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Found 4 results

  1. The Gauntlet was a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport owned by the former Mandalorian splinter-faction leader turned bounty hunter Pre Vizsla. Designed and constructed by the Mandalorian starship manufacturing corporation, MandalMotors, the Gauntlet took its name from the Basic language translation of the Mando'a word, Kom'rk. Equipped with powerful engines and twin laser cannons, Gauntlet fulfilled dual roles as a troop transport and starfighter, and was maintained by Vizsla— former leader of the Mandalorian splinter-group known as the Death Watch—as his personal transport during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars. It was later owned by his son, who used it in bounty hunting during the Galactic Civil War era. The Gauntlet was a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport, and like the smaller models of the Kom'rk-class, measured 52.3 meters in length. Gauntlet possessed broad, angular, rotating wings the rotated to an upright landing position when grounded. The starship was also equipped with dual, forward-facing laser cannons located at the nose of the main body, and powerful engines that made Gauntlet one of the fastest troop transports in the galaxy. (not canon) owner info: After being proclaimed dead (Pre Vizsla faked his death at the hands of Darth Maul), and losing his title of leader of Death Watch to the Sith lord, Pre Vizsla escaped Mandalore on his ship, the Gauntlet. He fled to parts unknown, and had his ship repainted into a rusted colors of browns, grays, and black. Pre Vizsla held out for the rest of the Clone Wars on the desert world of Tatooine, hiding his ship in the bustling space-port of Mos Esiley at Docking Bay 93. It was around this time he found himself a wife, one of the refugees from the further out in the Outer Rim sieges. Her name has never been recorded as she died in child birth, but their son has: Par Vizsla. Around the time of rise of the Empire, the father went into business of bounty hunting, and Pre made sure to teach his son the importance of their shared Mandalorian heritage. When Pre died of old age around 3 years Before the Battle of Yavin ( or 3-BBY for short), Par Vizsla took his father's ship and armor and began bounty hunting full-time. He took this profession as a sort of challenge against Boba Fett, the "top dog" of the bounty hunting world, and another Mandalorian-armor wearing hunter. Their rivalry would go on for some time, until Boba was "accidentally" eaten by the Sarlacc. Par Vizsla then had to fight off several new threats to his "top Mandalorian" status, until finally being lost in the deep core chasing a bounty and was then termed MIA around the time of the Battle for Jakku.... though what truly happened to him and his ship will never fully be known. After all, he was chasing the Millennium Falcon! The cockpit seats two figures, one pilot / owner, and one bounty in handcuffs. The cargo area folds up, (and down) and can store a single crate. The ship, while landed, has the two side arms fold upwards 90 degrees. Builders notes: This model is a color-changed and slightly modified version of set 9525 (Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian Fighter). I liked the model, but not the color scheme, so I changed it to match one of the figures in the new Mandalorian battle pack (set 75267), who is going to pilot this ship. I removed the ability for the ship's cockpit to turn 90 degrees sideways while flying as I didn't like how it looked. The landing function still operates as intended, though. The story I wrote that goes with this model is 100% my own fan fiction. It has been inspired by the Clone Wars TV show and other bits of info from the Star Wars Wikipedia about various topics. Most (but not all) of the ship's info is straight from the Gauntlet's page on that wiki. (This model should be built in real life next year, hopefully by mid-March.)
  2. Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! This is my first MOC from Clone Wars! Darth Maul's Gauntlet Fighter Main functions: - 735 pieces, - 1 minifigures - Darth Maul from Star Wars Rebels - a lot of details PDF Instructions - read description on my YouTube movie or check on Rebrickable! What do you think? More on my Youtube, link below! Also available on Rebrickable: OF BRICKS/mauls-gauntlet-fighter/#comments
  3. x105Black

    LEGO Gauntlet

    So LEGO Dimensions is out, and we're on our way. In Wave 4 of the Dimensions releases, we will be getting the Midway Arcade Level Pack: If you've been paying attention to the news, you'll know that this pack introduces areas based on many classic Midway video games. Among them is Gauntlet: Gauntlet was a great Fantasy Hack-n-Slash Dungeon Crawler video game originally released in 1985. It has been redone many times over the years. The original characters were a Warrior, an Elf Archer, a Valkyrie, and a Wizard: The reason that I bring this up is that LEGO currently does not have a medieval fantasy line. Lord of the Rings is all but gone (aside from what I can only assume are the final appearances of the theme in Dimensions), Castle 2013 has retired, and the new year will bring in a cyber-castle theme called Nexo Knights (which is expected to last a few years). In the meantime, there is no traditional Castle theme. What I am hoping is that LEGO will use their Midway license to produce sets and minifigures based on the Gauntlet setting. The characters are wonderful. The setting is wonderful. LEGO already has a relationship with Midway. It seems like a no-brainer, considering the lack of any other real Castle themes for the moment. It's not that I'm a huge fan of Gauntlet itself (I am a casual fan of the series, and have been for many years), but I am a huge fan of LEGO Castle sets in a medieval fantasy theme. I'm just reading into things in hopes that new Castle-like themes will emerge. What do you think? Is it possible? Likely?
  4. InfurnallDragon

    Idea: Fantasy CCBS Themes

    Quick Acronym Definitions: KKII=Knights Kingdom with the Action Figures; CCBS=Character and Creature Building System used by modern lego action figures; Most of CCBS has been strongly Sci-Fi for the few themes that use it. Most lego action figure themes were also this way. One thing that MoC'ers can definitely use and has a place for on the market is action figures in the fantasy or "medieval" theme. I have a few ideas for things that could definitely work and I would love to see happen. These could and should introduce new pieces for CCBS/Technic building systems for us to make our own creations, or just as cool sets themselves. These are in order of what I see as most possible. In each spoiler for them is a background on what they are and why they could come back. >Knights Kingdom III: >Heroica, the Action Figure Game: [EDIT: I am going to do a more developed writeup of this, the thread is too small and not focused on this new theme idea] >Gauntlet Ultrabuilds: >What I want from any of these ideas: New pieces of course! -More diverse medieval weapons than just swords (something KKII didnt do 'til its final wave but even then they were all still melee barring the siege weapons). Perhaps actual bow-shaped blasters that look better than Fluminox or Jungle Protector's awkward blasters with bows built around them. Maybe some functions for them to each use those weapons. Edit: -Another new piece idea: Magic staff weapons that act as blasters themselves and shoot some sort of elemental projectile that also sits in the staff like an ornament at the top of it. -More organic headpieces. So fall all constraction has given us is the robot heads of BIONICLE and Hero Factory. Also it is arguable that KKII's visor-heads could be included, but they look pretty bad without their visors. A CCBS-compatible head possibly in a similar artstyle to the hero ultrabuilds, that has a little more customizability than the ultrabuilds ones. Maybe a head similar to minifigs: have a head with the organic face and an axle joint hole at the top. Here you could put hair or a helmet or a hood. The ideal helmet would be made to fit on this minifig-esque head similar to other minifig helmets. It would cover the back of the head and part of the sides, but have a visor-attachment joint pair on the sides for helmets. It should also be compatible with BIONICLE 2015 masks that are also built in visor fashion to create new helmets or let someone outside of the BIONICLE line wear a mask in MoCs. -New CCBS Armor shell attachments with a more classic fantasy/medieval design. Current CCBS armor shells are just generic enough to be whatever. There is however, few styles of these attachments. BIONICLE looks like it wil ladd at least one for its style, but we probably wont see the kinds of things in BIONICLE that we could see in a Castle theme. They dont have to be just armor, what if your CCBS characters could have quivers for their crossbows or bows? Sheathes for new swords/polerarms? -Cloaks and Hoods. On rare occasions LEGO would include a cloak "piece" in sets (ie Vezon, Furno XL, King Jayko/Mathias). Short of do-it-yourself custom crafting this is the only way to "clothe" a MoC without using armor. A fantasy theme could bring in armor shells or attachements that are also more robe styled, but that wouldnt look as cool as a (Wizard/Druid/Ranger/Elf) with a cloak on their back as well. Fabric hoods vs full plastic hoods that fit on my suggested head piece would become a new debate similar to stickers vs printeds. -Female characters. This is a dangerous subject in a few ways. It is infamous for the fantasy genre to have sexualized female characters. Those (VERY FEW) that were in the BIONICLE universe did not really have this problem as much of a possibility with them being robots and all (although Roodaka sort of tested that pretty hard tbh). LEGO would have to navigate a really sensitive minefield, but I dont really see why that can't at least try to break the terrible 1:5 female:male ratio. I understand what constractions target audience is, but in part isnt part of the problem in selling to female customers alienating them from the theme before they consider looking at it? -Characters that arent robots. BIONICLE and Hero Factory are awesome, but you have to admit that there were barely any characters that didnt look like full-on robots. Even More New Pieces: -NEW FEET. We finally got new feet for CCBS in IFB. Before that it was pretty much either Piraka Claws or hero feet. This would be as good an oppurtunity as any to bring in new foot parts and break this stale building design. -New Hands. For the same reasons as the feet. Also, unless you are wearing gauntlets or other jointed gloves, the robot hands would look like robot attachments on organic characters (see every Ultrabuild). This is the perfect oppurtunity to fix that, with BIONICLE not really leaving space for this. (New Hands and Feet are probably more likely to happen in a series that isnt just one wave) EDIT: Updated HEROICA EDIT2: I feel like the Heroica idea could grow a lot more and I might add to it as the ideas come to me. This is mostly a speculation sort of a thing for me. I definitely feel like the Heroica is the coolest option and would probably go to Cuusoo with it if I had the resources and the know-how. So what do you think? Any ideas?