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Found 10 results

  1. zinnn

    Rafts, Rafts, Rafts!

    ...and other dinghies Okay pirates, lets talk about rafts - one of the most popular floating structure in the Lego Pirates universe. Over the years we got a few classics: Small rafts: 1733: Shipwrecked Pirate 6234: Renegade's Raft Bigger rafts: 6257: Castaway's Raft 6261: Raft Raiders 6240: Kraken Attackin' As well as parts of other builds: 1788: Treasure Chest 6248: Volcano Island 6273: Rock Island Refuge 6296: Shipwreck Island 70410: Soldiers Outpost Which one is your fav? Which rafts from other Lego themes could work well with the Pirates? Here's a few (average tbh) I found: Also share photos of the best MOCs you've seen around! Here's a few: The one below from the forum's user Kalais (thread here). Have you seen any good rafts that look like they're part of a crashed ship (instead of neatly made ones)?
  2. We have seen the return of infamous Captain Redbeard in Pirates of Barracuda Bay, but where was his loyal First Mate Rummy? Propably had too much rum again, got marooned on a ramshackle Renegade's Raft, and woke up in the middle of the ocean, fighting with a big shark, and an even bigger headache, just like before, in a set from 1991: But now, the raft have recieved a substantial update: Why just have a flimsy flag and a pair of paddles, when you can have a full Gaff rigged sail, a steering Oar, and fishing rod! Rummy was also wise enough to bring a compass and spyglass to know where he's going. A parrot also perched on the mast top, so old Rummy has someone to talk to, and there's a bottle of unknown contents. Might be drinking water, might be the remainder of his rum binge that ended in this misadventure, or something else? You decide! Overall, it's a simple redesign, of a simple old set. Hope you like it me Mateys!
  3. Hi everyone! I would like to show you two simple constructions that I have built. The idea was to make something like shop sets, and to refer to the classics, such a contemporary version. Plus a style to match Barracuda Bay. A hut inspired by a set from 1992, Smuggler's Shany 6258, Raft to Castaway's Raft 6257 from 1989. The larger project is 188 parts, the smaller 92. I will share both MOCs with a parts list, the tutorial will be available on my YouTube channel - edge of bricks. I'm also thinking about some more modifications, maybe something from Islanders? ?? Any ideas? What do you think about this projects?
  4. Here is my take on the LEGO Classic Pirate set 6257 Castaways Raft 6257 Castaways Raft Reimagined by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Castaways Raft by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Castaways Raft by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Castaways Raft by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  5. janhansson

    Raft with castaways

    A merchant ship is smashed against a rock. The survivors (two soldiers and a sailor) find themselves hanging onto a part of the deck. They manage to find some empty barrels and spars and a small sail, and use them to create a raft. Afterwards they spend a long time drifting, and trying to sail in the direction of civilization.
  6. Etzel

    [MOC] Kon-Tiki

    The 17th of May is the national day of Norway, so what better way to celebrate my dear neighbors than with a Norwegian themed MOC? This is the Kon-Tiki, a balsa wood raft that Norwegian explorer and scientist Thor Heyerdahl with crew built and sailed across the Pacific Ocean in 1947. Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr The journey was made as an experiment to prove that pre-Columbian South Americans could've traveled and colonized Polynesia in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Rafts from the time had been documented in paintings and they were used as reference when building Kon-Tiki. The journey took 101 days from Peru to the island of Raroia in French Polynesia. The crew consisted of five Norwegians: Thor Heyerdahl, Erik Hesselberg, Knut Haugland, Torstein Raaby, Herman Watzinger adn one Swede Bengt Danielsson. They documented the expedition in both a documentary film and a book, and in 2012 there was also a dramatized feature film made. The real raft is in display in the Kon-Tiki museum in Oslo, Norway. I recommend the Wikipedia article if you want to know more about this fascinating expedition. Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Kon-tiki by Etzel87, on Flickr Here are also some pictures of the MOC from the Swebrick exhibition two weeks ago. Pictures by @Ozp Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Klosskalaset Swebrick event 2019 Borlänge by LegoOzp, on Flickr Till lykke med dagen, Norge!
  7. Day 3, Landfall After two days at sea with no sight of land, this morning a formation of clouds betrayed a large landmass to the south. Baker immediately set what little sail we had and with oars in hand beached us before noon. I have not been able to identify the island, and with no expertise and no navigational implements, neither the stars, the sun, nor the moon offers any consolation. Curiously enough, both young Baker and myself have failed to recall any clues as to how we ended up on the raft, but we are well supplied with a chest of basic tools and provisions enough to last us some while, even if we should be unable to find a suitable source of nutrition. None of us has any recollection of what happened after we landed on Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan. And while the island appears ripe in possible food sources, flora and fauna, neither offers me any clues as to our location. The avifauna suggests that we might be in the Prio Seas, but thus far it is all conjecture. Baker, as ever the very image of activity and good spirits, has vigorously set about figuring out how to make our existence on this desolate piece of land bearable, and I have every confidence that he shall succeed. I believe I may be in his way, and will spend our time until we are rescued productively, describing the species off this island. This may well prove an invaluable scientific opportunity and a well-earned break from my diplomatic duties. Montoya...
  8. Location: Outside Mooreton Bay Type: Ship The brave crew of the WTC Riff Raft sailed and rowed towards the WTC Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The Corrish Marines stationed aboard leered at them as they pulled alongside, but they were happy to get off the deathtrap that was the Icarus Returning WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr The exchange was quick. The Marines hopped in a lifeboat and started frantically rowing away. The WTC crew got into position and heaved the anchor, and sailed the ship away WTC Riff Raft by North White, on Flickr And so, the Icarus Returning was free to sail again, and haul mining explosives across the Brick Seas. FIN This is the build for my little class 0 "Riff Raft" It could use a little work, I know, but I'm happy with it. It will be doing short trade runs across zone 24. Also, I'm a little confused as to where to have the Icarus Returning start this TMCRA, as it technically isn't allowed in Mooreton Bay. C&C appreciated
  9. blackdeathgr

    Trading raft

    Trading between inland settlements is done not only with pack mules and oxen but with rafts as well, especially at those islands where rivers are fairly calm. Here we can see one such raft carrying salted meat in barrels that pass some not-so-friendly looking natives. I started this MOC a month ago but I couldn't come up with a decent raft design so i nearly ditched it. Still, i found the courage to finish it, only in order to describe the hard living of our pioneer settlers across The Brick Seas (aaand the 10DB of the FB)
  10. Location: Ferro Azure Small fishing rafts such as this one are a common site around the waters near Sailda Este, where the seafood trade has been booming since the Settlement's establishment. This particular fisherman is known as Thunder-Rod, which is either a combination of his real name and a reference to his booming voice, or a joke about the time he was struck by lightning through a fishing rod. He often comes into Town to sell his fish, but he usually docks his raft in a cove instead of fighting against bigger ships. When he does come to town, he often narrates the plays of the town school, much to the delight of the children. First BoBS build in a while, may or may not license this one as a Class 0. C&C Welcome!