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  1. [MOC] Unmanned trains

    Oooh, nice trainsets. Lots of fun and futuristic designs.
  2. W&LE GP-35 Highnose #2662 & #105 in 6 Wide

    Nice looking pair of Geeps. The tall grasses give the idea of a rarely used railroad here.
  3. New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    I have received my copy and appreciate the effort put into it. The first part is a good primer for almost anybody working with LEGO and sort of reminds me of the Master Builder Academy, but condensed into the essentials. The history section is nice and allows people to see where LEGO trains have come from and identify various sets and parts from the 60's on. The part where various techniques for building trains is a boon to all and exceptionally detailed. I love how it's accomplished in the old school method of instructions. All told, an excellent work.
  4. It's multitrack drifting!

  5. BR05-003

    You've got a good locomotive there. Good amounts of detail and the lights give it a little extra.
  6. Blimey, that's a fantastic prototype. Every detail is well planned and executed. The frame, smoke box, Everything! You have built a great MOC and should be proud.
  7. [MOC] Miscellaneous Train Projects

    Good work on upgrading this to an EMU. It looks nice.
  8. Eagle

    Sweet build. It captures the essence of the eagle well.
  9. [MOC] Coos Bay Lumber Co #10 & #11

    Great looking set of logging locomotives. You did well with your research and implementation.
  10. Snowflake train (little moc)

    Cute little thing. Makes me think of an old IC trainset pulled by a steam loco.
  11. [Digi=MOC] - Plasser & Theurer RM900-RT

    That's a great piece of MOW equipment. The details are all there. Good luck with the contest.
  12. A certain Sci-Fi locomotive

    Good looking futuristic locomotive. I see European electric locomotive influences in it.
  13. [MOC] - 4-wide FYRA

    It's a nice model of a good looking train. Your decal work is top notch. Too bad looks don't count for much in real life service. The size is crazy even at 4 wide.
  14. Classic Space Train, Space Train, SPACE TRAIN!

    Thanks all. When they the train must have Swoosh, I instantly thought about going classic space. From there, I figured rockets were a big thing so why not put the rocket on the train.
  15. Christmas Train

    I love it. Christmas themed, but done in an innovative way. Also, I like thinking about warm weather for Christmas instead of the wind and rain I have now.