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  1. My MOC Brickheadz

    Great collection!
  2. [MOD] Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

    Really really nice!
  3. HI guys, I want to share with you the video of Batcaverna made by my friend Giulio Emme. It is made with around 10,000 pieces and some engines. Good vision :)
  4. The Streets of Daydelon

    I love this MOC!! Very good! :)
  5. Next week, second part ;) Good vision!!! :)
  6. I'm glad you like it! This, for me, is one of the most beautiful Christmas moc I've ever seen. It is not huge but it is very detailed. In the future I upload some updates and other moc;) Exact! it was also exhibited there. Beniamino did a great job. If you look in my signature, perhaps, you will find other interesting moc :)
  7. Even if the holidays are about to end, I want to share with you this beautiful MOC built by my friend Beniamino Fermani. The MOC represents a guided tour in the Santa Claus toy factory. It took 8 months and 50,000 pieces to build it. Hope you like it :)
  8. Gigantic Christmas Village

    it's fabulous!!! :)
  9. I share with you my latest video!! The diorama is mine, I hope you like it! Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  10. Amazing!!!
  11. The first of a series of videos. Soon I will also present my complete Christmas village :)
  12. Yes you are right!! I probably had to write big;)
  13. Thanks so much! :D unfortunately there isn't piece list Really thanks!