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  1. Thank you for your comment!
  2. Hello! This is our second portrait with beatiful zombie minifigures, which have some classic horror movies vibe. I really love monster fighters theme and decided to immortalize it in a thematic picture. The painting is made in acrylic, size: 40x60 cm. Enjoy video! Let me know your thoughts about it. And share ideas for next portraits!
  3. celeb

    Captain RedBeard Portrait

    Hey, thank you for your feedback. Yes, this is the first pirate portrait, before that we drew garmadon but in different style (more modern).
  4. celeb

    Captain RedBeard Portrait

    Hello everyone! There was an idea for draw one of the favorite minifigure. We choose classic 18th century portrait style for Captain RedBeard minifigure. Because it corresponds with its period of time. Portrait leads the traditional way of composition - 3/4 on the dark background with canonical pet - red parrot. We hope it will be interesting not only for lego fans but also for art admirers, like homage to traditional painting. And timelapse video of drawing process:
  5. celeb

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Did anyone notice the new photos of CC and GG in high resolution? Could this mean something? It looks like official photos.
  6. celeb

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    71202 - Level Pack: The Simpsons 71211 - Fun Pack: The Simpsons (Bart Simpson) 71227 - Fun Pack: The Simpsons (Krusty the Clown) 71211 set from episode Saturdays of Thunder - 309: Can anyone understand, what it with Krusty?
  7. celeb

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    In my opinion, when Lego create a character, they guided by the interweaving stories of characters, their effect and the appearance in the series in general. Previous published figures should be linked to the new, to create scenes from the movie and more playability. 1. Moe - one of the most anticipated 2. Barny 3. Lenny 4. Karl 2-4 - very strange lack of all homer's friends 5. Principal Skinner - willie and krabappel, 100% in next series 6. Miss Hoover - at the same level as Millhouse parents. possible, but not series 3. 7. Sherri/Terri - the last of the common children, and, 1 figure - 2 characters 8. Dolph 9. Kearny 10. Jimbo 8-10 - possible, but i dont think. too minor characters, no subplots, no stories. Nelson connected with Lisa and Bart in many episodes 11. Otto - must be (set associated with the school?) 12. Bumblebee Man - the continuation of the creation, Krusty? 13. Kent Brockman - the continuation of the creation, Dr. Hibbert? 14. Sideshow Bob - the continuation of the creation, Krusty? great connection with Bart. 15. Sideshow Mel - the continuation of the creation, Krusty? 16. Crazy Cat Lady - fun 4 fun. 17. Squeaky Voice Teen - see him in Krusty Burger set. 18. Disco Stu - fun chacarter. like Frink. 19. Maude Flanders - minor character, little stories. 20. Reverend Lovejoy - the continuation of the creation, Flanders? see (and believe) him in church set. 21. Helen Lovejoy - no one ideas to create her, nondescript character. Only in a set with her husband. 22. Marge's Mom - absolutely no, Absolutely not, occurs in 1 or 2 episods. 23. Homer's Mom - absolutely no, Absolutely not, occurs in 1 or 2 episods. 24. Radioactive Man - excellent continuation of the line of superheroes. 25. McBain/Rainer Wolfcastle - fun character. 26. Manjula (with the Octuplets lol) - minor character, little stories. 27. Wendell (the kid who always vomits) - minor character, little stories. 28. Mr. Largo (lisa's music teacher) - minor character, little stories. 29. Bleeding Gums Murphy - again, minor character, little stories. 30. Poochy (kind of reaching but we have Itchy and Scratchy) 31. Superintendent Chalmers - only with Skinner. I personally don't believe in him. 32. Mayor Quimby - interesting character, but what is it for?It does not fit to one character. Personally, I'm waiting: 33. Lou - for Wiggum. 34. Eddie - for Lou and Wiggum. 35. Agnes Skinner - One of the most interesting old characters (communicate with Comic Book Guy, Skinner and any) 36. Jasper - Lego PLEASE ! :)) 37. Cletus - super funny and cool.
  8. celeb

    LEGO The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart review!

    Hello everyone. Excellent review! English is not my native language, but I want to express my opinion. Simpsons house was the first of its kind, and I can say without exaggeration that this is the most impressive set that I'm going (my collection http://brickset.com/sets/ownedby-celeb ). I look at the video from the Kwik-e-Mart, and is difficult to say how good it is compared with the house. The main disadvantages that I said to myself, is this: build the walls of the large panels, next is access to the roof (gray parts in front of the back door (I think they represent the stairs)) is not on the level with doors on the roof and when you open them, you can see the white block is openly trash, my points of view. Boxes on the left of go to the store and powersauce box, i want see make real and not just a cube, f.e. such as in the unreleased Star Wars set. About minifigures, I fully agree with Robert8. Two more of the same Homer, Marge and Bart?! Personally, I put my set as a scene and all the replays minifigure are inside the house that was not identical characters next And also absolutely terrible Bart`s accessory This set is made parking for bikes and it looks very cool. But damn, it is hoped to see the Bart or Lisa's bike, instead of useless balloons with paint. The walls are made with convex inside panels, why so? can anyone know? have not seen any pictures with such walls in TV show. Why did not they turn? I personally really like how realized roof, but my brother says that it is terrible :) garden could do more in the series there were almost jungle I do not know how to be considered here, maybe anyone can express any opinion or idea? I look at the Simpsons house, and then look at the photo of this e-Mart. I can not understand, in the house we have a garage, two floors, cool floor, a lot of furniture, all the rooms and walls, collected from cubes, many additional accessories. And where is all this detail here? It looks much smaller (maybe even poorer). If they still will release next year comic book store, it will be even less? Of course it is difficult to estimate without seeing it live, we have it will be sold only in May. At first sight it does not look so impressive as the house. Can certainly the case in the limit on the amount of detail, but why it was impossible to add $ 50 to the cost and make Jasper, the more detailed the roof, the walls of the smaller elements, that it was not convex. Sad. Thanks all for attention.
  9. celeb

    Simpsons 2015 Rumors and Discussion

    said at the forum that Moe refused