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  1. Quick question: what do you guys think of the mast placement for this frigate?
  2. TomSkippy

    What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

    @kurigan @Faladrin I agree lego ships aren’t really based on specific types or models, but it is fun debating this. You guys gonna reveal your votes?? @Niku
  3. I'm thinking of making a 'realistic' (UCS?) version of the Black Seas Barracuda. But what is its real world counter part? Brig The two masted sail plan looks VERY brig-y to me. But the stern/cabin are really ornate for a brig. Polacca Common in the Mediterranean (which would include the Black Sea) and have a little more ornate stern. It's a little obscure for such a famous ship and the sail plan is a little different. Armed East Indiaman Might work, except East Indiaman were not really a type of ship, rather they were trading vessels operating under a charter. 17th Century Frigate This absolutely nails the stern ornamentation, but the BSB is not a two-decked ship, might be too big for a pirate crew to arm/crew. What do you think?
  4. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB1] Prio Microbuild

    Thanks everyone! @Capt Wolf Hard to get more ‘micro’ than 3 pieces! I was actually going to hover, but a bunch of my other buildings were mediocre. So I changed the angle and moved the best ones into the scene. @Professor Thaum every Town Plaza is nicer with rum! @Fraunces The rest of the build is a mess. This is all you’re getting
  5. Here's a micro for the small commerce property in Prio (awarded in the PA Cup), the Brick Seas can always use another Rum Cart!
  6. So I have a question for the GoC. What if my builds meet the requirements, but poke fun at Corrington? Would they still be approved?
  7. @Count Vroskri Sorry I'm so late in the game, just saw that this post was forgotten... Here are a couple of ideas for 16 wide... 1) Grab a 16 wide premade bow piece (both parts are even available in white white) 2) Get a million hinge plates (you can see a demonstration here... many ship mocs use that bow technique) Good luck! (if you've gone a different route, we'd love to see it!)
  8. @kurigan Wow! Thanks!
  9. @Professor Thaum Thanks for the explanation!
  10. lol, thanks for the replies guys, it's instructions for a model. There are a lot of pages, I'll probably not copy that one and instead go with a more standard looking skylight. Weird thing: now that @Kwatchi mentions it, it really does look like a disguised/styled air conditioner
  11. Hey everyone, I'm working on a frigate based off of l'hermione. Quick question for you guys... What is this?
  12. TomSkippy

    [MOC] Europa

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! @Mister Phes I'll post some pics with minifigs, it may be a while, but I'd like a capstan shot. When I get minifig pics up I'll add some shots of the undercarriage/hull shape joints. @Captain Braunsfeld Rigging. Best advice, is pirate it! (steal copy someone else's) I definitely understand! I try to avoid cutting or coloring. When I was five, I remember putting some tape on a spear to make an axe and drawing a face on a 1x1 brick (since I lost one of my heads). I hated destroying pieces, but there's a little modification in me, so it's fitting that my grandest build (so far ) would include a touch of that. Thanks! I'm glad you appreciated a creative take on the Sea Rats flag!
  13. TomSkippy

    [MOC] Europa

    There are several issues that come with building a Lego ship, but the primary one: smooth hull shape (with curves on three different planes) presents the greatest challenge. Ultimately, every solution to the hull shape problem involves a compromise: some by stressing tiles, others by eliminating one (or more) curve plane, others by creating jagged lines. My design uses mixel joints to create the shape. The sacrifice comes in several gaps. I've used rigid hose and standard rigging to disguise the majority of them. This design has involved several experiments (notably the Spirit of Sir Edward). Modeled after the brig USS Lady Washington: I present the Europa. The rigging: big thanks to @Wellesley. I had no clue where to start, so I just ended up copying what I could from his fantastic Ymir. The front gaps on the hull aren't bad, but still noticeable. Figureheads are one of my favorite aspects of shipbuilding. In mythology, Europa, the mother of King Minos of Crete, was abducted by Zeus who took the form of a white bull. While I tried to avoid modifying bricks in this build, I did paint several. The figurehead has most of the modifications: I painted the hairpiece white. I also removed the head from the horse costume 35704pb01, painted it white, and glued a brickwarriors bull head on top. The rudder can be moved by the tiller. Flags are based on this technique here. Originally, the Europa was going to have 16 guns. To go with her armament, her deck was going to be dark red (to help conceal blood). I scrapped the armament, but kept the dark red. I didn't grab a good picture, but there is a capstan under the lifeboat which does work (raising and lowering the anchors). The bell is a bucket painted pearl gold. No ratlines, I'm not that crazy... even though I catch myself dreaming about trying this technique with a two-decker. Let me know what you think!
  14. Unit name: Type: Heavy Cavalry Uniform description: Dark blue jacket with with lapels and gold trim. Red epaulettes and sash; white trousers. The helmet is steel with iron or leather chinstraps. The crest has a scarlet comb. Polished steel cuirass. Equipment description: Cavalry saber; standard infantry flintlock pistol. Recruitment center: Unit history and description: Campaigns: Motto: More about the unit:
  15. TomSkippy

    The Book on Cuirassiers

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! Good idea! I had a lot of fun putting together the brutal vignette. I saw those on shapeways I think!