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    I like all Lego themes, especially Modulars, City, Creator and Creator Expert. I also like vintage themes including Town, Pirates, Castle and Space.

    I have a currently active project on Lego Ideas, "The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine". Please check it out and give it your support if you like it. :)


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  1. Bricked1980

    LEGO Creator 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I just stumbled on the pics on Instagram earlier today.
  2. Bricked1980

    LEGO Creator 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Leaks of the new creator Ferris Wheel and Space shuttle are now online. They look pretty good, especially the shuttle. One of the alternate builds of the ferris wheel looks as if it is a fairground dodgem car ride. Can't make out what the third build is.
  3. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Thanks a lot for supporting it on Ideas. Thanks very much. I was really pleased it made it to 5K so quickly. Actually it's almost at 6000 now. Thanks. I have thought about designing a railway station before. Maybe that will be my next project.
  4. Bricked1980

    [LEGO Ideas] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    A great design. But why has it vanished from Lego Ideas?
  5. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project on Ideas. It was doing well with over 6000 votes I think, and was close to the top on the homepage. Just noticed it has vanished from Lego Ideas. Anyone know why?
  6. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Thanks very much snaillad, I agree open back designs can work well to show off the interiors. My main reason for doing that was because I didn't want this to be associated with modular buildings. I'm hoping that might give it a better chance on LEGO IDEAS. Thanks very much. Thanks a lot for supporting it. It's almost at 5000 votes now. I put it on exactly 2 weeks ago so I'm really pleased with how quickly it's gaining votes. Thanks very much. Glad you like it, and no I won't stay away so long in future. Thanks.
  7. Bricked1980

    MOC: Riad

    Looks really lovely. I love the colouring and the tiled patterned floor. Also as other have mentioned, using the backs of of 1x1 tiles for the wall texture gives a very nice effect.
  8. Looks great. Just proves you don't need a huge amount of space to create a decent city display.
  9. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Thanks very much. Yes I reckon a Christmas alternative of the model would work well. Thanks a lot for supporting.
  10. Bricked1980

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    This looks really great. The colours work really well and the trees are very effective. The interior really steals the show though. I really like the dining table and that's a neat technique using the upside down ladder pieces for the chair backs. Also the cabinet next to the table with the stacks plates and ornaments looks very good.
  11. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There are clearly many more people who use Lego Ideas than there used to be. I have had 2 projects reach 10K in the past but both of them took over 1 year to get there and most days I would be lucky on average to get around 20-30 votes. Last Thursday I posted my new project though and it has already passed 2000 in less than a week. Just today it has received 500 votes in the past 7 hours, (although I assume today is so busy because of extra traffic on the site from people voting for the 90th anniversary set). Anyway I haven't been doing any more promotion than usual on my new project so I can only assume it's gaining votes quicker because there are simply many more people signed up to Lego Ideas.
  12. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Thanks very much to anyone from Eurobricks who's voted for the model on LEGO IDEAS. It's now passed 1000 votes in less than 4 days. Thanks a lot, glad you like it. No problem, I didn't think your original post was being negative. Thank s again. Thanks very much for supporting it on LEGO IDEAS. There would certainly be a lot of options for a "Village Collection". A bakery, library, school are all possibilities which I think would work better as quaint village buildings rather than large city based modular buildings. Thank you very much for voting. Also for retweeting my twitter post as well. Also fingers crossed for your Sonic set on LEGO IDEAS, it can't be long now before they announce the results.
  13. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Thanks vey much for supporting. I have the instructions for my other post office on Rebrickable so it would be against the LEGO IDEAS T&C's to put that one on there as well. Not to mention the fact it would be bigger than their maximum 3000 parts rule. I'm glad you like it. Thanks a lot for your kind comments. Thanks a lot for voting. I really appreciate it. Yes I think it would go well with City buildings or the small Creator 3in1 shops/houses. Also when I first showed this to my brother his first reaction was "It kinda looks like a winter village set without any snow". Thanks very much. Yes I think British Post Office's have their own unique style and ones from the early 20th century have a real charm to them. Regarding the piece count - yes there were times during the build where I was worried it was never gonna fit within 3000 pieces. Especially with all the small bricks used for the plants and cobbled street. Luckily it came well within budget though. Thank you very much @peedeejay glad you like it. Thanks very much. Not sure if it's common in other countries but in the UK lots of old shops and houses from this era were built with decorative engraved plaques on their front walls. Often with the name of the building or the year it was built. The white inverted tile on the front wall is supposed to represent one of these. A bit like this sort of thing... Thanks very much. I'm glad you think it's a good representation. Thanks a lot. Glad you think it looks cozy, that's definitely the look I was going for. You're right though, in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have put those utensils above the door. If that meat cleaver falls things are gonna get messy.
  14. Bricked1980

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It was posted online on Thursday. I was watching it closely as it went live at the same time as my own new project. By the next morning it had hit 10K, unbelievable.
  15. Bricked1980

    [MOC] The Village Post Office

    Hi everyone It's been a while since I've posted a MOC on Eurobricks, in fact this is my first new MOC for over a year and the first building I've designed for almost 2 years. Anyway this is my latest creation "The Village Post Office". The model represents a typical British Post Office from the early 1930's and also features a vintage mail van. At first glance it may look like a modular but it is not. The model features an open back design and the different levels can't be separated. The base is also much different in size and design to a standard modular building. In total the model contains 2262 pieces. Here are some shots of the exterior... Notable features include an iconic red phone box, pillar box a bench and a tree. A series of steps at the side give the minifigs access to the first floor. INTERIOR DETAILS As mentioned earlier the building has an open back to give access to the interiors. On the ground floor is the main Post Office itself. I've tried to give this a rustic, vintage appearance with wooden floorboards and wood panelled service desk. Details include a cash register, lable dispenser, a set of weighing scales and shelves behond the desk for sorting all the mail. Opposite the desk is a parcel wrapping station. The idea for this was stolen borrowed from the Elf Clubhouse set. On the first floor above I've added an apartment which is home to the couple who run the Post Office. This is packed with everything they need including a bed, fireplace, kitchen and an antique gramophone. I didn't have space to include a toilet - but at least they have a bucket. VINTAGE MAIL VAN The mail van is a traditional red style truck as would have been used in Britain during the early 1930's. It is 6 studs wide and features opening rear doors and a removeable roof. The emblems on the van and postman are bespoke prints I created for this model. MINIFIGS AND OTHER DETAILS The model contains 4 mnifigs, a postman, customer and the husband and wife who run the post office and live in the appartment above. I've also included a bike and several animals. LEGO IDEAS My reason for designing this with an open back and with a unique style base was to try and distance it as much as possible from the modular buildings and hopefully give it a better chance of success on LEGO IDEAS. My hope is that if this was lucky enough to reach 10K then LEGO would view it as a standalone building in a similar way to The Old Fishing Store, and not something that would conflict with the modular building series. Anyway I hope you like the model. I had a lot of fun designing this one.. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'd also be massively grateful if anyone would be kind enough to support it on LEGO IDEAS as well. Thanks very much.