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Found 19 results

  1. It's been a long time coming, but i finally present my first ship moc, the Andromache. Equipped with a set of 7 sails and a broadside of nine 18 pounder cannons, the Andromache’s speed and maneuverability coupled with her firepower, makes her a dangerous opponent even for bigger ships. However in order to obtain such a high firepower while maintaining it's speed, compromises were made : The ship has very little cargo space which affects both her range and crew size. But that is of no concern to Scarver, as her main purpose will be to serve as escort or to hunt down enemy ships around Corrington Settlements. While sailing to Spudkirk the Andromache fell upon some rather unlucky Lotii raiders ---------- I'm very pleased with how the ship came out, it's based on the french Cutter "Le Cerf" from 1779. A special thanks @kurigan for pushing me in the right direction while building the ship She will be licenced as a Class 4.
  2. Brethren of the Brick Seas: Class 7 Rating system of the Royal Navy: 6th rate TOB 11 by Philippe, auf Flickr The hull leans slightly outwards on the side, then inwards. I don't like Tetris on the ship's deck and railing. That's why I built it mostly flat and with few height differences. I want to see curves and as few corners as possible. TOB 07 by Philippe, auf Flickr The captain's cabin is a little wider. Here the hull is built towards the outside at the bottom and towards the inside at the top. TOB 08 by Philippe, auf Flickr Light cannons have been added on the upper deck. Because the ship is wider, the cannons can also be operated. There is enough space in width. These must of course be smaller than the cannons on the cannon deck. TOB 09 by Philippe, auf Flickr Swivel guns are always useful. I moved the main mast further back. A longer row boat was built. TOB 05 by Philippe, auf Flickr I improved the shape of the ship. I like the view from above. I can even see that the hull is getting narrower towards the top. TOB 06 by Philippe, auf Flickr My ships are similar but not the same "learning by doing". Correcting and changing is too time-consuming, changes to the ship's hull have consequences for the entire ship, building a new one is easier. Every ship is a new build with improvements. TOB 10 by Philippe, auf Flickr I'm not entirely happy with the bow of this ship. Maybe I can build the bow differently and better. I don't know, at the moment I have no idea. I like the rest, maybe just small improvements. TOB 04 by Philippe, auf Flickr I like that I can build the ship wider and more realistic with the Custom Hull. The widest point on the main deck 24 studs (included railing). The main deck is from the aft to the forward railing 87 studs (included railing), at the feet of figurehead 96 studs. The waterline is 87 studs. Total length 117 studs. TOB 01 by Philippe, auf Flickr It's good that I building digitally. So, I don't have to spend any money for bricks to build a ship that I don't like when it's finished. Sails are just decoration, with real bricks I use cotton sails. Masts and rigging are adapted to the existing sails. A digital build should also look good and realistic. That also includes minifigures. TOB 02 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  3. I like galleons! I improved and developed the custom hull and changed the bow. You can also see Paraiso Bay. I like Paraiso Bay! TOB 18 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 17 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 21 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 22 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 20 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 19 by Philippe, auf Flickr Paraiso Bay 112 x 96, Poppy Port: HAB 07 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 08 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 09 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 10 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 11 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 12 by Philippe, auf Flickr On this ship you can see even more clearly that the hull is inclined inwards at the level of the cannon deck. The hull tilts outwards up to the cannon deck. TOB 14 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 15 by Philippe, auf Flickr TOB 16 by Philippe, auf Flickr The widest point on the main deck 24 studs included railing. The widest point on the cannon deck 28 studs included hull (without outside hull tile). The deck is from the aft to the forward railing 91 studs included railing, at the feet of figurehead 112 studs. The waterline is 94 studs. Total length 132 studs. Lego Scale Converter HAB 01 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 02 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 03 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 05 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 06 by Philippe, auf Flickr HAB 04 by Philippe, auf Flickr Brethren of the Brick Seas: Class 8, because a galleon has several decks and all requirements were built:
  4. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    This project actually started around 9 years ago... So a few weeks ago I began anew. Since I no longer have the ambition to build a Black Pearl I went a little bigger with this one. I did not use half plate offsets like I did on the previous ship, to keep it simple. This results in the curvature looking a bit rough, especially at bow and aft. Since it's completely black I don't think that will be of much concern. A brown/reddish brown/dark brown hull is the dream but given the amount of slopes required, it just wouldn't be affordable. For the superstructure I will recycle my unfinished Lucretia II (second version of Lucretia), the big red one in the back of the picture; That one wasn't going to work out anyway, feel free to disagree but it is my feeling that a prefab hull just isn't suited to support complete double gun deck ships. I won't attempt that again at least. With a beam of 26 studs and a keel length of 100 studs, this ship will be the biggest one I've ever built. In terms of prefab hull reference she'll be the equivalent of a 9-midsection ship. Unlike the previous version, there will be no hold interior, the main reason for that is that, because of accessibility issues on a complex ship like this, it would simply be a waste of parts as no one would ever get to see that interior anyway. I decided to use the lower hold area for more structural reinforcements. The whole hull is a shell resting on the keel and supported by a series of bulkheads throughout the length of the ship. I'm currently looking into some weak parts on the aft but for the rest it is pretty sturdy already. I'm out of SNOT bricks for the moment, to complete the lower bulkheads but the plan is to completely close off the lower hold with the orlop deck (except for a few openings for the masts). While it would be perfectly possible to build interior on the orlop deck, I won't waste parts on that, given previously mentioned reason. A few planks in the center with a ladder to the gun deck at most. I haven't decided yet whether there will be 2 or 3 dedicated gun decks, I think she's a bit on the small side to become a 1st rate but we'll see how it evolves.
  5. This MOC was inspired by @Mr. Townsend's Miss Elizabeth and @Bregir's use of 4185. Also of course the USS Hannah, on which the Miss Elizabeth is based. - Intro story will follow - A new ship was launched at the Farrensman shipyards. This time an order from the WTC. The Topsail Schooner Sjælland is a fast, light armed merchant vessel. Her rig doesn't require a big crew and her four carronades as well as her four swivel guns are enough to defend against little ambushes and make her one of the more independent merchant vessels. Nathaniel Stienhouwer's first signed position as a steersman. Her recommended stats: R M G C $ H4 6 1 2 4 1 78 of those little brown wheels are in this MOC. I'm happy with the result, only the sheets for the foresails bother me a bit. I might think of another solution but for now I want to give her some rest.
  6. Dunkleosteus

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    Tutorial<br /><br />
  7. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Hello gents, As I'm making progress on my Island town I am in need of a number of small ships. (smaller ships make the Island look bigger ). My latest one is actually based on an earlier model I built at Maxim's. It seemed fun to use the small ship from the classic set Imperial Trading Post as a reference. As you may notice that is where those beautiful sails come from. Anyway, I hope you like it, please support it on LEGO Ideas, if you have a minute . Note that helmsman has the original torso that was used in the set. Didn't they call that minifigure Steve or something? Choosing the colours for this model was quite challenging but I'm satisfied with its current colour scheme. Of course there should be a goat on board, how else would they be getting fresh goat milk? Just look at that, wouldn't you want one for your own? Perhaps that may be possible... When the project reaches 100 supporters, the deadline will be extended with a full year, in which it will have to gather a total of 10000 supporters in order to be considered as an official set. So get supporting! (But be careful when logging in, there seems to be some kind of bug).
  8. Dunkleosteus

    Arbiter - 80 gun ship of the line

    LDD/MLCad 14A Ahoy, Gentlemen! This beautiful windy evening a majestic 80 gun ship spreads its' white sails in the name of justice. There is only one place where you can afford feeling safe - on board of this personification of the law, of course! You can find the ship here: About 5 days and 3 sleepless nights 15,000 pieces, crying netbook... know that stern looks a bit too narrow, but I could not resist a passion of curves Monsieur Kolonialbeamter was so kind to help me with rendering of this beauty - many thanks to him Here are some stuff: In fact, this ship for me is a new step in shipbuilding, beginning the next era From facepalming shame to less shame and then Arbiter! In fact, after Arbiter two more ships has happened to me. But we'll talk about them later, so they are mercilessly shaded. Thanks for watching!
  9. [pid][/pid] Hey-ho, Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm glad to finally show you my 24th ship and personal triumph - 1st rate ship of the line! The biggest creation I ever created, my pride and my pain in the neck for weeks. Speciall thanks to my dear friend KB - he graciously lent me these marvelous french flags for La Liberté and provided indispensable rendering support! I truly don't know what I would have done without him. You can find the ship here on my flickr: Thanks for watching!
  10. Dunkleosteus

    [LDD MOC] Lamia - bomb ketch!

    Hey-ho, Gentlemen of luck and wind! Have an enemy fort to destroy? Or bored of your own? Got a bunch of ships-of-the-line on the horizon? Broadside is too ordinary for you? Bomb ketch is definitely the one you need! more hr pictures are on flickr as usual: Bomb Ketch Lamia by George Ozerov, on Flickr Two or More Masts - with Gaff or Bermuda Rigged Sails - 4C
  11. Hey-ho, sea brothers! There is a ship I want to show you - a "relaxing" work after a big one. Also there are some "drowning" tests of BR (: The pictures are here on my flickr: Thanks for your attention! Schooner 6B
  12. LDD/MLCad 16B Hey-ho, wolves of the sea and gifted shipbuilders! I'm very pleased to show you this big merchant barque. You can find the ship here: Thank you for your attention.
  13. LDD/MLCad 14C Ahoy, Gentlemen of fortune and talented shipbuilders! This mysterious and foggy night a terrible pirate ship raises it's bloody-red sails! Frigate Crimson Widow specifically designed for pursuit. Hull is lightened to increase seaworthiness. Four cannons at the prow - and let no one go away unpunished! Also there is a "wanna-be-a-galley" version for gourmets You can find the ship here: Thank you for your attention
  14. LDD/MLCad 15B The time has come, dear colleagues. This is the last xebec by my hands. Probably the best ship which was ever constructed at my shipyards. You can find the ship here: My next creation will be a large merchant barque. Thank you for your attention!
  15. Dunkleosteus

    [LDD MOC] La Spada - 10 gun xebec

    LDD/MLCad 14D Greetings, my dear colleagues! This bright Christmas time the only way I can congratulate you is to delight your eyes and romanticize your minds with this graceful ship. I decided to dedicate this ship to my good friend Kolonialbeamter - his support and warm responses to my ships are essential for my creativity. So there is a xebec - every person who has ever interested in maritime history was certainly fascinated by the grace of this light and dangerous ship. I used quite tiny scale, so there are only 10 cannons, but I am sure that little sea predator with unique abilities for close-hauled sailing can be incredibly dangerous, even for large vessels. This is my second xebec project and not the last for sure. You can find the ship here: Creating this ship I used the same technology as here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102498 and here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=102667 and here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=103561 Thank you for your attention
  16. Dunkleosteus

    [LDD MOC] La Lancia - 14 gun xebec

    LDD/MLCad 15A Good evening, dear colleagues. For the beginning I would like to apologize for any possible sense of deja vu. It just so happened that xebecs captured my imagination. Their graceful forms, lightness, excellent seakeeping... and extreme danger for almost any ship! Even my computer opposed and stopped doing renderings, but I asked my friend for help, and now you can contemplate this ship in all its beauty. You can find the ship here: She is even more slim than her sister La Spada (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=103787), as you can see. Brick built sails still play a role of fabric, which is not present in the program. Everything else is attached and can be constructed in real bricks. God give me strength to choose a ship that will be built in reality - when the time will come. Incidentally, this is the first ship in which I finally managed to use a sausage! I wonder whether you can find it And a little raw picture - two sisters together. Perhaps I should apologize again - my next ship will be a... xebec. Again. It will be the last ship of this type - it's definitely time to move on. Thank you for your attention
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Small hull vessels - custom design

    169A Hi there, as I am trying to keep up with my "one post per week on average" policy, here are two small vessels. The have a custom design and are actually quite small (as you would expect from the topic title): ... and here they are sailing away... Comments are welcome. Have a nice weekend!
  18. Dunkleosteus

    [LDD MOC] Coroner - 22 gun brig

    LDD/MLCad 14B Thus the day has come, mates. The sea is calling, gulls have already lost their voices trying to cry out our names. The sea is calling, and once you hear this call, you lose a part of your own soul - perhaps the best part of it. Sea relishes your soul in its bottomless throat like a breath of a fragrant captain grog. Sea is always hungry and often it's not against the idea of devouring your flesh too. Let it be another day! With the greatest of pleasure I proudly present to you this brig, the pearl of my shipyards. Its high speed and maneuverability allow to conduct battle with larger vessels and successfully overtake smaller ships. The lightness of the hull allows this beauty to rush through the waves like see cheetah. 22 cannons can guarantee - no enemy will leave unpunished! You can find the ship here: Thanks for watching!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Spanish (custom) ship "El Principito"

    167B Hello once more, I've been busily building stuff in October, so here is another MOC - and once again the ship is pretty small. I have called it "El Principito" (The Little Prince) :pir-sweet: I wanted to build a ship that is not based on a usual hull. Having started in white, it soon became obvious that it had to be a Spanish ship (following the example of the "Armada Flagship" in the old days). Also, the galion was hinting in this direction. Spanish!!! Captain Eduardo is quite happy with his ship and his crew of conquistadors: The ship is not too heavily armed... Here it is sailing away... .. but there is one strange guy on board - maybe he is the real captain: :monkey: I am quite happy with the result (although the model has a tendency to topple...) A storyline regarding the adventures of the Spanish crew of the "El Principito" is in preparation. I hopy you like the MOC - I am waiting for feedback.