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Found 22 results

  1. I've been craving an LAAT of my own for a long time! I missed the opportunity to get one of the Lego sets during my dark-ages and have absolutely nowhere to put a UCS sized pile of plastic, so I thought I'd continue the midi-scale thing and try to make something bookshelf friendly. This isn't intended to be any particular scale, just roughly the same size as the midi-sized Slave 1 (75312) with room for figures and strong enough to be played with. The cockpit bubble looks oversized and there’s obviously only one of them so I had to throw accuracy to the wind there, but I’ve squeezed in as many other recognisable details as I could. The roof opens up to allow access to the cockpit which has just enough room for two Clone Troopers/Pilots to get cozy. There’s a small weapons locker in the area between the front hatches, though it' mostly for decoration as its very hard to acces, and the side doors hinge outwards and fold back so that four Clones can be seated inside. There isn't enough headroom to have them hanging by a handrail but some fearless perching before deployment is definitely doable. Finally I squeezed a stupidly small BARC speeder up the back end of the ship. Overall the Republic Gunship is a 28cm long (including the guns), 27cm wide and weighs 410g. Instructions are on Rebrickable, I've only used common and cheap parts so the whole MOC with stand will cost around £45 for the 608 pieces. And here's my midi-scale collection so far!
  2. Here we go, almost exactly 3 years after publishing about my Star Wars Medical Corps, I finally completed the capital ship that I envisioned to build. Better late than ever... Please discover below my DP20M Medical Frigate. For additional background and history, I invite you to read my original Star Wars Medical Corps topic. DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr About the DP20M: The DP20M is an unarmed modified version of the famous DP20 Corellian Gunship. As often with vehicles and spacecrafts assigned to the medical units at the end of the Republic Galactic era and during the Empire, these were either 2nd-grade ships, either refurbished ships. The DP20M is no exception to the rule. The structure of the ship being sturdy and robust, it was common to find DP20 that could still travel around the galaxy but whose weaponry was damaged during combats. Some of these DP20 were then recycled into medical frigate by completely removing the weapon and extra shielding systems. The spared volume allowed for the installation of additional health support and medical equipment. DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr The DP20M was designed to provide a small surgery room along with a bacta tank, a reanimation room, and a small hangar hosting a tiny speeder as well as a first-aid container. Here are the various modules: DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr Playability: The cockpit can be opened and a pilot minifig easily fits inside, even with a large helmets DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr The central section can host 2 medical beds with extra medical equipment around. DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr The rear section contains 2 different modules: - the surgery room with a bacta tank DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr Apparent studs allows for minifigs to be placed in several places inside the room. The bact tank can be opened to welcome a minifig. Several accessories are available to play around. - The small hangar can host a speeder and a first-aid medical container. DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr DP20M Medical Frigate by Veynom, on Flickr There is also an extra stud to clip the speeder and a join ball to clip the container. Accessories can also be stored on the wall. The lateral panels open vertically and rotating bars are available to block them in open position. The manipulation is very easy and can be done blindly. The build is sturdy, easy to carry and fully swooshable. The Medical Corp is now complete: Star Wars Medical Corp by Veynom, on Flickr Star Wars Medical Corp - Play features by Veynom, on Flickr Technical details: 70 studs in length Initial idea inspired by the half cone panel from the Tantive IV set from 2009 3 years of time between the first idea and cockpit prototype and the completion of the ship. Once the technic backbone frame was drafted, the build went fast, starting from the rear until the cockpit. Lot of SNOT in many locations. The "good old piece of junk" aspect is emphasized through the extensive use of old "not so white anymore" bricks from the 70s and 80s. DP20 construction process by Veynom, on Flickr I hope you enjoyed it, comments are welcome
  3. Veynom

    [MOC] Porax-42 Gunship

    And here lands my latest MOC ship: the Porax-42 Gunship. On-screen version: Porax-42c Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr Concept art version: Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr This gunship is based on The Mandalorian serie, and particularly episode 6 where it can been seen in a hangar at the end of the episode. It also appears among the concept arts. Note that the on-screen version is a bit different from the concept art, specifically the reactor pods front. Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr I decided to change the color code because I had a bit enough of the usual 50 shades of grey. I would have like trying a black and (dark) red color scheme but I lack the necessary curved slopes. Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting ship is quite compact and relies on extensive use of SNOT. Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr Porax-42 Gunship by Veynom, on Flickr Hope you like it. Comments welcome.
  4. JBB_777

    Republic Gunship

    I am proud to introduce myself with my Republic Gunship.
  5. Hey guys! You may have seen this build on my photostream, or The Brothers Brick, but I thought I would post it here as well so the Eurobricks exclusive crowd would get to see it as well! I want to be more active on other forums besides Flickr this summer too. The nose decals are by Tbone_tbl on Flickr, I found them on MOCpages here: I added the door designs and sized them correctly. I made a YouTube video on my channel that showcases the models and shows how to build them check it out here: Thanks for looking!
  6. This gunship is owned by Snake, former member of the Black Hole Gang. The ship is named the Atlantis II and is used by Snake as his personal transport in his new line of work. Snake became a member of the resistance after the demise of the Black Hole Gang and the destruction of his species home planet by the Space Police IV forces into a radioactive wasteland.\ In reality, the model the ship is a heavily modified Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship (set number 7930.) This ship features six guns, a ton of cargo space and rotating engine for flight or landing modes. The cockpit is also accessible via a roof hatch. The ship in flight mode, with the engine pods rotated 90 degrees. The rear of the ship, with the cargo area access hatch. The opening cockpit features a seat for the pilot figure. Two of this part go on either side of the cockpit where the 2 x 2 tiles in yellow are. The sides of the ship open up for easier access to the inside. The pilot of the ship, Snake. Not much is known about him, except he was a member of the Black Hole Gang and his home-world no longer is safe to travel to. The is available to download here. I'm thinking about buying this at the same time as my futuristic house I uploaded, as the same Brick Link seller has most of the parts I don't already have in real life. As usual Comments, Questions, & Complaints are always welcome!
  7. Hi guys, Just recently completed my first Star Wars oriented MOC, the Republic Laat/c with ATTE. I started this build about 3 years ago and it was going to be just the ship itself before I took up the walker project about a month ago. This is probably my largest MOC to date, and it's by far the heaviest. The hardest part was allowing the walker to connect and detach from the ship easily without the walker's weight putting too much strain on the bricks. Republic Dropship and AT-TE by James Asbury, on Flickr Let me know what you think! You can find all of my creations and more photos of the build at
  8. brickmartil

    [MOC] Merkabah - Space Gunship

    Hello everyone=D I m fresh afol. I want to share with you my creation. I m interesting about a feedback. This is my first MOC after DA. I ve build it around a half year. Ok less talking. Pictures: You can find this MOC on lego ideas. Support very welcome Here is my flickr acount with better resolution photos
  9. Hello. I'm looking for sets 7662 (Trade federation MTT) and 7676 (republic attack gunship from clone wars) for somewhat acceptable price. I'm looking towards new complete sets. If there is no box but the bags are still sealed and all parts including stickers, minifigs and extras are there - I'm considering set as new. Please contact me via pm if you want to sell some of them or if you can help me.
  10. SWAT Strachan

    [MOC] Vampyre Squadron

    (Click the image to find this project on Lego Ideas) Well I finally got it approved, this is my Vampyre Squadron MOC It consists of five vessels, two fighters, a gunship, a tank, and a missile boat. I based the design on an earlier MOC that I came up with, an Imperial Ice Speeder, but as I know that Star Wars MOCs are very unlikely to succeed on Lego Ideas, I revamped (arf :D ) the design and eventually came up with these five. The Gunship The Strike Fighter The Naval Fighter The Missile Boat The Tank I did also make a sixth model, but as it's blatantly Star Wars based I had to exclude it from the final collection. It's a shame really as out of all the ships, it's by far my favourite. The Interceptor These ships are now listed on the Lego Ideas site, and any support would be greatly appreciated. Now, Lego didn't like me including this image, and I had to remove it before I could get my submission accepted, but I think it looks pretty cool, and I put a fair bit of work in to it :D. I know it's a bit cheeky posting this to try to gather some support, but as no-one that I know is in to Lego (just me) I don't really have any other means of spreading the word. Either way, opinions are welcome :).
  11. Since the advent of Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! and (soon) LEGO Ideas Exosuit, It seems Classic Space with it's blue/grey/yellow colour scheme and logo is having a great comeback from the 70'ties. Apparently, the Classic Space Madness has also claimed me and my trusty copy of Lego Digital Designer, because I have remade one of my old spaceships to fit in the theme . And so, without any more ado, Ladies and Gentlebricks, I present to you, The N30-C5 Class Gunship: A fine vessel, Isn't she? Please note that It's a NEO Classic-Space MOC, built with many parts that weren't even in concept stage at the Classic Space era. For example the gargantuan canopy, covering the cockpit. Now Speaking of Cockpit...... Here it is, In all it's Trans-Yellow glory, there's a lot of place for the Pilot, the Captain, and an abundance of controlls and blinking lights. Behind Commanders chair, There's a Cargo Bay, and behind it we have...... GUNNERY STATIONS! These twin side cannons are operated by two crew members, and can swivel and rotate. Now I'm thinking, that With some modificatons (adding small rear thrusters), they could be used as detachable scout speeders. These dual plasma cannons can pack quite a punch to some Blacktron ship's hull, but they aren't the most powerful weapon on deck, which is.... The Ion Turret, Here in the delicate female hands of the First Officer. It's devastating firepower (for a gunship, of course), and 360 degrees rotation range, makes N30-C5 a flying space tank. This beastie, if charged to maximum power, can put a hole through a Fregate, but it's better to be careful, and not overcharge it. Other weapons include Flick Fire Torpedoes, Repulsors, Wing guns, and more, to cope with any situation. And no, the blue dome under the trans-yellow dome is not a astromech droid, it's the power shield generator, where do you think we are, Tatooine? ANYWAY, Lets talk about how this beauty moves across the outer space..... And Here we are, at the stern. The imposing Main engine is a masterpiece of engineering, and, It's also equipped with hyperdrive, I won't bore you with numbers and technical mumbo-jumbo, Just want to tell you that this monstrosity of a thruster is powered by a cold fusion reactor, which grants enough speed to flee away from a cluster of Insectoid fighters, not to mention Spyrius Interceptors... Despite It's vast arsenal and thick, titanium alloyed armour, N30-C5 still can meet a tougher adversary. This one particularly has many battle scars and bruises, but this gaping hole through which the reactor is peeking out is a serious problem. It got blown up by some rogue extra-terrestial saucer's blaster. Let's hope that necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. Now, who want's to see the inside of the ship? So, here it is, bird's-eye shot of the ship with removed roof. You can see the cockpit, the cargo bay & weapon storage, the gunnery station, and the reactor chamber. There's a lot of mercantile in the hold, mainly energy crystals traded from a remote M-Tron colony, and alien fossils excavated by some Explorien scientists. You can also see the maintenance robot, recharging it's battery, in other words SLACKING OFF. Get back to work you lazy piece of scrap! That hole in the reactor chamber won't patch itself! Finally, meet the Intrepid Crew! From Left to Right: Captain, Pilot, First Officer, two Gunners, and our lazy robot friend (Sorry for shouting at you, buddy ). I hope you Liked my little trbute to classic Lego Space theme. Goodbye, and have a good day fellow AFOLs. Eggy's out. PS. To any mods around, If my Images are too big please resize them.
  12. Hi all, here's my latest creation - Joker's Gunship. Video on yt coming soon : )

    The Buzzard

    I've had this sitting around collecting dust for a while so I thought I;d finally get around to posting it. It's a generic sci-fi VTOL design, mainly built to experiment with wedges and SNOT techniques. Quite pleased with the end result. By the way, this is my first post on this subforum! Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  14. DanishRoots

    [MOC] [LDD] Space Armada

    This is the beginning of my space armada. A carrier for these ships is in the works, but as of yet unfinished. This is the bomber. It is based on the B-17 from WWII. This is the space superiority fighter. In part based on the A-wing from Star Wars and the Viper Mk II from Battlestar Galactica. And this is the gunship. Based in part on the Apache and Comanche helicopters. Here are the LDD files. Feel free to explore and mess around :) Feedback is more than welcome :D Bomber: Fighter: Gunship:
  15. RemtonDulyak

    Assault Gunship - My first MOC

    Here is my first MOC, realized with LDD. It's an assault gunship/dropship for special forces, carrying a complement of 5 soldiers (one officer, 4 troopers). It's armed to the teeth, considering that it's mainly a transport. I know there's still much to correct and define, and I'm open to suggestions! (P.S.: the cockpit is open to show the pilot) Front view Rear engines can swivel to maneuver The soldiers inside are so tough they are having a fine time riding to battle You never know when you'll need missiles, better carry enough Counting the seconds to the action Tailgunner is angry The Lieutenant leading the chalk is not scared The pilot knows his way around the battle field Assault Gunship.lxf
  16. Hey there everyone, I'm Joev14, a new guy on the forums. I got myself pretty much all the fall 2013 star wars sets, and have been experimenting with an idea I had, what if it were possible to put working lego electronic lights into a Republic Gunship and AT-TE, without using any modified parts. After much work, I have finally found a way to do lights in both the AT-TE and the Gunship. So without further ado, I present to you, building steps for how to install working unmodified lights into your Republic Gunship. Click the photos to be linked to larger versions of the images. Sorry for the change in lighting throughout the pictures, sometimes the flash from my camera makes it hard to see the separate white parts, so I don't always use it. Step 1: Begin with a standard 75021 Republic Gunship (Mine is slightly modded with orange accents and a few other things, but the base design is still the same) Step 2: Absolutely necessary parts. You will also need a wire of whatever desired length (I recommend the 15-stud long ones), and two of these lights. Step 3: Recommended parts Step 4: Remove any parts that may get in your way, including minifigs inside the hangar. I also recommend removing the wings, although you don't absolutely need to. Step 5: Remove this chunk of the ship. Step 6: Remove the two sides of the upper section of the ship. Step 7: Continue by removing all the above-shown parts. Step 8: Remove the 4 containers. It is your choice whether or not you want to keep them. I chose to turn them into a crate as shown below. Step 9: Canister pod Step 10: Remove these two pieces Step 11: Replace the four openings where the canisters used to be with these four bricks. Also, run a wire from the hanger roof through the opening in front of the handle as shown. Step 12: Place these three plates on the bottom of the battery box. Make sure to put in a 9V battery first, so you don't have to go back and do it later! Step 13: Place the battery box in the space shown. Attach the lead of wire to the battery box (make sure to skip one set of studs, this is crucial). Step 14: Place two of the slopes in front of the wire end, and two small cheese slopes behind the co-pilot. Place 2 L-shaped plates around the wire opening. Step 15: Place two 1x2 plates ontop of the L-shaped ones, then another two L-shaped plates facing in the opposite direction atop those. Finally, place two 1x3 plates ontop, bridging the battery box to the L-shaped plates. Step 16: Place two more 1x3 plates on both sides of the end of the wire. Place two rounded slopes atop them, and finally, place a 2x4 tile on top of the wire end. Step 17: Place two more rounded slopes to cover the wiring. Step 18: Reattach the remaining large sections of the upper part of the ship, excluding the wings. You may fill in the gaps as desired. I intentionally left the 1x4 block area behind the co-pilot exposed so you can still press the button on the battery box. Step 19: Next comes the lights. There is no specific way you have to place them, but I chose to do it in this configuration. With a few red studs, as well as two round trans-orange bricks, I can get the two lamps to light up the whole hangar. Step 20: Above are the parts you should still have remaining, assuming you used the same method I did. Step 21: Reattach the wings and put all your figs back in, your done! Step 22: And boy does it look sweet! What are everyone's thoughts/suggestions for this? The only thing that really seemed to have me stumped was the rounded slopes in front of the handle, I couldn't figure out a sturdier design. While it does hold up, it looks a little awkward with all the obvious spaces between the bricks. I can't figure out a better looking way to do it and still have room for the wire though. Ideas? Facecast Episode discussing these modifications: (skip to 15:20) I will be posting the guide for how to put lights into a 75019 AT-TE soon!
  17. So I finally got my hands on the new RGS and I must say it looks amazing, but is waaaay to big and with all its battle stations I would need at least 5 Clone Troopers vs Droidekas battlepacks (?) to fill it properly, and in some aspects I feel it a little flimsy and that handle feels a little stressed while moving it, since I ran out of dust-safe shelving space, I had to alter it to fill the next requirements: Be smaller (no shelf space) Have one seater cockpit (I have only one pilot) Have no bubble turrets (they make no sence to me) Tight close side doors (if the doors are not going to close why the need of them) Minimal play features (I simply display and swosh around a little) Be strong and sturdy like a brick (a real brick) Be aesthetically sleek Now the backstory: During the clone wars, the LAAT/i was one of the fastest and most effective ways to deploy troops into the battlefield, however many were downed by the CIS during deployments behind the enemy lines, and the crescent need of sending troops from onboard of the cruisers straight to the ground required of a vehicle capable of traveling on the limits of a planet´s orbit, for those reasons Rothana Heavy Engineering developed a new variant: the LAAT/s fast enough to outmaneuver a heavy bomber/fighter thanks to its higher maneuverability due to its smaller size and aerodynamics, travel through hostile enviroments without further modifications thanks to it air lock pressurized side doors, and quick land/take off capacities to deploy and extract safely troops behind hostile ground, all this characteristics combined with the strength and fire power of the regular LAAT/i make it the ideal vehicle for elite troops and support personnel. P2180634 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110792 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110780 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110773 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110756 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110738 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110732 por Nom Carver, en Flickr P2110726 por Nom Carver, en Flickr I know you are not big fans of set modding, but I hope you liked it, comments and criticism are welcome.
  18. TenorPenny

    The Black Belle

    Black Belle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Black Belle by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The 'Belle is a privateer gunship with an immediately noticable paintjob. That being said, stealth is not the ship's strong suit. With two giant engine inlets and variable weapon loadout, the Belle - and it's female crew - elicit laughs at first, but they don't last long.
  19. Nom Carver

    LAAT/s (short): Gunship proyect

    Now with the release of the new gunship, I came to realise that is way to big beside the rest of my colection and that I dont have enough clones to fill it up, so I made some editing on this pic to find out how it would look: Dibujo2 por Nom Carver, en Flickr I know that this isn't an actual moc but as I said before this will be very likely to what will be done to it, what do you think about it?, I cant wait to get this set to make this mods, I hope they are possible. I edited this image from one of exxtrooper's pics of his review of the gunship. Update: ARC por Nom Carver, en Flickr LAAT por Nom Carver, en Flickr
  20. TenorPenny

    The Daresay'd

    A product of years of modification, The Daresay'd is a half-freighter, half-gunship of meticulous and difficult design. The reactor runs right through the middle, four independently tiltable engines slaved closely to it, able to transfer power to it and each other at will. The pilot and the co-pilot sit in rather cramped conditions above this set-up, the latter responsible solely for power management and boost manipulation. Carrying on the theme, the ship has two tracking ion turrets, effective against fighters, other gunships and smaller capital vessels. The personal steed of the Dread Pirate Val'sofilees, The Daresay'd is spoken of in hushed tones throughout the fringes of the galaxy. Sometimes travelling alone, but often with two highly trained swingwing outriders, most freighter captains drop their cargo and run at the sight of the ship's IFF signal alone. (I had a lot of fun with this design. Especially trying to avoid the use of Dark Bley, which I think a lot of sci-fi builders can rely on too much. C&C welcome..!)
  21. azuremoon

    MOC: Midi Scale Gunships

    Hi All, I'm just posting this little topic here to show the eurobricks community one of my latest mocs, which is also my entry to the community build; Pic 1 on flickr Pic 2 on flickr That's all for now, Azu
  22. pluto7443

    SB-1 & SB-3

    Well, as this is my first creation on here, please bear with my probable mistakes. Anyway, I present first the SB-1 Vengeance Fighter. This is a small, fast and heavily armed one man starfighter. It is a very sleek, surprisingly swooshable fighter. Some more pics, including front, side, and back, as well as the compartments open. Front Side Back Open Compartments The SB-1 is fine for small missions that don't need many troops or firepower. When you need pure firepower or troop movement, the SB-3 ThunderShock Gunship is your craft. Front Side Back And finally, the open compartments, with much more space than the fighter. Thanks for looking!