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  1. Karlo

    I'm Santa!

    Thank you :)
  2. Karlo

    I'm Santa!

    Have you been naughty or nice this year? What will Santa bring for you? Well, be sure to write your wish letters on time :P
  3. Karlo

    My square complet MOC

    Brilliant work ! do you have any plans of expanding it more ?
  4. Karlo

    Fun fun fun for everyone !

    It has be awhile since i have posted anything on Eurobricks so here it is one creation made by my wife and me. Hope you all enjoy it like we did building it :D
  5. Karlo

    Pirates 2

    yarr my fellow pirates ! I stumbled upon this tread and found that you are amazed by creation that me and my friend did i thank you all for great comments. We have flickr account and mocpages and last link is from here for our newest wip links: Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbb_bros/ MOCpages: http://mocpages.com/home.php/18901 EB: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=61673&st=0 I'm glad you guys like our work we apreciate it allot !
  6. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    Recently our LUG had exibition and since we lacked some moc's I contributed with my NOT YET FINISHED :D pirate diorama here is just one picture to see the possible concept of putting it together, hope you like it :D
  7. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    Yes i am planing to put the cannons and i hope i will have time to make custom ones :)
  8. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    Yes i have ships battle planed jush haven't started the boats yet, I'm still doing all the island and all the landscaping before so i can know how much space it will take me to display diorama, after that houses, forts and ships time to build will come :D
  9. Karlo

    SPC - The rescue of Miss. Take

    I like the scene allot !
  10. Karlo

    Treasure Island

    The scene is very nice aswell as the MOC ! great job
  11. Karlo

    Liberty Inn

    All i have to say that this is pure awesomness !
  12. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    UPDATE :) island with volcano that will have moving lava (i think that i will make island bigger)
  13. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    Resized pictures, sorry for hi res the first time...
  14. Karlo

    (W.I.P.) Not yet named pirate diorama

    Thank you, it was pretty much a big pain for fingers making those palms :D