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Found 3 results

  1. Please support my fully functional walking Wind-up Robot. I'm posting this to the Technic forum, because it is actually a LEGO Technic/Mindstorms creation. The Classic bricks are only on the outside. I built this for Christmas 2016. It gave out presents to all our friends and family. The product of two months work! The sleigh is driven by two NXT motors (controlled by EV3) and Rudolph's legs are powered by a PF M motor. Santa Claus has an incorporated pneumatic system using two pistons, a pump powered by a PF L motor and an EV3 motor which opens and closes the pneumatic valves. The video shows a case where Santa rejects a naughty kid and, in the end, doesn't give him the present. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed building. Merry Christmas !!!
  2. Gift-wrapping season is upon us!! What should I ask for christmas? Ah, I know! How about some of those plastic bricks I love so much!? Well, easier said than done, as always. Because when it came time to tell the family and my significant other what was on my wish list, simply "Lego" didn't suffice for them. Questions like "What kind?", "Which one?", "Anything specific?", "but I don't know what you have already" (not to mention the occasional "don't you know any better gifts?"…. ex-f*cking-cuse me???) run rampant. So, that got me thinking. Why is it so hard for non-fans to buy Lego-related gifts? Going to the toyshop, pointing at a box and shouting in your spouse's ear "I want that one!" really destroys the surprise and excitement of unwrapping the present later on. Getting a gift card is no fun either. And I've also had my share of gifts I don't like ("you like Lego, so here is a Lego flashlight!"… dafuq am I suppose to do with that??). And what about the moments your partner just wants to surprise you with a gift? They can't just ask you for a specific set number then, right? Or people who come to your birthday; do you really wanna make a giant list of presents for everybody? So what are gifts that us AFOLS would like to get, without getting too specific, and with a high success rate? To be clear, I'm talking about gifts everybody could give an AFOL; maybe a hostess-gift, a thank-you-gift, or just a little surprise (and of course birthdays and holidays). I'm guessing that most of us would be happy if they got the following: Minifigures! Who doesn't like minifigures? We could always use more citizens for our city, recruits to beef up our armies, and maybe it has that specific hairdo I could use more of. Even older series may be welcome. And because it's a blind bag, it's not the gift-giver's fault if it's a figure we despise! And it's cheap, small and easy; great as a stocking stuffer! Basically anything from the Basic/Bricks and More/future Classic (2015) collection. Who can't use a big box full of plastic happiness? There are always colors and bricks in there we can use, and the ones we don't use we'll just store/sell/donate. Tickets to a Lego Con, Expo or Themepark. We like to get some inspiration, walk amongst our kin, and have the chance to score some loot! But please buy two tickets, so we can take someone, maybe even you! So we can show you why we love what we love. (Or we can take our partners/kids/friends, whatever.) Anything to get us out of our basements and attics we spend all our free time in, surrounded by that damn addictive plastic! I personally tell everybody they can buy me just about anything from the Friends and Creator series as well, and I'll just use those as parts packs. But I'm usually happy with anything with Lego bricks in 'm (I just use it as a parts pack). I've gotten things I don't like though; Lego flashlight, lunchbox, storage cubes (I seriously don't care for those), and unofficial stuff, like Lego-shaped piggybanks, pencil erasers and more. Things that'll just end up being donated to my local thriftshop. So, how do you go about the holidays? Is Lego on your wish list? Do you ask for specific boxes, or do you like to be surprised? Have you ever gotten Lego related gifts you hated? Tell us all about it!!
  3. SeanDoubleJ

    Brick Flick: Santa's Snack

    From the archives: The first Christmas video that I made. It was edited with Windows Movie Maker and recorded with a camera that used videotapes.