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  1. Wurger49

    Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison

    What a great topic! With Boba back on Mando Season 2, I finally built Slave 1 – 20th Anniversary Edition 75243 that I got on sale last year, to go with the Razor Crest, curiously to know what Mando gets as the replacement to Razor Crest. Very keen to see your comparison 75243 to the others if you have the time to write it up and post it here.
  2. thank you, wow, that is indeed an old piece, I didn't even know it existed, it's great as it slopes on both sides. I will keep it in mind when I do my next bricklink order.
  3. thank you for the feedback, I now see you are referring to the hull is too long, which won't change if I extend the masts.
  4. Wurger49

    [MOC] 21322 + 31109 = ?

    This is very nice, I like how you included a courtyard.
  5. Back in September, as I was posting my version 3 and 4 of the Pirate Ship Mod on social media, Graham Hancock reached out to me from the awesome monthly LEGO magazine, Blocks (www.blocksmag.com). Graham asked if they can feature this build in the magazine, to be honest I was stocked! Initially I thought it was going to be a picture of my MOD with a reference, a few weeks after doing an email Q&A, Graham told me my answers and pics will be featured on Issue 73. I was flattered for the recognition and really pleased with how well Graham put together this 2-page feature. Big thanks to Graham for reaching out to me! MOD article from Blocks Magazine by R Y, on Flickr In the meantime, I have seen other great MODs for the 31109 from fellow members of LEGO Pirates groups, I decided to progress my build to version 5, a larger topsail with a main topgallant sail on a taller main mast. @SteamSewnEmpire @Verodin @Corydoras The topsail was heightened by 2 studs and widened by 4 studs, so there are 5 pieces of white curved panels at the bottom of the sail. Ideally, I needed 2 pieces of white plate 2 x 16, but only 1 was available, so I substituted that with 3 shorter plates. The side edges of the sail were completed by using white wedge plates 4 x 2. The skull and crossbones moved down the sail by 1 stud. The main topsail yard was moved upwards to accommodate the larger sail. I used the same technique to connect the topgallant yard as LEGO did for the topsail yards. 3 white curved panels were used for the topgallant sail. I simplified how the spanker yard is attached to the mizzen mast, by using only a pin connector plate and a hinge plate. The main mast started to sag with the extra weight of the plates, I had to rest the topsail on the mainsail yard to balance out the mast. I now appreciate why LEGO didn’t include bigger sails in the original build, they are just too heavy for standard technic pieces. Port View by R Y, on Flickr Bow by R Y, on Flickr Stern Port by R Y, on Flickr Sails by R Y, on Flickr Stern Starboard by R Y, on Flickr
  6. It’s a very small ship next to the barracuda bay.
  7. Wurger49

    [MOC] The treasure is at the bottom

    It’s a beautiful design, love how the waterline forms a platform above the seabed filled with fun ideas.
  8. Thank you the for suggestion, using the special mast pieces will solve the mast height problem, I didn't enjoy connecting all those round bricks when I was making the Barracuda Bay, so yeah, special mast piece wins! One thing to keep in mind is that brick sails are very heavy compared to cloth sails, I have seen some MODs' masting drooping forwards when they add to the brick sails without using the ziplines. In my MOD, I try to add to original designs, like cannons, plates, and grille pieces, while keeping the replacement pieces to a minimum, like using the brick sails and ziplines. The horizontal ziplines going from bow to stern are vital for stability of my mast designs.
  9. Thank you, I do like the changes, I have also made a 3 major revisions to my June MOD. The traingular sail that is above the sprit topmast is called a jib. The triangular sail on the mizzen-mast is called a staysail, which real ships don't use on the aftmost mast, they carry a gaff rig sail called spanker.
  10. Wow, just applause! The Golden Devil!
  11. Wurger49

    [MOC] ca. 1660 26-gun frigate 'Victoire Ailée'

    stern shoots from The Sailing Frigate: A History in Ship Models Book by Robert Gardiner 4th rate 1685 by R Y, on Flickr 6th rate 1702 by R Y, on Flickr
  12. Wurger49

    [MOC] 1670 6-gun barque longue 'La Reine'

    I would say remove the chequer design and have a centre decoration like this model. https://www.modelships.de/La_Belle_Ferlemann/Photos_La_belle.htm
  13. Wurger49

    [MOC] ca. 1650s 54-gun pirate 4th-rate 'Rode Dageraad'

    Not at all, discussions spark ideas and changes
  14. Wurger49

    [MOC] 8-gun early pirate fluyt 'Anne Boleyn's Ghost'

    I like how you exaggerated pear shaped hull. interesting fact from wiki "The pear-shaped vessel had a large cargo bay near the waterline and a relatively narrow deck above. In part, this design served to avoid high taxes collected by Denmark in the Øresund, assessed based on the area of the main deck. "