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  1. TomSkippy

    Dragon Masters Micro

    I'm usually more of a pirate guy, but castle is pretty dear to my heart. I built this for classic castle's contest. In this build you can see many of the sets from the Dragon Masters Theme, including the Wizard's Cart, Dragon Wagon, Magical Workshop, Dark Dragon's Den, and the Fire-Breathing Fortress. I had additional builds for Majisto's Tower (I included his chariot) and the Magic Shop, but couldn't find a natural spot for them. Anyways this is my first micro build and it's fitting that it is a tribute to my first large castle. There have been better themes and castles, but none can quite recapture the original magic of Majisto for me. Full shots: And something a little more dynamic:
  2. @Ayrlego @Elostirion shipping estimate is 4-12 days. We’ll see.
  3. I’ll have a build for this, unfortunately, I doubt that the necessary pieces will arrive in time. I was wondering if you’d still be willing to purchase it (I don’t plan on licensing it). It’s fine if I don’t get entered into the challenge/judging... as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the build!
  4. TomSkippy

    Colossal Castle Contest

    Woo! Got registered! Not sure how that works; good luck to you!
  5. TomSkippy

    Colossal Castle Contest

    I registered as TomSkippy (and then tried again with a different email under TomSkippyII). Either works. Thanks!
  6. TomSkippy

    Colossal Castle Contest

    Although I’m a pirate at heart, I was looking to submit an entry to the classic castle colossal contest, except I need a mod to activate my account, I haven’t heard back from them and was hoping some of you here may know them or have a suggestion.
  7. @Mesabi thanks for making the brick seas a more lively place! Happy New Years!
  8. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Class 3 Schooner

    Hey guys! Thanks for the encouragement... @Flavius GratianI do enjoy having a rat theme for the decor. @Ross Fisher sometimes details are packed to fit... I like your explanation better! @Mesabi Good eye. It started as a rethinking of the renegade runner, but I kept coming back to the pearl to try and avoid an all-black look. @Faladrin She is indeed right on the line, she is the exact length of a narrow prefab hull and midsection (not including the bowsprit)... she’s the length of a class 3, though only 10 studs wide. @Bart I should add another, I struggled trying to add a second to the Drowned Rat and didn’t even try.
  9. Apparently Johnny is the proprietor of several ships he's never seen nor heard of. Including the Black Rat, a fast maneuverable schooner... A shot of the bow/figurehead w a good angle to see the side detailing: Top view: View of the stern: Side view: @Ross Fisher for my last ship, you suggested a white surface to reflect more light on the model helped a ton with giving definition to a dark ship. Thanks! C&C welcome.
  10. TomSkippy

    [MCTC: Salida Este] Textile Factory

    Pretty build. I actually prefer the separate build... it’s impossible to tell and looks better (a bigger building might ruin the perfect proportions)... and it works better as a display piece (having small builds next to it). AFAIK this is the standard for BoBs textile mills.
  11. Man, December is going to be crazy: just posted the tanner and I have 2 general BoBs builds started. Now I need a chinampa, a classic castle micro, and a slum for fabuland. Great problems to have though! Can’t wait!
  12. TomSkippy

    [Cor Dec FB1] Myzec House

    Immediately makes me think ‘lego’ in it’s simple complexity. Well done. I would definitely consider a collab/challenge!
  13. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Tanner

    @Roadmonkeytj presentation in the form of a base. Any more pieces or figures and it’s too much. @Ayrlego thanks... depicting leather is strange. AFAIK you can use cloth, brown tiles, or brown hair pieces. I’d be interested to see what you come up with if you build it!
  14. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Tanner

    I can’t help myself with a little humor! Thanks everyone for the kind words! I think I could have done a little more with the base for the build.