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  1. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] 4-8-2 Mountain Type

    Great work and seeing it with the real deal shows the attention to detail.
  2. Nice work. I'm still living in the 6-wide, but my containers have grown to fill that. This gives me an idea of what's running on other rails and how close I am size wise. Good work folks.
  3. Feuer Zug

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    Gorgeous model. Even to see it running around a Christmas tree or winter themed layout would make it quite the season. Best wishes on your sales.
  4. Feuer Zug

    (MOC) DSB Litra MZ (I & III)

    Great looking locomotive. The jump to 8-wide allows for more details and you nailed it.
  5. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    What a wonderful rural station. I like the doors and the engine looks perfect with it.
  6. Feuer Zug

    [moc] Reading Bobber Caboose

    It's so cute and small. I love it and can see it at the tail end of a circus train for fun.
  7. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] Train Bookends - LEGO Ideas

    Interesting idea. I love the execution. Too bad my shelves are so full, I don't need bookends.
  8. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] 4-Wide Scale Track

    Great work at the smaller scale. I've done some stuff at 4 wide, but they tend to be a mix between reality and a bit Chibi styled. Love to see this in real bricks. Trixbrix does some 4 wide track.
  9. Feuer Zug

    [MOC] LEGO KTMB 24 Class Narrow Gauge

    Excellent MOC. Fantastic attention to details, especially considering it runs on narrow gauge tracks.
  10. Feuer Zug

    BrickTracks wheels

    I have edited the initial post to clarify the information.
  11. Feuer Zug

    BrickTracks wheels

    BrickTracks recently announced their creation of replacement train wheels for cars. They claimed they were compatible with the now obsolete LEGO metal axles and bogie assembly pieces (part 287826 bearing element 3x6 - hereby refered to as the "wheelset element"). Not only that, but BrickTracks advertised them as having superior holding power on axles as well as a stud at the end of each wheel. As I was looking to expand my fleet of rolling stock, I ordered a bag of 100 of the new wheels in black and a pack of 50 axles. They came in and I've had a chance to test them and see if BrickTracks walks the walk. The first test I conducted was fitting one of the new wheels on the axle. This took some effort as they fit snugly. In fact, to properly get them fully on and aligned, I had to put both wheels on and press on the studs together. Getting the wheel off took considerable effort. In this regard, the claim is verified. Next, I took a bogie assembly from a stock LEGO train and pulled the axle out. Easily popping off a wheel, I tested the BrickTracks wheel on the LEGO axle. The effect was the same, it took effort to install and remove. My next test was to install the new axle and wheels in the bearing element, which it did without any problems. The BrickTracks wheels and axle fit in the LEGO wheelset element. The stud can't be used, but does not contact the sides (note the pink round plate as seen in the picture). This is a quick and rough bogie setup I used for testing. Note the blue round plates attached to the stud ends. MR52 ZZ roller bearing are press fit inside the technic bricks. Here we see the new bogie in use on the first Canadian styled covered hopper. The blue round plates make it easy to see the difference in this setup. The second hopper uses the LEGO wheelset elements. The BrickTracks axles do not spin nearly as freely as the LEGO ones in the wheelset element. I think they about equal in friction to the new plastic wheel sets from LEGO. That said, I didn't buy these to fit in the wheelset element. Another area where I found the new wheels lacking is in the clutch power of the stud. I would say 15% - 20% were slightly undersized and anything attached to the stud fell off after a lap or two around the test track. The biggest test for me was running the new axles in the MR52 ZZ roller bearings I have. As they are exactly the same dimensions as the regular LEGO axles, I was able to easily insert them in the MR52 ZZ bearings. On the tracks, the level of friction seemed consistent with LEGO wheels and axles installed in the roller bearings. Doing push tests with the two covered hoppers with LEGO and BrickTracks axles and wheels mounted in MR52 ZZ bearings and LEGO axles in the wheelset element showed the roller bearing were of equal effect and better than the wheelset element. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the BrickTracks train wheels when installed in MR52 ZZ bearings. And no, I'm not getting paid or anything for this review. Just putting it out there so people know what's available and can make an informed decision. BrickTracks also offers the wheels in red. - edited to reduce confusion as noted by the first 2 replies in this post.
  12. Feuer Zug

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Vilhelm22, I've been to the National Railway Museum in York and seen them as well. While the Rocket is quite historical, I don't believe it would be a high seller for many. Steam engines and iconic locomotives from storied trains probably hold the most sway for people. I believe the Mallard fits both requirements swimmingly. Afterwards, maybe doing a North American powerhouse would do well. Maybe a GG-1 or a classic early 20th Century Pennsy or NYC steam engine.
  13. Feuer Zug

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    First, I'm glad the Crocodile locomotive is confirmed. This is a wonderful looking set and I believe it raises the bar for further releases. For that, I can't wait to see what LEGO produces next. The modification in marketing to make it a display model first that can be enhanced to run on the rails sounds like the proper way to go about judging the real interest. The thought of a yearly train is amazing. That said, their explanations pretty much put hold on any thoughts of LEGO producing a line of carriages to attach with it. I'm accepting of this and will enjoy building and running my Crocodile once it's available. A4 Mallard in 2021!
  14. Excellent work. It's nice to see the old technology finding new uses and still being relevant.
  15. Feuer Zug

    Trains forum banner

    The improvement is appreciated. Thanks for working the banner issue and making this section of the forum a little more like home.