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Found 25 results

  1. Here’s a love letter to one of my favorite ships of the Age: the absolutely terrific Téméraire-class 3rd rates by Jacques Noël-Sané. Without doubt this is my main inspiration for L’Anubis - god of the Underworld. The main obstacle for building larger ships in theme-scale is obviously the age old question: to prefab hull or not? Building the lower hull to Fer Maiden that mates up w/ the prefabs taught me a few ways to do a brickbuilt hull that can at least live in the same universe as them. That gave me the confidence to try this. I then used Fer Maiden’s dimensions to get a theme-scale equation and have my 3rd rate at 70x18 studs along her gun deck. Total width at her waterline is slightly more due to the SNOT curved slopes. Anyway, enough of that - I know you want the goods. This is still very much a work in progress with some gaps and test techniques so bear with me! I feel like you guys enjoy seeing a bit more of the process. This project has been progressing super quickly thus far (surprisingly) but I will really need to build her in real life and the instructions are going to take a massive effort.
  2. Below we see a French sailing ship called "Bluejay Way", which operates out of the Caribbean hunting for pirates on the authority of French King Louis the ??th. (Captain Du Pont has been out of touch with France for so long, he's forgotten which numbered king blessed the voyage and which one sits on the throne currently.) Who knows, and who cares: there are pirates to hunt! Viva La France! Ok, so I took set 4184 (The Black Pearl) and gave it sails inspired by set 31109 (Creator Pirate Ship) I then wanted to give it a more bluecoat flair, but the 2015 torsos and flag are VERY expensive and to hard to find in quantity, so the Bluecoats became French, and the torsos... well, I'm not revealing that bit yet! The ship has been stretched out to have another row of cannons, (bringing the total up to 8) and raising the captain's cabin up a couple bricks. The rear of the ship, up near the lanterns should feature the name "Bluejay Way" in printed 1 x 1 tiles. Also missing are the two 1 x 2 rounded edge plates for the moving rudder, and the 13 golden window pane parts. The access to the cannons' area consists of the removable deck below the smaller boat. Also of note, the last mast can be taken out to get to the captain's cabin below. Led by the brilliant Captain Gerald Du Pont, the men of the Bluejay Way are out to hunt down pirates and bring them to justice. Side note: Captain Du Pont lost his right leg to the green-coated Captain of the English pirate ship "The Yago", whom Gerald especially wants hunted down and captured by any means necessary! Here is all the stuff together.... well, almost all of it. See, I thought about adding the Creator set 31120 (Medieval Castle) and turning it into a Caribbean fortress with the "Tower' B Model turned into a lighthouse, while the "Market" C model will just be recreated in LDD as just the wall... no buildings other that that, as I think it will be cheaper than buying another copy of the $100 (US) set. Just to prove how dedicated I am to getting the Bluejay Way pirate hunter built, here is a shot of the parts collected thus far. Oh, and if you figured out Bluejay Way is a reference to the Beatles song of the same name, (in name only) you get a cookie! Comments, questions, suggestions, and comments always welcome!
  3. Sebeus I

    A simple matter of math

    The tales all tell about captains brave enough to challenge larger and more heavily armed opponents. And succesfully defeat those opponents by witty tactics and superior maneuvering ... However, those are the tales. When you face reality, reality in the shape of an English frigate facing a French 64 gun battle ship that is, all kinds of heroics are reduced and everything becomes a simple equation taking into account the relevant numbers. A bold move of the English captain but a stupid one, one full broadside of the French 64 was enough to blast him back to reality. A cooperation with Captain Greenhair.
  4. knight_40k

    [MOC] Bluecoat Ship

    Hi everyone, it is long overdue but I finally got around to constructing the Bluecoat ship we never got in the 2015 Pirates wave. I have been working on this on and off since The Brick Bounty was released but time/money restraints were holding me back for a while. This ship was created using a hybrid design of both The Brick Bounty and Brickbeards Bounty as I wanted it to look like an official Lego set. After many Bricks & Pieces orders and a few Bricklink orders, I present to you my Bluecoats new home.
  5. The following story says it all! I wanted to create it in a more professional way but after a wise advice, i made it in MS PowerPoint, a program i was most proficient with. Enjoy! P.S: These stories are always coming from real life!
  6. So here is a brief introduction to my PtV entry... Basically the scene is as follows some poor, lowly pirate has been caught and hanged by the Bluecoats. In revenge his shipmates are ransacking the harbour, burning and killing all in their path and making off the Governor's daughter, for some despicable end. It's blood 'n' carnage! BrickOnPillageTheVillage on Flickr BrickOnPillageCloseUp on Flickr BurningChef on Flickr And incase you missed him... there's on pirate still in the cells awaiting rescue or hanging? CaptiveCloseUp on Flickr Hope it's suitably evil, I can always try add some more evil acts if not :-) NB: I have edited it to add some better photos taken in actual daylight, I'll leave the old ones on Flickr and also my amazing, Ikea-based photography set-up for taking the photos in the dark...
  7. Staslegomaster

    Bluecoat's Arsenal - 2015

    The MOC is called Bluecoats Soldiers Arsenal. It is based on 8396 set (2009) but I added a base plate as the Cheetah’s walking throne 70141 set. And also bluecoats’ large and nice flag to raise it up in the morning. We can see only a hairpiece on the soldier’s head but there are 3 hats to choose from and a wig: a private’s hat and brown epaulets, an officer’s three cornered hat and red epaulets – after career promotion, and an admiral’s hat and white epaulets. A wig and yellow epaulets when he becomes a governor. There are 2 cutlasses – silver and usual, a gun and a pistol. The silver cutlass is in the shoulder belt. There are 2 backpacks – brown and grey. Such a variety adds playability, the set can cost minimum so fans of all ages can buy a few to enrich their collection and thus have any mini figure – from a private to a governor. I think this set would definitely fit into the LEGO Pirates Collection, If you'd like to have this as a part of your collection, please support it in LEGO ideas. You can also see other pictures of the MOC there. What would you advise to improve? Well, every soldier dreams of becoming a general. So you can see how his carier can change gradually - a soldier - an officer - a general - a governor. Good luck to all of them!
  8. Sebeus I


    163D Almost two months ago I started building a new battleship, a French corvette I named Beatrix. I recorded the building proces in a WIP thread. And now I finally decided to post it. My sister photoshopped a background in some images for me. Also I'm happy to announce that this is my first ship of which I provide digital building instructions! (see below) Sailing to the end of the world...Wait I think I can see the end . The Beatrix is a 20-gun corvette, a fully rigged ship with 4 courses of sails on the main- and foremast. So basically it's another one on the massive pile of frigates in the index . The hull is a white prefab one (from the Friends cruiser) compromised out of a complete bow, 5 midsections and a partially costum built stern. The cabin has working lights implemented in candles (more of that below) and the capstan can be used to haul up both port and starboard anchors simultaneously. I didn't bother to show off that last feature as systems like that became a standard on my ships (see a video in this thread). The upper decks detach from the ship to reveal the interior. However, as many ship builders know it's not evident to combine an accessible interior with the tumblehome shape of a ship and its rigging. You may notice that most of the interior pictures were taken before the ship was rigged. Interesting fact, this ship was named after one of my aunts, just like my previous one (Christine) was named after my mother, they are sisters, sister-ships . I think the stern is my favourite part of the ship. Yes, I'm definitely happy with that part. The capstan. The helm. The skylight is really transparant, which is cool when using the light feature. Chasers on the forecastle deck, to capture that fleeing ship... Chasers on the quarter deck, to evade that persuer, atleast if there is a ship fast enough to keep up with the beatrix and forming a threat . Some interior pictures. costum guns (smaller ones) woulc be more appropriate I think though. I intentionally kept the ship low but that also resulted in the ship having no hold, apart from a small 8x8 storage that is not even two bricks deep. The one and only staircase . Wait for it... Bazinga! And then there was light, a feature I copied from my old frigate Farore's Wind (though it was better imlemented on that ship). I now realize the cabin does look a bit unfinished . Beware when you see this through your monocular... More pictures in my brickshelf gallery (once public). And a comic about her maiden voyage, incase you're in for some silliness . So what's next? Guilds of the Brick Seas! ...And maybe some more ship building. Perhaps it's time to get this old dusty thing from the shelf and give it another try. While building the Beatrix I had to strip parts from my old frigate Farore's WInd, perhaps I restore her to a new battleship... Although I really should dump the prefabs for now, it's time for some serious costum hull ships . Building Instructions available for download here. (right click, 'save as')
  9. Sebeus I

    So a guy walks into a bar...

    There was this redcoat that walked into a bar...a bluecoat bar... silly redcoats! ehem... Anyway, this bad joke isn't the real reason why I'm posting this. A while ago things weren't so good at the pirate forum, there was a huge decrease in activity. Captain Braunsfeld was very concerned about that so he sent me several PMs discussing the issue. Now I'm not really the best guy to get things going or organize things and stuff. The best I could come up with was a comic...about the decreased inactivity... Which wouldn'd have helped anyway as there wasn't anyone around to read it. Now the activity here at the pirateforum is flowering, I like this, That comic I made isn't relevant anymore but I still wanted to post it so I came up with this bad joke, This post is the execution of my masterplan . So here's the comic (beware, it will not be continued). Captain Braunsfeld was concerned about the decreasing activity at the pirateforum so he went to see his friend Sebeus... Never, it won't be continued because even I was too inactive at the time to finish this comic . I also want to use this occasion to keep the red VS blue climate alive. Yes!
  10. James Wellington

    [MOC] British Royal Navy Gunboat

    171D Hello all! I said in my last small MOC, I'd probably do another MOC, so I decided to make a ship this time, a Gunboat. It took me almost 4 hours (mostly finding and digging out parts), i'd say remove all the finding time, it took me about 20 minutes to construct, maybe 25 minutes (I did a few designs, and picked the one I liked most). Now, the gunboat itself has 1 small mast, 1 small rotating cannon at the beginning, and 2 swivel guns. The ship can fit about 4-6 minifigures, however I didn't want to take up the whole ship with minifigures, so I manned it with 3 minifigures in the 3 main posts. I myself am pretty proud of my build, I mean, I just built it with limited parts, and the way I thought a gunship should look like. I originally constructed a small grey cannon to go at the front, but it was a little bit too big, so I added a smaller rotating cannon that looks a lot like a swivel gun Alright, let's get started. Gun1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Side view of the ship. Quite small, but it is a Gunboat Gun2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr The bow of the ship. A redcoat manning the frontal cannon, and a Royal Navy gunner manning one of the two swivels. As you can see, I've given those new ugly blasters a use! They make great swivels, firing ones, too. Gun3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Gun4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Overview of the ship. You can see a bit of the crows nest. Gun5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Other side of the ship. It does appear that there is a bit of dirt of that piece. Cleaning time Gun6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A simple, small stern to the gunboat. Gun7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr You can really see everything that's going on in the ship in this pic. Gun8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr At the wheel of the ship, a British Midshipman pilots the small ship. Gun9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly a view of the whole ship and the crows nest. Let it sail to bring glory to the Redcoats, and justice to the seas. Hope you've enjoyed! Please tell me what you think of my Gunboat! Have a nice day.
  11. Matthias

    Comiy "The Alliance"

    Hello everybody, here is my current comic with my hero Redcoatorphan. He was introdruced in my comic „Sightseeing“ http://www.eurobrick...wtopic=81085= He is a bluecoat assistant instructor and he is a orphan. His redcoat parants was killed in a battle and the bluecoat governor became his stepfather. This is his second adventure! I hope you enjoy my comic. PS: Sorry for the threatname, I can´t edit it into "Comic ..."
  12. Hello, here is my newest creation. It isn´t inventive, it isn´t creative, it wasn´t difficoult to built, but it is exactly what I want to bye from my LEGO store next year. I propose 40 $/35 € because of the mass figures :). Lego you have all parts to build them, bring them back, make new Bluecoat/Pirate sets!
  13. Well, here is my final entry. I hope you enjoy it! Even you Bluecoats out there... Many Bluecoats were harmed in the production of this comic!
  14. Behold, my entry for the final round, may the recoats be done for once and for all. Drama, action, comedy, horror, fantasy and even romance, it is there, you just have to look closely . I hope you liked it, I included as many avatars as I could, eventhough they're not really accurate (what's with the grey legs everybody? I don't have grey legs anymore, they're used on my flying dutchman). A special thanks goes to Frank Brick Wright for leading me to the comic software I used here. I loved Duck's entries, that's why he has a more prominent role than other redcoats in the comic, If your avatar isn't in here it's because I didn't have the parts to replicate it, no other reason, if I had the parts I would have included everyone.
  15. [pid][/pid]230C And here he is: A Bluecoat in the mud! Nothing more to say about.
  16. Cara: Redcoats, Fear my Brush! Round I entry available here.
  17. I finally had time to make my entry, I had my last exam yesterday . So don't expect too much. It's better than nothing I guess. I didn't have enough time to come up with a decent story, luckely I have a couple of ships I can use, which reminds me that I still have to post some of them. Good luck to the other contestants.
  18. Grimmbeard

    TOR III ENTRY: Redcoat Fishing!

    [pid][/pid] So here's my official entry for round two: Pirates, Redcoat Fishing! Sorry about the cropping issues- Hope it didn't distract from the story Anyway, hope you liked it! C&C Welcome!
  19. [pid][/pid] Bluecoat incompetence:
  20. Capt. Stabbin

    Death of a Bluecoat

    [pid][/pid]229C While this is not a new MOC, I have never posted it here, and thought it worked well with the tournament. A Redcoat patrol encounters a lone Bluecoat.... Thanks for looking! C & C appreciated.
  21. [pid][/pid] A Bluecoat and a Redcoat vie for the attentions of an island lady, and each ends up with the mate he deserves. It's not a comic? Screw the rules. They're guidelines anyway. I did it my way. This is war. As usual, comments are more than welcome.
  22. [pid][/pid] My entry, sorry for the layout, I really wanted to take care of that too but I just can't, I have too much work, upcoming exams of electric machines, automatisation, electronic applications and shit stuff demand my time right now. Anyway... I hope you liked it, well, not you redcoats obviously I don't think I've posted that Kahuka temple yet, it will have to wait, that's for sure Oh and I'd like to add that the monocular effect is actually brick-built. Good luck everyone and have good holidays. And that while I'm stuck here trying to determine some hysteric curve of some magnetic thing, the oh-so interesting analysis of engine exhaust gas (and I intentionally added 'engine'), some ridiculous electronic component that is called a "multi-vibrator' I don't want to know who came up with that...sigh....
  23. Gobernador


    Group Project HispaLUG Expo 2012 DINOTOPIA Títle: Dinotopia Constructors: Jig, Queen of the bricks, Sehjo, Hyperion, Gobernador, L-DI-EGO Pieces: +20000 Description: In the depths of the ocean, away from the trade routes, where no boat sails, a small tropical island. Here, residents live with the last living dinosaurs exist on the planet. Both groups live in complete harmony, human care, heal and give food to the Lizards, and these, grateful, offered to take charge or take the dinotopianos from one place to another. Very occasionally, an enemy ship is approaching, and both species are organized to defend the city . The guards tell us that the Emperor has landed on our shores in an enormus Ship of the Line!They bring hundreds of troops and heavy artillery to demolish the walls! To arms! The defense of the city is in our hands! More Photos: http://www.hispalug....p?topic=17057.0 And More Photos of the HispaLUG Expo 2012 http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=517250 A video: