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  1. The Hungry Crab Inn This is the 15th episode of my medieval series "The Golden Key". "Night was falling over Megapolis as our adventurers prepared to spend the night at the Hungry Crab inn."
  2. Bryckland

    [MOC] "The Dionaea" ship

    Thank you. They come from the 2018 Hogwarts Castle set, #71043
  3. Bryckland

    [MOC] "The Dionaea" ship

    Thank you. The best place to see almost all of our builds is our Flickr group: Thanks a lot! I am really happy with the stern, here is a better picture: Haha, thank you! Expect more battered bluecoats in the following scenes
  4. Bryckland

    [MOC] "The Dionaea" ship

    The Dionaea This is the new ship for my character in Lego Pirate RPG “Pavillon Noir” ☠️ ~ ~ ~ "We were sailing north towards the great lighthouse of the Empire. To land discreetly, we took the risk of going through the reefs. Sails furled, we were making slow progress. Two soldiers captured in Nouvelle-Nantes were to guide us through the rocky peaks leading to the coast."
  5. Bryckland

    [MOC] Caput Mundi

    Quick recap: I am telling the story of three adventurers in a medieval world called Bryckland. This is episode 13 where the three adventurers get to the capital city of the continent - Megapolis. Previous episodes are available on Flickr and Instagram
  6. Bryckland

    [MOC] Dinner at Governor's

    Dinner at Governor's New MOC for a Lego Pirates RPG You can find my other MOCs on Flickr and Instagram
  7. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    I named them Blue Dwarves! Thank you! It's quite fragile but I like the natural, bendy look it gives. Thanks! I've seen it in other MOCs, can't take full credit for that Thank you guys!
  8. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    The Narrow River Tenth episode of Adventurers of Bryckland MOC series Happy Halloween!
  9. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Thank you guys! I've just posted a story on my Instagram with techniques used in this build Head to
  10. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Thank you! My starting point idea was the palisade made from signs, the tower idea came at the very end! Thank you! It wasn't intentional but I see what you mean Thank you! The tower was indeed the most challenging part of the build Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am glad to have found a way to keep the same texture for both the tower and the wall!
  11. Bryckland

    [MOC] A Short Rest

    Hi everyone! I am back with a new episode of medieval MOC series "Adventurers of Bryckland" More pictures soon on
  12. Bryckland

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    Awesome! I've just discovered your work, you're very talented!
  13. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    That's the tail #40378 Thanks! Thank you, I spent much more time figuring how to use the tails though
  14. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    Thank you! Glad you all like it! I am thinking about releasing one, as the ship is now my most liked post on IG I used modified plates #78257 (so useful!) and #63868 to get the exact angle I needed. Here is a screenshot from my Studio draft:
  15. Bryckland

    [MOC] Land ho!

    Hello everybody This is my first attemp at a brick-built ship, I wanted to use the curved shape of the tail part in a way or another and eventually found how! Bonus shot: