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  1. That is one Huge mountain. Great work on it, the scenery, and the portals. The locomotives and rolling stock look wonderful as well.
  2. Built a GE Dash 8-40C MOC I found on LDD Gallery

    That's a serious locomotive. 16 wide is huge! Lots of detail, great job.
  3. CP 2600 - Portugal

    Good looking locomotive. Plenty of detail and a good setup with the lighting. I like the upside down windows too.
  4. MOC: Swiss IC Train with Re 460

    Good looking passenger consist.
  5. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive #3

    What a great idea. I'd never considered using the wind up motors for something like this. Reminds me of some toys from my childhood.
  6. Love the Swiss trains. The red Glacier Express is a stunning gem.
  7. American 4-4-0

    Good looking Old West classic. I like the use of the cow skull.
  8. Great work Esben. Working doors cap off a great display with all that detail.
  9. DR Kö2

    Gutes altes lok.
  10. 8: 10 16: 6 2: 4 21: 3 24: 2 26: 1 Good work from all contestants. I really do like seeing the motors used as live clocks for some reason. I guess it's because I'd have never contemplated it.
  11. Brick Tracks free sample review

    I will agree with Zephyr1934's statements. The profile on the tracks is spot on to the new stuff down to the little lip on the bottom of the rails. Brick Tracks has built an excellent product. While I've not used the ME rails, I've got the old blue 12V and can believe the problems with that stuff. BT is plug and play compatible.
  12. [MOC] Lego BR class 08 diesel shunter

    Sweet work. Looks good and is functional too.
  13. [MOC] NOHAB Mx & My Roundnoses

    The white one looks like all it's missing is a few Octan stickers. Definitely a nice parts usage for an unloved piece. They give a certain 1950-1970 European feel.
  14. MOC: E656 the Caiman

    It's a fine looking locomotive. Good details.
  15. [MOC] BR Railfreight VGA Van

    Good looking vans. They are spot on to the reference picture.