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  1. Feuer Zug

    20hp Simplex Petrol Locomotive WDLR [MOC]

    Another small, but well thought out Great War build. When do we get to see the full train running through the trenches?
  2. Feuer Zug

    P Class Ration Wagon WDLR [MOC]

    Great work. This is a topic rarely covered by any, never mind in LEGO. For the size, it fits beautifully.
  3. Feuer Zug

    NOHAB MY 1111

    Good design work. The use of the engine internally is something mind blowing. Can't wait to see where you branch out to next.
  4. Feuer Zug

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    This is an excellent rendition of the classic TEE train set. As a builder of 7 wides, I believe this is the best MOC in the size I have seen. All the detail work is top notch and how you made it all fit is incredible.
  5. Feuer Zug

    LEGO Gmbh Spielwaren Köf

    Awww. It's cute, it's LEGO, and it's trains. What more can we ask for? Great work on it.
  6. Sweet little locomotive and consist.
  7. Feuer Zug

    (MOC) Odense Kommandopost (Signal Box)

    Real bricks looks great. Nice work.
  8. Feuer Zug

    3D printed 7996 Double crossover track

    As a person who has the double crossover from the Polish retailer you mention, it isn't bad. Since it is 3D printed and not injection moulded like LEGO, it is rougher when trains go over it. The sound is easy to discern. The fit is good with LEGO track, but not the best. I haven't tried to install it on other LEGO plates/bases yet, so I can't say about that. If you want a good substitute without the scalper's prices, it works.
  9. Feuer Zug

    Union Pacific SD60

    Nice work on the old EMD powerhouse. You've got a good amount of detail in the 6 wide design.
  10. Feuer Zug

    Percy loves PoweredUp!

    I like it. Powered up seems to allow for 'last mile' setups with less room taken since we don't have the IR receiver to add. Hope to see more little shunters in the future.
  11. Incredible work. Magnificent detail all around. Seriously, you build like the gold standard of schmallspurbahn dampfloks!
  12. Feuer Zug

    (MOC) Odense Kommandopost (Signal Box)

    Nicely done. Well detailed and I'd love to see it in real bricks.
  13. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Improved signal arm.

    Nice work. I recently built some German style semaphores, but they aren't lit or as functional as yours.
  14. Feuer Zug

    FS D345 + Eaos Wagons

    Good looking locomotive and wagons. The side louvers are interesting.
  15. Feuer Zug

    SNCF Class X73500

    Good looking MOC. You have an eye for detail and it shows.