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  1. Monty Python Black Knight

    Thanks! The inverted slope is just simply glued directly to the backboard. To achieve it, the "poster" is cut out below the slope like this:
  2. Monty Python Black Knight

    Hi Everyone, Let me share with you my latest creation. I designed it to my brother for his birthday. He's a big Monty Python fan. It's the the Black Knight from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. The knight is a simple black figure (with black head) with a custom printed torso. I've placed it into an IKEA Ribba picture frame. Hope you like it!
  3. That's a very good question...
  4. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    Nice collection! Is it a modyfied TIE Fighter? Its wings looks smaller than the official one.
  5. Picture frame as minifigure display

    I could imagine a nice display them too. You can display only a few minifigs as well. Like this: I was collecting these minifigures from the beginning to display them this way. I've seen many similar good solutions on the web that inspired me to create my own. I like Star Wars too, but there are so many minifigs, that would be too expensive and frustrating to collect. Anyway, If I had a SW collection, I would definitely build a custom display stand for them. I found a good compromise with the LOTR line. They are not too many to collect and display on the wall. To be honest, The Avengers are still on my list. I could display them in a same picture frame with a nice background...
  6. Hi Everyone, I haven't seen any posts about displaying minifigures in picture frames recently, so I thought I share with you my version. I made these 5 display frames for my Lord of the Rings/Hobbit minifigure collection. It doesn't contain all the minifigs from the themes, I deninitely wanted to create a nice display instead. The 5 frames are: Elves, Orcs (including 1 goblin soldier), Wizards (=Istari, incl. 2 blue wizards from other themes), Dwarfs (+Bilbo) and the fellowship of the ring (incl. Gandalf the White, King Theoden, Elrond and Gollum). I can place some bigger minifigs (for ex. Goblin King) on the top of the frames. I've used IKEA Ribba frames (23x23 cm). I've edited special backrounds for the individual displays. The minifigs are standing on 2x4 bricks, which are glued to the background. These bricks allowed me to apply stickers to sign the minifigs and to add extra parts (for ex. the arkenstone for Thorin). Unfortunatey, I couldn't use the glass of the original frame, because there wasn't enough space due to the equipments of the minifigs. Thus, I can't prevent them from dust... Creation process: As you can see, the bricks aren't glued on the photo, they are connected directly to the board. The final result: Thanks for stopped by!
  7. What is your favourite Lego Star Wars set ever?

    Definitely the UCS Millenium Falcon!
  8. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    I think they tried to build in some colours, because they found the film version too "grayish"... Then they realized, that there's more attention to the original colours. However, these octagonal windscreen pieces look more spherical to me. The new TIE Fighter has some very clever building techniques, the lot of designing hours can be seen, I appreciate it. Still, overall I find the cockpit too angular. That's why I decided to build a TIE Interceptor based on the 7181 set.
  9. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    It looks much better in my collection now! (There might be place for an X-wing too...)
  10. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    Here's a "before-after" picture:
  11. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    The original one has about 700 parts, mine counts basically the same amount.
  12. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    Hi everyone, I'm a big fan of the SW UCS theme, especially of the TIE Fighters. My first UCS set was the 2000 TIE Interceptor. I was very proud to have it. However, as I get the Vader's TIE and the new TIE Fighter, the TIE Interceptor didn't match to them at all with its blue and dark gray colours... I decided to replace all blue, dark and light gray parts to light and dark bluish gray. I haven't found a modification like this on this forum, so I'd like to share with you what I came up with. My purpose was to create a nice display modell, which fits to my taste and is faithful to the original set as well. On the other hand, I wanted to customize it to be more appropriate to the film version. I used the elements of the Vader's TIE to build the cockpit (octagonal pieces and the hatch). In addition, I carried out some minor changes on the wings as well (1x8 dark bluish gray plate on the sides, replacement of the hinge bricks to plates, light bluish gray "stripes" on the inner sides). The interior got also an unique colour. It can't be perfectly appropriate to the film version, mostly because of the the inadequate angles of the wings, but I'm satisfied with the final result. Hope, you like it. Thanks for stopped by!
  13. Skull's Eye Cutter

    Well, I'm not satisfied completely with the area under the cannons as well, but there's isn't so much space as at the SES. It could be light grey too, but I wanted to put some red in it. I really like to see that bluecoats ship! Keep going!
  14. Skull's Eye Cutter

    Just a little update. I've modified the back of the ship. I've raised the window piece one plate higher. It looks more ergonomic now. In addition, I've noticed recently, that the rudder wasn't accurate on the latest photo, so I've corrected it. IMG_4993 másolat by Gyula Herr, on Flickr IMG_5001 másolat by Gyula Herr, on Flickr
  15. Skull's Eye Cutter

    Actually I owned it, because I used it as a donor to build this. I got it in an incomplete condition (no triangular sail, no big flag, broken nose mast, no cannons, no minifigs,...) for about 25 USD from an old schoolmate. To be honest, the colours don't match with my taste, so I didn't want to complete it at all (btw. the triangular sail is very rare and expensive). But I cleaned the items and put them together to feel the building once! Off course I made a shot! Then I sold the sails and the rest of the parts to buy the original main sail of the SES and some extra parts. You can see a before-after picture here: Összehasonlítás by Gyula Herr, on Flickr I think the shape of the nose looks much better with a little curve in it (I built in one 2x2 inverted slope 45) and the use of white plates and bricks give it and elegant look.