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  1. Lazlo

    Santa's Village - our Christmas theme layout

    @SilentWolf, thank you very much! I'll post a video also for this layout.
  2. Lazlo

    Winter Village 2017

    Love the mountain and the lake. Nice build!
  3. Hello! This is our Christmas theme layout, my wife and I started building it a year and two months ago for our RLUG's exhibition: Brickenburg Winter Exhibition. For the next events we were expanding it, making it bigger and bigger, adding more and more MOCs and details. Now it has a mountain, Santa's workshop and house (MOCs), some houses (some of them are Winter Village sets) on a hill, a church, a train station, a post office, the nativity scene, some booths selling seasonal goods and two Christmas trains (the two sets). The older train set runs programmed with RCX Mindstorms brick. It goes one round, then stops at Santa's toy factory with its freight car right at the factory belt, which starts moving, like it produces toys and fills up the wagon, after a few seconds it stops and the train starts again. We used lots of LED lights in lamp posts and especially in light string decorations, where we put 0.6 mm wide LED to 1 x 1 transparent round plates wired together. Happy Holidays! P1240372 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240373 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240374 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240369 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240378 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240389 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240392 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240399 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240401 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240391 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240364 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr P1240367 by Ambrus Laszlo, on Flickr
  4. Hi! Sorry, what is the "DB" amount? Thanks!
  5. Lazlo

    [MOC] Santa Claus

    Awesome Santa Claus @Vincent Q!
  6. Lazlo

    Polar Express Train Cars

    Nice design @Lego Dino 500! I am also thinking to make the Polar Express train from the animation movie.
  7. Lazlo

    Ball bearings!

    The hammer worked well :-) I am looking for ideas to build a one axle fixed bogie for smaller wagons for now.
  8. Lazlo

    Ball bearings!

    Thank you all! I will try both methods. Looks like many of you have tried this technique out ;-)
  9. Lazlo

    [MOC] Chartres Cathedral

    Amazing creation! I am looking for inspirations for a micro church either. It will be a larger scale than this, but it is really hard to find the right parts for design and ornaments. I am new in this area yet.
  10. Lazlo

    Ball bearings!

    Hello! I am also experimenting on this great idea. I have found cheap bearings on ebay: I am struggling to find a method not to "melt" technic bricks, but if I won't find any other easier solution, my last option will be that. I have found out that the bearing fits in to a 1 x 1 brick, with stud and hole on sides. It forces a little, so it might crack. I will make a prototype and run it some time, let's see what happens. Thank you!