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  1. Aliencat

    Lego Roman battle film

    That's really cool, well made! How long did it take to make this?
  2. Aliencat

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    I know it's Sunday, but black fantasy knows no calendar!
  3. Aliencat

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    Today is Monday!
  4. Aliencat

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    Aaand it continues!
  5. Aliencat

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Hair dryer
  6. Aliencat

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    Today is Monday!
  7. Aliencat

    [MOC] Destroyer- 619 "Dominion"

    This thing is nuts! Great work on all the details and the overall construction and shape!
  8. Aliencat

    [MOC] Hitchhikers

    Sweet! I really like the shape and colour blocking on this And that big generator? Engine? The big round thing, that looks awesome!
  9. Aliencat

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" Skylines

    These are amazing! Great job capturing the iconic locations from each film in such detail, everything looks spot-on!
  10. Completely over the top! I love it
  11. I'd love to see a video of this thing running :D
  12. Aliencat

    [MOC] 42 FERRARI 312 F1 67

    Amazing model! I can't stop looking at that suspension, great job!
  13. Great defender! Beats that LEGO Technic one they recently released hands down.
  14. Aliencat

    [MOC] Moszna Castle (Poland) - microscale

    You captured the original very well in such a small scale, well done!
  15. These really show what you can portray with a good posable figure, great job!