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    I like all Lego themes, especially Modulars, City, Creator and Creator Expert. I also like vintage themes including Town, Pirates, Castle and Space.

    I have a currently active project on Lego Ideas, "The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine". Please check it out and give it your support if you like it. :)


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  1. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks a lot. Hopefully it might help to bring in a few more votes.
  2. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Really pleased to say my Lego Ideas model is featured in another publication in stores from today. I have made it in to Blocks magazine featuring a double page spread and interview with me. This issue of the magazine is also a good one for Lego Ideas fans, featuring Voltron on the front cover and a big review of the set.
  3. Bricked1980


    Thanks very much, I'm definitely trying as hard as I can with this project! By the way the image above features the brick built version of my model. I'll be adding some new photos of that soon.
  4. Bricked1980


    I'm really excited to say my model is featured in the new October issue of Blocks Magazine. A double page spread featuring an interview with me about my Traction Engine design and Lego Ideas. The magazine is in stores from today. I'm really grateful to Blocks mag for running this article.
  5. Bricked1980

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Welcome to Eurobricks @Aleks I would love to see another modular the size of Assembly Square but my wallet would not. Personally and purely for financial reasons I would prefer them to stick to the current size of modulars. It's great to have the occasional special edition like Assembly Square but if they start to produce bigger sets each year then a lot of folks, myself included, just aren't going to be able to afford them.
  6. Bricked1980

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Do we have any more info yet on the rumored Harvest Transporter that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Anyone know if this will indeed be a farm based set with a combined harvester or will it be something else not connected with farming stuff?
  7. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Ah yes I see what you mean, thanks for that. All I was really wanting to do was view all the newest entries on the homepage so I could check out all the most recent Ideas submissions. Problem is when you filter by "New" on the homepage it jumbles them all up with the contest entries.
  8. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Am I missing something or is there an option to sort the view so that it filters out the contest entries and only shows the Ideas submissions? I can't find the option but it would certainly help if there was an one. I do wonder if Lego are putting all their energy in to the contests at the minute and getting that fully integrated in to the Ideas site. Maybe that's why there are all these bugs and issues with Lego Ideas at the minute. Also I notice they don't seem to be making staff picks as often as they used to. We had a couple over the past week but now that seems to have stopped again. I do hope they don't gradually phase out Lego Ideas and eventually replace the whole thing with just Rebrick contests.
  9. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks very much and congratulations to you too with having your project featured on that Narnia site. There must be dozens of Nania fan sites and organisations connected with C S Lewis and his stories. You should email some of these and try and get them to post your model on their websites and social media. I've been trying a similar tactic myself and have written to loads of organisations related to steam heritage and traction engines. It can be quite frustrating when they don't get back to you but I have received some positive feedback from some of these and several of them have posted about my model on facebook and twitter. Here's another useful tactic. When you post about your model on different sites try using a URL shortening service like Bitly or Tiny URL. You can create shortened versions of your Lego Ideas link which look more attractive and are easier for people to remember. The main advantage though is that you can use these services to track how many page clicks the link has brought in and from which websites they've originated. Using this system I was able to tell that my Ideas pages received 746 clicks on Saturday via the Leicester Merucry website I'd been featured on. I reckon roughly 10% of those people went on to actually vote for the model.
  10. Bricked1980

    [Review] 40358: Bean There, Donut That

    I've really liked the look of this set since I first saw it online last week. Didn't think it would end up being $20 though. Anyway hope it becomes available in the UK.
  11. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Prior to the site refresh I used to get roughly 12 - 15 each day. Since the site was relaunched though I've been averaging between 2 to 5 votes each day. On Friday I had none at all. Then on Saturday when my model was featured in the newspaper I had a sudden spike of over 100 votes. Yesterday I was back to just 5 though and today none so far. I personally think they should change the way the models are shown on the home page. The same few models have been sitting at the top of the page for a while now and the Gravity Falls house has been at the top of the list for about 2 weeks. I've not got a problem with this as I really like that model, but surely it would be more fair to mix the list up every few days and give some of the other entries a chance of being seen.
  12. Bricked1980

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    You are right. Many heritage railways in the UK seem to have ditched the once common Thomas weekends. My local Great Central Railway have instead opted for Peppa Pig and Superheroes weekends. Seems pretty ridiculous and a real shame when there are many active volunteers on preserved railways who can say there interest in trains was originally sparked by Thomas The Tank Engine when they were children. I've often wondered about the Talyllyn Railway in Wales who provided the inspiration for the Skarloey stories in the Railway Series for whom the Rev Awdry himself was once a volunteer. They often run themed weekends with their engines re-dressed as their counterparts from the Railway Series. However I believe these are never marketed as Thomas The Tank Engine weekends as such and carry no Mattel or Hit entertainment branding. Are the Talyllyn Railway allowed to do this due to the fact that they are basically the real life inspiration for the Skarloey Books? Even though these characters have all been featured in the TV series, I wonder if The Tallyllyn Railway or Christopher Awdry still retain some rights that allow them to do this?
  13. Bricked1980

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Brilliant and congratulations on having your model front paged. Love the way you've built the curved, streamlined shape of the front of the locos.
  14. Bricked1980

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    Although you do have to pay to render in higher resolution and with more features it's not very expensive. I bought about £5 worth of credits which was enough to create over 25 images for my Lego Ideas project.
  15. Bricked1980

    Modular Convenience Store [My First MOC]

    Thanks. I haven't put any instructions together for it yet, but if I get round to making any I will let you know. Thank you. This was actually my first ever MOC and I built it last March. I had assumed that by limiting my parts I would be making the process easier but looking back it was probably not the best way of approaching a first MOC. On one hand it was easier working on a small model, but the fact I'd only got a small number of parts to work with was quite limiting.