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Found 991 results

  1. Hey guys, here is another small scene from The Last Jedi. It shows Snoke's death and the battle Kylo and Rey against the praetorian guards. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - "Fulfill your destiny! by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like it , let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  2. After regaining his Force powers, Kyle Katarn visits Nar Shaddaa to find Reelo Baruk, who, he believes can inform him about Dark Jedi Desann and his empire reborn. Kyle asks the bartender about Reelo, who seals the bar, prompting the bar's patrons-who all appeared to be thugs in the employ of Baruk-to attack him. From Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Jedi Knight 2- Nar Shaddaa Streets by the Artizan, on Flickr
  3. [MOC] Star Wars Tri-Droid

    Another older moc I made for my Star Wars Mygeeto Battle. I love this one, it requires no support to stand and the head is a complete sphere Im not sure why it is limiting the size of my pictures to upload but here it is, hopefully I can fix the size soon.
  4. Hey guys, long time viewer, but I decided to make an account to share some of my Star Wars MOCs with you. Most of these mocs are already on my youtube channel, but for those here Ill be posting some images and behind the scenes. First up is the UT-AT from the battle of Mygeeto in Episode 3. Awesome ship with not enough screen time.
  5. The Havoc [MOC]

    A Scurrg H-6 Bomber flown by Nym the pirate (a playable ship from the old Starfighter/Jedi Starfighter game). I made this a while back but I wasn't too happy with it, so I've rebuilt the rear end, made a few tweaks and recoloured it. I couldn't find any interior pictures to work from, but according to Star Wars Wiki, there are 2 astromech co-pilots, space for 3 passengers and a bit of storage space, so I made sure I got all that inside :)
  6. Y-Wings are nice, I've wanted to build one for a while, so I did. I hope you found this story exciting. optional astromech attachment:
  7. May the 4th be with you! It's that time of year again and we are hosting another Star Wars contest. Over the years there have been a lot of really good Star Wars video games. One example is Force Unleashed 2: For this contest you must re-create a moment from a Star Wars video game. Like this: Artistic license is allowed, but the closer to picture-perfect-accuracy the better! There are no size limitations, but you must include a screenshot with your Lego MOC. The screen-shot does not have to be your own (but kudos to those who do take their own screenshot!). If you use one from someone else, please credit them. Rules Only one entry is allowed per person. There is no maximum or minimum size limit. At least two pictures must be submitted with each entry. The first picture should be the screenshot from the Star Wars video game you choose. The second should be your Lego re-creation. The contest will run from 4th May to 4th June, 2018. As long as it's still June 4th somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified. There must be at least 10 entries for anyone to be eligible for prizes. If there are fewer than 10 entries, there will still be prizes, they will just not be the same as are listed in the prizes section. This contest is open to all EB members, even if they joined EB after the contest has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win prizes. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. Digital entries will be allowed. All digital entries must use only existing pieces in existing colors. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Watto’s Junkyard forum, the title prefixed by, "[Re-creation] - entry name". (For example, "[Re-creation] – Taking Out the AT-ST".) A link must also be included in this thread for your entry to count. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on one picture. All your other pictures may have no editing other than color adjustment or background removal for a solid-color background. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the Lego logo in any picture. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. The winners will be decided by EB members voting. Prizes First place will win 751212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Second place will win 75211 TIE Fighter Third place will win 75204 Sandspeeder
  8. Well, i was proud of it at the time, but i feel now that my ISD isn't sufficient enough. Numerous add ons and additions have made the model a bit unstable and the inaccuracies need to be addressed. The main issue however is the disproportional build! The bridge is too large and wide compared to the rest of the body, and it lacks the correct amount of hangers and indents in the panels. This is all a result of me following along the structure of set 6211, which focused on an interior, messing up the proportions. I talk about it in the original post: Now however i start from scratch, and you guys get to follow on and give out suggestions! It starts now with the gathering of extra parts and deconstructing the original destroyer. The plan is to make it bigger, more sturdy and more accurate. Got to gather up all available reference material for this beast... Last photo of it intact. Major sections now removed. I plan to keep the bridge the same, perhaps with some slight corrections. However the rest needs to be broken up and sorted... Now people can see the frame of the build, and the messy interior...
  9. [MOC] Defense of Crait

    Poe Dameron leading the resistance squad in the defense of Crait (from The Last Jedi). The surface skimmer itself is a modification of the official set (75202).
  10. As a long time Star Wars fan and Eurobricks lurker I’ve been massively impressed with some of the work coming from designers to then be published on BrickVault.Toys and have the upmost respect for BrickVault for expanding their offerings in this way - Having seen the great selection on offer I came to Eurobricks to try to scout out some of the designers and their work but found than other than, Jerac’s incredible Tie Fighter pictures and the discussion thread regarding the UCS Sandcrawler made by the fantastic CaveGod there was little relevant threads and I wanted to find people who had bought directly through there website, how they felt about the designs and instructions. For me personally I’d like to take on The Ghost and Tie Fighter collections and would love some feedback from people who are going through the process of building or have already built using these instructions and how the model sits. I created this Thread as a place where instructions and designs from Brickvault could be discussed as I know they are expanding there Star Wars Range soon as mentioned in a recent LiveStream, if the mods feel like this discussion can he held elsewhere or there is already a topic for this please feel free to close this thread. I am looking forward to hearing from you and if any of the designers or BrickVault see this post I’d like to say a massive freaking congratulations on expanding the opportunity for consumers to own new and exciting models :)
  11. Greetings everyone. I've been a lurker on EB for a while. Just set up an account today, hoping to get more involved. I'm a member of TexLUG here in central Texas. It's a good group with very regular meetings and very talented people. I've been collecting since I was a kid and while I never got rid of anything, I did have a dark age where I didn't buy much. I started with Futuron and some Classic Space and the latest set I bought was the Tron Ideas set. I'm currently designing an absolute mess of Microfighters. I'm pretty addicted to the process and I'm hoping to get more actually built soon. I've also designed the Texas State Capitol which will be displayed (hopefully) in the summer of 2019. We're in the parts ordering process now. It's coming in at about 62k of brick, so I'm worried about time, but I think we'll be okay. That's all. Hiya!
  12. [MOC] Home One Microfighter

    Hello everyone. New member. I've been a lurker for a long time but I thought I should start posting stuff. I've been on a Microfighter (MOCrofighter?) kick the last few months. I know I'm late to the party but I started getting them all but realized I missed the first couple, decided to bricklink the sets, and then decided to start designing my own. This is the first one actually built. I have a bunch more I've been designing or collecting designs for if anyone is interested. These are about 2/3 mine, the rest are designs I found online and either tried to reverse engineer or just downloaded the file. (Credit given in the Ship List.txt file, some may have come from folks here.) I'm buying parts for the rest now, only 94 to go! As I get them built, I'll post the ones I designed. And if you have an idea for a Star Wars ship that's not on that list, let me know and I'll add it. Cheers!
  13. My own version of the Millenium Falcon in mini scale. Hope you like it.
  14. Star Wars Resitance

    Disney have announced a new star wars animated project. From press release I expect we'll see these guys (and Kallus too I hope)
  15. Hi again everyone This week I present another new model from EP. VIII, the yacht stolen by DJ, the Libertine. This model has turned out to be quite an expensive little model with various bricklink orders for rebuilds, rare parts (looking at you those white tree palm pieces in particular) and the DJ figure. I have tried to keep this as sleak as possible and I think it looks quite cool. It helps when the source material looks good to begin with and it was certainly nice to build something in a colour other than grey! To keep the sleak look there are a few hidden technic bricks and bricks with studs on the sides inside the build to hold it all together so the model does not become too tall. The engines and front pylons are all held together with umbrella stand pieces. It is also studless to give the sleak look. I am really happy with how this little model has turned out. I spent longer on this one than I normally would as I really liked the source material. and finally on display planets style with DJ carrying his reward for selling out our heroes. Let me know what you think. Jon
  16. I'm not sure if this MOC belongs in the Technic or Star Wars forum, but I'll post it here and let the moderators decide. I recently picked up set # 75532, Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike. It's a very nice set, but has no alternate build, so I made a C-Model (or B, I suppose) out of it. Here is what the original looks like: Endor Walker I built a Star Wars-themed walker as the alternate model: Functions: Opening cabin Tilting cabin Pivoting feet and legs Features: Cabin with seat Twin cannons Turbine engine under cabin The legs and feet can be set in many different poses, with each of them moving independently. The cabin can tilt once the legs are in place, allowing the aiming of cannons. Here are some more pictures: Inside the cabin is a seat: Rear section:
  17. The Twi&'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi’lek Bombshell The Twi’lek Bombshell is a Slayn & Korpil B/SF-17 Starfortress heavy bomber belonging to the Cobalt Squadron of the Resistance movement against the First Order. This bomber is immediately recognizable through its distinctive nose art. Indeed, a ferocious dune lizard mouth is painted on the nose under the cockpit canopy, but the most noticeable part is a striking blue-skinned Twi’lek female sitting on a heavy bomb and painted on the bomber downward wing. Some people reported this was some kind of tribute to the defunct Jedi Master Ayla Secura. However, several other sources indicate this Twi’lek was only one of the numerous one-night bomb-run of one of the crewmen. Mystery will remain as the Twi’lek Bombshell was destroyed – and all of its crew killed – during the bombing mission on Q’Dar resulting in the destruction of the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix of the First Order Some archives could be retrieved. On one of them, we can see the Twi’lek Bombshell flying alongside another Starfortress from Crimson Squadron. This photo was probably taken shortly before its last run as 8 bombing kill marks can be seen and resistance records indicate the raid against the Fulminatrix would have been the 9th one. The Twi'lek Bombshell in space by Veynom, on Flickr Another picture shows the Twi’lek Bombshell during a bombing mission above what looks like a First Order cruiser of some kind. This one cannot be the Fulminatrix as we know all but one S/BF-17 were destroyed before reaching it. The Twi'lek Bombshell on a bombing run by Veynom, on Flickr (the above story is pure fiction mixed into canon elements from Star Wars VII: The Last Jedi .) The Twi’lek Bombshell is therefore a heavy MOD of the 75188 Resistance Bomber official set. The following modifications can be listed: The vertical wing has been made thicker by 2 plates and tiled; Nose arts (shark mouth & Twi’lek) and kill marks custom water transfers have been applied; The bomber body length has been increase by 8 studs while the hight was increased by 1 plate in order to better match the original model dimensions; The top turret has been moved backward, detailed and can now rotate; Rear guns and turrets have been detailed, taking inspiration from [URL=]Gudetamago[/url] The bomber’s top received extra-detailing to closely match the original model. Forward wings have been rebuilt using SNOT. Cockpit and body inside have been detailed. The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The resulting model – while much heavier than the 75188 set – remains perfectly playable. It can still bomb (and the panel can rotate to be opened and reload the bombs) and it can still land as the 75188 model. Special thanks to Muad’Brick for the original concept art of the Twi’lek Bombshell and the edited pictures. The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr The Twi'lek Bombshell by Veynom, on Flickr Thanks for reading and comments are welcome.
  18. [MOC] Yoda

    Hello, I am not posting in this forum very often, because sculpture is my main suspect. And although I am a fan, unfortunately Star Wars is not so convenient for my building style. So here is my latest creation. It is nearly lifesize (lacking 4 cm).
  19. Hello from Massachusetts!

    Hello, I'm new to this community, but have been building Lego my whole life. My favorite themes when I was growing up in the late 80's and early 90's were Castle and Pirates. In recent years, my favorites are the Star Wars UCS sets, though I'm especially impressed with some of the MOC's both of Star Wars and in general. I first found this forum when I was wondering why Lego hasn't done a set for the Star Wars Nebulon-B Medical Frigate from the Rebel flleet. A google search turned up the absolutely AMAZING MOC of the Nebulon-B by Mortesv, and as I read more about that I of course found a thread or two talking about it in this forum. Over the last few years I've become very impressed with the online tools we have thanks mostly to the ingenuity of the Lego community. Most people, even probably a lot of people that have Lego or buy sets for their kids, have no idea that sites like Bricklink, Brickset, and Rebrickable, exist. The sheer number of online store fronts on Bricklink, and the enormity of how many individual parts there are just boggles my mind. The amount of data that Brickset can tell me about my collection is fascinating. I am now trying to learn about the Lego design software that until a week ago I wasn't aware existed. It seems like Lego Digital Designer is kind of broken and not supported by Lego, yet it seems like folks are still using it? What about Is that more or as popular? Or is there other software besides those? I feel like I am just scratching the surface of the new things I want to learn about - and this forum seems like a great place to figure it all out! Looking forward to participating in this community, almost as much as I am for my two year old getting old enough to graduate from Duplos into Lego!
  20. UPDATED MODEL IN NEXT POST HI again all Following on from my Supremacy I present another capital ship from The Last Jedi, the Dreadnought. This is another simple build, it is just a flat triangle after all. I played around a bit with the two planetary bombardment cannons underneath but finally settled on using the stud shooters after building a Batman set with my son and realising they would do nicely. They are just attached using a clip plate, nice and simple. I have used some round plates for the surface turrets, I know they are a bit "large" but the model just looked too plain without them. I also quite like the use of the turntable base for the "hole". Let me know what you think. Jon
  21. A recreation of popular design using 688 stormtrooper minifigures. It uses a mosiac function and a Lego crowd generation system that I created in python - hope you like it.
  22. Inspired by Battlefront 2 and the final book in the Aftermath Trilogy, Empire's End, I decided to build a MOC of the ruins of a Star Destroyer - a motif that Jakku is famous for. Instead of just building some wreckage though, I wanted to build an Imperial camp, so I built this Outpost within the ruins, featuring a command station, lots of crates, some barricades and one of the star destroyer's battered computers that are, at the moment, being powered by a gonk droid as a stormtrooper does the boring work of searching through its files.
  23. SFS TIE/sa Bomber

    Next TIE craft in the line! The Bomber is one of my favourite designs in the lineup. Interceptor is nice, the standard T/F is somewhat boring and featureless, but the bomber is visibly a workhorse of the fleet. It is heavy, rugged and pragmatic as possible, with no regard placed when it comes to its look. In the end you get a ship which is totally distinct and what is rare in Star Wars world, assymetric. Who wouldn't like such a design? What was surprising for me was how heavy the ship is compared to other TIEs. It uses almost twice the part count to the standard T/F, and yet it is similar in size. The build was fun but not super challenging, there were just few complex areas: coning shape of the hulls' fronts and bottoms, engines, bomb bay, center hull joiner, having the hulls proper diameter.... okay, perhaps this is few things to consider :D Lets get to that which matters - the design! I hope you like it as much as I did the design! ...and there is a video, too! :D The ship is a commisioned build and as such, has instructions available!