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Found 36 results

  1. Bricked1980


    Hi everybody This is my latest creation, a special Christmas edition of my MOC modular building, "Brick Square Post Office". Hope you like it. Twas the night before Christmas... ... and all the kids at Brick Square were getting excited, building snowmen and putting up the Christmas tree. The children had been busy writing their lists for Santa. They handed their letters to the postman, who was loading up his van ready for the last mail run of the day. He set off in to the snowy night with his precious cargo, but by now the snow was falling thickly. Then there was trouble! The post van hit a snow drift much bigger than usual. Stranded in the snow, the quick thinking Postman grabbed his phone and telephoned ahead. Meanwhile back at Brick Square everything was silent and the children were feeling anxious. It was getting late and the Postman should have returned by now. Just then a friendly whistle sounded in the distance and the air was suddenly filled with the sweet smell of steam It was Santa. He had ditched his reindeer and sleigh and instead opted for good old fashioned steam power, courtesy of The Old Workhorse Traction Engine. Don’t forget The Old Workhorse is on LEGO Ideas. Please spare a couple of minutes to give it your support if you’d like to see it made as a real LEGO set. Anyway, shameless self-promotion out of the way, lets continue the story ... The Old Workhorse arrived at Brick Square carrying Santa himself and all the presents for the children. And just in case you wondered what happened to the Postman. Don’t worry, he made it back home in time for Christmas Day! THE END! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on Eurobricks a very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2019.
  2. Based on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. Enter the brick-built world of Narnia! If you like it, please support this project at Lego Ideas: link WATCH THE MOVIE: More pictures on my flickr Let the imagination (and Aslan) win!
  3. Both these projects were made specifically for an Xmas LEGO exhibition at all local mall that was ended middle of this month. Actually I sneaked in a bunch of my selected LEGO TF into the exhibition as well ! After my exhibition ended , I quickly took them home and snap these photos you see and some vids too. Anyhoo.... RUDOLPH For more photos... SANTA SLEIGHBOT RUDOLPH VIDEO Video of Santa Sleighbot coming soon guys . gimme a day or two more! MERRY XMAS ...!!!
  4. I share with you my latest video!! The diorama is mine, I hope you like it! Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  5. The countdown is on! Only 25 more days until Christmas. I love advent calendars and wanted to create a larger Lego one this year. Each day brings a new character to fill Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. On day one Jessica Claus welcomes you to the North Pole with a delicious tray of treats. The inside is ready for the elves and other Santa helpers to aid Santa get ready for Christmas. There are three fully furnished floors. The first floor is command central where the elves and other helpers can track Santa on his travels around the world on Christmas Eve. An extra large Christmas tree reaches into the second floor. Lots of magic and hard work happens on the second floor, which has a window greenhouse growing poinsettias of course and the workshop with toys, musical instruments and sports gear for children around the world. The third floor is the place where the elves, helpers and Santa get to relax and dine after their busy holiday season. Hope you enjoy and I will try to update daily as the building fills. Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr Santa's Workshop at the North Pole by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  6. Takanuinuva

    Santa's Advent Sleigh

    I decided to try out a Lego Advent Calendar this year. It was fun opening 24 small builds across the 24 days before Christmas I wondered if I could make something using just only the parts from the 2017 Advent Calendar. Using most of the Red, White, Gold and Light Gray parts. I was able to come up with this Sleigh for Santa. While it's a bit fragile in real life. I think it looks good for what parts I had available (LDD pics for now. I'll photograph the real version later)
  7. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Hot Rod Sleigh

    Santa is a Rodder... Hard to believe but Santa is probably a Hot Rodder and this year he has changed his classic sleigh with this snow-rod in bright red and gold. I think he's having a lot of fun with his new machine I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  8. Feuer Zug

    Santa train delivery

    A Union Pacific SD70-ACe delivers a unit coal train of Powder River's finest to Santa on Christmas Eve in time for next day deliver to all the bad boys and girl's stockings.
  9. Hello! This is our Christmas theme layout, my wife and I started building it a year and two months ago for our RLUG's exhibition: Brickenburg Winter Exhibition. For the next events we were expanding it, making it bigger and bigger, adding more and more MOCs and details. Now it has a mountain, Santa's workshop and house (MOCs), some houses (some of them are Winter Village sets) on a hill, a church, a train station, a post office, the nativity scene, some booths selling seasonal goods and two Christmas trains (the two sets). The older train set runs programmed with RCX Mindstorms brick. It goes one round, then stops at Santa's toy factory with its freight car right at the factory belt, which starts moving, like it produces toys and fills up the wagon, after a few seconds it stops and the train starts again. We used lots of LED lights in lamp posts and especially in light string decorations, where we put 0.6 mm wide LED to 1 x 1 transparent round plates wired together. Happy Holidays! P1240372 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240373 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240374 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240369 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240378 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240389 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240392 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240399 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240401 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240391 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240364 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240367 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr
  10. Donald may not believe in the climate change, but I thought Santa should be prepared for it :)
  11. Have a furry, I mean Merry Christmas guys! Hope there are the sets you wished for under your Tree :)
  12. Hold on a minute; doesn't this seem familiar... However, great minds think alike! (But not always about steering). Anyway, here is my contribution to the festive season! There is a sleigh which houses a M Motor and a 3:1 geartrain reduction. Out front there is a sort of reindeer creature beast (after all: Santa ==> Satan....) with the walking mechanism rather rudely stolen from this video - cheers ISOGAWAYoshito! The video: Merry Christmas everyone and a (hopefully) Lego filled 2017! Now for some pictures: The whole bundle. Thinking about it, I should have put a universal joint or two in there! The stuff of nightmares (looks never were my strong point)! That juicy undershot. Its OK, it is in the right forum! P.S A LDD file will be available after Christmas. See you then!
  13. Eddie_Young

    Robot Santa Claus

    Please support my fully functional walking Wind-up Robot. I'm posting this to the Technic forum, because it is actually a LEGO Technic/Mindstorms creation. The Classic bricks are only on the outside. I built this for Christmas 2016. It gave out presents to all our friends and family. The product of two months work! The sleigh is driven by two NXT motors (controlled by EV3) and Rudolph's legs are powered by a PF M motor. Santa Claus has an incorporated pneumatic system using two pistons, a pump powered by a PF L motor and an EV3 motor which opens and closes the pneumatic valves. The video shows a case where Santa rejects a naughty kid and, in the end, doesn't give him the present. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed building. Merry Christmas !!!
  14. Karlo

    I'm Santa!

    Have you been naughty or nice this year? What will Santa bring for you? Well, be sure to write your wish letters on time :P
  15. Merry Christmas everybody! I want to show you my version of santa's sleigh with reindeer. I made it about a week ago and it's a bit different than seen last days. It has the perfect size to fit my brother's 40206 Santa Claus
  16. mallou

    MOC - Christmas Village

    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time. From my part it was one of the great ones. When my wife came to me by the end of November with the city advent calendar (60099) as a pre holydays surprise gift I was very happy and saw in it the opportunity to involve my 3 years daughter to her first Lego experience (small Lego of course). So we did every day's build together and by the end I was impressed how good she became at building. she did understand the vocabulary and building steps. In the end it was a very fun experience for both of us. What she did not know is that in the meantime she was doing all her daily builds I was building a winter village in which she would play the 24 December. I've put a lot of details and some fun to play features. She liked it and we had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the village. Thanks everyone! Album link: IMG_0754 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0783 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0741 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr EDIT: I've had pictures of the church. Enjoy! IMG_0906 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0898 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0922 - Copy by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  17. Christmas is coming! This is perfect time for my Lego X-mas creation. I present the Santa’s Workshop... umm, I mean Santa Emperor Palpatine's Workshop. You have no idea who is he? Go away and come back when you gain some knowledge. Naaa, just kidding. I hope you know this gentleman. Alright, let's cut to the chase. Enjoy the pictures! Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Santa Palpatine's Workshop Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure. ------------------- UPDATED: I managed to finish Santa Palpatine Workshop's basement from the last post. I love Star Wars, but I wasn't really into LEGO SW. I think it is changing now. I really enjoyed building Imperial part of this MOC. And I am starting to feel disturbing need of getting more classic Star Wars trilogy minifigs. Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Santa Palpatine's Workshop Upgrade
  18. A living room right before Christmas eve. Hope you like it!
  19. LukeClarenceVan

    Winter Village: Santa's Section

    Welcome to Santa's Village! Step right up and get your photo taken with the big man himself, then continue shopping at the many stalls in the Winter Market. This is my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Market contest. One 8x16 module with one-stud overhang plus two 8x8 modules. Here's Santa's seat and the lineup. I built the tree how I figured TLG would, and the globe's for showing children all the places Santa visits. For only $100 you can buy a print of you with Santa from one of his elves. There are a lot of bad isms, but commercialism's one of the worst... One last shot of everything. Merry Christmas!
  20. For the past nine years the Hudson’s Bay Company flagship store in Toronto has displayed a beloved series of windows that depict Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves getting ready for Christmas, and other Christmas scenes. My winter village entry is a rendition of two of the five HBC windows. The first scene has elves feeding the reindeer and preparing Santa’s sleigh outside of the Toy Shoppe at the North Pole. The second scene is inside the building where the elves are busy making the toys as Santa goes over his list from the many letters he has received from children everywhere. I have tried to include most of the elements but have altered some of the design. The clock is the central feature of the piece and the elves are busily at work, while Mrs. Claus is helping out by bringing treats. Santa is checking his “Naughty” and “Nice” list after reading the letters sent to him by children around the world. Lego HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe3 by Karen Metz, on Flickr HBC poems that are in front of their windows (I have included one with the display): "With Christmas approaching young children are hoping that their presents will reach them according to plan, all wonderfully donated by a wonderful man. So Santa’s little helpers make sure is all right so that nothing will go wrong on that faithful night. They work with much diligence and a great deal of pride thus ensuring that Santa will have a smooth ride." Lego HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr “The clock is ticking and the hours are dwindling The toyshop is bustling as the elves are preparing The list is revised and a plan is devised There’s no time to pause for old Santa Claus” Lego HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe5 by Karen Metz, on Flickr Lego HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe4 by Karen Metz, on Flickr Lego HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe8 by Karen Metz, on Flickr If you check out my Flickr page I have photos of the actual HBC Christmas windows. I have also created a second story that can be added to my MOC that depicts the last of the five HBC windows with the elves and Santa relaxing to a fabulous meal after all the the presents have been delivered around the world. I have posted pictures of this floor/window as well on Flickr if anyone wants to check it out. It is not quite finished (need to change some parts). I haven’t included this level for the contest since I would have greatly exceeded the size limit. Happy Christmas to all! P.S. The Hudson’s Bay Company is the oldest company in North America (founded in 1670) and is known for its iconic white wool point blankets with green, yellow, red and blue stripes.
  21. Those pesky rockmonsters were at it again this time raiding Santa's Sleigh Sleigh Thread:
  22. Trainmaster247

    Santas Sleigh

    This is a SNOT built model of Santas Sleigh, the only non snot pieces are the seat, presents and runners. I built this to go in conjunction with my Rockmonster Who Stole Christmas Scene ( I hope you like it and comments are welcome as always.
  23. vedosololego

    Christmas Train

    Hi everyone Christmas Train22 by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr This is my version of the Christmas Train and i think it will be perfect in any Winter Village projects and dioramas. It is based on the Constitution train set locomotive. When I project this train I think about Holydays and to what I wanted to find under my Christmas tree when I was a child. I hope you like and comment it. If you want you can also support this project on Lego Ideas following the Link. Thanks to all.