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  1. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Lids

    I ended up building a back using dark bluish grey tiles/plates. Frustrating evening. Sad for losing the parts... I have successfully dyed some blue plates dark blue so there’s still some hope!
  2. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Lids

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. @Ayrlego I agree, the build is a bit extreme. It was a fun design. Where would pirates buy hats? Then I thought of those slightly obnoxious stores in the mall. The only difficulty I had was getting a slightly lighter color behind the hats so the bicornes would stand out a little better. I ended up melting some 1x2x2 white panels trying to dye them dark grey. 😟
  3. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Lids

    Many people have asked where Johnny got his fabulous hat. Well, now you know: Store Location: Bastion License: Small Artisan I really love the juxtaposition of modern on a pirate setting... Builds like this are the reason I ended up as a Sea Rat. This build is probably as extreme as I will take this idea. C&C welcome as always!
  4. TomSkippy

    Pirate Hair

    Saw this photo on reddit: The hair is absolute perfection with the face. I always wonder what Redbeard or Broadside would look like without a hat. Are there any hair pieces that can match this level of perfection with pirate figures?
  5. TomSkippy

    [Cor Nov FB1] Sugar Press, Jameston

    Love it. The sugarcane looks great, loving the colors and the non uniformity... looks like sugarcane! Simple scene, great colors, nice fig placement. Way to go.
  6. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Fast Fish

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! @Fraunces I swear I’ll eventually post some bigger builds tho! @Roadmonkeytj We welcome your business! I’m sure we’ll have a Fish Franchise in every port! @Drunknok One of my favorite things TLG has done is adding so many great expressions. I love what that can do for simple poses/stories.
  7. Location: Bastion Type: Small Artisan In the fast-paced world of BoBs, many pirates don't have time to follow traditional sea fare (thanks @Drunknok). Many struggle to find a place that serves kid's meals AND rum. Welcome to Fish! Cheap, fast, and family friendly! Experienced staff! Fun for the whole family! C&C welcome!
  8. TomSkippy

    My first Pirate Moc

    Welcome aboard! I'm somewhat new to the moc scene as well. I like your color (not too flashy, but not too monotonous), and you have a very creative method of attaching the front sail (and it looks good!). I also like your angled stern. I have some suggestions that might help. Try using google to find ship mocs that you like. The Admiral's Eagle is a great example. Look at parts that you like from that ship, other mocs, and licensed lego ships. Copy those techniques/ideas for your next ship! I also like to use the bricklink program. To get better at using it, I looked up lego pirate ship instructions (like the Black Pearl or Brick Bounty or Imperial Flagship) and then built them in I design using that, then I built with my own parts. This helps me figure out if I need to order any new parts from Bricklink to finish my design. Good luck!
  9. TomSkippy

    Account Summary

    Thanks for all the work you guys put in to keep this running!
  10. TomSkippy

    Account Summary

    I submitted Rum cart forms, I went ahead with the Drowned Rat early (so it would be up for the Trade MRcA). Did the license for the Rat go through? Or do I have to resubmit it? Does it still get to participate in trade this cycle?
  11. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Drowned Rat

    @Ross Fisher thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely give it a try next build that uses a lot of black! @Bregir I used a canvas drawing pad I found at a hobby store, calls itself “primed cotton”. I poked a hole in the packaging to check the feel/weight: pretty close to the original thing, just a little softer but has a nice cloth/canvas/sail texture. Soaked it in old coffee to darken from white; in the future I may try a clothing dye (couldn’t get it any darker than pictured)
  12. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Drowned Rat

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I think I was subconsciously inspired by my all-time favorite lego ship: the little merchantman from the ITP. As a side note, I’m struggling to get good definition on the black parts of my build, any suggestions?
  13. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB2 - OCT 618] Tortuga's City Hall

    Perfect. Simple and detailed. Love the dock, the shack, and the scene. Well done sir.
  14. Being a captain wasn't what Johnny expected. He didn't remember Redbeard or Woodhouse swabbing decks or hoisting sails, nor did he remember the crews muttering quite so much. Johnny didn't remember what was in the cargo hold either... Oh well. Johnny wondering why his spyglass wasn't working... Here's a side shot with the yard arms visible: A view of the deck/front, I'm proud of the rat figurehead and small anchors: Quick shot of the stern: C&C welcome! She'll be registered as a Class 1
  15. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Rum Cart

    Thanks, have to say though, it did not want to stay together, I think it came apart about a dozen times setting up the scene. @Bregir I will definitely take advantage of 800x600 for the next build, didn’t want to get too out of control! Necessity is the mother of invention... how else can a little cart pull in 5dbs a month