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  1. I know not everyone is comfortable with this, but several colors are doable: black, white, and tan… you can find spray paint that is close enough you won’t notice. Depending on your abilities, you can also change colors in post (using a photo editor to change the colors in the photo). For these, ymmv. I don’t mind so much, though the ‘tacky’ feel of painted Lego does bother me, so I try to keep it to more permanent models, and I also sort the pieces separately.
  2. TomSkippy

    [GoC] Class 4 Xebec - Dirty Rat

    Wow! Thanks for all the kind words everyone! @kurigan I appreciate your suggestions, even with the GoC approval, I will implement them in the next few weeks! @Bregir Other than some colors and a minor tweak here or there, I think it should be build-able with bricks. The hull/deck was modified later in the build, I imagine it’s a little weak and messy. The masts probably would need a different attachment method as well! About the GoC… I didn’t plan on a Xebec, and don’t really understand them. This challenge forced me to work on it. I don’t know if I’m much better with them, I looked at models and copied as best I could! Also, I don’t know if this one will be sold to Corrington, only one of the ships needs to be given to the crown…
  3. Not much to say, playing around with hull shapes and rigging techniques. Thought I'd make some progress on the Shipping Nabob title. I probably enjoyed building the beakhead the most. The thin slopes and inverted front are simple yet sophisticated (perfect for a Xebec!) I like how the rigging turned out, though it took way too long. I think I got the hang of it (mostly). Already working on the next one! Stern... nothing fancy, but I like how trim she is. Final shot, let me know what you think!
  4. TomSkippy

    [OL-FB] Smoked meat for the Fort

    no judgment here (no promises either ! The smoke covers up the taste!
  5. Oilskin Johnny's business interests are so widespread he doesn't even know they exist... There are a few more pictures on my flickr Due to some house situations, I've been stuck primarily using I've been frustrated not being able to use actual bricks, but the number of palm leaves in the build would have made this an impossibility. Plantations can be tough... The allure of 'copy paste' is strong and the repetitiveness of the build makes it a challenge to vary the terrain to keep it interesting. I'm tired of rotating the stupid little plants. I'm glad it's done. Let me know what you think!
  6. TomSkippy

    [COR - TER] On the Outskirts of Westface

    Impressive set of figures! I like how the short size of the palm trees give the column a sense of distance. How do the round studs attach to the shakos? And are the yellow admiral shirts custom? Stickers?
  7. TomSkippy

    Account Summary

    @Ayrlego I licensed a couple of MOCs early on March 1 (Silversmith and Fromagerie) and was hoping to beat the Feb/Mar deadline. Obviously they didn’t provide DBs or count towards this. Can I at least get them counted as built in February so I’m not limited to 1 licensed property this month?
  8. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    Thanks guys! And thanks for the front page!!
  9. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    Thanks guys! I toyed with making this with real bricks, but the cost of chrome plating a bunch of random parts really mixed the idea. I’ve been working on an Ideas Pirate build for the last 6 weeks and I keep getting things that won’t quite fit the idea: (this building is one, so was the chapel and the cheese shop).
  10. @Count Vroskrithanks for the shout out! You know I like this build! The separate interior helps because I tend to make exteriors compact and interiors too busy, roofs frequently get in the way, especially on ships. I’m also tired of having to make the interior AND the exterior clean/seamless, and of course having to delete/cut a hole for the camera or light to see the interior. This is one of the major advantages of the modeling programs.
  11. TomSkippy

    [SR - FB]Scandal in Mesabi Landing

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! Had a lot of fun with this build. @Mesabi Glad you enjoyed it! I like the place you have in the world... East India Co-like, even raiding settlements. @Bodi the red coat in the warehouse was supposed to be from the ‘suspicious soldier’... the idea was he called in the report, posed as a redcoat and absconded with the milk. Notice he’s the behind the counter in the Fromagerie build!
  12. One last free build for February. I've been wanting to build a silversmith for a while, the Studio chrome selection, luminous colors, sticker function, and latest Ideas Blacksmith gave me all the pieces I needed. I clearly love this form of landscaping. The house is inspired by the Fromagerie build. Inside the workshop. A master absorbed in his work. Let me know what you think!
  13. Entirely unrelated to the recent scandal in Mesabi Landing, a new cheese shop has opened in Bastion! Serving the finest aged goat-adjacent exotic cheeses!
  14. Earlier today in Mesabi Landing, one of the city's major dairy producers was raided today by a Corrie platoon. The authorities had received an anonymous tip about health code violations at the site. Upon breeching the door, the Corries were nearly as shocked as the workers. No cows on site; dozens of different mammals had been kept in inhumane conditions to be milked for public consumption. Corrish troops seized and destroyed the stockpile of 'milk'. Several animals also took part. Although "ILK" dairy sells hundreds of liters of milk, Corrish authorities found the nearby storehouses dry. Authorities have issued a recall for all dairy products from Mesabi Landing and are offering rewards for further information on the missing dairy products. OOC: I was inspired by an old Simpsons episode. Let me know what you think! In unrelated news, a new fromagerie has opened in Bastion!
  15. TomSkippy

    [OL-FB] Frigate HRS Leopard

    Both ships are wonderful. A serious number of parts and rigging to get two sixes out at once!