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  1. Justsomebrix

    HETCS Pallace and HETCS Endomyion

    Amazing ships! The image of them sailing is beautiful The Palace might be my favorite of all your ships. It was a pleasure writing the story, I think it brings a lot more life to your posts
  2. Justsomebrix

    The East Terran Trading Company

    Three new ships from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner added to the fleet And a 4th one by @Spud The Viking
  3. Justsomebrix

    [GoC] Arlinsport Factory

    One of your best mocs so far! Beautiful!
  4. Justsomebrix

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    Looking forward to the future posts! Will you be giving the ship to the royal navy so that it can be used in the war?
  5. Justsomebrix

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    Great looking ship, I've been enjoying the updates on discord. Would have been nice to have a bit more story telling on the post though
  6. Justsomebrix

    The East Terran Trading Company

    Where can I find information about what happened to the fleet? (Might be interesting for a story post)
  7. Justsomebrix

    ETTC Offices, Queenston

    Couldn't have asked for a better Queenston moc than this!
  8. Justsomebrix

    HMS Indefatigable

    Beautiful ship!
  9. Justsomebrix

    [OL-FB] Ice in the New World

    Very original concept and great execution! Spent a good 10 minutes admiring this build on flickr when you first posted it :)
  10. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    Incredible work! It's been awesome to see your progress from day 1 and to have been able to help you out when you lost inspiration
  11. Very good looking ship! I look forward to the galleon
  12. Justsomebrix

    HMS Superpe

    The ship looks great, she will serve the Corrington well
  13. Justsomebrix

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    @boeing_787_8_dreamliner just click on the green "start a new topic" botton on the main page It will automatically be posted with the rest of the BoBS threads
  14. Justsomebrix

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    That would be higher than a class 6 so I'm not sure. @Bregir?
  15. Justsomebrix

    [COR-FB] Reunited With The Fleet

    One of my favorite images of yours!