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  1. Trekkie99

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    Bumpity shmumpity
  2. Trekkie99

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Wah! I wanna pway mafia!
  3. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    But the cause of conflict for the police is another Lego person, usually in the form of a robber. Unlike fire or a boulder which, as I said, our inanimate objects. Now of course you could turn the fire into a fire breathing dragon and the boulder into a rock monster, but then it wouldn't be city anymore.
  4. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    Race car drivers run risk of getting in a car crash, firefighters fight fire (an inanimate object), paramedics save peoples lives, airplane pilots run risk of crashing, and construction workers run risk of being squashed by a boulder. These all lack a key ingredient that I think is unfortunately needed to capture the attention of kids who could get way more stimulation playing video games. Conflict. Lego is a company who's main goal is to sell toys so they can make a profit. Lego wouldn't keep pumping out police sets nonstop if they didn't sell like hotcakes, and they wouldn't ignore the humble taxi or garbage truck if those did sell like hotcakes. You can't blame Lego for producing what sells. It's the kids' fault that we don't have more peaceful City sets.
  5. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    What I was saying is that Lego always does cops and robbers so the set can have an action packed storyline.
  6. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale) Meme song.
  7. Trekkie99

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    "Alexa? Buy me some Legos." "Okay. purchasing USC Millennium Falcon." *UCS* lol
  8. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    "There needs to be a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad guy." "Duh".
  9. Trekkie99

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    Heyo! Sign me up! 1) Yes, I've played nine games so far, but I still suck. 2) I shouldn't have any trouble with time. 3) Comics, graphic novels, manga, etc. lol.
  10. Trekkie99

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    As far as I can tell, the price per part ratio for sets has always stayed the same at on average ten cents per part. So a twenty dollar set will probably have around two hundred parts, but I think this changes based on certain circumstances such as licences (Star Wars lol), excessive expensive minifigures (crazy printing and dual molded parts), etc.
  11. Trekkie99

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    Beautiful work and beautiful delivery!!! Fitting minifigs inside a vehicle is purely meant to be a play feature, yet I think there is this unreasonable expectation to have your vehicle seat one because of the challenge that's involved in the process. And while it is cool when you can pull it off, it won't always work out perfectly for every model. I know I personally would enjoy the design process much more if I'm not forcing myself to work around the constraints of using this oddly proportioned Lego person, all while knowing the finished model would probably look better if I excluded it.
  12. Trekkie99

    Is dying?

    I'd say you answered your own question. If kids wanna play a game, they'll probably wanna play it on their phone or tablet, especially since a three year old for example might not own a computer. Also there's the thing with Adobe discontinuing Flash in 2020 RIP. Buying? well parents do the buying, they know how to navigate Amazon, and might have a Prime account which gets them same day delivery, free shipping, etc. And yeah most kids I think would wanna watch the videos on Youtube. Also if they want news about new sets coming out, they'll probably follow a popular social media account which specializes in reporting rumors, leaks, and official reports. And if the kid is a big enough fan that he want's to buy individual parts, then he probably knows about Bricklink.