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  1. Yeah :) Actually it was a nice ironic name since it took so many reconstructions and starting from scratch that I found the name very fitting... Here's an offer: https://www.ebay.de/itm/164826854539 If I find some time, I can make some more pictures. And yes, the stern/cabin is still empty... although I had many ideas... And no, my boys build their own ships and bombard each other with them :)
  2. Wow, it's been a while... To cut a longer process short: I want/need to sell my HMS Effortless... If there is a possible buyer out there in the wild brick seas who is interested in ca. 12.000 LEGO parts, composing a British Ship-of-the-Line in its prime, let me know :) May all of you stay healthy and happy!
  3. Thank you! I thought I did upload them: Here
  4. Buccaneero

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Wow, I love it! Amazing figurehead!
  5. Finally, IKEA curtain sails mark 2.0 :) Although this is supposed to be the "full sails version" of my MOC, the sails itself are far from being finished - I want to indicate some vertical lines to give them a more realistic look. Furthermore, the rigging isn't finished (at all...) and many sails still have to be connected to different parts (of the hull etc.). So, still WIP... just wanted to post the first impression of the cloth-sails update
  6. Buccaneero

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    Jesus, this is no longer "just" a LEGO MOC... it's something beyond.
  7. Buccaneero

    [MOC] HMS Royal Sovereign by Officer_999_j

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for posting this behemoth!
  8. Great suggestions for the interior! I'll keep it in mind. And about the IKEA curtain idea - my wife is pretty sure that we have a spare curtain somewhere in a wardrobe... if she finds it, I am very curious myself and would love to start cutting asap.
  9. Hi Neighborhood Merchant, and thank you again for your kind words. Without trying to sound too humble, but I used the current figurehead just as a temporary solution. Actually, I quiet like it this way. I'll post you some pictures. All praise to Teddy, a Eurobrick member, who designed these wonderful cannons! In my eyes these are the most realistic looking cannons you can build with LEGO bricks. There's a link to his post and I posted some of my own pictures as well. Interior is indeed planned, although this won't be an easy project (again...) since the stern is already built. As you can see in the pictures, the side galleries are openable so my idea is to create an interior which you can take out fully (on flat plates). However, cloth sails first. I found a very nice fabric - an IKEA curtain :) https://www.ikea.com/de/de/p/merete-2-gardinenschals-abdunk-gebleicht-weiss-90046843/ which has a very nice mixture of good colour, enough weight and general haptic/optic (and I found some used ones for 5 € from which I could equip a small fleet :)) Hope you like the pictures!
  10. So, my wife decided it's time she moves to another room... she needs her dining table back :) I actually overhauled almost all the sails for an 8th or 9th time and decided to leave them like they are right now. I am finally (really) satisfied with the sail's shape. Next step, finish rigging, use stencil paper sails to make proper cloth ones... I'll be posting more as soon as there's progress. Thank you again for your motivating feedback and your kind advice!
  11. Hi DonRamon, thanks for your kind comment and greetings to the captiol! :) Berlin is roughly a 5 hours drive away from us, so basically neighbourhood :) I'll send you a link to where I ordered most of the parts online - it was basically directly from LEGO, which isn't as expensive as one might think. I am still working on the rigging, which doesn't seem to have an end... I am full of respect for what people did 254 years ago... incredible
  12. Well..., since my wife is on holiday and I am at home with my two boys, I have to be honest: I am enjoying our male houshold a lot :) It consists of being outside with kids at daytime, being on our "dining table" (not much left of it :)) at nightime and finding the (hopefully) final sails-shapes which are going to be used as a stencil for the upcoming cloth version. And I think I am finally happy with the overall shape - thanks to your ideas, advice and competent information! Thank you! (Love this forum!) Even though the rigging definitely is a pain, I try to enjoy these last adjustments - I actually can't really image the idea of being finished :). Maybe a French frigate is next ... but it is still a very long way to go, so I'm already looking forward to continuing tonight. Thanks again, you are fantastic!
  13. Thank you, Bregir! I tried to apply your ideas and that's what happened: I still have the impression that the "length (hull) - height (masts) ratio" is not ideal, the ship seems to be too "flat". I used some online pictures like this as reference: (hope it's ok to link it here - if not please let me know!)
  14. Thanks for your comment. It's the sails' shape which wont really come to live on my model... still working on it... actually just right now
  15. Underestimated the sails... it's been hours of measuring and cutting and I am not at all satisfied with the result... Note that these are just the paper prototypes! I have some cotton fabric ready but I needed to see the shapes on the ship before I seriously start to work with the final fabric... the brick-part was more fun :)