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  1. Thanks! I had those 8x8 plates in the pink and purple from the old Harry Potter sets that go with very few other things, so it was nice to be able to use them here.
  2. Wow! This is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing it here.
  3. Land of Adventure

    This is a huge display and very well done. My favourite landscape is probably the last picture with the town. Great idea to recreate the Adventure theme!
  4. Thanks. I have wanted to use it for something for a while as well as some of the purple. and sand purple pieces I have. Thanks. So many cute animals in the Elves, Friends, Disney Princess lines that need homes.
  5. MOC: Amethyst Tower

    Like the use of crystal eggs for lights. Great yellow awnings as well. Very nice MOC!
  6. [MOC] Copenhagen suburban townhouse from the 50ies

    Great photo of your friend's son building the house and how all the parts were put in individual containers. Such a lovely thing to have done and it looks great and very much like the real house. Congrats!
  7. [MOC] Crow

    So well done, even down to the toes and tail feathers. Fabulous build!
  8. Even the woodland critters in the goblin kingdom need a cozy home. A slightly scary hollow tree with a forgotten tunnel and den underneath provide shelter for various elven animals and keeps the goblins at bay. Autumn Animals - Home in Goblin Woods by Karen Metz, on Flickr Autumn Animals - Home in Goblin Woods by Karen Metz, on Flickr Autumn Animals - Home in Goblin Woods by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  9. MOC Elven Village

    What a lush, beautiful village. I like the foliage on the roofs and that each home has a unique colour scheme. Great build.
  10. [MOC] Fish&Sea Shop

    What a great building with fabulous details inside and out. I really like the subtle touches like the yellow awnings, anchors and that it feels like you are at the harbour. Wonderful!
  11. Christmas tree in the wild. Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree by Karen Metz, on Flickr
  12. MOC - Café Shop

    I was not familiar with doozy models before your post and after looking them up can see why you were inspired. Great job in recreating one in Lego! I like all the details you were able to include. I particularly like your table and chair.
  13. The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    Thanks for sharing the evolution of these bricks! Sad that you could keep the interiors for IDEAS, since lots of people really like the insides of buildings, even Lego designers, as is evident by the expanding interiors of their modular buildings. Great builds!
  14. MOC: And Then There Were None

    Thanks so much! The wallpaper bricks were a big purchase, and some of the other little parts really add up, especially parts like the bumblebee pot to match the poem, but I just had to include :).
  15. MOC: And Then There Were None

    Thanks Redhead1982 for all your lovely comments and observations. The almost monochromatic exterior was challenging to not make it look too box-like. I agree that the house is a bit close to the cliffs but it was a compromise so that I could include the waves, beach and sea as well as keep the building large enough for the detailed interior that is already smaller due to the double walls. The MOC is built on four 32x32 base plates which is my largest build so far, and I still wanted to be able to move it relatively easily; oh to have more space! The trans-clear fans are from the Dr. Strange lego set.