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  1. I'm glad you like it! This, for me, is one of the most beautiful Christmas moc I've ever seen. It is not huge but it is very detailed. In the future I upload some updates and other moc;) Exact! it was also exhibited there. Beniamino did a great job. If you look in my signature, perhaps, you will find other interesting moc :)
  2. Even if the holidays are about to end, I want to share with you this beautiful MOC built by my friend Beniamino Fermani. The MOC represents a guided tour in the Santa Claus toy factory. It took 8 months and 50,000 pieces to build it. Hope you like it :)
  3. Gigantic Christmas Village

    it's fabulous!!! :)
  4. I share with you my latest video!! The diorama is mine, I hope you like it! Merry Christmas to everyone!!
  5. Amazing!!!
  6. The first of a series of videos. Soon I will also present my complete Christmas village :)
  7. Yes you are right!! I probably had to write big;)
  8. Thanks so much! :D unfortunately there isn't piece list Really thanks!
  9. Hello to everyone, i want to share this new video with you Diorama was built by the builder Samuele Favaro. More than 21,000 pieces have been used ;)
  10. I'm glad you like it. If you have questions, ask. This is one of the many MOCs that have been exposed during one of the last events. We are posting videos on the youtube channel (which you find in shape) to show it to those who do not participate in the events. :)
  11. Hello everyone! we want to share with you our new weekly video on the channel! It is a fully motorized steampunk inspired moc. To build it, it took about 70,000 pieces. The builder is the friend of Dario Tiezzi. Hope you like it!!
  12. HI guys, I want to share with you this interview we did to the builder of this MOC. As it is in Italian, turn on subtitles in English. Let me know if you are interested in other MOC videos exhibited in Italian events.
  13. [VIDEO] 170.000 Pieces LEGO Space Diorama

    thank you guys!! I'm glad you like it
  14. Here is a new moc presented at a recent lego fan show. Builder, my friend Fabrizio Panini. The work required about three years of design and installation. The number of pieces used is about 170,000 pieces (of which 4,000 are trans-yellow only). Many moving parts. 10 XL motors and 10 custom LED cards were used. We do not know the total weight but we used about 15 kg of Technic pieces. I hope this sharing likes you. I will soon upload more videos on the channel. Good Buildings at All!