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  1. Trekkie99

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    That is awesome! Runs pretty clean I'd say. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for helping people out on this topic! It really means a lot.
  2. Trekkie99

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Very cool!!! I always dreamed of finding a way to accomplish this!
  3. Trekkie99

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Ooh wee it's been a minute! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Bye again I guess lol.
  4. Trekkie99

    Minecraft Mafia: Signups

    Would love to join but I'm online so infrequent these days. Hope you guys have a blast and will be reading along when I can!
  5. Trekkie99

    HELP! ! !

    You should be able to change it in your profile settings. At least once a year as well I believe.
  6. Good game Bob! Sorry it got so quiet at times, but I definitely had fun for my first mystery game. The idea of Ezra having a accomplice never occurred to me for some reason so I unfortunately never went looking for one.
  7. Trekkie99

    [MOC] New Tube line opens to Botanical Gardens station

    Or Bricksafe. Awesome site.
  8. Trekkie99

    Help with building technique in MOC

    The inverted 1x1 bracket is attached to the floor, connected to it is the brown jumper plate, connected to that is the uninverted 1x1 bracket, and finally connected to that is the black tile. It's kinda hard to see, but I'm pretty sure the half cylinder is centered in the two-wide area on a 1x2 jumper plate
  9. Trekkie99

    Help with building technique in MOC

    You could replace the dark grey 1x2 inverted bracket plate with a 1x1 version and then put a uninverted 1x1 bracket next to it connected to the brown jumper and the black tile.
  10. Trekkie99

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    My latest model is finished! Here's the Main Model Topic for anyone interested. [MOC] Midiscale Modular Office Building & Beauty Supply Store With Country Shop Also here's a quick pic of what I'm currently fiddling around with.
  11. Hello! Here is the latest addition to my "Midiopolis" Midiscale City. Enjoy! This Modular features an Old Office Building, with the first story having been renovated and occupied by a Chain Beauty Supply Store, leaving the remaining upper two stories intact in their original state. Next to the Old Office Building is a Country Boutique & Candle Shop.
  12. Trekkie99

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    Gonna have a new Model up soon! Currently rendering pics...
  13. Trekkie99

    Golden gate

    True and gold of all colors! Very cool.
  14. Trekkie99

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Nah. If TLG makes it then alot will probably be changed anyway unless your model was already up to official Lego standards in terms of structural integrity (aka kinda boring imo lol). Look at Pete Reid's mech for example.