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Found 9 results

  1. Hello to community, below a small digital MOD / MOC, a redesign of the classic pirates set 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up from 1991. I'm also a bit in the barracuda bay hype, while waiting for the set I played a bit around with the pirates theme and also photoshop. ;-) Maybe you like the redesign. 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Edit: I also created building instructions for the MOC, you can download them (PDF File, for free, no registration) at the Webpage of my local RLUG under the below URL: If you like the MOC and/or the Instructions I would be really happy if you would vote for my LEGO Ideas Project Queen Elizabeth II at the LEGO Ideas Website: I would really appreciate. :-) Happy Building. :-) Stay safe and healthy, legolux1973
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] A sailor's solitude

    A sailor's solitude For days, months, years it has been just you and me, and no one in between. We watched the sun rise as it warmed your soft skin. We dined under the moonlight, reflecting on your hair. We danced under the rain and rambled through grey skies. I gave you my heart and I gave you my soul. But now I fear you might claim far more than I can give. For the only thing left for you to take, is my life. So, open your arms and embrace me, as I dive into your eternal blue. Swallow my fears and doubts, as I breathe in your serene tide. Walk me through your never-ending garden until we turn into one... when the time comes. But only when the time comes. Louis of Nutwood ________ Hope you all like it. Cheers!
  3. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa Port Royal

    Building my city for 6 y. ( 7 m now ). I finally started building pirates and castles. The pirates will be by the beach, like the old part of town with a harbor.This is 4 x32 -2 more house to build and square and a market.
  4. The Tale of Doctor Alfredson of Corrington: Chapter 1 Arlof upon Sea was a small Corrish town, one its main landmarks was it's prestigious university, It was not the most renown university in Corrington but it was fairly decent, if university league tables existed it would probably be quite near the top, or at least that what the board of directors would have you believe. The board of directors had thought that Arlof University needed something to to put it on the map ,as the saying goes, so when one of their doctors of ecology suggested going on a journey to New World, they fully supported him, hoping that it would bring fame and praise to their humble establishment. Alfredson however had plans of his own that he had to chosen not to divulge to the board of directors. Doctor Ragnar Alfredson stood out on the Arlof docks quietly waiting for his contact. The silk trader arrived right on que, Ragnar had been waiting for about twenty minutes before he arrived but this was due Ragnar's promptness rather than any tardiness on the part of the captain. "So, is there space for me on the Autumn Blossom?, I hear you're headed to the new world and me and my apprentice have the very same destination in mind." "Yes, we will be docking in Cocovia, but if you want more stops along the way then I'm sure you could afford them." "Do you have the payment?" Ragnar nodded and handed the captain a sack. "As discussed." It was lighter than the captain had been expecting, too light to be Doubloons at any rate ,but it bore the correct seal and seemed to be the package his superiors were expecting, they had not told him what the pack would be and he had naively assumed it would be mere coin. "The ship will be waiting out in ocean," He gestured to a small rowing boat, "you can use our rowboat to get across, oh and since you'll be the on voyage with me I'd like you to address me as Captain Yiroe" Ragnar nodded again in agreement as Yiroe left the dock house. He then went about making the proper preparations and found his apprentice Calder Norrington to help carry the equipment. They worked together to load up the rowboat and ended up having to make multiple journeys out to the Autumn Blossom. Ragnar was lucky that his fiancée Alice Elieasdottir was not as forgetful as he. She met him outside the dock house and brought him his compass, an essential tool which he had neglected to remember. "Aha, I knew I had missed something, thank you dear." "You're welcome, but I'm afraid that's not all you forgot..." "Oh" "You were going to tell your colleagues where to wish farewell from." "Yes of course, how about here?" "Sounds good to me." Ragnar looked down at his compass, musing. "Would it be better to call compasses space clocks or to call clocks time compasses?" "What? Oh I guess the time compasses sounds better." "I think it fits better if the naming system is uniform, yeah, time compass does sound better." Ragnar nodded. After they were informed, they came to wish farewell to Calder and Ragnar. ( from left to right :Alice Elieasdottir, Argus Wyld Professor of Archaeology,William Jayek head of the board of directors and chemist, Keith Marcoson Doctor of Botany, Magnus Pertwee Professor of Physics , Gwenive Dorn Professor of Military History and Angus Keltch Student of Economics.) As the others waved gentle Keith sound out asking for a souvenir, The little rowboat pulled back past the crowd as Calder and Ragnar neared the Autumns Blossom. "I mean both of you get me one!" "So you only want one but from the both of us." Ragnar teased Keith but all were in good spirits as the boat slowly drew out of sight. OOC: This is the first part of Doctor Alfredson's story I hope you all like it. C and C are welcome. (This is my first, introductory freebuild I hope I did it right )
  5. So, I'm trying to design a set of docks to add to my Winter Village, and also want to add a river that feeds through part of the town and into the docks, and I'm wondering, what are the best (preferably cost-effective) techniques to design water for rivers and docks? Does anyone have suggestions?
  6. It was early in the morning. Yesterdays attack by RON Spec Ops forces failed. Another strategy was needed as the dockyard to secure passage for armor. Swintoc has been a silent ally of the RON the past months. One of the reasons is because it soon turned out the equipment and training of the huge Swintoc army was outdated. A new group of elite soldiers has been raised, thanks to warveterans of other RON nations training new units. Privateer Rover was part of those Elite Soldiers. Today they had the task to surprise a checkpoint controlled by some COAC soldiers. It was the Deland Republic that asked the Elite team to support its armoured progression. Even the lord does not know how they get there, but the Swintoc Elite Soldiers showed up at the back of the COAC soldiers. Equipped with masks against the toxic atmosphere, they spotted the patrolling guards and aimed for their weak spots. With a silencer on their weapons, they quickly eliminated the enemy. Once all enemies were dead, the SatComm could be placed, and the green light for the further attacks was given. ------ Overview: --- Thanks for watching! It is surprisingly how brick consuming those containers are... But it was really fun making this build. Also, the first containers were made before @TheBeeze published his pictures on Flickr... C&C ofcourse welcome!
  7. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright It had been some time, but finally the ship Sinbad had commissioned was complete. He came to Simon's water-front shop to finalize the details. "I've never built a ship as grand as this before! She is magnificent!" exclaimed Simon. "You're not known as the most famous shipwright for no reason" Sinbad said, stroking Simon's ego. "When can she be ready to sail?" "She'll be ready within the week!" said a happy Simon. Not only had he been saved from the noose, but he was plying the trade he was best at. A pirate's life certainly suited him.
  8. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Docks

    This is the first module of a large collab build that Isaac and I are building for Brickfair, Virginia. We’ll be posting one new module a week. The warehouse has a full interior and working doors. I would like to claim UoP credits for the following: Landscape Design: snow and ice Hydrology: still water Anthropology: life in Mitgardia The docks of Nordheim are a busy and bustling place during the summer, but once winter arrives and the ice forms, things quiet down considerably. Still, ice fishing is a popular past time, and dock workers still inspect the warehouses to make sure all the goods are where they belong. More pictures on Brickbuilt C&C very much appreciated
  9. Aussie BJ

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    Hi all It's been a while since I posted last but as you'll see I've been busy working on a new layout and storage. I was sick of having to pack up at the end of the day so decided I needed something permanent. But it was catch 22 with our Lego room being in our cars home too. After some research I came up with this and I hope you all enjoy. Trains on the cold concrete floor are no more. The new large table so I can now have a permanent display. But what about the car? After a few rough layouts and a bit of paint we now have a base to start our township. But what about the Car? Well, I hooked up a winch, added some cable and pulleys and now the car can park underneath while I get to enjoy a permanent layout (when down of course!). Here's a link to a few more pictures of the lifting design. It's still a work in progress in regards to the layout but it's getting there and I'll post a few updates soon. and done...! Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers Brendan