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  1. I vote to visit Housekeeping Storage Might be something there?
  2. "His hands also appear to be injured as if he was tightly holding a shard of glass."
  3. I'd like to employ some "enhanced interrogation techniques" on Ezra lmao "Hey Ezra? Who cut your hair your mom? Yeah get wrecked nerd."
  4. "Two more minutes pal. Spill it."
  5. I'd like to pour a little water on his face to hopefully wake him up
  6. @Fugazi "Hey Doc? You think we can wake up our bloke Ezra here mate?"
  7. Oh. Wow. Okay. All that worrying for nothing lol. "Right well I'm seeing a lot of evidence pointing towards no one having been here. Back to having no clue where to go from here." Is Ezra stable enough where he could be woken up safely if possible?
  8. I'd like to smash the small sta-HAHAHAHA JK JK. I'd like to quickly open the closet door, ram my head in and scream "BOOOOO!!!". I guess I'll also check for anything that might be in the closet lol.
  9. "Exactly. So we should keep looking into it, and find Ezra for frick's sake we have a murderer on the loose!!!"
  10. "So no lasers? We're so f*cked." "Right. Guys! Do we need like a team captain or someone to drag everyone around?" I'd like to scan for life forms on the ship and see where they're located. If I need to go to a part of the ship to do that such as engineering, then I'd like to run ther myself to check.
  11. "Can you guys scan for any ships near us? Are they saucers? We're so f*cked if they're saucers."
  12. I'd like to contact the bridge if possible "Ayo Jason & Pierce? You two okay there mate?"
  13. @Bob Where would one go to screw with the comms? Engineering?