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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, First and foremost, i'm French. I do my best to avoid grammatical and spelling error but some (a lot in fact) may subsist. I'm sorry for that by advance. Second, it's my first post here! Hopefully not the last. So here is my mod based on the set 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car. It's a fully custom made light mod. Key feature of this is: - NO modification of ANY Lego bricks. - NO kragle or drilling or any other funky stuff. - Everything must fit inside. - Hide the mod as much as it can be. - All should work as expected (the strobes strobe, the rotating beacon rotate, etc). The mod is made of 28 LEDs, all controlled by an Arduino board. All wire are INSIDE the car. // All images are clickable for a bigger version. Here is the exterior shots, everything is exactly like every set: The roof portion is still detachable without any hanging wire, it's also clean underneath. Nothing cheap to hide a messy mod: Everything is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini (Not really a choice, it was the smallest Arduino board I had in home) that is hidden under a 4x2 plates: Same apply for the battery, that was what I had at the time of building. A smaller lipo can be fit so it's not a choice. Run time is... Well I don't know. It fit in the trunk of the car and it's the ideal size to be held by the window mounting point after a small change in the design. Neat! The roof is attached by a very thin wire and connectedto it via a small 45° home made adapter: To start the Arduino, there's a hidden Reed sensor which is (for who don't know) triggered by a magnet. I put a neodyme magnet in a small Lego round piece and when it's in place underneath, the controller is powered on. Yup, the Ecto-1 keyfob is a Lego piece with a magnet in it. Then the magic begin: Pictures don't do justice for the lighting sequence so here is a small video: For those of you where Youtube cry for a copyright infringement (soundtrack to match the car....), here is one that work (it was an earlier version without the embedded electronique like on these photos: If you have question, i'll be glad to answer them. Troll included.
  2. [MOD] UCS Slave 1 + Lights!

    Hi all! I hope I'm doing this correctly?! I don't usually find my way over to the Star Wars section but wanted to share my Slave 1 with you all! I snagged the idea from a guy on Reddit who added white lights into his Slave 1 to light up the engines, and I loved the look! I knew I had to do it myself. To make it more of my own take on it I decided to change the lights to orange to try and match the engine colour better. I've also swapped out the trans-blue 1x1 tiles on the top engine for trans-orange, and have some trans-orange discs coming to replace the lower blue ones. Anyway, I hope you guys like! I plan on getting some more lights into the cockpit at some stage but didn't think orange would suit in there. You can just about see the battery pack sitting on the stand underneath with a bit of wire showing. I plan to try and hide this a bit better at some point. Signed by the main man himself :) Played around with the photo a bit as it was still light out when I took pictures... Lastly, the back! I might try and fill the last 3 holes with either more LED's to make the bottom engines brighter but if I did 6 at the bottom I'd only have 8 for the top (there's currently 14). Bonus pic - quick photo of just after I put them in. I pulled the curtain shut to try and get it a little darker but even then it was still quite light and they stand out ok. I need to change the 8x1 brick at the top for a flat 8x1 so it sits flush again, but other than that, and swapping trans-blue for trans-orange I've not amended the build. I hope you guys enjoyed!
  3. Hello, This is my first MOC post here on Eurobricks so forgive me if I make newbee mistakes. Here's my fancy little diagram that's shows you how it works!! This is a an idea I am hoping to expand in the future to do some actually cool stuff ( : Firstly you need to enter the infomation you want to move the motor on the Raspberry Pi (the direction and the amount of degrees). Here is a little 3d render of it. The motor rotates the amount you specify and the color sensor on the right side senses if the Rasberry Pi's LED. For the instructions, more infomation and all of the things you need to set this up and build it for yourself come to my website: Video: [media][/media] Not sure why the vid does not work ) : Links for the images: (for Creative Commons) Top.jpg
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to find a way to create a power/data coupling between train cars that can be connected/disconnected like the car coupling magnets. Has anyone done anything like this? Background: This is so that I can supply power and control to LED lights (and maybe other devices) in the cars being pulled behind the engine, which will provide the power and control unit (Arduino based MCU) I've tried using a micro USB magnetic connector, but they are too bulky and don't flex easily enough for this. I'd love to find out if anyone has engineered anything similar. Thanks in advance! Arlo
  5. Hi everyone This is a model i built a while ago, but only now had the time and eqiupment to showcase. I was asked to build a Buwizz showcase model for a toy fair in Boogna, italy. After some thought I decided to combine the rare dark blue panels from 41999 with tracks and a couple of RC motors. The finished model has following features: 2 RC models for drive Spring supported pendular suspension Two working fake V8 engines - hence the V16 Rollcage reinforced interrior with 4 seats Openable 70's muscle car style openable bodywork A working winch LED bar powereed by a total of 10 LEDs So lets start with a 360 view of the model: As you can see the body is inspired by 70's muscle car styling with large chromed grill Detailed view of the grill with the cute bunny: Lifting up the body exposes the internal rollcage and the two massive engines: Further the rollcage can be lifted by pulling out the two red pins, showing the 4 identical seats, making this a perfect family car The two V8's are powered by the RC motor's faster output: The power passes via cardan axles under the seats and up the gears: In case the model ever gets stuck there is also a functional winch powered by an M motor via 1:5 gearing ratio: The suspension is highly flexible: And here is the most important photo of any technic model : And to finish up with a bang here's a video of the Ripster in action: A quick summary of my thoughts regarding this model: Because the tracks are powered by the RC motors directly this is THE fastest tracked model I ever had the pleasure of building. But that speed comes with a price, the model has problems steering on spot on surfaces with high friction such as carpets. Sudden acceleration on such surfaces with quite a heavy model like this (1,5 kg) can cause problems with tracks coming apart. For that reason this is a perfect vehicle for smooth surfaces or ice. It is also very good at drifting, though it takes a lot of coordination to control a tracked vehicle like this. Suspension is extremely durable, the wheels were originally held with frictionless pins, but that proved insufficient, so they were replaced by axles 5 with stops. After that upgrade I had zero issues with suspension and it proved to be very flexible, yet reliable. Biggest problem with the model is the cosmetic stuff, the V8 chains tend to slide off after a while at such high RPMs, the bunny likes to jump into oblivion and the front grill can fall apart when crashing into stuff. Oh and one last thing, ITS LOUD. Driving this on my floor sounds like machine gun fire, so I hope my neighbours wont file a complaint . At the end of the day even with its positives and negatives its a very fun model to drive around and that is all that matters.
  6. [MOC] Pylon, the Brute

    A renowned warrior from the distant planet Mechaniron, Pylon leads his legion of brutes into battle against all who oppose him. ~~~ Flickr Album ~~~ So this MOC took about two months to build, nitpick over, and rebuild to get to the point it's at today. I can personally say that I'm pleased with the way Pylon came out in the end, being originally driven by the usage of Hero Factory 1.0 pieces in different ways (I mean, the leg armor is still leg armor, but it's upside down now). The longer I took with him, the more the MOC evolved from a much smaller drone-like character into a hulking, ax-wielding brute. In the story I'm developing, he is part of the same robotic species as Spry (a MOC I made earlier this year), as well as in the same universe as Carmine Wheeler and the Gasket Brothers.
  7. [K - B06] Underwater Lab

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: Kanto Park Space Pirates "Ender," said Valentine, "I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about the specimen you brought back from one of the islands." "Oh yeah," responded Ender, "That plant you wanted me to bring back?" "It's not a plant" replied Valentine. "It's actually a small furry mammal similar to Earth's rabbit. It's cute, cuddly, and reproduces offspring faster than any other known warm-blooded creature." "Wow! Thanks for the science lesson" said Ender. "Hmm, you know, this could actually be exactly what we need to take down Graver's robot!" "Wait," interrupted Valentine, "I thought Graver was the threat." "You didn't hear?" inquired Ender. "Well, let me tell you... (OoC: the scene below is recycled and shouldn't be judged) Good job robot. Now hand over control of the ship. No. I no longer need to submit to you. I have outgrown my programing. You can call me Master or you can die. Why you ungrateful hunk of metal! I made you what you are! Without me you would be nothing! And with you, I am nothing. I will take my chances on my own. Glurg.... glurg... "So you see," explained Ender, "Graver is dead and now his robot is the threat!" "Oh my" said Valentine. "So what's your plan?" "I think we can use the Pokeball I won at Kanto Park while on my vacation" responded Ender. He then explained the rest of his plan, which we will find out next week! More pictures of the lab:
  8. Arvo Alien

    [/url] The HR Giger Alien figure design is by The Arvo Brothers - built from instructions in their fantastic 'Alien Project' book. Highly recommended for all Alien fans! Arvo Brothers Flickr Page The figure stands 0.5m tall. It's packed with great details and clever building techniques. There's a review of the book here I was so happy with my figure I decided to build a little Nostromo environment for it!
  9. Hi All. I want introduce You our project. It's Lego Led kit prepared to 42043 Mercedes Actros, just watch what the result is and what I will introduce: As You can see it's controlled by LEGO Power Functions IR Remote Control (item no. 8885). It's supplied by Lego PF Battery Box. There are used two channels, 1ch is used for driving, lights will turn on automatic. 4ch is used to turn on and off programmed Led lights. First I will explain what is happen when you modify your model to be driving by lego PF. 1CHANNEL: When You first time move Your model the parking lights turn on automatic. 1. If You want to turn on right side You have just tu move control button right up to blinked for right. After You turn it blink 3 times and turn off automatic. For the left is, right channel down. 2. For moving forward You move left control button up, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 3. For moving backwards You move left control button down, reversing lights turn on, when leave it stop lights will turn on for few seconds (imitation car brake) 4 CHANNEL: 1. First time left control button up: Parking lights on; Second time left up: Xenon headlights on; Third time left up: Xenon headlights off; Next time: Xenon headlights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 2. First time left control button down: Beacon lights 1 program; Second time left down: Beacon lights 2 program; Third time left down: Beacon lights 3 program; Fourth time left up: Beacon lights 4 program; Fifth time left down: Beacon lights off; Next time left down: Beacon lights 1 program (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 3. First time right control button up: Hazard lights on: Second time right up: Hazard lights off; Next time: Hazard lights on (program is running in loop until reset all 4th function) 4. One time right down: ALL RESET. This is just my idea about what channel, which control button is responsible for some functions. It could be programmed differently, it depends on our mind :D It's not finished, We have to put it in small box, finish the connectors and produce some parts like PF connector. Remember it is IR so the range is not long. Sorry if I made some English Mistakes.
  10. [MOC] Hands of Blue

    Two by two Hands of Blue Hands of blue are two elite Nazorak agents that have mechanical blue hands capable of wiping memories. This build began with the idea of using Inika sword's LED circuit to luminate the blue hands. I opened couple of those swords, removed the electronics and built frames to them. The light is surprisingly bright and flashes dramatically. More, including gifs, on my blog.
  11. I have enough of individual projects, in order to make a new topic. 1) How it all began. rotating beacon. 2) service trailer lights. This project is specifically designed for Pat-Ard. 3) Turn indicator for cars.
  12. [MOC] Hong Kong Tramways Fully RC with LED This time for everyone Introducing my latest works - Hong Kong Tram Fully RC with LED Technic figure scale 1: 1 Recent I had found himself a little strange, always to build mining equirments or trucks, bus ... why I haven't to build local characteristics of the vehicle? So I PART 5 MOC flagship works as a Hong Kong Tram. This tram will not only just look, there is also abundant within the machinery, it can automatically switch on and off the door, it can automatically rotate the route marked, also it can walk in the city / sysiem train path. There are more exciting works and teaching: Video:
  13. LED renderings

    Today I just made some LDD2povray renderings of lego sets with many lights, hope you like it. Link for Star Wars LED renderings topc. yellost 's LDD 10199-winter_toy_shop. Lego 10243 original LDD by kcoon. Modular Buildings lxf source 10182 - Cafe Corner - by Vee - 10185 - Green Grocer - by Man with a hat - 10190 - Market Street - by Johnnhiszippy3 - 10197 - Fire Brigade - by Man with a hat - 10211 - Grand Emporium - by Johnnhiszippy3 - 10218 - Pet Shop - by P4trickvH - 10224 - Town Hall - by Sjuip - 10232 - Palace Cinema - by Stephan - 10243 Parisian Restaurant by kcoon
  14. Good day! I'm looking for LED Lights that are suitable for use in LEGO MOCs. And that would (much preferably) be the type of LED lights that are connected to a cable (or cables) - not the "bulb with metal rods" kind of things. They can range from small to big, all kinds of different colours, and some should be able to fit into certain pieces. I'm looking for LED lights that can be re-used for different MOCs and thus, different things - mainly (if not only) Star Wars / Sci-Fi MOCs. To show you what kind of things I'm planning to do with them, I'll give you a few examples (not my pics): That should sum it up pretty well. Hopefully somebody can help me find out what kind of LED Lights these are and where I should be able to get them. And if a store in The Netherlands happens to sell them, then that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello Everyone! Lunchbot by littlegreenfroggy, on Flickr Backlunchbot by littlegreenfroggy, on Flickr We are Lunchbox Electronics and we wanted to reach out to the amazing community of LEGO lovers everywhere! We have just launched a kickstarter to hopefully fund our dream into a reality. We are a small start up in Boulder, CO and have created Light Up bricks that will be compatible with LEGO sets! We wanted to get rid of all the pesky wires and make nice elegant bricks that will be able to pass power and ground to then light up our LED bricks! We are trying to spread the word about our kickstarter as much as possible so we can turn prototype into production. Please check out the link to our kickstarter and if you feel inclined we would love it if you could back us! I have attached a photo here of lunchbot our own personal (pretend) lunch vending machine! Complete with light up prototype bricks! We hope for your support in our adventure. Thank you!!
  16. Aliens: Hadley's Hope Colony

    Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens' The colony complex looks deserted.... but they still have power. PS. Please check out the Aliens article by Blacktron and I in the latest free issue of HispaBrick magazine:
  17. Hi all, Im so glad to present my MOD of the 21108 Ghostbuster car with custom SMD LEDs controlled by an ARDUINO UNO. In the process no Original set pieces was modified, but 10 vault pieces were modified and glued in order to fix the leds and pass the cables trought the model. And the best way to see it, a little demostration video. PS: The process of soldering the SMDs and cable routing was a nightmare, but the result deserves it. A small update with pictures Full model with a street display (arduino housing included) Detail of the instalation of the SMD leds, Front lights (modified round bricks and some kragel to fix it) Upper lights (plate with right holder modified and round plate kragelized) Upper principal lights (no kragel or modification, just the SMD led placed and fixed with 4 round plates below the cheese slopes) Some details of the cable routing Detail of the soldering plate with all cables and resistances soldered Arduino housing and cables for conect all lights Hope you enjoy it
  18. Hi all, I would just like to start this thread to see what the general feeling is with regards to LED lighting in city/town vehicles and streets. Basically what would like to see in a city rescue vehicle? Would you like flashing lights on the top of the police/fire/ambulance/rescue vehicle and headlight/tail lights that stay on and would you want the LEDs to be controlled from a remote or just switched on/off on the vehicle? Likewise with street lighting. What would you want from LED lamp posts? I'm opening this discussion after seeing this video and wondering how popular this would be and if it was commercially available would you buy it? Many thanks Happy Building Neil
  19. Scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens'. Custom minifigs by Blacktron After featuring on 'The Brothers Brick' a few weeks ago (thanks guys!) these Lego Aliens pics went viral in the wider movie fan community, with appearances on a number of movie blogs like these: As a result I've had 88,000 views on my Aliens album page so far - so I guess Blacktron will be needing to make some more of his awesome colonial marines. Thanks everyone!
  20. Aliens: Let's Rock!

    A scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens' Vasquez minifigure & smart gun by Blacktron The floor is made from trans-clear bricks overlaid by grill tiles, allowing uplighting from below.
  21. [SoNE Freebuild] The Derelict

    We had boarded the mysterious Derelict without incident. The ship was in bad shape. Checking the ships computer we found out that what power was left was diverted to the central section, so we made our way there. Entering a dimly lit room we were shocked to find several huge liquid filled tanks... "Those looks like Mandalorians chief", Jackson said in disbelief. "I thought they were all killed during the Clone Wars!". Looking at the tanks I noticed one of them was empty, the red light foreshadowing what was to come... I was startled by a sound and quickly turned to see a protocol droid emerging from the shadows. The protocol droid uttered in it's metallic voice "Oh my, my master is not gonna like this!" Notes: I wanted to finally play around with the Technic LEDs, but I just don't have the proper patience for it... have had this moc sitting around for quite a while now. Did some test shots a while ago, and wanted to make more of this with a full story and a series of freebuilds, but now I need the parts for my next build. I want this scored, comments & criticism are welcome as always!
  22. The Attack On Operations

    A Lego rendition of the famous scene from James Cameron's 1986 movie 'Aliens'. ------------------------------ "They cut the power..... What do you mean 'they cut the power'? How can they cut the power? They're animals!" "Hudson, I want you and Vasquez walking the perimeter with motion trackers. We can't afford to let one of those b@stards in here" "I've got signals ... definitely inside the barricades. They're in here... There's movement all over the place!" "Vasquez? .... Hudson may be right". Get back to operations!! Seal the lock! "Signals clean. Range 20 meters....Six meters... five.. four... what the hell?" Custom aliens minifigs by Matthias aka Blacktron
  23. MOC: RENFE 252 "Taxi" scheme

    hi, I present my new creation, an Spanish electric locomotive, the 252 series in taxi scheme. This is a commonly used locomotive in spain used for passengers principally and some times in double composition in transport. Specs: Lenght: 49 studs Width: 7 studs Height: 13 bricks with lowered pantograph and 16 bricks with elevated pantograph Pieces: aprox 850 Modified or not lego parts: 9 pieces (not include leds) PF ready with 1 or 2 motors and easily convertible to 9v custom led lights and power output to other wagons. The original: detachable lateral wall Complete composition with prevously presented wagons DDMA-9500 and beds 9600 All pictures in original size, here Test on standard curves video Test on smooth curves video
  24. Hello all! So I plan on making some buildings with lights in them. I came across some light bricks (not sure if that is the proper term) on a website, hadn't realized Lego had so many. My original idea was to wire a bunch of LED lights all over but after seeing the light bricks, is there any reason I couldn't just use those? What do you all prefer to use when lighting, light bricks or LEDs or both? I had a big power brick that I could stick a 9V battery in that connnected with a 1x4 with bulbs on both ends, this was years ago though and the light wasn't very bright at all. Are they all still like this or are newer light bricks brighter now? Another question about the light bricks. Would it be possible to connect light bricks to a power source just using a simple wire or do you have to use the lego plates with the metal in them? If I have to use the plates then I suppose that would be a good reason to just use LED since it would be difficult to place the plates in a way where it isn't obvious. Any other tips for lighting up a Lego town? Thanks!