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  1. Hi everyone I need some help and I don't even know if it's possible but here it is. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/doutqjav09gvslfdb9176/1934157.6C7DF918EF2BB015-1.png?rlkey=ox8ehfugey9ivjx77amxzdinx&dl=0 I want to build a drive train for my Lego Titanic and you can see the current version. When powered B and C rotate the same direction and A the other direction. Now when I want to reverse the rotation (backwards) only A and C should spin so I'm looking for a solution having that possible and I hope someone knows something
  2. The best looking model out there I found, I will certainly buy your instructions/model if you would provide it
  3. Raymember

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    Loved this Moc and bought and made model, it's a really great build but I've made some personal changes as seen below: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Raymember/imperial-fortress
  4. Raymember

    [MOC] Silent Mary Moc

    You're right, thanks for noticing that, I uploaded some full view pictures now
  5. Raymember

    [MOC] Silent Mary Moc

    Hi everyone It has been a while since I posted something in here but I want to share my version of the Silent Mary I found on YB created by Moc my Bricks. I've added approximately 2500 extra bricks on his build to make the ship more realistic and more detailed. This is the first big ship I've made and here are the mayor things I've added or changed: * I've added an extra lower gundeck * The wide of the rear is increased by 2 studs to add 6 rear guns * The weapon on the backside is changed, I've tried to make the 2 lions holding the shield. * There's a galley below the upper gundeck * All guns have been redesigned to make them more realistic * There are 2 triple barrel guns hidden on the front of the ship * The captain quarters is having a full interior now and there is a secret storage below his desk. * The main deck is drastically changed, it's having chairs to the lower and stearing deck and a few other items changed. In the link you see all photos I've made and I hope you guys like it and if you have any other ideas to improve it even better please let me know. Link to my Bricksafe page: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Raymember/silent-mary-moc
  6. I just finished the .lxf file and now you can download it notice !!! the side soft axles are size 12 and not size 11, I wasn't able to make that in LDD https://www.dropbox.com/s/23i5p7m8qkfy574/excavator final black.lxf?dl=0
  7. Under the bonnet you can place a vertical pin where i put this in to connect the additional mirrors Yes it is, I see it too on the photo but the backplates just moved a bit below it seems
  8. Thx Here are better pics of the Mack
  9. Goodmorning all Because it's my first post I will introduce myself. My name is Ray, 33 years old from the Netherlands. Since december last year I picked up my old hobby again after I bought the Mack Anthem and since then I'm more active again with building Lego again. In this post I want to show you my Lego 8043 excavator witch I recently bought ( stock version ofcourse ) on the Kings Day market for a realy cheap price, yeah it was full of dust but after a clean-up the parts looked like new, so after all the best deal I ever made haha Imo it's the most beautyfull technic set but it needed some improvements. A extra 340 parts where needed to get the results you see below ( total brick count is now like 1450 or something like that ) So here it is And combined with the Mack Thats all, hope you guys like it
  10. I was searching for the Eurocopter and found this one, what a great looking moc, hopefully i can find out how you made it to create the Dutch police variant