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  1. TomSkippy

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Definitely, that's actually why I'm posting this, I've been lurking/planning/trying-to-decide for 3-4 weeks now. Each inspires me: I dreamt of being a pirate, the bluecoats were my first lego pirate experience, the redcoats were my biggest set (ITP), Armada spoke Spanish!
  2. TomSkippy

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Thanks for all the replies! @Bregir I’ve poured over all those threads... I already have studio files for the class 2 ship and small property freebuilds (with BrickLink carts at the ready) and a general list of 16 small/medium build ideas. I’m just torn on faction. This whole time period was always my favorite growing up - I honestly have no preference at all. So I thought I’d see if my involvement could help invigorate a less-active faction.
  3. Probably should be in a different thread, but I’m about to jump into this and I have a couple quick questions: 1) Which faction could use a semi-regular builder (I have plans/schedule for 2 builds per month) who would like to participate in the EGS? 2) When are monthly Dbs updated? If I build a medium property October 31, do I get the monthly income Nov 1? Also, say I have 40dbs, if a medium property was my first build, could I get the 10dbs for the free build and then turn and license it using those very dbs? Thanks for your help!
  4. TomSkippy

    Best Cabin Design

    Hey everyone, long time lurker, new to posting. 2 Questions: In your opinion which ship has the most accessible cabin? Which ship has the best cabin features?