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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I'm back with my 5th project from the Minecraft world! This time it will be: The Frozen Ocean one of the more difficult biomes, large space and icebergs. sounds boring, but it's not! I added a lot of interesting things in my project :) The construction process is available in my video, link below. How do you like my Frozen Ocean?
  2. This idea for a shipwreck has been with me for long years, only to be realized because of this contest. My main goal was to present a wreck modified into a cabin-like living space. He's been stuck there for a bit now, and will have to wait for the rescue still. Therefore once the main structure was done, I focused on adding things ensuring his survival. A barrel of water, a jolly roger for visibility's sake, a lantern just in case. (I've included a bottle of rum which played a big part in him landing there in the first place) The gun will be used to signal, but until then it will serve to reinforce the side of the build. Unless he needs to defend himself. The backside of the wreck, admittedly a large number of pieces went into it, but it just didn't feel right without. The other side, I used the same fence piece and the same 1x6 plate for consistency's sake. The bowsprit's placement was a bit of a headache. Lastly a closeup. Once I placed the mustache on him, I knew it had to stay on. Originally I built it in LDD, he had a different face with the eye patch on the other eye. It gave me a laugh so I left the telescope as is. Signed up for this contest because the piece count limit sounded challenging, and a challenge it was. Didn't even reach the halfway point before I realized this build would need at least 70 pieces. Keeping it at 50 was a constant uphill battle, I had to make very hard decisions. Took weeks of fine tuning. There's a silver lining here, thanks to the low piece count, it's compressed to the point it feels authentic. it's also one my sturdiest moc yet. probably. I have extensive builder notes, LDD and files, models of previous versions and even a bad ms paint concept art if you'd like some more insight. I plan to extend this tiny island in the future with two more 50 piece/moc structures to expand the story.
  3. Historical Info Horse-powered ferries (also called "team boats") are a unique form of transportation popular in the United States in first half of the 19th century. The most sophisticated version, invented in 1819 by Barnabas Langdon, mounts a treadwheel just below the deck, which is geared to a pair of paddle wheels. Slots in the deck along two teams of horses to be hitched, facing opposite directions, and maintain a steady forward gait powers the boat. A wreck was discovered in Lake Champlain's Burlington Bay in 1983 and remains the only archaeologically studied example of a turntable horse ferry in the world. More information about this unique piece of transportation history, including how to safely visit the wreck, can be found through the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. About the Model The model is geared to allow a Technic motor to power the treadwheel + paddlewheels, and makes the horses trot inverse-kinematically, as demo'd here: A look at the full ferry: A cutaway showing the internal gearing: Some more shots from minifig-POVs:
  4. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 On July 31st, 1715 one of the wealthiest Treasure Fleets in history wrecked off the coast of Florida. Millions of Spanish coins, jewels, and other valuables littered the shallows. After months of Spanish recovery efforts a small fortune remained lightly guarded on the beach, open to anyone daring enough to steal it. In early 1716, a small group of pirates lead by Henry Jennings, Sam Bellamy, and Benjamin Hornigold raided the small Spanish garrison and made off with a haul equivalent to 10 years of wages for only a single nights 'work'. The wealth of this raid and the inspiration it provided for would-be pirates across the New World, kicked off the final stages of the Golden Age of Piracy. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  5. The shipwreck bay is a small portion of rockier coastline on the nothern shore of Sea Turtle Island. Many an unfortunate ship ran aground, not seeingthe deadly riff by flow. The falling tide reveals what's left of the once proud vessels. Nonetheless the Sea Rats found good use for them, refitting some of the shipwrecks for hideouts. Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr This will be licenced as a medium fort in Tortuga.
  6. They came. And they plundered. It was a massacre. How could they have known...? They came from the shadows at night and preyed on us like vultures. They knew we were carrying the grandest amount of treasure the world had ever seen. And that we were heavily armed too. But that didn't stop those vultures from attacking us. We were taken by surprise. But how could that be? Each vessel in our fleet had specially appointed guards. And their orders were specific. Shoot first, ask questions later. But even these elite squads weren't able to protect us. Splinters everywhere. Blood. Screams and roaring cannons. It was too much for me. I was so young. This was merely my second trip as an appointed captain of a relatively insignificant cargo ship in our fleet. It was too much for me... I hope my family forgives me. I hope the world forgives me... (sound of a pistol shooting inside the captain's cabin) Bonus pic. Good vs Evil
  7. This is my attempt at building the end of the Appleseed, LAS during the January MRCA. I don't know how the rule is for this kind of build. Is it also a Freebuild ? And do I have to fill a WebForm ? The end of the Appleseed : Captain Log entry, Day 29 : This was a lovely day at Terreli when we began to load new young appletrees and some good iron weapons from our Capital in order to help to develop the colonies in Nellisa and Berelli. The loading was very effective and we were ready before our escort, the Queen of Terreli, arrived at the bay. Day 30 : The start of our run has been delayed because some of the vessels supposed to join us during the run were not registered ! Ah ! Bl...y administration ! Day 31 : We are well escorted ! The Queen of Terreli fought dangerous smugglers this morning. For what I saw with my spyglass it was a hard fight ! Hopefully the eslandolan warship is not too badly injured. In the afternoon, Juan de Hespérida asked me to make a little detour from our escorted run because he is saying we are near a possible position of the Island of the No-one Orchard, where we could find the Golden Apple ! Since I don't really understand the thing why an island have différent positions or how an island could be here and there I agreed to search a bit around the area Juan had indicated. This is possibly the last line I will write in ths book ! We have been hit by below along the starboard lowdeck ! There is an enormous leak ! I don't know if we can reach the coast... I was sure it wasn't a reef ! There are no reefs around ! Some of the crewmen thought have seen an enormous shadow passed underneath the keel ! ... And so the Appleseed went to the depth of the Ocean ! No one heard about the crew or the captain until now ! Felipe de la Manzana was found harrassed but alive in the coastal beaches of Terreli ! Felipe explained that all the crew is lost, and of course all the cargo ! He managed to survive the shark attacks by throwing them apples just before being eaten ! He said that one shark was nearly to choke after eating an apple ! This is what saved him ! Felipe conclued with this sentence full of wisdom : - This would never happened in an appletree orchard ! And finally here lies the Appleseed : Hope you liked it ! I have to make some precisions : - First : no ships were harmed during this scene. In fact the Appleseed is still built, I just made the rigging better ! - Secondly : this ship did not deserve to sunk ! I am saying that because when I built this MOC, the ship did really escaped my hands and fell but did not broke ! I made it pretty much sturdy ! - Third and last : I will not license her anymore and nobody will be able to ! This is my personal rule when I entered in BoBS : I will not license any Lost At See ship I will loose ! (it's stimulating me to build better vessels !) Thank you for reading.
  8. Deep in the briny depths sits a treasure only those of the aquazone can find. Eurobrick's member Sebus I has shared his excellent MOC. Take a look, peer into the deep waters of the Action and Adventure Themes forum.
  9. legoman19892

    Pirate Shipwreck salvage MOC

    Made this back around 2008. It's more pirate than Divers themed, so I thought I would throw it down here. I got maybe 10 more photos I could put up too.
  10. [pid][/pid] 246C Hello everyone! After countless emails, several hours spent over skype, 4 photo shootings and a few extra hours of Photoshop... I am glad to be finally able to present you our entry in this challenging contest! The Shark Reef “Black Jim”, also known as “Shadow Jim”, Captain of the « Sea Disgrace » ended up stranded atop the Shark Reef following a course plot error from his first officer Charles Cooks. Charles is a former navigator of the Royal Navy who got fired because of a bad drinking habit… on the day of the wreck, he wanted to try a new shortcut to get to Tortuga faster because he was out of Rhum. The moral of this story is that you should never trust a drunk navigator.. but if you do, make sure he’s well stocked with liquor. So here they are now, stuck on this lonely reef. Black Jim sometimes flogs his slave to kill the time and keep his spirit up while Charles dreams of Rhum bottles and keeps plotting courses the Disgrace will never take. Detailed views of 6Kyubi6's entry Captain Black Jim, flogging his slave. And here are the detailed views of my entry. The general idea behind this set is that you can combine it in several ways. The two halves of the ship are connected via a technic pin hidden in the rocks. The "Shark head" reef on the other hand can be moved around and attached about anywhere you want to the other parts thanks to the small rock connection (the one with the cross and skull). I must say that I completely underestimated the complexity of this challenge as designing the sets was only the beginning. Being able to present our idea in a convincing way turned out to be a much greater difficulty. Anyway, I am proud of what we achieved to do, I hope you guys like it! A big thanks to my partner in crime, for all his advices as well as all the picture edits. Thank you to Eurobricks for this opportunity and best of luck to all in the contest! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  11. [pid][/pid] Introduction Welcome to my seventh review on Eurobricks! On my way to review every old Pirates set that I buy new (full story on my 6247 - Bounty Boat review), here's another set from the first wave that saw the day of light in 1989. This one has a special place in my heart since it's the first Lego set that I bought with my own money when I still was a child. Its name is Shipwreck Island, and ya better be warned : this review won't be objective ! Product Details Set No: 6260 Set Name: Shipwreck Island (USA) - Treasure Island (UK) - Le repaire des pirates (France) - Piraten-Schatzinsel (Germany) - Haai-Baai (Netherlands) Theme: Pirates Released: 1989-1991 Minifigures: 2 Pieces: 71 RRP: $12 Purchase Price: €55 new on Bricklink ~Box~ Front Wow, how could it be more piratey? Lonely island, treasure, palmtree, monkey, parrot, cannon, gold... Everything is here to make some fantastic stories! At the back, we can see what seems to be the Eldorado Fortress. Back Four (!) alternate models, which will be covered in the next chapter. As with all classic pirates sets (though I didn't mention it in my previous reviews), we can see a hand-drawn model of the actual set on the map-styled background, which adds a nice touch. Sides As usual, we have an alternate setup of the main model. All the legal stuff (my box is an european version). ~Alternate models~ Alternate model 1 Alternate model 2 Alternate model 3 Alternate model 4 Well... as awesome as the actual set is, its alternate models are quite bad in my humble opinion. The "least worst" might be the second with the camouflaged cannon, but the palmtree only has two leaves left... What are your thoughts on them? ~Box opening~ Yo-ho-ho! Every remaining MISB Shipwreck Island now has gone up in value! Inside the box The lovely island-patterned baseplate is loose, and comes with three bags. Instructions and promotional flyer The instructions and flyer are folded, let's have a look at them. Instructions As always, the tricorne hat is way too big. At the back, we have an alternate setup of the main model (with only a few placement changes), and two alternates models already seen at the back of the box. Random instructions page After only six steps, the build is mostly finished. There is no part callout, but it's really easy to follow. One interesting fact, unlike almost every other Pirates sets, is that the palm tree is being built with parts added each step. Usually it's build apart either at the beginning or at the end of instructions. Promotional flyer It's almost the same flyer as the one I got in my 6245 - Harbor Sentry review, although this is the european version, showing firing cannon. It's a fantastic diorama, which would have been even cooler including the mighty Eldorado Fortress. ~Parts and minifigure~ Part layout Here are the contents of each bag. Excepting the baseplate, nothing here is especially interesting. However, pirates fans never have too many parrots, monkeys, cannons, palm trees, half-barrels or gold coins! This make this set a good pirates accessories pack. Minifigures Your common classical pirates minifigures! At least we don't get another captain redbeard. Back in 1989 though they weren't seen as "common minifigs" and when I got this set (my first "real pirate" one, the other being a bluecoat one : Sabre Island), I really loved the eye-patched guy, with his nice brown tricorne hat. The red bandana was also a nice touch, although at this time it was a lot more common than the blue one. ~The build~ Building the cannon Before everything else, we start by assembling the cannon. 23 years later, it still looks awesome. Notice the little spot inside the cannon? It's only found on firing models and helps guiding the cannonballs (round black 1 x 1 bricks). After step 2 The first step is a bird-eye view to help place the yellow tiles, which will help for inserting the treasure chest. After step 4 The rock-like structure used to hide the treasure chest is finished. After step 6 The build here is almost finished, only lacking accessories. When compared to the finished model, we clearly see that accessories are really what makes this set a great one. Without them, it would really looks empty. ~The finished model~ Box cover view Simply awesome. With all its accessories, every free space is now filled. The green leaves add a nice touch. However, despite its name (Shipwreck Island), there's no trace of any shipwreck... Maybe the half-barrel is all that remain of the ship? Side view Why is the pirate standing in water...? You can see that the structure really cover all the island, I wonder where do they sleep? Back view Hiding the chest Simple but clever. The chest fits nicely. I remember being amazed by this when I was a child (like I feel today when I discover new technics used for Modular Buildings) Sailing in a half-barrel "It's all about recycling!". It's really a nice idea, and something we only ever saw in this set. ~Final thoughts~ Design: 10/10 - I can't see any flaw. Okay, it doesn't look like a "Shipwreck Island", but who cares? It's beautiful, full of life, full of Pirates stories! Parts: 9/10 - A fantastic accessories pack! The baseplate is also very nice, and only found in two sets (the other being Sabre Island). Minifig: 8/10 in 1989, 3/10 nowadays - As great as was the first pirates waves, it was clearly lacking some variety for pirates minifigures. These two are now very common, but still nice if you don't already have them. Build: 7/10 - Nothing spectacular, but simply pleasing. Playability: 9/10 - Adding a bluecoat would have make it perfect. However with all its accessories and animals, it still has a very strong playability. Alternate models: 2/10 - I really don't like them. Price: 10/10 - Today it can be found for ~$15, which makes it a fantastic deal for getting pirates accessories. Conclusion: 10/10 - I told you I wasn't being objective :). It's a beautiful set, packed with useful accessories, animals and vegetation. An absolute must-have for every pirate lover out there!