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  1. berninhr

    Micro space collection

    Hello all Normally I post in the pirate section but today I thought I would share my micro space fleet and other ships Shuttle and fighter Transport and detachable fighter/ This was the first ship built for the fleet Heavier battle ship Carrier which is not quite finished yet as it need fighter (at the moment all it has is a small transport) The complete fleet Next is some random ships that are not part of the feet That is most of my collection. If you have any questions or want any more pictures feel free to ask.
  2. berninhr

    [COR - FB2] Supply Run

    Thank you for the kind comments and when building it me and my friend tried to use modern pieces that fit with soldiers fort but has a classic feel
  3. Captain Lionel was given the task of taking supplies to the sea Fort Norman. He set off as soon has his ship was loaded up. After the two days journey Lionel arrived and set about unloading his cargo. While the cargo was being unloaded Captain Lionel and his second mate Frank decided to go inside the fort and tell the Colonel in charge of the fort what they were unloading Here is some pictures of Fort Norman:
  4. HMS Citadel | Berninhr | Corrington
  5. Her Majesty's Ship citadel HMS Citadel is a smaller vessel with one small cannon mounted on a turn-table. She has a crew of four and is Captained by Lionel and with the second mate of Frank This is my first post on Brethren Of The Brick Seas and I hope I have done everything right if there are anything I need to change please feel free to tell me.
  6. berninhr

    My Pirate collection

    Currently I am working on another small ship based off of the one in imperial trading post and should be finished shortly
  7. berninhr

    My Pirate collection

    Thank you and yes there is a little rowing boat hanging of the back of the fort
  8. berninhr

    My Pirate collection

    Edit by Hinckley: I have changed all of your pictures to links as they are too big. Please reference the Site Guidelines for picture posting policy. The next time this happens I will remove the photos altogether as changing 20+ pictures takes a lot of time. Familiarize yourself with the Site Guidelines please. If this happens again, your account will be temporarily suspended until you can demonstrate thorough knowledge of the Site Guidelines. Thank you. Hello I would like to share with you my entire collection of pirates and imperials I have got over the years The first ship is small and I have already posted it but here are some better pictures. https://farm2.static...c8aa7fc9d_k.jpg https://farm2.static...426b73c46_k.jpg The next ship is a custom ship that was heavily based off of the small ship in the Imperial trading post set https://farm2.static...a1736809b_k.jpg https://farm2.static...18ee573d0_k.jpg This ship is heavy based off of the crossbone clipper https://farm2.static...15f3f22e6_k.jpg https://farm2.static...44ece0cfa_k.jpg Another ship with only two small hull parts https://farm2.static...302bb66eb_k.jpg https://farm2.static...392af2219_k.jpg This is the Cannon Cove set https://farm2.static...41b8499e3_k.jpg https://farm2.static...3bc8f45ce_k.jpg This is a heavily modified soldier's fort set that was done wit the help of a friend https://farm2.static...8a1a78c9f_k.jpg https://farm2.static...82704ed1c_k.jpg https://farm2.static...50fd58fec_z.jpg This is of course the Imperial flag ship (the small one) https://farm2.static...7247e056b_k.jpg https://farm2.static...482706806_k.jpg The Brickbeard's Bounty: https://farm2.static...33bfd402a_k.jpg https://farm2.static...ffaf0bdd6_k.jpg This is a custom Ship done by my friend and I (mainly him) https://farm2.static...3a78cf29f_k.jpg https://farm2.static...86b234f18_k.jpg The Imperial Flagship (the big one) https://farm2.static...500bed9b8_k.jpg https://farm2.static...72f006bff_k.jpg And last of all a skeleton pirate on a desert island https://farm2.static...fc275136b_k.jpg Thank you for looking at my collection if you have any questions of helpful tips please feel free to comment below.
  9. Captain Lionel and his second mate Frank ready to serve Queen and country. Edit by Hinckley: I changed the picture to a link as it is too large. Please see the Site Guidelines for picture posting policy. Thank you.
  10. Edit by Hinckley: Your images are too large and some of the links were broken. I have changed all images to links. Please reference the Site Guidelines for picture posting policy. Thank you. Hello viewer Today I would like to share with you something I found in the brick wonders book. https://farm2.static...8af068d15_z.jpg The thing that I wanted to show you is the Medieval House that is very similar to the ones found in MMV (medieval market village) https://farm2.static...7e37a9090_k.jpg Here is the parts list https://farm2.static...c555c2e54_z.jpg https://farm2.static...4d44edebb_k.jpg https://farm2.static...417bfb898_k.jpg https://farm2.static...152b95f02_k.jpg I hope that this is some use to you and good luck building it
  11. berninhr

    Zeppelin raid conversion

    I think that this is the easiest set to convert but it is possible to do with other ones
  12. berninhr

    Zeppelin raid conversion

    Thank you I new that when I saw this set I had to convert it to a sailing ship I was surprising easy to do which made it a joy to do
  13. berninhr

    Zeppelin raid conversion

    Hello This is my second post on this site so I hope there is nothing wrong with it and if there is any errors please feel free to tell me The purpose of this post is to show you my conversion of the Ninjago 70603 Raid Zeppelin. Here is a picture of the original set. And here is my conversion: There you go. I hope you like it and if there are any improvements that you think of please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to do them. I am sorry for the poor image quality I may try and get some better pictures. You probably know but the sail is A not very good and B is only held on by duct tape
  14. berninhr

    Small ship

    No the front sail is a custom one I made for brick beards bounty and it fitted this ship so it stayed :) and I have been thinking about making a main sail for a while I just need the right material