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    I like all Lego themes, especially Modulars, City, Creator and Creator Expert. I also like vintage themes including Town, Pirates, Castle and Space.

    Other interests away from lego include art, painting and photography.


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  1. 10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I wonder how sturdy the whole structure is and whether it will be tricky to move around once it's built? I do think this is expensive and I had thought the same as you. The parts count is similar to assembly square so why is it so much more expensive? I suppose it comes down to the fact assembly square has a tonne of tiny parts, 1x1 tiles, cheese slopes etc. This set has got all the track and the overall finished model is vastly bigger. I do like the look of this set very much. It is the sort of model I always wished lego would produce when I was a kid. I think the finished model looks great and really fun and would certainly be a great centrepiece on any layout. Personally I don't think it will provide the most fun and rewarding build experience though. Those pillars and supports look as if they'd be quite repetitive and it doesn't look as if there is much in the way of innovative build techniques like we see in the modulars. I don't think that is the main reason people will be queuing up to buy this set though. A rollercoaster has been on a lot of people's wish lists for a long time and I'm very glad lego have finally done one. The finished model looks fantastic. I would love to own it but the high price is the only thing stopping me.
  2. 2018 Creator Sets

    I hope not too, wow that model is amazing. Anyway that model is in a different league altogether so doubt it would be affected by the new creator treehouse. Anyway they have done treehouses several times in the past. I can think of at least 2 previous creator ones and there have also been a couple of lego friends sets as well. So I don't think this new one will have much of an affect on the likelihood of that ideas model getting selected or not.
  3. 2018 Creator Sets

    I do agree I think it is a great play set for kids. My daughter will love this. I also applaud Lego for trying something a bit different. Tree houses have been done in the past so at least they've taken a different approach with this one. Personally I was just hoping that the secondary builds might have been compatible with old Lego Pirate sets. They did look like they might be on the blurry leaked pictures but the quality was too poor tell for sure. Anyway hopefully next year we will get a new wave of proper Pirate sets to celebrate the 30th anniversary.
  4. 10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Beautiful and stunning. This thing will go down as an all time classic I reckon. Only thing stopping me is the price.
  5. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Incredible!!! I love the minifig face that looks as if he's about to throw up.
  6. 2018 Creator Sets

    Full images of the Pirate tree house have now been revealed. When the blurry pics of this set first leaked a few months ago I had thought that the secondary builds might be legit Pirate models rather than Children playing as Pirates. This is clearly not the case though unfortunately.

    Thank you. Would love to build it for real. Just need to look in to how much it will cost me to order the bricks I need.
  8. Future Pirates Speculation

    Well I'm still hoping we might get a new Pirate wave next year. If they weren't planning on doing one then surely it would have made sense to hold back the pirate rollercoaster and tree house until next year and then they could have been marketed as subtle anniversary sets. My hope is that we'll get a complete new wave of sets similar to what we saw in 2015, or some sort of D2C Pirate ship.

    Thanks a lot. I haven't made any instructions yet, but this is something I might consider doing. Thanks so much, glad you like it. I'm looking forward to seeing your pub when it's completed. When I first joined EB I remember your mocs were some of the first I came across. I was most impressed to see how it is possible to create digital versions of lego buildings without using real bricks. This was something I'd never considered before so it was after seeing your designs and some of the other great mocs from other builders as well, that inspired me to have a go myself. Yes I did use bluerender to create the images. Thanks for the advice. I will have a go with Pov-Ray, I'll post the results here if I have any success. Another thing I'm considering is making instructions for the model. I'm very much learning as I go along with all this though. This is only my second moc. Do you ever make instructions for your own mocs and if so, can you (or anyone else who might be reading this) recommend the best software for generating the instructions? I've had a quick go with using BluePrint but the default steps it spat out were not very logical at all. It would be a pretty long winded job to go through and customise each step manually. Are there any better and simpler options out there?
  10. [MOC] Big Ben 10253 alternate model - The Lounge modular

    This is great. A very nice looking building especially considering all the parts are taken from just one set.
  11. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So unless I've forgot any, the only city sets left to be revealed are the new trains. I bet either tomorrow or Friday we will have pics of those too.
  12. What are TLG great city vehicles?

    It's just a collective term for the vehicles that come out each year that don't belong to any particular sub theme. So for instance this years logging tractor and monster truck sets would fall in to the category.
  13. [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    I have seen this before and some of your other alternate builds on Flickr. They are all fabulous and very cleverly designed. This one looks particularly nice. Great work.
  14. 2018 Creator Sets

    Thanks for pointing this out. Actually I'm a bit disappointed now I've seen a high res pic of this set. It looks a great one for the kids though.