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  1. Justsomebrix

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Hi all, just wanted to share this 10+ year old thread I found from another pirate forum, where some members discovered the lego pirate community https://www.piratesahoy.net/threads/ships-lego-built-by-members-of-classicpirates-com.19403/
  2. Justsomebrix

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    @Max_Lego great looking crew! What set are you reffering to?
  3. Justsomebrix

    [OL-FB] Foreign Merchants' District

    Great scene ! Love builds like these, full of life! I really enjoy your builds, I really appreciate that you take the time to properly create and pose your figures. I often find that your scenes tell the story without needing a text and I love to analise them to see the stories you didn't include in the text
  4. Thank you for the win, and congrats @NOD on first place! Despite the lack of competition it was fun taking part in the challenge, thank you for setting it up
  5. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] Harbor Defense Sloop, Wullham

    I'd say it works as a class 4, but honestly it's hard to determine based on the guidelines. It's lacking in firepower which is a bit of a minus, but for some reason it still feels a lot bigger than it is If no one debates it, I say licence it as a class 4
  6. Justsomebrix

    [COR - OKT artisan] Basement Tavern in Punto Sur

    Thank you for the kind words evryone! Nope! It's just using tention, you'd be surprised how well the bucket handles attach to the bottom sides of tiles I'm planing on developing and featuring the crew a lot more! I have a ton of them built and ready to be put in mocs
  7. Justsomebrix

    Settlement: Punto Sur, Maldria, Eslandola

    A small basement tavern in Punto Sur (small artisan)
  8. After an uneventful pirate hunt, the disappointed Queenston Privateers decided to hold a vote to figure out their next move. Sinbad, who was chosen to lead the fleet, spoke first. He proposed they head towards El Oleanda where they could hunt the few remaining Lotus who still scour the area. It was a logical plan and the crews seemed to agree, when suddenly a gunner from the Andromache spoke up "What about the Oktoberfest ! They'll be over soon.. and we're only 3 days away from Punto Sur!" The crews simultaneously spoke up in agreement. Sinbad, caught off guard by the irresponsible yet brilliant suggestion, repressed his want to go and put on his serious captain act "Nay brothers! We've been sent here on a mission, a mission to eradicate our Queens enemies from the brick seas! How could we allow ourselves to let her down and go enjoy the festivities of Punto Sur, the hundreds of barrels of beer, the delicious foods, the parades.. the shooting games... the beautiful women..." Sinbad lost his train of thought and stood their in silence looking down on the crews, they all looked up at him with confused expressions, creating a very uncomfortable silence... When suddenly they all burst into laughter. "Ah screw it, I've never claimed to be a Great man" Sinbad said to himself, his obvious facade now gone "Set a Course for Punto Sur!" And just like that, the 4 ships set sail to Punto Sur. While enjoying all the activities the Oktoberfest has to offer, Sinbad found himself a small overcrowded Basement tavern where he would end up spending most of his nights. While drinking and singing with the rest, he spotted a shy looking man with formel clothes standing awkwardly and alone in the middle of the room with his drink in hand. The drunk captain quickly and loudly made his way towards him and dragged the man back with him to meet the crew. The obnoxious and drunk crew welcomed the weird man with drinks and laughter. The man presented himself as Frederick Chapman, a naval architect based in Jameston, well used to before captain Nardau blew his office to pieces. To which Sinbad and the crew chose not to reveal that one of Nardau's ships had once belonged to them... A couple barrels of beer later, the shy man Sinbad had spotted was now unrecognisable. Frederick was drunkenly standing on the table chanting with the rest of the crew. For the duration of the festivities, Sinbad took Frederick under his wings and showed him how to have some propper fun, even helping him out with the ladies. It didn't take long for mister Chapman to fall in love with the lifestyle. So on the last day of Oktoberfest, with no home to go back to, and fearing he'd never see his new friends ever again, he asked if he could join them. --------------- My entry to the annual Oktoberfest minichallenge Will be licensed as a small artisan in Punto Sur
  9. Justsomebrix

    [COR- SHIPS] Class 3 privateer sloop "Ranger"

    It was a last minute touch, glad you like it!
  10. Justsomebrix

    Era III and a call for New Leadership!

    Very excited for the new era, willing to help out wherever I can
  11. Quite an ambitious request Curious to what the response will be ... Good looking scene, the story telling was really well done on this one! Ps : her name is Annetta not Annette
  12. Great addition to the fleet! I would have liked to see you add some more plot into how you acquire your ships. Seeing as your hunting pirates, you could for example make a scene where you capture a pirate ship (or even a whole squadron) and add it to your own fleet, or maybe you buy it at an auction, etc Also Mesabi Landing is owned by the WTC so it would have been nice to see some of they're troops stationed in the building. The scene is beautiful though, and I'm really looking forward to the dobbel-decker!
  13. Justsomebrix

    [COR - FB - SHIP] HMS La Belone

    The ship is magnificent! Beautiful display as always No it's a late 18th century frigate, it's based of the French frigate "L'incorruptible" which was a Romaine-class frigate.