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  1. I don't know what went wrong, but this link should work fine ->
  2. Hej Jim! these are my mindstorms topics you might want to move over here: thank you!
  3. nice idea maybe you could use some scissorlift mechanism for the up/down movement, and then use the track links to make a longer game :)
  4. Yes theoretically its reversible, but beacuse the image is read in only 40 coaxial circles and the accuracy of the color sensor isn't the best a lot of information gets lost . Also with every step away from the center the radial velocity increases thus the accuracy decreases even more. Initially I wanted to transform the printed bar code again and then transform the new bar code again and again and again... but the sensor didn't recognize the lines because they were too thin.
  5. Hello everybody! Last winter I started to study 'digital media' at the university of the arts in my hometown. I took part in a course where the task was to develop a generative design process. So I've built this copy machine that transforms black & white images into some kind of bar code. The color sensor of the NXT 'reads' the image concentrically and transmits the information to a motor which then lowers a felt pen on a paper. After every complete circle the sensor moves a bit away from the center and the paper moves a bit forward. Beside the felt pen and two little magnets which keep the image in place it's pure lego ;) Facts: approx. 1900 parts 1 x NXT 2.0 3x NXT motor 2x color sensor 2x touch sensor 1x PF XL Motor 1x PF switch 1x PF extension wire
  6. sounds weird! I have no idea what's going wrong there. maybe you could post some pics of the setup.....
  7. I'd guess you did something wrong. does the motor stall when you engage the switch to the rear or is the pressure the pump delivers just too low?
  8. very nice creation! i like it alot. :D
  9. nice idea :D maybe i have one of these bionicle swords lying around...i'll give it a try. hahaha yea in fact these astromechs inspired me a lot. since I've seen them I'm only bulding astromechs^^ nothing else....
  10. finally i managed to finish the .lxf . I 've improved the switching mechanism so it's more reliable. Also the claw is revised what makes it easier to grab stuff while building the new claw i had the idea that it would be nice if you had different arms with different functions. e.g. a small claw, big claw, ball shooter, boxing-arm, etc. so you could easily exchange the arms depending on the mech's "mission". Any other ideas for nice arm-tools?
  11. congratulations everyone! special thanks to all the people who voted for my entry! And of course big props to Jim for the organization!
  12. this is very nice it's really impressive how much you could fit inside this small vehicle
  13. Thank you guys! When the voting is finished i will publish some improvements and a LDD-file, so we can build up a huge army yes it was really challenging to cram the whole stuff in the small body. It took 3 rebuilds, but every time it became a bit smaller of course he won't punch this sad little wall-e he's a friendly guy...
  14. 31. Mech Mini TOPIC Functions: drive and steer move arms open/close claw boxing arm turning eye rising antenna Power Functions: 2 IR receiver 1 AAA battery box 2 L motors for the tracks 1 M motor for arm movement and operating the gearbox 1 M motor for the claw / boxing arm Video: