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  1. When the movie Toy Story 4 came out a cute and innovative promotional display appeared in near a mall in Tokyo. The playing shadows of the Toy Story characters could be seen through frosted glass cabinet doors. When the doors opened the toys “magically” reverted to inanimate objects. My MOC is the opposite, asking can toys come to life when someone’s watching? This is my Toy Story/Pixar Automata Cabinet where the toys can move when the doors are open and people are watching. There are two drawers that open as well as the central doors that reveal the music box interior with dancing Toy Story characters. The interior also has power functions lighting. In the Toy Story 4 movie there are lots of easter eggs in the Antique Store scenes that reference many of Pixar movies and short films. I have included many of my own easter eggs to some of these films in addition to the many of the main characters from the Toy Story films. The Automata function on the top of the cabinet has been modified from Teun de Wijs’s “Fisherman” and the music box component behind the cabinet doors is modified from pixeljunkie’s “Swan Lake Ballet”. Two Lego parts have been recoloured and the only non Lego part used is the music box which plays “Let It Snow” (Unfortunately, I didn’t have a “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” music box). The Pixar movies referenced are Coco, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Inside Out, Brave, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Lava, Monsters Inc., Boa, Cars, Up, A Bug’s Life, Bird on a Wire, La Luna, Geri’s Game, The Blue Umbrella, Partly Cloudy, Bounding, Presto, One Man Band, Lifted, Piper, The Good Dinosaur, Soul, Onward, and of course Luxor Jr. More pictures and videos of the movements can be seen on my Flickr page. Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy. Toy Story Cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Opening Cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Top Right Cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Interior Cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Top Left Cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Lit interior cabinet by Karen Metz, on Flickr Right Side Cabinet 2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  2. kjm161

    MOD Haunted House 10273

    Thanks, glad to have found a home for the stained glass window.
  3. kjm161

    MOD Haunted House 10273

  4. kjm161

    MOD Haunted House 10273

    The Haunted House 10273, is an great new set. I love the drop tower feature, which is reminiscent of Disney’s Tower of Terror. While I appreciate all of the references to previous Adventurers sets I did not like look of the interior of the Haunted House. The interior play value seemed small and the colours disjointed so I decided to MOD my own version. I added to the front to include a larger front lounge area with the set’s wonderful organ and add an upper level room/study for Baron von Barron. I eliminated some of the many windows on the back of the tower. I moved the cemetery to the back and added some extra details. There are now working elevator doors and a larger fireplace that is complete around when opened. A hinge mechanism is used to include the fireplace feature and still let the house close easily like a dollhouse. I was inspired by Disney’s Society of Adventurers and Explorers and how the Lego Haunted House and the Adventurers sets contain some of the same themes. I have tried to add details from all of these. I have tried to get the feel of Hotel Hightower in Tokyo’s DisneySea and Mystic Manor in Disney Hong Kong and have added easter eggs from the alteration of the Tower of Terror to the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Disneyland. Hope you enjoy. haunted house front a by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house back b by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 7 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 10 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house b by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 3 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 9 by Karen Metz, on Flickr haunted house 8 by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  5. kjm161

    MOC Batman and the orca

    Batman did not fare too well against the orca. A little vignette for my Lug minifig challenge. I haven't created any MOCs in a while and parts of this are for a larger one that I have started. I have altered it to fit the challenge. It moves with the mechanism from the rocketship ride set and the whole thing lights up as well.
  6. kjm161

    [MOC] Bookshelf Library WIP

    Wow great changes from the initial rendering. I really like that you kept the open book above the entrance. Love the little touches like the graffiti being painted over. The slanted book on the left is very nice leaving room for the windows. Looks like you have been working on the interior. I would love to see what it looks like. Fantastic work!
  7. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks. I made a few colour changes and have an additional photo with the backside completely open to show the two floors at the same time. The Lion and The Rose: Livraria Lello by Karen Metz, on Flickr The Lion & The Rose: Livraria Lello by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  8. kjm161

    [MOC] LEGO Store Leicester Square Modular

    Amazing representation of the Leicester Square store. The interior is wonderful. All of the small builds and minifigs add perfectly to the feel of the model.
  9. Thanks CopMike for doing this each year. My manatees from this year and last arrived today. Cheers!
  10. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks for the comments! :)
  11. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks! I played with the idea of having the lower stairs be convex rather than concave but went with the arch design for the front so that I could have the convex back part of the stairs in reddish brown. I didn't figure out how to have both front and back convex and studs available to put the railings and side detail. I really do like those printed floor planks in that colour since they make the interior slightly brighter than regular brown tiles and add a bit of detail. Good thing the Old Fishing Store had a lot of them so that the price on bricklink wasn't too expensive and lots of stores had them available in large quantities. Love to see your library in the future with the printed rose piece. Thanks! The classic books come in great colours, which show up well on the bookshelves. Thank you so much. I really like doing the interior of buildings.
  12. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks! The original stairs are an engineering masterpiece that were challenging but fun to get a sense of in Lego. I can't tell you how many times they collapsed while trying to put them together.
  13. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks! Thank you. The chandeliers were a bit of lucky accident. I ordered the new fence parts thinking I would use them on a section of stair railing being the same diameter as the old spoked gold fence part but when I got them found they were smaller. They didn't work for the railing and I wanted to decorate the ceiling so used the parts for the chandeliers instead.
  14. kjm161

    [MOC] The Lion and The Rose / Livraria Lello

    Thanks! So many great elements to choose from. I have heard rumours about the long lines. Hopefully it won't be as busy this March when I am in Porto. I am really looking forward to seeing it in person. Thanks, happy you like it! Thanks. The real bookstore has so much ornate detail both inside and outside. So many printed tiles and stickers needed to try and capture even a fraction of it. Thanks. The arches were my best solution to try and replicate the curved stairs (even if they are concave where they should be convex). Glad they came in the right colour. Thanks for the kind words. I really like the new style books, but the older ones add a pop of colour. The Brick Show Shop has a great pack of printed tiles that contains the 8 book covers.