two stage module (no more no less) it would be accessible at a lot of people. I also believe that pure techic style GBC could be even more challenging . So why not, for me.
  13. Thanks!. Yes i guess some parts came from this set, but not only. I buy a lot of parts directly from the store so i canot tell you out of wich set my model is out finaly. Thanks! i was surprised myself when searching old picture on the very first post. Skills evolved but passion is still the same. This is the final point in this hobby, no? S. .
  14. So, I got my first medal in here! Special thanks to all of you who have voted for my entry; Very secial thanks at each member who makes this contest live by publishing consistant and quality posts in each and every entry post; this hepled a lot in getting continuous motivation; Veryvery special thanks to @Jim and @Milan thanks to whom we all know today that a motorcycle has two wheels and, eventualy, three if it's a sidecar... And finaly, congratulation to all members engaged in the contestv for thequality and originality of each and every build. See you soon on the next constest!