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  1. Bryckland

    [MOC] Dinner at Governor's

    Dinner at Governor's New MOC for a Lego Pirates RPG You can find my other MOCs on Flickr and Instagram
  2. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    I named them Blue Dwarves! Thank you! It's quite fragile but I like the natural, bendy look it gives. Thanks! I've seen it in other MOCs, can't take full credit for that Thank you guys!
  3. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    The Narrow River Tenth episode of Adventurers of Bryckland MOC series Happy Halloween!
  4. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Thank you guys! I've just posted a story on my Instagram with techniques used in this build Head to
  5. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Thank you! My starting point idea was the palisade made from signs, the tower idea came at the very end! Thank you! It wasn't intentional but I see what you mean Thank you! The tower was indeed the most challenging part of the build Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am glad to have found a way to keep the same texture for both the tower and the wall!
  6. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Hi everyone! I am back with a new episode of medieval MOC series "Adventurers of Bryckland" More pictures soon on
  7. Bryckland

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Awesome! I've just discovered your work, you're very talented!
  8. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    That's the tail #40378 Thanks! Thank you, I spent much more time figuring how to use the tails though
  9. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    Thank you! Glad you all like it! I am thinking about releasing one, as the ship is now my most liked post on IG I used modified plates #78257 (so useful!) and #63868 to get the exact angle I needed. Here is a screenshot from my Studio draft:
  10. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    Hello everybody This is my first attemp at a brick-built ship, I wanted to use the curved shape of the tail part in a way or another and eventually found how! Bonus shot:
  11. Hi everyone, I've started a medieval MOC series with 20 episodes planned for the first season! The first 8 episodes are available: Episode 1 • Ektor the Humble Meet our hero Ektor, a fisherman from Lackberg. Episode 2 • An Unexpected Trade At the market, an old man gives Ektor a golden key to pay for his fish. Episode 3 • Musa The Traveller Ektor shows the Golden Key to his friend Musa. Episode 4 • The Sound of Leaves Musa and Ektor hit the road to the city of Esgath. Episode 5 • Eyes in the Night Three menacing silhouettes about to attack our heroes. Episode 6 • Forced March Our heroes have been captured and march towards their prison. Episode 7 • Sigrid the Warrior Ektor and Musa meet Sigrid. They agree to escape together. Episode 8 • The Escape The adventurers fight their captors, and escape the abandoned house. Full story and more pictures on Stay tuned for the next episodes - Thank you for reading!
  12. Bryckland

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    Great MOC, amazing how you squeezed so much into your scene!
  13. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    I really like your medieval MOCs and the efforts you put into pics and vids! Your previous project The Black Serpent was great, I look forward to seeing the rest of this new build!