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Found 1271 results

  1. INTRODUCTION Lego has been making Jedi Starfighters, or Delta-7 Aethersprites for the true Star Wars geek, since 2002. In 2008 Lego approached the Delta-7 design again, shrinking the proportions down. And in 2010 we even got a UCS model of Obi-Wan's Delta-7. So how does the 2022 model hold up? SET INFORMATION Number: 75333 Title: Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter Theme: Star Wars Released: 2022 Part Count: 282 Box Dimensions: 26.2 x 19.1 x 6.1 cm Weight: 2304 gram Set Price (RRP): 34.99 EUR / 29.99 GBP / 29.99 USD / Price per Part: 12.4 EUR / 10.6 GBP / 10.6 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX Nothing to write home about, the box showcases the Delta-7 on a Kamino backdrop. The back of the box shows the play features. And the side highlights Taun We. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside are 3 numbered bags and a fairly large sticker sheet for a set of this size. THE BUILD Working through the instructions, the build is pretty straight forward. Finishing Bag 1 gives us the main body of the fighter. The first bag only has 1 sticker to apply. But once you start Bag 2 the stickers start flying. I'm generally not a fan of stickers but am willing to accept them as a part of how Lego does things. But when you have to apply them in the middle of pieces all my patience goes out the window. Really Lego? This is the best you could do? The sticker only adds a little bit to the aesthetics of the model. It's a pain to place correctly. And it has almost no re-use value in MOCs. Finishing Bag 2 adds the right wing to the model. And wrapping up Bag 3 gives us the completed set. The ship is sleek and swooshable. It looks good from every angle unless you have it completely flipped upside down. And even then it's not too bad. But how does it compare to the source material? Here are a few shots from Episode 2. And here's what we got: It's ok, but only just ok. The nose isn't pointy. The wings have too much pitch to them, they should be more flat. And the cockpit is all wrong. Kids will love it, but if you're looking for a screen accurate Lego counterpart then you'll have to keep searching. So what about the minifigures? Where Lego failed on the Starfighter model they succeed with the minifigures. Obi-Wan's haircolor still isn't right, but his 2 expressions fit him perfectly. Taun We has fantastic printing and has the right height. And we get a full R4-P17 instead of just the head like on the original 2002 model. There's no back printing on R4, but both figures have it. It would have been nice to get a cape for Obi-Wan. But they settled for printing his cloak instead. The printing looks good and a cape would have been squished in the cockpit anyway. Before this set was released there was a fake leak of a Lego Kaminoan figure using a minidoll body. It look fantastic and I wish Lego would have gone that route. But as far as minifigure sized Kaminoans go Taun We looks good. Yes, the neck is thicker than I'd prefer. But that's necessary to attach it to the torso. OVERALL There are some pros and some cons to this set. It's a sturdy, swooshable model that includes great minifigures. But it doesn't do the source material justice. Lego has yet to make a really good minifigure scale Delta-7. This set captures the essence of Obi-Wan's starfighter, but not the detail. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 6 This set is not that different from previous Delta-7s. It's sturdy, but it doesn't look enough like the source material. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 6 There's nothing amazing about the building process. The best aspect was that Lego separated the right and left wings into different bags. This meant I didn't have to go searching for a right angle plate in a pile of left angle ones. FEATURES 4 You can shoot studs and swoosh it around. That's about it. PLAYABILITY 9 It plays like a $30 model. Not much too it but then again there's not much expected. PARTS 8 While certainly not a parts-pack this model still has a good selection. The new wedge slopes come un-printed in white. And you get a good selection of Dark Red. The figures are all unique. VALUE FOR MONEY 7 The set does not feel like a $30 set. It feels like a $20 one. But Lego knows collectors will want that Taun We figure so they raised the price. FINAL SCORE: 7 If you're looking for a cheaper Lego gift for that Star Wars fan in your family this set does ok. It's not the best Lego has to offer. But it's not going to break the bank either.
  2. MKJoshA

    [REVIEW] 75335 BD-1

    INTRODUCTION Large scale droids are nothing new for the Star Wars line. But a droid based on a video game? That's new territory for Lego. We've received sets from various Star Wars video games like Battlefront, Old Republic, and Force Unleashed. But this is the first time we've received a large scale display piece as our only set to represent a game. Is the set good enough to satisfy Jedi Fallen Order players even without a Cal Kestis figure? SET INFORMATION Number: 75335 Title: BD-1 Theme: Star Wars Released: 2022 Part Count: 1062 Box Dimensions: 35.4 x 37.8 x 7.05 cm Weight: 1162 gram Set Price (RRP): 99.99 EUR / 89.99 GBP / 99.99 USD / Price per Part: 9.4 EUR / 8.5 GBP / 9.4 USD Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX The front shows the Fallen Order logo, the game from which this model is inspired. And on the back we see the few play features included. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside are 8 numbered bags (3 of which are for step 3) and a sealed instructions plus sticker. Despite being sealed, my instructions were warped and my sticker nearly so. THE BUILD We can see from the beginning of the instructions that the model is built in 2 main parts, the body and then the head. This set has some parts and recolors that are new for me. First off being this technic connector. Bricklink tells me it first came out last year, but has only been in three other sets which explains why I haven't seen it before now. It's used in BD-1 to add security for the neck connection. Next up on the new-part-list are these large click hinge attachments. It's new for this year and has been used in eight other large creature/robot sets. It's essentially a converter for the two different kinds of click hinges and adds a lot of versatility of movement in a small space. Just a little ways into the building process and BD-1 is really starting to take shape. The legs are fleshed out by attaching two different sections to the top and bottom technic beams. These are very secure and match up perfectly with each other. The technic beams remain exposed on the feet which is unfortunate as there should be more white covering that area. But overall the end result looks pretty good. Finishing the lower half we start into the head. It's a pretty hollow structure as you can see. And there is a nicely integrated drawer for the Stim Canisters. Finishing the head you attach it to the body using larger click hinges in white. It's a very simple attachment, but very effective. The end result is extremely sturdy. And here's the end result! The head can tilt left and right a little which adds emotion to this little robot. The back of the head uses light and dark blue round tiles to simulate the computer lights. The back of the feet uses the newer 2L bar and a silver candlestick to replicate a piston. From the side you can see the details on the side of the head. You can also see the negative results of how the feet and legs are built. From the front only the feet look a little bare. From the side you can see the exposed technic elements and hollow sections. A few mods would fix it and it's not glaringly noticeable. So it's a minor quibble. The legs have limited range of movement. There's a lot of versatility in the hips. But the "knees" and "ankles" are completely stationary. So this pose is about as crazy as you can get. I wish there were more options for posing. Though I understand it would have affected stability quite a bit. Of course you always have the option to do the splits. And while the posing is limited, there are a few fun ways you can arrange BD-1. Here's the droid looking embarrassed. And here's he's looking up at his owner with expectation. Around the eyes there's some really fun piece match-ups. The eyes are attached with technic pins and the flaps fold down on clip hinges. They meet up perfectly showing the genius of Lego math! If you're not careful a small gap can appear as seen above, but it's easy to push the two sections back into position as seen in the bottom half of the photo. The Stim Canister drawer opens just enough to see 3 canisters loaded. The drawer stays closed or slides open as desired. If you really move the model around the drawer might slide open unwanted, but not usually. The Stims are really hard to get out when the drawer is open. And no spring is included to recreate BD-1 launching them to you when your health is low The easiest way to get the Stims out is actually when the drawer is closed. Since the head is so hollow you can just shake BD-1 a little bit and they'll drop out the neck. The Stim Canisters themselves don't look much like their game counterpart. I'd have gone with trans-blue instead of green. And all three are attached together with the technic half-beam so you can't get a single one apart. That's good for storage and movement, but a compromise when it comes to accuracy. Here you can see the hollow inside of the head. It's only noticeable from certain angles. But when you can see the underside it looks very unfinished. Overall the model is very sturdy. Here the head is extended all the way back and the legs are still able to hold everything up. The set comes with a minifigure scale BD-1, shown on the left. Also released this year was a blue version in the Mandalorian N-1 set shown on the right. The only difference is the paint job. Red is the classic skin for BD-1 in the game so it makes sense that Lego went with that. But I know many customizers will be pleased that there's a blue version available too. It would have been fun if the set came with multiple skins for the "minifigure", but it's completely understandable that they didn't. OVERALL This is a fantastic set. The end result is well built and instantly recognizable as the BD-1 droid from Fallen Order. It's displayable in a few different, fun positions that would look great on any desk or shelf. I have a few complaints all dealing with Lego's choice to go with form over function. But if you have to choose only one of those Lego made the right choice as the end model looks great. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 9 This set is designed really well. A few areas where the technic parts show through, but overall it looks sleek. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 10 BD-1 was a lot of fun to build! The model really comes together nicely and the sub-models all fit nicely. FEATURES 9 This is a display model which is its main feature. And it does that pretty well. I wish there was a little more flexibility in the legs, but it's a minor complaint. The Stim Canister drawer is a fun addition even if it's challenging to get the canisters out. PLAYABILITY 9 This is not meant to be a play model. But because you can pose the head a lot I think it ticks a lot of the playability boxes for a set like this. PARTS 10 There is a very nice selection of parts in this set. It's not a parts pack, but you certainly get your money's worth. VALUE FOR MONEY 10 This is easily worth $100. You get over 1,000 parts and the end result feels substantial and looks great. FINAL SCORE: 9.5 BD-1 can't sit on your shoulder. I tried and couldn't get it to balance well enough to even get a picture! But you can display it on flat surfaces and it'll look fantastic. And if you don't like the classic red color scheme it's very easy to customize this set. Overall a fantastic model for any Star Wars fan.
  3. For ages known as Zebra (a code name before release, similar to banana for Hidden Side), TLG officially announced today (July 1st) the new LEGO Art theme, starting with four sets: 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe 31198 The Beatles 31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man 31200 Star Wars Sith Each set makes one of 3-4 mosaics, with the Iron Man and Sith sets being combinable to form a mega picture from 3 sets. With one set you can make 1 Beatle, 1 Marilyn Monroe, etc. The prices for each set are US$120/€120/£115. These will be available from August 1st everywhere excluding US and Canada for The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and the Sith. Iron Man is available universally on August 1st. For those thinking this has been mentioned before, it has, but not in its own deserved thread, and basically only names of sets + theme. There was never the deserved own thread, and no pictures, which is why I’m creating it now! I don’t know about everyone else but I’m hyped for these - though disappointed at the price... Discuss here.
  4. This thread collects everything you think you know about 2022 LEGO Star Wars sets; discuss your opinions here! Please read before posting: Stay on target. No wish lists. Remember that this topic is for discussing sets that are rumored to come in 2022. If it's something you wish to see or something you think that we will see sometime in the future, but not something that's actually rumored to be a 2022 set, then it is pure speculation and it belongs in the Future Star Wars Sets topic. (We also have a topic for minifigures you want to see, which might be more appropriate.) No fighting. Yes, we actually have to post that! We strongly suggest you refrain from criticizing sets on the basis of what you imagine they're going to look like. Wait till we have pictures before you start complaining. And even then, think twice about it If you post news in this thread, it will not be transferred over to the 2022 News thread. Be smart, think about what you are posting and in what thread you are posting. This IS your warning! If you have substantiated news, you can post it in the 2022 News thread. If your news is not able to be substantiated your post will be removed. If you choose to post fabricated information; you can expect to be banned. It's not worth the fifteen minutes of internet fame. Do not post watermarked or confidential images; they will be removed and the poster will be dealt with appropriately. As stated in our Member Guidelines: This topic is for 2022 discussion, not 2021, and not 2023. We will make a new topic when we feel it is necessary. If your post was on the boards, and now it's not...there is a good chance it was either hidden or moved. Off topic posts, placing info in the wrong thread, or a request from LEGO to remove something; these are all possible reasons why something may have disappeared. Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Spoiler Policy With regards to upcoming sets and rumors: Read at your own risk. This is a topic about potential items to be released. If you do not want to know, stay out of these forums!!! With regards to spoiler tags: these are not required and we will not force anyone to use them. That being said, I'm sure if you did use them, the community would be a much happier place! Please be respectful of others. If a member used a spoiler tag, their intention was to keep something quiet; it was a courtesy to others. If you choose to comment on the contents of that spoiler tag, please refrain from publicly mentioning what the contents of the spoiler were!!! With regards to movies or shows: We feel that two weeks from the release date is an ample amount of time for most people to view a movie. Once a movie or episode is released, we the staff, will do all we can to curb the usage of spoilers in any of the topics in the Star Wars forum for two weeks. If you do not see the movie or episode within two weeks, then you read here at your own risk. This is the policy in the Star Wars forum, going forward. If you did not agree with us in the past, so be it. From this point on, we will not police the threads unless something becomes an issue. We ask that members not mini-mod (directly telling other members how to behave ) in the thread and tell others to use spoiler tags. If something is a problem, please inform the mods by reporting it. Any questions, please ask in the appropriate thread.
  5. rx79gez8gundam

    Star Destroyer - Set 75055 UCS Mod

    As beautiful as it is, not everyone has either the funds nor the display space for the UCS Star Destroyer. To that end, I offer a highly detailed yet modestly sized alternative that is a modification of an existing set, 75055. This is a model of Vader's Imperial-I class Star Destroyer Devastator as seen in Rogue One and A New Hope, but can also be reconfigured using easily swapable modular parts into an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The original set has had the internal playset removed, a complete ventral hull added with main hangar, detailed engines, and two new command towers. The model has been slightly enlarged to 1/2700 scale and is 23.5" long. The command tower, main batteries, and dorsal axial cannons are modular to convert between versions. The Mk I also has removable waist mounted quad cannons and engine thrust vanes. Completing the model is a display stand and a microscale Tantive IV Corellian Corvette, that while slightly overscale still fits perfectly in the main hangar and can be attached there. I used photos of the original Devastator filming model from A New Hope and the larger Avenger filming model from The Empire Strikes Back as reference. More pics available at Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr LEGO Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr
  6. Hello to the community. Here my (digital) redesign of the LEGO Star Wars Sets 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser from 2009. It was my first Design / MOC in 2020 (January). You'll find some pictures below. The holographic briefing room can be simply detached from the hangar, similar to the original (they're connected with pins). The A-Wing is a mix from the Sets 75175 (main structure), 75003 (the front) und 7754 (detachable engine). There're are however no flickrcanons or springshooters anymore. ;-) A friendly user draw attention to a huge bug I completly forgot to consider and to test: the A-Wing is probably too long (or large) to rotate completely 360 degrees. Shame on me. :-( The choice and design of the minifigures is very basic, I had to work with the parts that exist actually in Bricklink Studio. As usual I tried to avoid rare / expensive parts as much as possible, the old printed AT-AT Dish and (maybe) the long 32 Axle should be the only ones. This will avoid frustration for users when I change mind and decide however to create building instructions. I hope you like the MOC. Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 7754 Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 7754 Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 7754 Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 7754 Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 7754 Revisited by legolux1973, on Flickr Regards, legolux1973
  7. anothergol

    [MOC] Another AT-ST version 4.5

    Update: Version 4.5 of the one that started in this thread http://www.eurobrick...pic=112171&st=0
  8. kr1minal

    [MOC] Kenoby's fury

    This is my very first MOC\Diorama Star Wars themed. I've made this as entry for a contest (Lego First Order channel on YT). I hope you like it, feel free to leave a comment. Many thanks for your attention.
  9. See replies in this thread for any NEW models Models in this thread - SHADOW CASTER PHANTOM II PELTA-CLASS FRIGATE IMPERIAL GOZANTI-CLASS CRUISER QUASAR-CLASS CARRIER IMPERIAL TROOP TRANSPORT GHOST & PHANTOM INTERDICTOR CRUISER TIE DEFENDER MINING GUILD TIE FIGHER ARC CANNON AT-DP PROTOTYPE (NEW) LAAT/le PATROL GUNSHIP (NEW) SHADOW CASTER Hello again everyone This week I present the Shadow Caster a Lancer-class pursuit craft - the ship of Bounty Hunter Ketsu Onyo from the excellent (well last 3 series anyway) Star Wars Rebels animated series. I was ill a while back and my attention span at the time was only an hour or so so watching a few Rebels episodes at a time fit nicely. It made me realise that there were a lot of vehicles from the animated series, not just Rebels, that I have not built or could update form my old collection so this is the first of many from this genre so keep an eye open. This is not a very tricky build, The difficult part was getting the colour scheme right whilst not making the model too thick. The new maccaroni tile pieces and 6x3 semi circle plates certainly helped with that once I realised that they existed. I tend to find out about new parts now when my son gets a new set! I think i have the overall shape and dimensions just about right. I am surpised an official minifig scale set of this was not made. As this was not the case I have also had to build a Ketsu Onyo minifig from official parts for the display. This is not my speciality so if anyone can think of better minifigure parts let me know. Anyway, enough waffle, here is the model. Let me know what you think. Jon
  10. Here is a 2-in-1 topic with 2 variant of the Scythe transport shuttle, aka the Inquisitor shuttle as seen in the Obi-Wan TV show on Disney+. Scythe Transport side-by-side by Veynom, on Flickr On the left, the MOC designed by Pixel_Dan available on Rebrickable. On the right, my recolored version of the original set (#75336) using 2 shades of grey. Scythe Transport comparison by Veynom, on Flickr What can I say about these 2 models? Like many of us, I've purchased the official set mainly for the minifigs, and not so for the spaceship. While I really liked it in the TV show, I did not like that much the Lego version of it, despites the globally positive reviews and feedback found on the internet, particularly regarding the build experience and the large interior. So I decided to start by building the Pixel_Dan model which I liked better for its proportions and size. Imperial Inquisitor Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr Ultimately, it is a compact and solid model but it has only room for 1 pilot inside. However, it has a retractable landing gear, which the official model has not. Imperial Inquisitor Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr Pure lines, nice design, nice-looking shape, both when landed on in flight mode, clearly an attractive model. The build experience is cool as well, particularly for the forward part. The studless wings add a good plus to the global impression. Imperial Inquisitor Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr Imperial Inquisitor Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr The main issue with the model is the landing gear. It fits perfectly inside and is easy to extract but it has a tendancy to close back when grounding the ship. The trick is to slightly turn the rear landing skis to prevent them to fold back in when grounding the ship. Minor issue but....still an issue. On the other side, the "2 shades of grey" counter part is clearly less sexy. (Well, I think.) Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr As I only used black parts from the set to build the first Scythe transport, I was left with most of the parts of the official set. So I tried to use my own stock of grey to build a recolored version, thinking it could be "cool". Seeing the result, "cool" is not exactly the first word coming to my mind. Not liking the result, I will mostly likely dismantle it and send the parts back to the bulk. Scythe Transport by Veynom, on Flickr Still, when landing with folded wings, it is still OK-ish. But when in flight position, I really can't like it. Is it due to the original model shape ? Is it due to my recoloring? I'm still unsure but as there can be only one, I believe my choice is done and a fate is settled. What about you? Which version do you prefer? The 3rd option is still the original set, of course.
  11. "I like your ship. She's a classic. Razor Crest, am I right?" My Midi-Scale collection keeps expanding with more than a classic piece of spaceship, the legendary Razor Crest from the Mandolorian. Made of 1,230 pieces, 30cm long, this baby ST-70 Gunship has a total of... zero stud across its entire surface, making it a true 100% SNOT build. At such a size, replicating all the complex angles and features of the original model required advanced SNOT techniques. I really wanted to push the limits of what could be done at such a small scale. Capturing the tapered body also required making a very compact 2 stud wide structure that could still hold everything together securely. The ship has two display modes, "in-flight" with its canted stand, and "landed" with easy-to-install landing gear. Hope you like it! ► Instructions for the Razor Crest are available at BrickVault. All pictures on my Flickr page!
  12. Hello, we are selling our entire collection. You can view many of the completed MOCs here: Godwins Hollow of Outer Godwinia or just poke around some of my posts. This will give you a rough idea of the scope of the collection. There are hundreds of thousands of sorted (by color and type) bricks, containers of sorted minifigs, every Collectible Minifig set to date, fig parts, base plates, train tracks, many completed sets (mostly Star Wars), MOCs, and MOCs, and MOCs, and an entire room of storage containers. The whole collection has been shipped back to Columbus, GA, and is in storage taking up a good chunk (60-70%) of a 20x20 storage unit. I'm hoping to sell the entire collection as a lot as I would have to rely on my aging mother to separate, show, and ship individual pieces. I had hoped to be able to move the collection back to Dubai, but between shipping costs and the cost of a dedicated display/work area, it's no longer feasible. I'm open to individuals, groups, LUGs, resellers, retailers - whoever, and all reasonable offers will be discussed. If you have any interest or questions feel free to reach out by email to or if you use WhatsApp you can add me at +971585363060.
  13. Hi Although a bit less spectacular than many (most) of the efforts on here I thought I’d post the first of a couple of recent projects for people to see and comment on. I know they divide opinion but I’m a big fan of the Microfighter range. I like the fun style, the playability, the low(ish) price and the Star Wars-ness of course. As a result I’ve collected 12 of them - all the OT sets and a few from the prequels and the most recent 2 from Episode 7 It was a little disappointing to only get 2 TFA Microfighters but as the theme has sets of opposing pairs and Episode 7 didn’t really give the Resistance a lot of new craft, the designers hands were a bit tied. Anyway, long story short: I designed a couple more in LDD, prototyped them from our box of bricks and BrickOwled the parts - and here is the first one. Briefly, the aim was to keep to the scale and design ethos of the Microfighter theme so they had to: Be no bigger than 12 studs in the longest dimension Be robust enough for swooshing about Have space for a mini-fig Have flick missiles or a stud shooter Have around 100 parts max (hmm..) Here then, is my First Order Troop Transport Microfighter. This one went through a load of iterations and build methods until I settled on an almost all plate-built design. Initially I tried making it big enough to sit a mini-fig inside but it was just too bloated looking so the compromise is that you can at least fit one in lying down and shut the ramp. It also wasn’t possible to fit a pilot in the control tower so I went for a gunner position instead and added a hatch. I tried to add a swivel for the shooter but it was getting too tall and cluttered on the top so settled for a fixed gun. Again, the fig sits a bit high but it’s OK. Buildwise it's really solid and quite heavy, just needs a little mod to the ramp hinge to make it more durable and it'll be done. Details I like - the engines, the ramp and the overall shape which is close enough to be recognisable within the style. Less successful - I completely blew the parts count at 141 although a lot of those are small pieces. It just wasn’t possible to get a pleasing rendition that wasn’t a solid block so from that perspective it was a bit of a failure. It's kind of in the right scale but its a bit chunkier next to other Microfighters - more like Battlepack scale, or Micro + or something. Regardless though, it looks quite funny with a group of troopers spilling out, like a cross between the Tardis and a clown’s car and I'm pleased with it. That’s about it so here’s a few more photos to wrap up. Comments and critiques welcome Cheers Joe
  14. smokebelch

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Hey all, Thought id share some of my photographs of some of my Minifigs, really gotton into photography the last year or so- and my star wars lego has been really fun to shoot 'The Duel' 'Imposter!' 'Uncle Owen!... This R2 unit has a bad motivator!' loads more up on my flickr & RedBubble pages
  15. My First Entry into the Purist Minifigure Contest. - This entry is titled "The Empire" Bio's below! I hope you like them! R5-J2 Repair Droid This sleek black and copper coloured repair droid was stationed on the second Death Star during the battle of Endor. Built slightly larger than the Imperial R2-Q5 unit. Snow Trooper Snowtroopers are stormtroopers trained for operations in artic conditions and equipped with specialized gear to protect the against cold.. Snowtroopers were deployed from AT-AT vehicles during the Battle of Hoth and proved ruthlessly effective in their attack on Echo Base. Darth Vader Seduced by the dark side of the force the young Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader and turned against the Jedi Order. As Dark Lord of the Sith, a master of the dark side of the Force, and one of the Emperor's most trusted servants he became the scourge of the Jedi and drove the Jedi Purge..   Scout Trooper Scout troopers, also known as biker scouts were specially trained stormtroopers of the Imperial Army's Stormtrooper Corps. They were used by the Galactic Empire mainly for reconnaissance missions. They had lighter armor than standard stormtroopers, allowing greater range of movement and flexibility out in the field. Emperor’s Royal Guard The Emperor's Royal Guard, also known as the Crimson Guard, , and under the Galactic Republic as the Red Guard, was an elite unit whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Galactic Emperor, only the most skilled soldiers in the Imperial Military qualified for the extreme selection process to join the Royal Guard.
  16. Nuts to the Falcon. The beautiful and graceful Lambda Shuttle has always been my favourite of all the Star Wars ships, and I'm delighted to present my LEGO minifigure-scaled version of this wonder. Didn't you already make one of these, Ru? Yes I did, and well-remembered! It was ten years ago, and a large part of the reason I joined EB in the first place. You can see it here. I revised it a coupe of years later but never publicised the update; you can see it here here (link to flickr folder). I had always intended to go back and tweak the original; however this is a totally new MOC. I started working on it back in 2016, but then we moved house and the LEGO went into storage for a couple of years. front The overall scale of this version is similar to my earlier version, and like the former is based around using the 6x3 vertical windscreen also found in 2015's System-scaled Shuttle Tydirium. The other major factor is the height of the rounded sides of the body: I've used the 4-wide cylinders to give what I think is the best approximation to the real thing. These are attached via a fairly complicated variety of SNOT techniques to a ten plate-high body. Not all the parts are (yet) available in white (the macaroni tiles now are, but not the 4x4 round plates with 2x2 hole), hence the splashes of grey at the sides (or trans-clear in one spot). Starboard The wings are a composite of Technic liftarms and plates. I chose this to keep the weight of the wings down; even built like this I had to work quite hard to prevent the wings flopping down too easily. Some more views: Rear High I've tried quite hard to make this accurate to the movies. There are actually two distinct versions in the movie canon - the sleek ILM model used in the space scenes, and the shorter droopier-nosed version which featured in the Home One hangar scene. The cause of this discrepancy is apparently due to the set designers at Elstree studios in the UK having access only to a few photos of the lambda, but not the ILM model itself thousands of miles away in California. If you are interested, and for a nostalgic reminder of what the Internet looked like in the early naughties, check out Lambda-class Shuttles: the Dimorphism Blooper. I've modelled this one on the ILM studio model. Mostly, I think it is accurate, but I have had to make a few compromises. The cockpit taper - which is only about a stud-width at this scale - is impossible to render without resorting to a solid-black windscreen, and instead is implied by the exaggerated taper of the cockpit sides. The cockpit is a little deeper than the original - required to allow minifigure seating at this scale; the original Kenner toys model did something similar. High close/detail I've take a bit of a guess at the sloping vent-thing under the vertical fin; it is difficult to tell from reference pictures what this is supposed to be. Pressing the silver grille-tile just in front of this operates a latch to allow the body to open. In some places aesthetics wins over accuracy. The bulges on the side of the fuselage should rise to about half-way up the fuselage sides, and should extend back about half-way along the body, but I was so happy with the effect of the mudguard pieces here that I've left them as they are. Detail Front The seven-wide cockpit does not allow a complete set of grille tiles at the front. I may have to resort to a decal on the central tile. The technic skis at the sides would perhaps work better with the pointy-ends at the front but there was no way to attach them that way round (and they could do with being two studs shorter!). There are few canon reference images of the rear. Rather than the usual blanket trans-blue tiles, I have instead tried to show what the engines might look like under the exhaust glow - inspired by this superb render by Thad Clevenger. The vents end up looking a little square; it might be possible to improve this with decals. Rear detail The extremes of the rounded rear end look a bit square, but this is the best solution at this scale, at least until LEGO produces this piece in 2x2. Here's a view from beneath. You can see the taper of cockpit sides, and how the technic skis are a little easy to knock out of position . underside One of the major challenges I faced was attaching the rounded sides of the body SNOT to the studs-up frame. Mostly this is achieved with SNOT brackets, but there was no room for this on the forward sections, which are actually attached via an internal clip. Inside here are two very hard shock absorbers which are intended to encourage the wings to sit in either 'up' or 'down' positions; see here. The smooth sections in the middle are the landing gear doors. An essential feature of any Lambda is that it must be able to fold its wings in order to land. With this, the wing-mounted guns need to fold outwards. I've also included a chin-ramp, though it is hinged a little further back into the body of the ship than on the real thing. Landed front low As you can hopefully see, there is also landing gear, with folding flaps to cover the recesses. It is retractable, as shown below: Landing gear detail The shock-absorber parts act as a kind of suspension when the ship is landed, and provide a spring action when folding to keep the retracted gear in place. It works surprisingly well. Towards the front of the above picture, you can see the cockpit floor is mounted at a half-stud offset, which allows two figures to be seated side-by-side. Having experimented with several ways to allow the cockpit to open, I found that having the nose section slide off provided the best compromise between accessibility and strength. Cockpit interior detail As you can see, the white 4L bars that frame the windscreen are held on by droid arms, and the sloping cockpit sides held in place at the front by 1L bars with claws. It's a bit fiddly to put together. The 1x4 trans tile at the rear unfortunately exposes the asymmetry inherent in any odd stud-width construction; if it were available in trans-black the stud might be better hidden! Access to the inside is easy: the whole top slides off. The red Technic liftarm at the front is a latch to keep the roof in place; it is released by pressing down the metallic silver grille tile. I've also removed a side wall for the photo. Interior I had in mind that this is the shuttle Darth Vader uses to transport Luke from Endor to the Death Star II. It is kitted out for high-ranking officers, with an Imperial Coffee Machine and an Imperial Waffle maker. For a size comparison, here's my Lambda next to the latest official playset version. Comparison to system set I really liked that set, despite is obvious compromises of proportion (and I infinitely prefer it to the hideous UCS set). I like to think that mine is on the same approximate scale to this but more proportionally accurate. The Lambda is the end result of a long process of trial and error, and I'm pleased with the result. I hope you like it too! For more pictures see my Flickr album. C&C welcome! Rufus
  17. Just in time for the end of the contest - here is my entry, the former crown jewel of my MOC collection: The K-Wing! The photos sadly aren't as good as I'd like them to be, but I think everything should be recognizeable. FXT29913 by Ephseb FXT29921 by Ephseb FXT29839 by Ephseb FXT29857 by Ephseb, auf Flickr FXT29932 by Ephseb FXT29887 by Ephseb FXT29905 by Ephseb I built this five years ago, but never uploaded it anywhere in order to save it for a contest like this - I hope it's enough to finally scrape my first win!
  18. Disclaimer: credit where credit is due; this is a modification of the amazing X-wing moc (V2) by @Jerac (see here.) I had to make some modifications to make the theme work, but it's mostly his design. Don't know if that will disqualify me, but at the very least, treat it as a reskin. I was in the middle of designing it in Studio at the time that the contest was announced, but have since built it. In-universe (SW) history: Blackburn Squadron is group of former pirates from the outer rim who chose to align with the Rebellion when the Empire started taking control of systems in their territory. Much like the great Saw Gerrera's Partisans, Blackburn's methods are often deemed too violent for much of the Alliance's leadership. Their results, however, are rarely questions. Candidates for the squadron are heavily trained and tested before they can be considered for membership. Upon selection to the unit, every pilot must travel to the fourth planet of the unit's home system to hunt and kill two Jakerni, giant indigenous primates that rival Gundark in size, strength and ferocity. Their skulls and leg bones are then fused to the wings of the pilot's new X-wing. Real world history: The scheme is based on the Jolly Rogers series of U.S. Navy squadrons, beginning with VF-17 in WWII and passing most recently to VFA-103 in 1995. Initially, bearing just a small black "Jolly Roger" (skull-and-crossbone) flag on an otherwise normal paint job, they began to adopt the more-recognizable scheme currently utilized with VF-84. While there have been different variations, the common components are the black tail fins with large white skull-and-crossbones and gold tips, black around the cockpit that continues to the nose and "Vagabond" stripes (gold w/ black chevrons or black with gold chevrons, barrowed from VF-84's previous name.) Some have gray noses, some black and some F-4's had white ones. Build history: I adopted mostly the current version of the paint scheme, but thought the white nose was distinctive (like a skull itself), so I used it. Originally, the wings were done with stickers, but I wasn't satisfied with the results (it would have helped to have a 6 x 4 tile without studs), so I decided to "brick build" them instead. This was tricky due to the pins that stick out of the bottom. With such thin wings, I decided that they had to be fused to the top. Ended up using these to turn technic bricks for the pins to mount in. The long bones are attached with black clips, one raised by a 1x1 plate to clear the other. I haven't settled on the Vagabond stripes yet, as I had a few ideas (for example, as seen here.) Even had some sticker chevrons, but didn't use them after I went brick build on the S&CB. For the gold color, I went back-and-forth between Yellow or Bright Light Orange. Most of the actual designs are closer to yellow, but due to lighting, often look like BLO. I went with the one closer to the Trans-Yellow windscreen, which I knew I had to incorporate as soon as I saw it. Using yellow did, however, require redesigning the rear portion of the laser cannons, since ingots do not come in Yellow (but do in BLO.) Finally, the red corresponds to the inlet caution labels on many of them. At first, I used dark red, but decided to try red instead, thinking it look more like vibrant blood coloring.
  19. Hello! I'm currently going full Star Wars mode, so I am attempting to make use of all my spare minifigure parts to create characters. The picture shows some minifigs I own, feel free to point-out any character that could be made with any of these parts (added to other generic pieces from my collection), be it from Canon or EU/Legends. I'm really desperately looking for ideas.
  20. Hello There! welcome to another purist Fig entry! Sith inquisitor Zan Helios Although a devastating force on the battlefield – Manipulating the dark side of the force to brutalize enemies Zan Helios preferred more nefarious means to defeat his adversary’s using subterfuge and cunning to undermine and expose his targets before swooping in for kill or capture. Jedi Knight – Correl Azur A Jedi from Duro – a fine pilot with strong leadership skills. Killed in battle on Felucia by General Greivous during the Clone Wars. His light saber became a fine addition to the general’s collection. General Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi served on the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Republic Era. Kenobi served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Battling against the Separatist Droid Army. Asajj Ventris Asajj Ventress was born on Dathomir, living an extremely difficult life with many different phases, she was a slave, a Jedi Padawan, Sith Assassin, a Nightsister and even a bounty hunter. Ultimately her fatal sacrifice at the hands of Count Dooku redeemed her and saved her lover Quinlan Vos from the darkside. Aayla Secura Aayla Secura -was a Rutian Twi'lek female – Originally a padawan to Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. She became a Jedi General in the republic army, commanding the clone troopers of the 327th Star Corps. She served loyally to the Republic until her demise at the hands of Commander “Bly” during the execution of Order 66. Seen here with her trusty Saber and a Jedi Holocron.
  21. Hey everybody, I'm new to the community but I've been MOC designing for sometime now and I have finished my massive project. I've been working on it for just under two years, The ISD II The Eviscerator. It sits on a single removable stand measuring at 148 studs long with 19,225 pieces. I really wanted to capture that "It doesn't look like Lego" feel and try to give it a studio model vibe. One of my goals for this build was to have only one stand that the model sits on securely. This was an incredible challenge due to the size and weight of the model. In fact, it's what took the most time to develop through out the build. Overall, I'm satisfied with how the model turned out. This is more accurately representing an ISD II Destroyer. I tried to pay attention to every detail I could, based on a couple of star destroyer sources. It's a very modular build making it easier to assemble and disassemble. There is no interior in this model. Just pure structural integrity throughout the entire inside. Just the frame and stand are 6,000+ pieces, but this was my goal. Create as accurate of model as I could, displayed on one removable stand, and not having to limit detail because of weight and size. Anyways, enough rambling: You can view the rest of the photos here: Flickr Album Now here is some great news. If you want to build one yourself, you can! I have made instructions for this build that are available at
  22. *Your entry has earned 13 XP (S:4, T:4, A:5) + 5 bonus XP for a total of 18XP Lieutenant Seb „Chase“ Koltin Phindar, Demetras Sector, Outer Rim Territories 43:3:16 GrS (9 ABY) After the New Republic’s conquest of the Pyria system, Wing Commander Varth created Blackmoon Squadron, referring to the codename of the planet Borleias during the operation. For his new squadron, which is made up of fresh-off-the-assembly-line E-Wings, the experienced officer recruited mainly pilots with experience in flying Incom vessels for clandestine Rebel Alliance cells in heavily fortified Imperial sectors. Blackmoon Squadron has flown its first missions out of Phindar in the Demetras Sector. In stark contrast to Commander Varth’s reputation, the squadron has only lost a single pilot during the first four standard months of its existence. As a replacement for the fallen squadron member, Seb Koltin, a native of Vondarc and former commercial pilot, has been recommended to Commander Varth. Koltin has combat experience in both the Z-95 and T-65B, having served in Bothan Space and the Tapani sector during the height of the Rebellion. FXT29954 Seb Koltin: Lieutenant Koltin reporting for duty, Commander! Cmdr. Varth: At ease. Welcome to Phindar, Lieutenant, I hope you had an uneventful journey. You’re taking the callsign Blackmoon 9. Simulator training is scheduled daily at 0900 and 1800 hours, unless otherwise specified. Your quarters are in Complex Besh, Room 272. I’ll introduce you to the squadron and our support staff at tonight’s briefing, 2100, conference room Four, Complex Besh. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For my first ever Eurobricks RPG build, I’ve created the hangar-space for Blackmoon 9 (indicated by the Aurebesh “9” on the floor) at the New Republic base on Phindar, the accompanying E-Wing starfighter, utility towers for mechanics, a mobile refueling tank and a ladder for climbing up into the cockpit. I hope you like it and would appreciate any feedback! FXT30001 Blackmoon squadron E-Wing FXT30004 E-Wing front view FXT29999 E-Wing underside FXT29955 FXT29980 FXT29981 FXT29992 - the figures: R5-L2, Commander Varth, Lieutenant Seb Koltin FXT29988 - more figures: 2 mechanics FXT29994 Underside of the ladder - I used the clear accessory clips to make it "hover"
  23. Deadline extended to 6th of June, anywhere in the world. May the 4th be with you, always! Celebrate the unique Star Wars universe with us by entering the Eurobricks SW Concept Art Contest. One of the things that makes the Star Wars universe so recognizable is its visual style. Artists like Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang set the stage for the galaxy we know and love through their concept art sketches that have caught the eye of George Lucas, Jon Favreau and other Star Wars film makers. For this contest take a Star Wars concept art piece or a specific scene from a movie or show and turn it into a Lego MOC! You can take a large scene like this famous one from Ralph McQuarrie: Or you can go simpler like this cargo ship built from a rough sketch by John Giang: You can also do a cut-away shot of a vehicle or a freeze-frame recreation from a specific moment! You can use one of the "Art of Star Wars" books like those pictured in the background of the announcement photo. Or you can find a picture online to use as a reference. Googling Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang will give you a lot of results. But you can also look up articles like these from or these. If you want to recreate a scene directly from a movie/show you can use the Visual Guide or Visual Dictionary books like this one or this one. Please include a link or picture of your reference material in your entry. Rules Only one entry per person. There is no maximum or minimum size limit. The contest will run from 4th May to 4th June 6th June, 2021. As long as it's still June 4th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win prizes. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Digital entries will be allowed. All digital entries must use only existing pieces in existing colors. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Watto’s Junkyard forum, the title prefixed by, "[Concept Art] - entry name". (For example, "[Concept Art] – Street Showdown".) A link should be included in this thread for your entry to count. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Lego logo in any picture. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. The winners will be decided by EB members voting. Prizes First place will win their pick of 75306 Probe Droid or 75305 Scout Trooper Helmet or 75304 Darth Vader Helmet Second place will win their pick of the 2 sets remaining Third place will win the remaining set
  24. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] Episode 1 diorama model

    Hello there, some time ago I started to build a Star Wars diorama. It is the first diorama of this series, because I want to build all episodes. In this model are two main scenes of the first episode. On one side you see young Anakin screwing his Pod Racer on Tatooine. On the other side, you can see the battle on Naboo between Qui-Gon-Jinn and Darth Maul: If you are interested in the model, you can check it out on rebrickable at the following link: There I have posted the model with instructions.