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  1. azuremoon

    Tranzrail DX Class Loco - MOC

    Hi all, I'm just starting this thread here to show off one of my recent 'digimocs' - A Tranzrail (Now Kiwirail) DX class loco. This is built to 9 wide (approx 1 stud to the foot scale), to try & make the standard lego rails look a bit closer to our 3'6" rails here in New Zealand. For Those Not Familiar With NZ Locos: (From Wikipedia "The New Zealand DX class locomotive is a class of 49 Co-Co diesel-electric locomotives that currently operates on New Zealand's national railway network. Built by General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States, they were introduced to New Zealand between 1972 and 1976. The class is based on the General Electric U26C model, a narrow-gauge version of the GE U23C model. The U26C is also used in South Africa (see South African Class 34-900), Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. The locomotives have seen several upgrades since their introduction and three versions now exist; the DXB, DXC and DXR." - This Loco is what Kiwirail now would classify as a DXC - as it has the intake chutes designed for use in the Otira tunnel. It has been built in Tranzrail's 'Bumblebee' Livery - as it is somewhat easier than the majority of other liveries these locos have worn. Anyway, to the fun part - pictures! Thanks for taking the time to have a look, feel free to leave a comment - I welcome feedback!
  2. azuremoon

    Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

    I Think I would like one of these please: the composite image looks great Masked Builder
  3. azuremoon

    [MOC] Sonic Screwdriver

    Very Nice!
  4. azuremoon

    MOC: Midi Scale Gunships

    Hi All, I'm just posting this little topic here to show the eurobricks community one of my latest mocs, which is also my entry to the community build; Pic 1 on flickr Pic 2 on flickr That's all for now, Azu
  5. azuremoon

    Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

    Here is my first entry: Topic
  6. azuremoon

    Electrosteam's Bag of Ideas

    I would quite like to see one of the in lego: I Have actually attemped one in 4 wde scale (on HO/OO scale track) but i couldnt figure out the water tank on the boiler, any help would be appreciated
  7. azuremoon

    Community Build: SW The Clone Wars

    sign me up if it isnt too late! i should get something done soon!
  8. azuremoon

    LDraw MOC: Saucer Fe Super Chief

    this is a very ...... interesting idea. looks great as well
  9. azuremoon

    Decal Wish List

    i'd hate to annoy anyone but i would like a ninjago pythor styled torso/legs decal. preferably with a purple background. Please please please thanks in advance azuremoon
  10. azuremoon

    Review: 6228 Thornraxx

    I'm hoping to get this set. It's a great design! agreed!
  11. azuremoon

    CITY Motors

    This is exactly how i thought it would look like! sounds interesting!
  12. azuremoon

    The Age of Light!

    this is amazing !
  13. azuremoon

    CITY Motors

    maybe try one of these in your next part?
  14. azuremoon

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Great collections everyone! This made me laugh.