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  1. You don’t need to flex so hard on us with that rigging. Next ship I make I’ll send you to rig for me Well done!
  2. Oilskin Johnny will be there! He's not sure why he's there, or maybe how he ends up present, but he'll be there. I'll put together an RSVP. As for dress, make him as ludicrously dressed as possible, awkward and a little nervous.
  3. Question on rigging. Here’s a pic of the foremast. Other than rat lines, does it need anything else? Or is my rigging done? (I will add the lines to the bowsprit and main mast later).
  4. @Bregir It’s the little house on deck that leads below When I was first building here, someone commented on one I’d built. I had no clue. Way to ask.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm back from a lengthy hiatus. I'm struggling to find good Lego examples of a companionway. I've rebuilt it 4-5 times and I have nothing, at this point I'm digging through every old post here I can find. Any pics? What's the prettiest you've seen?
  6. TomSkippy

    Sabre Island Remake

    Great colors, model, photo. Great build. I love how you’ve modernized the aesthetic, added some complexity, but preserved the heart. It’s what I always wish new Lego themes would do.
  7. @Masked Mini I know I'm late with the comment here, but that ship looks great! Colors, bow, man it's fantastic. Love the Bluecoat/blue flags on the stern too. I don't have mast advice, but I would say, consider lowering the middle of the blue gunstripe by a plate (look at the Legostone curve). Other than that, great work!!!
  8. TomSkippy

    Rotting Leviathan

  9. @Masked Mini A few quick thoughts: 1) Don't worry about stripping the ship down to studs and starting over, you might still do it again yet! (I have a ship I've rebuilt 3-4 times). 2) I like the length! 3) CGH is still possible! Check out @Wellesley's Ymir (you can see it in the BoBs forum or look a couple pages back in the thread). Take what you like, leave the rest! 4) Consider getting rid of one row of white and dropping the black down. This could simulate the bow-stern curve of the hull. 5) I would make the top two rows flat/even with the rows beneath them. If you're planning on sloping the bulwark inward you need a space that is flat between the curves. Notice, even the Lego Hull pieces do this, they have an inverted slope followed by a vertical one. 6) I like that you're trying to incorporate the widening of the mid section (overhead view). Looking at your ship from the front, the stepping of the sides works because it mimics the 'planks' on the hull piece. From above, the width changes are too dramatic. Two potential solutions: 1) Use tiles/plates instead of slopes for the top two/three rows. Then you can step down by one plate width (instead of two or even a full stud that some of those slopes require). 2) Order a handful of these{"iconly":0} 1x10 curved slopes are MUCH less dramatic and would give you a smoother curve. Excited to see where your build goes, I'm definitely intrigued by this!
  10. Honestly, for social media, your best bet might be running several that are linked. Also, I’m not sure how you’ve run it in the past, but I’d definitely suggest having a few people posting (tasking volunteers with ‘x’ posts per month). Social media really requires steady content (not too much to be annoying), but if it’s not regular people tend to stop checking.
  11. TomSkippy

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I only came out of my dark ages last summer, so I'm not super familiar with Lego's policies/planning. One interesting "Out of the Vault" idea (that will NEVER happen) would be releasing the small ship from the ITP. I would buy that in a heartbeat. An interesting sidenote, I always wondered why they didn't release any other ships of that size in the Pirates line (similar to the Sea Serpent). It could've saved on the hull/unique part costs.
  12. Here's a different Brig WIP. Currently there are 4... 1 needs a dozen pieces and rigging. 2 are done in LDD but haven't been built. This one is (very) loosely based on the USS Niagara or a Cruizer-class brig sloop. She also started as a CGH ship, but then I wanted to tweak it (if I didn't, I feel like it'd look like a bad Netflix adaptation of @Wellesley's wonderful Ymir). I'm not fully happy with it, but I'm not really sure why. What would you do? Please critique her! Zoomed Out: Stern: Bow: @kurigan I realize that this one is not waterline (yet doesn't show everything below it). Somehow I struggle moving away from this. It might be that my whole pirate experience started with Lego. If the build shows everything, it looks too bulky to me (I even feel this way about model ships)... if the build shows just the waterline, it looks a little thin to me. You'll need to forgive me this choice!! P.S. Hull isn't painted, it's electrical tape!
  13. TomSkippy

    [GoC] 14 Gun Brig HMS Ymir

    Beautiful ship. The Farrensman Family look like they’ll be a big name in ship design! Looking at her, honestly, I wish someone would post a rigging tutorial with beginner, journeyman, expert levels!
  14. I forgot you never had created a BSB character! Love the build (and all the other builds) and can’t wait to see their adventures!
  15. @Wellesley the black davits look best. Imo davits can be tough. Lego ships are generally compromises in size, one result (for me at least) is it can make the davits seem either too big, too long, or just awkward. The black ones look more natural to me. Also, your brig turned out phenomenally. I’m usually a little skeptical of the prefab base (they can look too tall/bulky/jagged). All I can say is “wow”.