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  1. Started rendering my models in Blender awhile back using Mecabrick's Blender add on, and I needed a HDRI. So I tested a few until I found one I liked (Urban Street 01), and then I was good to go. However there are so many HDRIs on HDRI Haven, I was curious if I was missing out on something better. So, I went on a donwload spree for HDRIs I thought might look good, and here are my results. Bricksafe HDRI Samples Album I don't have any lamps set up for these renders. Just the model and the HDRI. And while all of these would look great if they were tweaked with a bit, some look great right out of the box such as Ahornsteig and Misty Pines. I don't know if this is helpful in anyway to anyone, but I had itch, some time, and thought I'd share. Cheers.
  2. Trekkie99

    What would your reaction be?

    If the dude can't give credit to the original builder then he probably doesn't have his priorities straight. Simple as that. The only other possibility I could think of is maybe he found your model but not the creator associated with it.
  3. Trekkie99

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    GG! Had a feeling Fazit was scum.
  4. Trekkie99

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Very nice! Are the photos renders or are you just a Godly photographer? They're incredible.
  5. Trekkie99


    I've been following this topic, and I wanted to ask a dumb question which is if not or Mecabricks, what does everyone typically use? I see LDD tossed around but isn't that discontinued?
  6. Trekkie99

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    Here's what the roof for the Country shop will look like.
  7. Trekkie99

    [MOC] Olive Mansion & Pub

    The pub is awesome!
  8. Trekkie99

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    Thanks mate. No Unfortunately I don't see building any of these in real bricks any time soon, however I am now rendering all my photos, and the results are pretty good! There's also probably a ton of things I've yet to learn how to do that could further improve the results.
  9. Trekkie99

    [WIP] [MOC] "Midiopolis" [Midiscale Modulars]

    Working on this at the moment. I'm thinking on making it a really old two (Maybe three) story building whos first story was completely redone as a cosmetic store, with a cozy country store next door.
  10. Yellow minifigs are supposed to be any, all, or no (the human race) race, so the questions is how can they do this better and/or better let everyone know this fact?
  11. Trekkie99

    [EBFS] Not Only Locomotives Need Water

    That's awesome!
  12. Not really. I think they're just removing anything and everything that could have a negative connotation with what's going on.
  13. This probably belongs in general BTW.