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  1. Both these projects were made specifically for an Xmas LEGO exhibition at all local mall that was ended middle of this month. Actually I sneaked in a bunch of my selected LEGO TF into the exhibition as well ! After my exhibition ended , I quickly took them home and snap these photos you see and some vids too. Anyhoo.... RUDOLPH For more photos... SANTA SLEIGHBOT RUDOLPH VIDEO Video of Santa Sleighbot coming soon guys . gimme a day or two more! MERRY XMAS ...!!!
  2. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Transformer Sewing Machine aka Stitchmaster

    Wow.. I'm really flattered! The pleasure is all mine. Before I settled for a sewing machine.. I stumbled while attempting to build appliances transformers like oven and toaster.
  3. Name: Stitchmaster Motto: I came, I sewed, I conquered Faction: Decepticon Role: Master interrogator Strength: Ability to coerce captured enemies into revealing secrets by applying various torture techniques involving needles Weakness: soft spot for soft toys. Tend to be distracted to help mend them instead of going out for battles. This LEGO Transformer was built at record speed of 3 days ! Not only that, I spent one extra day to make another copy of it just for photo shoot! Hope you guys enjoy 'em. For more photos showing the transformation steps, please visit my blog link below. Thank you!! And here's a video of him in action!
  4. Thanks guys! yep they're all in my youtube channel. Btw I have just uploaded video of my LEGO Pointblank minutes ago And not forgetting Sureshot and Crosshairs:
  5. I really really love Pointblank's alt mode (the cartoon version) , so its only a matter of time before I finally decided to build him. However, I really dislike the partsforming element from the toy.. So I decided to improve that by having the rear engine stay connected between transformation.That engine was the last component I built before I wrap up this project actually. The 3rd party version did a really good job there, which I took a few design inspiration from. TRANSFORMATION ROBOT MODE His crotch and thighs is black all over and that looks very plain... the least I can do now is mimicking his G1 toy sticker motif (os izzit spelled "motive") and apply a bit of red on his crotch . Luckily I found the right LEGO Nexo Knight's Crest for this purpose. The megablocks-engine is ready to be plucked off and then mounted on his fore arm. Actually I prefer his G1 cartoon/ head more than the toy /3P version. To recreate the blade-like spur on his head, I used a LEGO minifigure scaled pistol , with barrel pointing upwards . As usual, dozens more photos inside my blog ready to be viewed :) ALL TOGETHER NOW! More photos of Crosshairs: More photos of Sureshut
  6. Hi folks! The past 2 months I have been building a team of 3 LEGO Jaegers to commemorate Pacific Rim 2 movie, and publish them separately, giving an impression they're just Jaegers and nothing more :) As a finale, here's a not-so-well-hidden feature that I kept till the very end..... they can combine into one huge bot! As you can see above, there are subtle hints of "more than meets the eyes" in my Jaegers :) I shall name the above as DeCha ... combined more from 2 Jaegers. The 3rd Jaeger , named "Merah Putih" that become the combiner legs is my favorite from the 3. He was built in about a week: Introducing MerDeCha! MerDeCha's name is not just inspired from the prefix of the 3 Jaegers that form him, but is a portmanteau of Merdeka* + Mecha *Merdeka means Independence / liberation in Malay language , national language of my home country Malaysia. Due to his huge bulk, his shoulder joint buckled a lil and finally gave way just as I wrapped up my photoshoot session! Thanks for viewing guys! As usual, visit my blog to view more photos.
  7. LEGO Transformer Chrono Swindler transforms into a Delorean (from Back to the Future movie franchise), without reassembly of parts and he's very poseable in robot mode too! This is an "accidental" homage to Swindler from Micromaster Race Car Patrol coz I discovered how much similarity it bear to Swindler ,altmode and transformation-wise , after I'm more than halfway done building it. - opening car hood and gull wings ! - With flight mode aka extendable wheels shocking even the bravest of humans - Thingamajig mounted on top car hood becomes robot weapon Check out my video as well too to see how the transformation goes! For more photos, pay my blog a visit below! Follow me in FB! ..and subscribe my youtube channel! ...Instagram, anyone?
  8. alanyuppie

    Who builds the LEGO-suggested ideas from the box ?

    I really miss those back of the box ideas. They add more mileage to the sets and a real challenge replicating them to the tee.
  9. alanyuppie

    [MOC] LEGO dragonboat-former!

    Hello everyone!!! I'm here again with something I kept under the radar for almost a month now. This dragonboat transformer was built to commemorate Chinese New Year and meant as my contribution to a CNY Oriental Themed LEGO diorama at a local mall. I never built anything with an Oriental feel before so I treated this as a challenge for me! The tail-end of the boat took me mere 1 hour or less to design while the front-end is where I faced most of the design challenges... how to convert the dragon head,neck and all to form the chest and arms and tucking in the robot head as well... That took me 2 weeks /80% of the building time there. If the dragon head looks familiar to you, that's because I plucked it off an official LEGO Ninjago set and performed fair amount of facial reconstruction on it. Transformation Robot mode One of my favorite photo from the whole lot, he's replicating a very famous Kung fu stance by a Chinese Folk hero/Martial artist . No points for guessing correctly who I am referring to! He's very well disguised in the Oriental Village scene below. Here's a nice short video on how the transformation goes... As usual, hit my blog to view more photos and writeups on this creation: Thanks guys!
  10. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Transformers Rodimus Prime

    This LEGO project started immediately when POTP Rodimus official photos was revealed few months back. Instead of replicating POTP Roddy design (Hot Rod merging with his trailer to form super mode) ... I have chosen to integrate all of his vehicle components in robot mode, not unlike 3rd Party version of him, DX9. Initially he would "merely" transform from vehicle to robot mode but halfway through I decided to throw in a base mode after some tweaking. I relish on giving myself extra challenge there to kinda prolong the building process. Recently I got hold of a phone that could capture decent HD vids so from now on, instead of snapping photos of the transformation.. I will capture a video showing my nimble hands transforming my LEGO TFs. Please please please please subscribe my youtube channel..!! PROMOTIONAL PIC VEHICLE MODE BASE MODE Being a fan of base mode TF... I love to arm the base mode of my LEGO creations with tons of weaponry for defensive and offensive purpose. ROBOT MODE Before I get started on my LEGO TF project, I usually set in mind a few challenges/aims for the final design of my creation. For this Roddy: - Better proportions and neater kibbles not obstructing his waist , for a sharper looking silhouette - Curvier and less blocky legs derived from a blocky trailer. - I wanted less red (and more black/gray) for the legs from the primarily red vehicle mode. This means turning the trailer panels inside out to form his legs. - getting the vehicle cockpit to fit a lego minifigure - Chest to store the matrix. A definite must! - Forearm mounted cannons. Due to design limitations... his forearm cannons doesn't come from the vehicle intakes/exhausts. The arms are concealed inside the trailer together with the cannons. I am forced to distribute the intakes to become his shoulder mounted cannons instead. As usual.... hit my blog to view more photos ! And follow me at facebook to get updates on my work in progress! Thanks guys!
  11. alanyuppie

    [MOC] Optimus Prime The Last Knight

    Yep. will do. I'm still scouting for a new gadget to capture videos of my MOCs. any suggestions? Well, usually when the toy doesn't live up to my expectations .. I don't buy them . I'll just google their photos and stare at them for a while to see if I can possibly improve on that using LEGO or not . Actually replicating a toy using LEGO parts is much more tedious than improvising it.. This is becoz the original toy might have hinges positioned in angles that I could never replicate. So in the end of the day.. its best and more fun for me to come up with alternative transformation techniques to end up with the robot mode/proportions that I intended.
  12. Well it was early last month when I was done wrapping up my previous LEGO triple changer project . Intending to build one more (triple changer) ... then I saw the upcoming TLK Prime, improved/remolded version of AOE Voyager Prime . Well, I was expecting more.. since its been 3 years anyway ( I remembered ROTF Prime was waaaay better than it's predecessor from earlier movie). I really hoped the kibbles could be better managed with few extra hinges. Anyway.... so I decided to build my own , as usual (evil laugh here), with a few main challenge to overcome: > minimize the back kibbles to ensure he has a nice silhouette > tuck in the wheels as much as possible in his legs > decent articulation for cool poses > no stickers... just good ol' lego parts to "replicate" the flame motive on his truck body. My initial design for the shield was pretty elaborate but it failed the "wield test". The elbow joints can't take the load .. so I'm forced to simplify to what you see below, after reluctantly removing a dozen LEGO parts from my design: A few notable photos of the transformation: ^ The multi hinged panels allow for various ways on how the legs can be formed. I end up with the above where most of the mass delegated to the ankles and feet (I can choose to fold some panels above to form huge kneecaps but it won't look good). ^ Those pesky smokestacks took me many days to perfect to allow them to be folded to the back of the bot mode. ... and they follow the roof panels as they are lifted. Windscreen rotated 180 degree revealing the head underneath. He's ready to rage. Only after transformation to bot mode... the chest cavity is formed, but still not big enough to conceal that godamn pointy Matrix. However.... this Prime is bestowed with Matrix of ancient cybertronian artifacts /e-book-of-some-sort that will bore the kids to death with bedtime stories. Warning: the following is NOT CANON: Here's something up his sleeve, literally! The smokestacks in many other Primes doesn't serve any purpose besides looking cool. As for my Prime here... his 'stacks can be folded up to form multi-barrelled surface to anywhere cannons..! At the same time.. since it's no longer 80's... his shoulder pads will tuck in nicely on his back awaiting the next time round when it become fashionable again. Boy I really love LEGO Mixel balljoints making this possible! I haven't watched TF5 yet when I posted this... I assume the following scene will happen (except intervention by another Prime of coz)? I've uploaded a bunch of photos in my blog links below. Do pay a visit inside to see more especially on detailed steps on his transformations. thanks guys! truck mode: bot mode photos: bot in raging madness photos
  13. alanyuppie

    Household items built out of Lego?

    Fix my boy's kiddy car steering with some technic parts.
  14. Arcane arrives! This LEGO TF took me almost 2 months to complete .Arcane transform into a crane ,and *hic* ... a crane . The idea to make this guy came last year and it's been bugging me since , like a song that keeps repeating itself in my brain. I only managed to think of a name for him last week and to my suprise..... "Arcane" (despite being a pretty decent name for a Decepticon, on par with "Bludgeon" ) was NEVER used before in TF universe. Crane Mode My prerequisite for building this mode was that it should have basic functionalities of a typical mobile crane... the boom is able to be raised in excess of 60 degrees and full rotation of the crane using the 4x4 turntable plate. It's a pity LEGO has yet to produce a frictional turnable with maybe steps of 22.5 or 11.25 degree perhaps, as it would be very useful here for me. Crane Mode :D The slender legs of this bird are unable to sustain the weight of this MOC especially when the wings are spread further out. The tail helps alot here to ensure the following poses are possible: Robot Mode One of the last component to be built was the targetmaster chick. Before this I thought of making the weapon/gun to be concealed as extensions to the bird/crane's tail.... but then again buttmaster doesn't sound right. So it's scrapped. NO. Its not a partsformer . Transformation doesn't require parts to be taken off. I would say when it comes to building triple changer TF... Arcane is my tour-de-force. I am very satisfied with how the back kibble looks (thanks to the flexibility of crane neck allowing it to be tucked in fairly nicely on the robot mode's back) . Another thing I enjoy doing is "sculpting" a tight and lean abs for him. Drop by my blog to see more photos and how Arcane transform between modes! Thanks! =) My days are numbered after this. So I instead of building unique LEGO TF from scratch.. I will be improving/upsizing my past LEGO triple changers .. starting with Springer & Broadside.
  15. This project started last December and progress were averaging at one bot per month. After 7 months of gruelling yet challenging efforts, Liokaiser is finally done. However , back then (end of June) ... I was given a chance to showcase my LEGO transformers at a local store , so Liokaiser was whisked there for a month (video link below). After a month , he was put in storage as I was busy with another LEGO TF project. I'd guess I better put a closure to this now .So there :) >> As a LEGO combiner of this size, (more than 1.5 feet tall)... he is top heavy, so he can't be posed in more elaborate manner. Too much stress were imposed on the hinges . :| >> Due to complexity of individual bot , merging them to form Liokaiser caused a few weak points in connections. I'm forced to apply extra scaffoldings in a few areas to reinforce these connections, so that posing him about would not topple him over . >> Yes, it's SEVEN breastforce members I mentioned just now. In the original cartoon, Deathcobra was the 7th member of Breastforce (forming the arm) but was killed early in the show. So here, I decided to pay homage to this character by having him as a helicopter that transforms/separates into components for the combiner: Hands, head and a gun. If you wish to view more photos of Liokaiser and the whole breastforce team (more than 200 photos!) , the following blog link is a good starting point: As a LEGO TF builder, this project really pushes my limits and skills (and patience.. gawd... finding ways to merge the upper body was simply taxing). OK now I need find ways to outdo myself again. Lemme think what else I can build next. Thanks for viewing!! :)