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  1. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Improved signal arm.

    Nice work. I recently built some German style semaphores, but they aren't lit or as functional as yours.
  2. Feuer Zug

    FS D345 + Eaos Wagons

    Good looking locomotive and wagons. The side louvers are interesting.
  3. Feuer Zug

    SNCF Class X73500

    Good looking MOC. You have an eye for detail and it shows.
  4. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Sapphire Eagle, my first steam loco

    That is one sweet locomotive. Give it a business car consist and it'd be awesome.
  5. Good looking MOC. I'm with the porthole crowd. It looks more proper and gives it a less drab side look.
  6. Feuer Zug

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Excellent work. You have built a well detailed railcar. Congrats on the display in Wien.
  7. Feuer Zug

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    For a weekend layout, that's a great piece. Excellent video.
  8. Feuer Zug

    Review 60198 Cargo Train (picture heavy!)

    Excellent review. The set shows a lot of play options.
  9. Feuer Zug

    German BR 03

    Exquisite workmanship. Great looking locomotive you've built there.
  10. Feuer Zug

    Class 23 D5909

    Great work on both your Baby Deltic and the VGA wagons. All are excellently done and correspond to their pictures well.
  11. Feuer Zug

    GFLUG at Plant City Train Show 2018

    Nice display. Looks like it's well thought out and fits the local scene.
  12. Fantastic. Great work replicating the design and getting it all to function.
  13. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Octan Train

    Good looking locomotive and tank car. Octan is spreading it's tentacles.
  14. All of those are cute little models. I like them a lot. Good amount of detail mixed with playability.
  15. Feuer Zug

    Renfe 252.057 - Spain

    Excellent locomotive. Well designed and lots of features.