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Found 10 results

  1. Around the time of the Winter Solstice, many in Historica's cooler regions will decorate pine and fir trees with a star and various ornaments. Ayra and Kars (wearing a scarf knitted by Ayra's mother) plan to continue that tradition, with Ayra rearing up to top the tree with a star. No ladders needed - only balance (something Ayra is struggling with). Meanwhile, Gerard is savoring his mulled wine, and Cobold is trying his hand at a snowman, all while a rabbit bounds outs of the snow! What a year this was - I slapped this MOC together for Christmas. I know its a day late, but there are people around the world (including my relatives in Austria) who are celebrating St. Stephen's Day (Stephanitag) or Boxing Day. So it's technically not late! None of the characters had any major changes, except for Ayra. I really like how her winter attire turned out, especially with the fur collar and leg bindings. This has been a great year. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to seeing what the New Year brings!
  2. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Christmas Ornaments

    I made these three Christmas ornaments for my nephews and nieces as a small gift. Use a little rope or a hook to hang them in your Christmas tree. Maybe you can use these instructions to surprise someone next year! Please let me know if you like them.
  3. Hi, This is Christmas time on The Station of Memories ! Have a look on new pics and if you like please support here :
  4. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Hi all, This is my first post so I'll quickly introduce myself : Alex B. Sign, dad x2, judo practiser and AFOL. Thank you for accepting me in your creative community ! I'd like to share with you my MOC I've uploaded on Lego Idea website : The Station of Memories. The Station of Memories is a metaphor of past memories, when the family was gathering for special family events. It is a place out of time, another space-time in which everyone can connect and remember part of his/her life, out of the current everyday life. This is a simple and small family train station located in a pretty countryside little town. Please see samples below (very low quality). You'll find more details and more pics (better quality) about the concept on the Lego Ideas website here I hope you'll enjoy this concept ! If you like it you can support on Lego Ideas Website. Alex B. Sign
  5. CarsonBrick

    Winter Village: Corner Store

    Here's my entry for the Winter Village contest! I hope you guys like it! Happy Holidays!!!! (Also, just as a little comment: I'm from Southern California where there is no snow. This is my depiction of a not so white Christmas!) Winter Village: Corner Store by Carson Hart, on Flickr
  6. Merry Christmas, everyone! Over the years I have found a lot of inspiration here at Eurobricks so I thought I'd give just a little bit back by sharing photos of the Winter Village / Christmas display I have made together with my two boys this December. It consists of all the official Winter Village sets and a slightly modified version of the train from 79111 - Constitution Train Chase. Plus a few extra details here and there...! Lighting done with LifeLites. More pictures are available at Flickr.
  7. nerdsforprez

    Dont be a Darth Vader

    Happy holidays everyone. Don't be stingy... don't be a Scrooge or a Grinch. And definitely don't be a Darth Vader!
  8. Three fresh heroes, right off the presses, wander through the streets of Eubric trying to find their way to the docks. The city is a sprawling mess, and often times they end up in a back alley with no way out and have to retrace their steps. Their attempts to ask for directions go a little awry as well. "Just head to the water, you can't miss it!" "Diz is ridic-u-lous. You muzt know where it iz. 'Oo does not know where de docks are?" "What, ya not going to buy anything?!" "Oh, I wish I'd be invited to go places sometimes. Tell them Ratabor says hi... not that they know me. Oh, I wish I was invited places." Following a meandering trail they do eventually end up at the bay, and make their way along the wharfs until they see a small dingy at the edge of a run-down dock. The man on the boat is singing loudly, and on dock next to him stands a sailor and the U'Kin from the hall. The heroes approach. They are: Karl (surname unknown) (Bionicle_fanatic) 18 year old male human Rogue Level 1 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 7 Gold: 10 Equipment: Shuriken (WP:3) Inventory: Potion, Venom, Bedroll Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) 38 year old male vampire Cleric Level 1 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 10 Equipment: Simple Mace (WP: 3, mace) Inventory: Potion, Remedy Keliim the cruel (Mencot) Age 35, male human Barbarian Level 1 Power: 1 Health: 8/8 Gold: 10 Equipment: Rusty one handed battleaxe (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Mead "If all the bullocks, be forgot, and marry many wives, if all the banquets be you got, then that's the time to dine." "My good friend, I am not entirely sure that you have the words correct!" "Bull." The man in the dingy spits into the ocean. The heroes, lingering back a little ways, notice the stench of booze and the slurring of words. Apparently all three of these fellows had just come from the bars. "Are you certain you'll be make it home, Lane, you're certain?" "Course I will!" Lane holds up the frying pan he has in hand. "Got my paddle, got my presents and rations-" he jerks his thumb, indicating a chest in the back. "And got a companion too. Damn rascal will keep me safe." Lane leans in close to the others in an attempt to whisper, but he fails. "Don't tell no one, but I think this dog is magic. Did I tell you how I found him? A bunch a' frogs came up to my front door and left him there. Weird stuff, out there." Lane looks down at the water. "Hel, I think the tide is going out. This is how I get home every year boys. The rides more pleasant than the visit, I'll tell you that. 'Sides, look like your heroes are here." He points to the heroes, and raises his voice. "Don't sink any good for nothing ships this time, you bastards!" And with that he dips the frying pan into the ocean and begins to paddle away. "Ah, hello heroes, my name is U'Ordiussum and hello to you her-" "You can call him U'Or. Much easier." The other man offers his hand. "My name is Captain Elba. Sorry for having you meet us here. We were just seeing off our friend, Captain Lane. I was a Bonaparte once. And when you're on the sea..." Elba's eyes mist over a little: "Friendship runs deep. It has to. I love working for Guffington, but... well, U'Or and Daneeka are wonderful friends, but they aren't really the sea-faring type." "I get queasy on the sea I get queasy." "So, first things are first. Before we head out, I'd like to know who I'm adventuring around with today. What are your names, boys?" OoC: Mencot, if you could post a smaller icon (we usually go with 100x100) that'd be great. Fantatic, I see you have 10 gold and a bedroll. Not sure how that's possible, as I believe you'd have to buy a bedroll, but perhaps someone gifted it to you?
  9. EdWebhead


    So Christmas is next month, but it's quickly approaching. I'm already seeing decorations and such all over the place. It just makes me excited! So who else is excited?
  10. Gift-wrapping season is upon us!! What should I ask for christmas? Ah, I know! How about some of those plastic bricks I love so much!? Well, easier said than done, as always. Because when it came time to tell the family and my significant other what was on my wish list, simply "Lego" didn't suffice for them. Questions like "What kind?", "Which one?", "Anything specific?", "but I don't know what you have already" (not to mention the occasional "don't you know any better gifts?"…. ex-f*cking-cuse me???) run rampant. So, that got me thinking. Why is it so hard for non-fans to buy Lego-related gifts? Going to the toyshop, pointing at a box and shouting in your spouse's ear "I want that one!" really destroys the surprise and excitement of unwrapping the present later on. Getting a gift card is no fun either. And I've also had my share of gifts I don't like ("you like Lego, so here is a Lego flashlight!"… dafuq am I suppose to do with that??). And what about the moments your partner just wants to surprise you with a gift? They can't just ask you for a specific set number then, right? Or people who come to your birthday; do you really wanna make a giant list of presents for everybody? So what are gifts that us AFOLS would like to get, without getting too specific, and with a high success rate? To be clear, I'm talking about gifts everybody could give an AFOL; maybe a hostess-gift, a thank-you-gift, or just a little surprise (and of course birthdays and holidays). I'm guessing that most of us would be happy if they got the following: Minifigures! Who doesn't like minifigures? We could always use more citizens for our city, recruits to beef up our armies, and maybe it has that specific hairdo I could use more of. Even older series may be welcome. And because it's a blind bag, it's not the gift-giver's fault if it's a figure we despise! And it's cheap, small and easy; great as a stocking stuffer! Basically anything from the Basic/Bricks and More/future Classic (2015) collection. Who can't use a big box full of plastic happiness? There are always colors and bricks in there we can use, and the ones we don't use we'll just store/sell/donate. Tickets to a Lego Con, Expo or Themepark. We like to get some inspiration, walk amongst our kin, and have the chance to score some loot! But please buy two tickets, so we can take someone, maybe even you! So we can show you why we love what we love. (Or we can take our partners/kids/friends, whatever.) Anything to get us out of our basements and attics we spend all our free time in, surrounded by that damn addictive plastic! I personally tell everybody they can buy me just about anything from the Friends and Creator series as well, and I'll just use those as parts packs. But I'm usually happy with anything with Lego bricks in 'm (I just use it as a parts pack). I've gotten things I don't like though; Lego flashlight, lunchbox, storage cubes (I seriously don't care for those), and unofficial stuff, like Lego-shaped piggybanks, pencil erasers and more. Things that'll just end up being donated to my local thriftshop. So, how do you go about the holidays? Is Lego on your wish list? Do you ask for specific boxes, or do you like to be surprised? Have you ever gotten Lego related gifts you hated? Tell us all about it!!